Posted by: Editor | November 25, 2008

Today’s Painter, Tomorrow’s Artist

By our contributor Raazia Batool
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Even though it consists of only three letters, art contains a world of inspirations, colors of nature and an insight into the beauty of everything. Things can be expressed in many ways, and one of them is Art. Colors have their language, and it is quite difficult to understand it; but once one gets to know it, then all other ways of communications and languages become meaningless to that person. Then we get a real Artist.

One who is interested in colors or in art feels a nameless comfort and relief. Being an artist needs an insight into nature and a soft heart, because colors have a very delicate language which can be understood only by those who are soft-hearted. It also needs a keen observation because painting or drawing something requires an understanding of the twists and shapes of an object, and the light spots and the dark shades.

Unfortunately, the field of art is not so common in our community, as only science subjects are considered a path to a good career and complete knowledge. We might have many young talents who are capable of being great artists, but they might not have the opportunities — or even a chance — to explore themselves to know what they have inside them or what they want to do. It is a well known fact that science subjects are given much more importance and attention at schools as compared to drawing subject. Even if a student loves to draw, the parents restrict him or her from wasting his or her time in drawing things. Thus, the talent of a potential artist is killed.

In the Hazara community, some of the prominent names in the field of arts are Ghulam Sakhi and Shazia Batool. On the contrary, it cannot be said that in a large community like ours, it is very positive to have only two prominent artists. We ought to have many more like them, but unfortunately due to lack of good guidance or may be some other factors, we might be wasting so many talents.

After a visit to Hazara Town, I observed that in Hazara Town there are a number of small art galleries where students are taught art. But their activities are very much limited: The youngsters who love painting and drawing go there and learn — but only as a hobby. It might be because they are not guided properly or perhaps they have no idea that by choosing this field, they can have a good career and earn a livelihood.

As compared to Mehrabad, the people of Hazara town have not always been abreast with the latest developments, which is something to be addressed. The Parents do not guide their children regarding education. It has been found that the youths in Hazara Town are much more interested in the arts compared to the youth in Mehrabad. But Hazara Town has not been able to live up to its potential in terms of producing artists.

NCA, National College of Arts, is one the biggest and oldest art institutions in Pakistan. It has provided Pakistan with many talented artists. This college provides quota system for every Province of Pakistan, and provides opportunities for the youngsters to avail their chance at being in one of the biggest art institutions of Pakistan.

Recently, entry tests for the selection of students in this college were conducted. Six students from Balochistan have been selected in fine arts, among which four are Hazaras. Two of them are from Hazara Town. This is a great achievement and very positive. This has invoked a new spirit among youngsters interested in the arts, because they have found a ray of light towards their destination.

But we still need awareness and proper guidance in order to give our youth their long-time wishes. We need to make our elders and parents aware that science education is not the only way to success. We need to tell them that that but by being an artist, a person can earn a livelihood and make his or her soul relieved. Artists are always gifted by God; we only need to find them

Raazia Batool is a lover of arts and a student of BSCS Honors at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University in Quetta.

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  1. bamiyan sahib, siwai afsos dega hech chez gufta na metanum barais humo.

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