Posted by: Editor | July 26, 2008

HDP protests Hazara Town Tragedy, Demands Compensation for Victims

Quetta: A large protest rally was taken out from Central Secretariat of Hazara Democratic Party in Alamdar Road, Quetta, on Friday. The protesters condemned the ATF brutality, and demanded that the Government compensate the families of those injured and martyred in the Hazara Town Tragedy.

Protesters were chanting slogans against the Government and ATF, the military agency that opened fire on the innocent protesters. They also displayed placards and banners. The rally participants marched down towards different main roads of the Quetta and dispersed peacefully.

General Secretary of HDP Abdul Khaliq Hazara, addressing protesters at Mezan Chowk, said that ATF is involved in killing innocent citizens, and that the Government must take stern action against its chief immediately. He added the Government is involved in creating conflicts among the brotherly nations of Quetta, while it has totally failed to maintain an orderly situation. He added that thieves are given an open hand in looting the masses in broad daylight, while the criminals and perpetrators have not been arrested.

Abdul Khaliq Hazara further said that HDP strives against sectarian violence and ethnic conflicts. He strongly condemned the military operation on innocent Balochis in Dera Bugti and other parts, saying the Baloch people are being kicked out of their own lands with sever brutality.

Ibrahim Hazara said that brutality has reached its peak: Forces opened fire on public while the Government has not taken any action against the responsible ATF officer. He demanded the immediate suspension of the concerned Officer.

Other speakers included Shaukat Ali Khaweri and Faqir Agha, who also condemned the violence and the government’s inaction.


  1. i would like to say THANKS to mr Haider..
    both the links are eyes opening and is an information.
    just keep it up and make other people aware

  2. Dear friends,
    i feel proud of being hazara boy and i wish that all our people must be united and educated and should support the HDP because this party belongs to Hazara people and we should not forget the saying of our great leader Shaheed austad Baba Abdul Ali Mazari that ” Hazaras of the world must be united” i am Muhammad Mehdi Joya From Kabul Afghanistan Long Life to Hazaras!

  3. Salam All,

    Although this is not a blog, but i wanted to share the following with my Hazara family (Point 1 needs our urgent attention and Point 2 is informative). Also can I request Daiyar jaan if its possibble to make a blog where we can share and exchange ideas for the betterment of our nation.

    1) Please visit the following link:

    This is very alarming and I wonder if this campaign is meeting any success. They are trying to capitilize and benefit from our situation…I hope our elders and people are aware of it and will not let it succeed.

    2) Please visit the following link:

    Peace on all Hazaras!

  4. I appreciate HDP and congratulate Mr. Khaliq Hazara and all members of HDP for a very successful rally against the terrorist elements of 19 July, and hope that other hazara people leave their hatred aside against each other and join such rally whenever needed and don’t bother which group or party have arranged it. If Jan Ali changezi, Syed Abbas Hazara and all Nazimimins were attended this rally it would be more memorable asset for Hazara Nation.
    Haji Liaqat from New York

  5. Great to hear great comments from the wise youth.

    I am convinced in every nation,we need politician, active political groups and most of unity.

    We all should be proud that Hazara people merging towards that path.

    HDP Zindah Bad, They are the most active, brave and pride party to serve for the Hazara nation in Quetta. They broadcast the voice of the voiceless in Balochistan.

    I personally am admiring HDP’s move to challenge the government of Balochistan that as Hazara Nation we never accept anymore misthreatment and persicution.

    I also should pointed out that it is hard for those Hazara whome lives oversease to get the news on the media about what is happening in Quetta quite often. But it would be a great idea for the HDP to have an official website to broadcast every thing on the net through their website to inform Hazara world wide.

    long live Hazara
    Ataullah Naseri

  6. Thanks alot to members of HDP for protesting.
    We Hazara are proud for having such a good politic party amongt Hazaras of Pakistan.

  7. salam qauma!
    it is sad for hazaras in quetta that for the last few years hazara are under attack, some times terrorist victoms and some times by security forces.
    for a while we do understand that there is worldwide voilation by terrorist and any one could be targeted, but when we are targeted by security forces (which are responsible for the public safety and control the crime and protect the public from terrorist), then there are many question arise in our mind? whether the hazaras are too polite and peaceful and weak to tolerate their recursion? are hazaras are easy target to hunt them, compare to other tribes in quetta? there are more questions could be in every single mind, but more than anything else we should think about our unity, we should ask our leaders to raise their voice in every forum or in the provisional or federal parliament. these leaders are chosen by the people not just for the visiting the parliaments. they are responsible for answering the people and they should fulfill their duties.
    thanks to HDP, Who are leading the people in the right way, avoiding any mis conceptional theories, which could create lots of other problems for hazara. HDP is really shown that they taking the matter as political and trying to lead the people in a political way. they taking every step carefully and calm the people in a good manner while preaching bravely that we have the right to protest, we have the right to live in quetta city and we are important part of the peace process in the city and there will not be peace in the city by neglecting hazaras or by killing them.
    zindabad hazaragi

    Liaqat Ali Goulzari

  8. Dear friends,

    I personally think, that HDP is the real Party of Hazara nationalist elements, who have always tried their level best to induce hazara people towards unity and harmony. I really appreciate Jawad Esar Sahib, with his team and hope that they will struggle against atrocities and unjustices commited to Hazara nation in Quetta.

    Abdul Khaliq hazara is a very commited person, he was in HSF and he has experience with the Govt. authorites in Quetta, whatever his character may be, as our friends told here before, but i personally think that he is a real model of Hazara leadership, and i hope that next time we will do our best to select him as a MNA for our nation in Quetta.

    As Haider jan said that there was no media coverage or any press, I think arranging a big protest but do not calling press or electronic media is not a good idea. HDP should have called them and should have arranged such facilities.

    When I heard that there is a protest going on, on Friday in Quetta, I was looking to the newspapers and Paki-media, but unfortunately I found nothing. no one knows what is going on in Quetta and with our nation. Today, there are many Tele-Channels broadcasting news in Pakistan but we are not able to bring them to our protes and tell them our objectives.

    I personally believe that, HDP should keep continue its efforts, and protest again and again, because nothing can be achieved without justice and press is the main source of justice.

    Once again I appreciate the steps taken by HDP for the betterment of hazara nation in Quetta and pray to God, that one day we will achieve our objectives through this party.

    Anwar Azeem

    Vienna, Austria

  9. Why should we call our self only hazara. In my opinion we should call ourself hazara mangol. Because history proves that we are mongol and still we have mangolian word in our language. the benefit of calling ourself hazara mongolian is that we will gain political power we will get backup of five official mongolian countries. there will be mor bigger business oppurtunities for our ecnonomic stability.when all mangol accepting us as Hazara mangol why shouldn’t we proud to be mangol and extend our hand for unity.
    we have been very loyal and have mad big sacrifice in the name of Shia sect and they took advantage of our believe and sacrifice like iran arabs, we will continue our believe in Shia sect but we should not allow any one to take advantage of us in the name of religion. We should change our direction and be able to recognise our friend and and our enemy. try to learn from the past and adress the future. If we want to defeet our enemy we should use their own strategy against them.

    there two opinion about hazara

    1. we came under the leadership of Owghooz Khan from mongolia for exploration 2500 years ago but i disagree with this because we need to prove this that we have been living in this area, which we don’t have . No one agree in the world on this issue with us it does not make sense
    2. is that we came along with Changaz Khan’s army and we have the history and everyone accept and agree with us.

  10. Long live Hazara!!!
    This is an amazing move toward democracy. I appreciate all qowma and HDP on their splendid rally. This is the way to show that we are civilized and peaceful people and we want to live brotherly with all other tribes and communities living in quetta and pakistan.
    I urge the people to keep continue their peaceful protests till the time they don’t get a satisfactory respond from government side. If again the govt doesn’t pay attention towards them, then we have to call upon international human rights through foreigner media and other resources.
    As i read HDP leader’s statements in daily jung, as they have said that we will not allow any one to find sectarian violence and ethnic conflicts among the brotherly nations living in quetta and balochistan and HDP strives against such propaganda and such evils.
    At the end i would like to request all brothers and sisters to come under the one and only Hazaragi flag risen by HDP. This is the way to bring a strong “unity” among our people.
    …long live unity…

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