Posted by: Editor | July 24, 2008

Judicial Tribunal to investigate Hazara Town Incident

Quetta: A Judicial Tribunal of Balochistan High Court led by Justice Kelaash Naat Kohli has been constitued to investigate into Hazara Town Incident. The Judicial Tribunal will file its report within 15 days onward from Today, 23rd July.


  1. Dear friends, as you know every movement requires a united and firm commitments and a brave wise self devoted leader with a handful support from the hazarah nation which unfortunately rarely seen like baba mazari. Nowadays there are but for themselves only to occupy the seat nothing else.

  2. Salam Brotheran,
    Lonf life 4 you Hazara people.Wish u the best life. These days we have been killed and no one is there to investigate these cruelties. Let us send a letter to the UN and inform them that we are going to take weapons for our safety. Just tell them to be our witness. Because everyone has rights to protect there self, and this is our right to have weapons for our safety. Then on one will be able to see us with malicious eyes.

    Khuda madad gari shumoo.

    Looking farword for your comments Brotheran.

  3. Salam,

    Regret to hear about Yousafi really it is Hazara trible Loss God Almighty may rest his soul in peace and patient to all his father and all relatives
    Aamin Haji Musa Mir Toronto Canada

  4. Another hazara labourer myhammad ayub was shot dead in the broad daylight at nearly the same place…….
    shall we demand any other judicial commety??????????????

  5. bas khalass

    no one is any more intrested in the judicial commety,s report????????????……………..

  6. Thanks Abbas!
    Whenever the report is out, let us know about it.
    thanks once again

  7. Yasin!
    The Judicial Tribunal has filed the statements from both sides, Hazara victims and Police officers. The 15 Days time period is now extended but the report is yet not finalized.

  8. Hello Mr.Abbas and all other friends!
    The judicial tribunal investigation team was suppose to file their report about the 19th july tragidy within 15 days from 23rd july. After that we couldnt get any progressive news about that….
    Could any one give some information about the high court investigations plz..??

  9. Dear friends,

    I personally think, that HDP is the real Party of Hazara nationalist elements, who have always tried their level best to induce hazara people towards unity and harmony. I really appreciate Jawad Esar Sahib, with his team and hope that they will struggle against atrocities and unjustices commited to Hazara nation in Quetta.

    Abdul Khaliq hazara is a very commited person, he was in HSF and he has experience with the Govt. authorites in Quetta, whatever his character may be, as our friends told here before, but i personally think that he is a real model of Hazara leadership, and i hope that next time we will do our best to select him as a MNA for our nation in Quetta.

    As Haider jan said that there was no media coverage or any press, I think arranging a big protest but do not calling press or electronic media is not a good idea. HDP should have called them and should have arranged such facilities.

    When I heard that there is a protest going on, on Friday in Quetta, I was looking to the newspapers and Paki-media, but unfortunately I found nothing. no one knows what is going on in Quetta and with our nation. Today, there are many Tele-Channels broadcasting news in Pakistan but we are not able to bring them to our protes and tell them our objectives.

    I personally believe that, HDP should keep continue its efforts, and protest again and again, because nothing can be achieved without justice and press is the main source of justice.

    Once again I appreciate the steps taken by HDP for the betterment of hazara nation in Quetta and pray to God, that one day we will achieve our objectives through this party.

    Anwar Azeem

    Vienna, Austria

  10. Why should we call our self only hazara. In my opinion we should call ourself hazara mangol. Because history proves that we are mongol and still we have mangolian word in our language. the benefit of calling ourself hazara mongolian is that we will gain political power we will get backup of five official mongolian countries. there will be mor bigger business oppurtunities for our ecnonomic stability.when all mangol accepting us as Hazara mangol why shouldn’t we proud to be mangol and extend our hand for unity.
    we have been very loyal and have mad big sacrifice in the name of Shia sect and they took advantage of our believe and sacrifice like iran arabs, we will continue our believe in Shia sect but we should not allow any one to take advantage of us in the name of religion. We should change our direction and be able to recognise our friend and and our enemy. try to learn from the past and adress the future. If we want to defeet our enemy we should use their own strategy against them.

    there two opinion about hazara

    1. we came under the leadership of Owghooz Khan from mongolia for exploration 2500 years ago but i disagree with this because we need to prove this that we have been living in this area, which we don’t have . No one agree in the world on this issue with us it does not make sense
    2. is that we came along with Changaz Khan’s army and we have the history and everyone accept and agree with us.

  11. It was encouraging to see that we Hazaras actually took out a protest march yesterday…what was disappointing to see that there was virtually no media coverage.

    Only Express News ran one clip and that too only once…i was unable to view this on any other channel (plz inform if other channels had covered the event).

    In the print media…Dawn News the leading english daily of the country does not mention it. Although it mentioned the strike called by BRP (Baloch Republican Party).

    We have to realize that in this day and age…it is media alone which ensures that the plight of the people are heard by others. We can take out amillion man march but if there is no media coverage it is all use less.

    I agree with Nadir, that we have to ensure that we remain peaceful at all times and we should not confuse ‘protest’ or ‘Demonstration’ with violence. But we have to register our complaints against the excesses committed by the ATF.

    Our utmost responsibility is to ensure that not a single Hazara soul is killed but the challenge here is how to ensure that our rights are granted at the same time. Rights like access to justice, equality…quality education, jobs for our youth…health.

    What we are missing at this point in time is a True Leader…someone on whom all Hazaras agree upon. We as a nation have the potential to be the most thriving community in Balochistan because we have the talent and the mind-set to progress…but currently we are like a headless chicken…we need a direction.

  12. Dear Mukhtar,
    I know it is difficult time for all of us, but most of all for those who have lost their dear ones. But we have to take actions that are needed and not just hysterically strike our head on the walls…..and lose more life as elements like ATF… the name of rule of law…will kill as many as they can.
    Look at Baloch people they are being killed for what ……..for asking their right. One can argue the way they are conducting there struggle…….but they have gone through a lot and now they are fighting again……..with forces which seems to be always overwhelming.
    In the same message you are giving conflicting message………….go and strike hard as it is time…and in the same flow you have recommonded for struggle through media
    …..In one way writing in this blog…… are contributing to a struggle through media………..although it is read predominantly by our own people……..but i am sure few of the other people also using this blog…….to feel our pulses.

    I PERSONNALY FEEL WE SHOULD NOT SACRIFICE OUR IMPRESSION OF ””BEING A PEACE LOVING NATION””. That way we not only give tributes to those who lost their lives but also to our fellow countryman and to our OWN future generation. Think about it and give your opinion…….with a very cool mind””””””

  13. Dear friends,

    we see through different incidents against of our nation in Quetta, several judicial courts were establisched and proceeded, several comments were made, its just the tactic of provincial Govt. to ease the tension, and let the people to think to the decisions of our courts, which is totally baseless, they will never suspend any ATF elements, they are just made to ease the tension circulating in the minds of our hazara youths.

    my dears, such judicial proceedings will never solve our problems, we have to strik now, we have to protest and contineu our demonstrations, no one will help us, God help those nations who help themselves, certainly this is the law of politics and the law of nature, no one will care about our innocent shahids, just goto their houses, and ask from their widows and mothers and fathers, how they feel, who is going to help them, who is going to think about them, care them, just go to their houses, u will know the pain and the miseries and i dont know how many more shahids we will see in the future,

    dear brothers, this is the time for action, this is the time for protest, we have to join together and figiht, fight and fight, we have no time more for easing our tensions, just goto media, and today in Pakistan there are many print media sources who are in search of news, they need news, they have to proceed their business, goto them and bring them to our death houses, bring them to make movies of our widows and shahids, bring them to graveyard, as BBC and Geo News do, goto them, arrange a press meeting and call them to come, goto press club, they need ur views and needs, rights and demands. just go

    press and print media is the best source of justice and we have to use them.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

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