Posted by: Editor | October 29, 2008

Strong Quakes Jolt Quetta, Leaving Many Dead and Injured

Quetta, October 29 — A strong earthquake hitting Quetta in the early morning hours killed about 160 people and injured many more. Reports indicate that no Hazaras have lost their lives, although a few have been injured.

The quake, measuring 6.2 on the Richter Scale, hit Quetta at around 4 am, followed by a stronger aftershock one hour later. A third, much stronger aftershock hit around 5 pm. People rushed out of their homes in panic. Lack of electricity in some parts caused problems as people struggled to see their way in the early morning hours.

Severe aerial firing was reported immediately following the earthquake. Several people have been slightly injured after being hit by shrapnel and empty bullet shells. Two of those injured are from Hazara Town.

There are reports of damages to several houses in the Shuja Abad and New Hazara Town areas. Damages to the setup of homes and shops were reported as items were displaced and moved by the tremors.

People have now returned to their houses after staying out for several hours in the cold after the initial quake. There is a climate of fear among people, especially women and children, as more tremors are expected.

Schools and businesses are now operating as normal. After a one-hour outage in Hazara Town at the time of the quake, electricity service has been restored to normal.

Some people offered special namaz after the earthquake hit, praying for God’s mercy and the safety of all affected.

The epicenter of the earquake was around 60 kilometers to the southwest of Quetta. The worst affected area is Ziarat, where landslide triggered by the earthquake buried many houses and killed hundreds, injuring many more. Death toll is expected to rise.


  1. Hello Bamiyan jan.
    I didnt want to comment at all. But just today i thaught to inform u why did’t comment back. so that is: ki bisyaar ham mazirat mekhahim ki “ma behs mekhastum, na kaj behsi”

  2. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    I really dont want to torture readers minds …but guys see they have nothing to say but cursing me ….. i m putting the facts just as it is …. i can give dozens of examples but as i owe them …. life will be difficult for them ….. these are facts .. i really dont praise as usual guys do here … that this website is very good work ..i m glad to see Quetta pictures … i love quetta . i m in australia or norway or london … i m sardar e dokandara .. ii really want to help my nation with an old boot of my father giving it to a needy ….website is to connect hazaras of world …. hazarahai jahan mutahhid shawaed .hazara bisyar be ittefaq mardoum astha …. we really need a leader ….like hassan nasrullah …..what a shit …. for such comments every one just see the about corner and quetta snow and every where …where i have no presence ….kala (head) jangi khoub astha …da dil kho nagreen …..amitar ki mara chim kho nishan medin dega ra ham chim nishan bedin ..beroon az hazara khoo …. gurg e khana shaghal e sahra…..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …

  3. Everyone:

    Let’s respect each other in our comments; it is the mark of a civilized nation. If demeaning words are used, I will have to moderate your comments.

    Thank you,

  4. you are a real psycho……..your ideas are just baseless and impractical. I don’t know how you behave in your mohala ………just disgusting

  5. In the name of Bamiyan …
    I m not comparing earliers with later neither i mean Pakistan as hazara’s enemy ….but we have to review our relationships … hazara of quetta or not more than a baghal eiteem bacha (Orphan blue eyed boy) of pakistan …. i have seen a number of hazaras of Iran they really hate irani and irani policy but our hazaras of quetta or not that way …. i only mean to have a distance from pakistan … coz we share nothing with punjabis , Pashtuns ,Balochs sindhis and saraikis of pakistan as language ,culture ,history and a number of things but politics and stretegies … our moves effect their policies and their moves effect our lifes …. it is not an emotional situation of hindi films and serials … it is real life where a brother even can be cruel …. and as far revange and fights are concerned i really will favour revange and fights but revanges and fights will differ wont be the triditional fight and revange ….. even if i forgive i will make him feel that it is my revange ….. all we have to do is to make some distance from pakistan and Iran to prove our being here as a people of our own kind ….. not kairat khor daal khor pakistan or marg bar america and segha khanna type iran … once we make to getrid of the blanket (kambal) than we will understand and choose our enemity and will find allies on the basis of that enemity ….. duplicates are not soled any where good price only genuine parts … munafiaqt will reward nothing but shame …dalali main munh bhi kala aur hath bhi kalay …
    At last nation …………which nation and harm which kind of harm …. for hazaras of quetta i really have taken their sewoum and hafthoum they all are shaheed in my views and others who have hazargi faces and tehrani minds will produce a new toti fruiti jhonny lever type rangeela crowd …who will be narished on a number of !…………! balck resources ….we will witness new born childs in dirty water drains and all arround that crowd … coz a milk shake of Qandhari ,punjabi ,hazargi faced ,tausili , Maulana Juma asadi ., pashtun will be as it is defined not bettre ….coz genuine is genuine ….. and duplicate is duplicate ……
    ba amman e Bamiyan …

  6. Thanks for response Mr.Bamiyan.
    I salute to ur hazaragi emotions if it is from the core of ur heart…. but the way u express ur views, u may be commiting mistakes… as u criticize on any individual, any group and on their any move..
    As u have compared those settled earlier to those later in quetta, u have given example of u, me or someone else, the matter is not about an individual or any group of people. we talk generally. if u continue in this way u may harm the nation’s future or status.
    And as u have written out the meaning of the proverb, I am 100 prcent sure that u have a misunderstanding of the proverb.anyways…
    and if we do not trust these people(our hamsayas) as u have explained the history,, then what should we do?? I am sure that u are aginst revange or fight. an’t u? we have to choose the best option.

  7. In then name of Bamiyan ……….
    this is level 3 of the discussion …….as i m not the air marshal ……… and i also have not been posted …. and does Gebrial (Hazrat Jibrael ) came to tell u where i m and ma theer na zadoum ….and is this really necessary to tell u what i have achieved ….tu astin kho chara da jaan azma bal kaday ….m i that important ….and why should i be a leader i m doing what i m supposed to do …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………

  8. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    In every debate there are 4 stages in hierarchy ….
    2…..Non Issues…….
    3…..Personal ……….
    4…..Vulgur ….
    we should try to keep our discussion on issues only ……..and realted to issues only ….

  9. Everybody now knows your studies, you are popular, getout of your hideout, you are our next leader.
    For me 100 percent of hazaras living in Pakistan are indeginous. Your NIC is a proof.

  10. In the name of Bamiyan ……..
    why dont u put some figures …..???
    and what is that better thing …..???
    why dont u use ur brain ….???have u put that in saving account to be doubled in next 5 years …I think u people dont care and have no interest and study on hazaras ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …….

  11. well I would like to keep my eyes closed aand open as much as i want. You are relying on raw data and using your own brain source for these data. You could use u r brain for some thing better.

  12. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Brori and kirani is 96% Refugee that makes 60 of hazaragi population and on allamdar road marri abad 60% refugee …..It is known by every bache hazara ….and u can sense that if u open ur eyes once in a day ….

  13. Whats the source and reference of your so called figures?

  14. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    Yea deleting has made some confusion even i m confused what is wrong in that coz i had given an explaination had no bad or vulgar words in it ..
    1….I had explained the accurate figures of Hazaras came before 1978 and after 1978 …as after 1978 is making the largest percentage of 80 % only 20% have come before 1978 … means those u and other fellows are mentioning hazaras native of Quetta seems incorect 80%…. thats why i m denying Hazaras being natives of Quetta …..if ur father has come before 1978 and mine after…. it can be correct for u not for me ..
    so i be calling my self native pakistani constitution doesn’t accept me …. it is not about being emotional but being reasonable …
    2….. I have answered ur 2nd question but about Awal diyar douyoum birar i have an understanding that it has said for siyala and siyal dargi …..that enemity first friendship after …but here in this perticular case we are doing chamcha giri …as 4 trucks of pela chamcha cant help Pashtuns when 100 million sent only by Saudi Arabia ….. Hamsaygi khoub astha magar e chi hamsayagi ki mou ra maal e summugling jour kada da amzi road ki mou az shi reliefe goods ba isthalah rayee kadii…..such activities are to protect investment of few haji lalais and strengthen their ties ….poor hazaras are still and specially in those days were being smuggled ….one among them was my uncle ….. We have to be reasonable with our every move ….. as well u do know about chil 40 dokhtoro …just imigine that time frame what may had made those girls to jump all together …
    barayee kas aan ki har mard e azmo yak khur (donkey) wa har zan mo yag Aaho beshtar na bashad …hamsayaa chi wa chi hamsayegii …..
    You cant give single example of their Hamsayegi ….. maar sar shi ham maar astha wa doum shi ham ….Najibullah ham pashtun boud Mullah Umar wa karzai ham ….Maulana Fazl ur reman ham pashtun astha wa mehmoud achakzai wa bache Wali khan hamm …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  15. Hello Friends.
    First of all thanks to you, Mr.Bamiyan for responding to my questions. Though I think it is not a fully satisfactory answer. or it may be due to the deleted section of ur comment, cause i have missed that. anyways, I think in politics we cant always do, what we want to do. its a complex game. azi khatir, e farz hamsayagi asta ki yak qowm qad diga qwom hamsaye kho chitor taluqad dashta basha. da yak comment diga shum ki da bale amzi relief fund asta wa shumo aitiraz kiden; tanqeed az shomo ta yak jay ra sahi asta ki mogin mardoom az khod mo zaroorat ziadter dara, wa mo bayad awal az khodgon kho shro kanim.chinanche refernce islam wa chand diga ra ham dada bodin ki awal az khod, baad azu begana. Here i remined of one proverb that, we in hazaragi say that “awal diyar, doyum birar.” I dont mean that we must give priority to them. but again u should think politically… wa e relief fund oqas nista ki yago dard ra dawa kana, ki mo bugi wala ami aga da hazaristan mubud mo ra az badi khudan boor mukad. I dont think i have to explain it more than this… sar khalas ko.

    Secondly, once again i request all friends to keep the majlis calm and clean that we should love to discuss here. and try to write smthing that should not be deleted, because when a section of a post is deleted then it doesnt give the correct meaning. so finds some confusion. keep in mind that views are different.

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