Posted by: Editor | September 20, 2008

Councilor Kidnapped

Quetta: A Hazara councilor, Muhammad Hussain Changazi has been kidnapped on his way from Mach to Quetta. Yet nobody has claimed responsibility or demanded ransom for the abduction of Changazi.

Muhammad Hussain Changazi was an elected councilor of Mach, where a score of Hazara population reside. He was on his way to Quetta that kidnappers abducted on gun point from Dasht area. Kidnapping has increased since the new government has come. Law enforcement agencies are totally failed to avoid the increased abduction cases even in Provincial Capital, Quetta where abduction of businessmen has become a daily routine.

Prior to the latest incident of abduction, some other Hazaras too had been kidnapped for ransom. Some were released in exchange with handsome amount while others had been released after police raids. It is worth mentioning Hazara ethnics are not the only victims of increased abductions. Other ordinary citizens have been also a target.


  1. Yes, above statement is %100 true and his is save and sound with his family.

  2. I heard the Hazara Councilor from Mach has been freed by his kidnappers.

    Can any one please confirm

  3. DURAND LINE is killing us.

  4. its not bad idea to talk with ganda savage baluch leader. they will tell you, you have to choice:
    1. you go back to afghanistan or
    2. prepare to die here in ganda baluchistan. because this our shit-land and we want to clean it from foreigners.
    how can they tolarate that one ganda balcuh lives in khaima and foreigners live in banglows-house.

  5. I think its time to think more logically than reacting randomly. We should talk with the Baloch leaders……before embarking on any illegal activity…..killing innocent in ravange is not acceptable for our peace loving nation…….we should talk … baloch fighters.

  6. slam, i shockd when i heard the innocent people were gunnd down in hazara town.this is not the first time .the terrorist killd innocent hazara,s.i have also family in hazara town i am very concernd abt their life.i think the facist balouch government not willing to protect the is very serius problem.we should,t just watch and wait.the hazara politition and people should come foreward and do something.these are the people who hate us and want to bring instilibity.if our politition and people don,t come foreward it be more worst in future.God bless the hazara,s

  7. Haider:
    The report is updated with exclusive pictures.

  8. Ed:

    Don’t you think its better to report it first
    and if you can get your hands on the exclusive pictures those can be updated later so that everyone is aware of the unfortunate event.

    I request everyone to offer Fateha for those who lost lives and I pray to the Almighty to give their families to bear this great loss.

    I just hope that we have a central organization which helps the families of Hazaras who are targets of heinous crimes like these.

  9. Haider:

    I am trying to get exclusive pictures of those gunned down. If got, it would be updated in detail.

  10. I partially agree with Shaman…

    the Baloch have never really accepted Hazaras as locals of Balochistan although we have been here for more than 100 years, served the land and contributed to its development and embraced it as our home.

    Just to get a flavor, visit the official website of the government of Balcohistan and you will notice how conspicuously absent are the Hazaras.

    However, i still feel that we should side with justice and if the poor of Balochistan have not gotten their rights because of their own Sardars then we should speak out against both the Sardari system and the Islamabad’s neglect to Balochistan’s woes.

    Note for Editor:

    Three Hazara men were gunned down in Quetta day before yesterday. Howcome you guys are not reporting that. This was mentioned on the 3rd page of yesterday’s Dawn newspaper.


  11. Its a very sad news for all of us. Hazaras of the Pakistan are very peacefull & educated people but the extremists don’t let them to be in peace. We wish that our elected councilor Mr. Mohammad Hussain will be released as soon as possible to be among his family and people again. Gob bless our dear brother Mohammad Hussain Changazi.

  12. Hi Powerful Shaman,
    very well said. I totally agree with your comment. we have been living there for decades. we should put our voices with the baloch people. this has been done on many occasions by groups like hdp, however we have to be consistent.


  13. Dear Qauma Salam,
    For all these criminal acts and miseries the only responsible side is the government. Baluchistan is the biggest province of Pakistan and mainly inhabit the Baluch Tribe. But unfortunately the Baluch people are not provided with all faciliteis they deserve. There are places where Baluch people can’t drink clean water. And most have kidney problems. All Pakistan get natural gas from this part of the country but people of this area suffer from lack of facilites. An Islamic Country must be banner holder of Justice but unfortunately it is only on papers not in the hearts. After all these unjust behaviour of teh government Baluch people have become rebellious to every other ethnic group and government. It is the main problem that the government of Pakistan is unable to see or doesn’t want to see. On the other hand the Baluch people also have their share in it. Their leaders don’t let Baluch people develop and prgress. Examples are enormous. So all the population in Baluchistan should bring the government’s attention to this issue. Otherwise there will be murders, robberies, and all kind of miseries that would be faced only by the innocent unarmed citizens. Government should provide jobs so people could keep themselves with some honorable work and earning. It is time to talk without fear for justice. Don’t worry about death. Dying in the way of righteousness is worthful and brave act. Lets all of be honorable brave individuals and all of praise the one who work for justice bravely.
    Best wishes.
    Powerful Shaman.

  14. I hope this wont last long! specially the abductions of hazara councellors.
    Anyway, thanks for updating your website!
    And i would like to know if you’ll be able to give me some reports on the bombing of the hotel that took place in quetta! Thank you guys.
    Long live hazaras!!!!!

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