Posted by: Editor | January 5, 2009

2 Hazara Gunned Down, Child and Woman Injured

Jaan Begum and Shamsullah being treated in Hospital after the firing of terrorists.

Family members wait desperately as Jaan Begum and Shamsullah are treated at the Hospital.

Quetta–January 05, 2009: Two Hazaras have been gunned down and a child a woman injured by unknown motorcyclists  on Monday near Zangi Lora, Kirani Road,  Quetta.

Syed Muhammad Essa was on his bicycle on Zangi Lora when two motorcyclists standing nearby fired at him. He died on the spot. After some seconds, the terrorists opened fire on a Hazara Rickshaw driver, Khan Muhammad,  coming from New Hazara Town.  He also died on the spot. At the same time, the terrorist fired on a taxi with Hazara passengers . Resultantly, a child Shamsullah, 3, and Jaan Begum were severely injured in the taxi.

Police officials cordoned off the area and shifted the dead bodies and injured to Bolan Medical Hospital.

Hazara Democratic Party strongly condemned the cowardly act of terror demanding from the  concerned quarters to  arrest  and punish the terrorists.  In a statement, they also criticized security measures adopted by the law enforcement agencies, saying HDP had warned the Government of its reservations over the poor security measures for Muharram.

HDP statement said there have been similar incidents on Kirani and Arbab Karam Roads, and the terrorists have made these areas as their hub of activities. It demanded from the provincial government to step down and give up as it has been failed to provide security to citizens.

HDP also appealed the people of Hazara Town to remain calm.


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  2. […] Two Hazaras gunned down, child and woman injured […]

  3. this man (bamiyan)is 100% psycho.he is here just to make differences and hatred.we should neglet him.

  4. mukhtar language e azma baqad biscuit e TUC wari astha ..khasta wa karara …….zoud hazam mousha …..

  5. Ok now as u habve cleared i too shoeld clear….i have one point agenda …that i will alway take side of my father and forefathers ….and those who had biological relation to them simple ….and secondly plz dont take my words as verses of any holy book u can correct me …i accept and i m ready …say Bamiyan …You should not abuse our mutual elders coz they have been nice and put some reasons and examples or illistrate me their vision if u know …..believe me if i m a psycho u can cure me …u really know that i m hazara if u dont cure me whom should i concern balochs???pashtuns???whooo…….?????
    if i m attacking ur rlders with reason and examples u should defand them with reason and examples ..two wrongs never make a right …….

  6. hey Bamiyan,

    what do you want here, let me clear it to you that I am not a sistani ok, I was born in Quetta and my parents in Afghanistan. I am proud to be hazara and I will never make my hero mehdi mamay or abid chata, or tawasuli, I will never talk about such elements, because they dont deserved to be talked about, If you wana bring your Geo team, no problem, bring them to kirani road, becasue we need them to be there, to show the attrociteis commited to our nation, if you are 100 % why dont you bring such media in kiri road, becasue we have never seen such videos before, so if you are 100% hazara, show your hazaragi and show our commitment, if you show it and prove it to me i will become your follower and ask you for leadership, but im sure that you cant do that, because your nature is munafiqat.

    I hope that you will understand it.

    mukhtar hussain

  7. wa rasthi agar da jang bayaen mukhtar sahib shomo kad mehdi memay wa abid chatta da kudam mourcha ( front ) khahad bashin ki ma da amounji team e Geo wala ra bairoum kam publicity psycho syed abadia ra kanah …..kash ki jang shouna …. rouz e Ashura ki farar kaden aalama ra da jai kho eashtha ma da yaad ma astha … bazz wo rouz syed abad wala az khanna perchia e number ra awardah kad shi dinemid jour mouna ….. wa ghad zadah doushman ra farar dalji mouna ….. but thanks to tausili sahib ki nasl e nau e azina ra hazara paida kada az barkat e seegha technology …….THANK YOU TAUSILI (SUPER MAN)

  8. In the name of Bamiyan ……

    Ami nafar ki da naam e editor koshish kada ki khoud kho genius genius kanah amzo houshiyar asthan ki az houshiyari qalakh gashthan woo hetch aasra na mouna …..
    Editor metana ki messeges ma ra block kanah e chotiapah matlab na dara ….. kho dega thalim e ziyad azi kaara dara ….Editor plz dont remove his editor’s comment …..
    thank you mukhtar hussain ..jaan e lalai qaar nako ….qaar kharab astha …..khaira ki tu nim sistani astay …..awal kho yag lafz e azma pshto niya ….doum urdu matlab shi lashkari astha da turkey zuban ….mirza ghalib tah ghalib shikan mirza yas yagana changazi amo katta sarae urdu language tammam hazara boudan …azo aggo hazara khaninda poursaan kano …….. wa da bain e urdu kudam fars( persian ) kudam kaar kada …
    afsoos nakhanday dega ……
    Dega az HCMC tu bazz hope mouni ….matlab da qoud mishi aan …….dist bul dist …..kho khoo
    dega da situation e pakistan tammam parties yag jai shouda chara suggestion e azma yahoodi hazara ra ham qabool na mounin …….suggestion astha kudam babu naz ya Ghulam T/T ra da dhaan e khannay tu rayee kadom ki gap ra qabool ko hathman ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  9. Dear brothers,

    First I thank the editor who takes action against bamian because he is just a trouble here.

    I want to clear that, when I said to him do not use or write your hazargi takri language, I meant that he should not write hazaragi language here, because in such language, we dont have any history, its a mixture of pashto, urdu, english and other words, when Im saying so, i would never make joke of hazara, because im also hazara and im proud to be so, but if someone wants to write here , plz write pure farsi(dari), so that we understand it, when bamian writes here, we never understand his words, even they are third class words which dont have any value.

    I dont want to write on bamian anymore, because its useless.

    The main thing is to give suggestions to our political leaders, about their constructive objectives, Im sure that we will not get any positive results from HCMC but lets hope that such gathering will give us understand eachother, its very diffcult to sit together and convince everyone, because everyone tries to put forward their own objectives, but when it comes to hazargi unity, then there should not be any personal interest or leadership objectives.

    when india wants to fight with pakistan, all the elements and parties of pakistan, whatever they have among themselves, they come together and send harsh comments to india, it shows that all of them will never accept any foreign attack on their soil, even the pml(Q) and pml(N) have hatred towards themselves. the same thing applies to us too, when baloch or any other terrorists attack on us, they never think that we are from jagouri, or bamian or sayed abad or we are syeds, they just look to our face and they attack on us.

    so the main think is our hazara bodan, we have established our lands and properties, schools, colleges and millions of dollars of our foreign reserves in kirani and hazara town, whatever such elements do to us, we will never leave our one inch land to them, on any cast, because we bought them, we spend our bloods and works of many years, established a very educational enviroment there, we will do any thing for the sake of our objectives, even we will meet such elements try to be with them, try to be involved with their culture and political parties but it should be know to them that we will never accept their terrorists objectives enforced on us.

    try to be united and never listen to the baseless criticisms of such psycho elements.

    khuda hafiz

    mukhtar hussain

  10. Yea…….. Sajjad …….. jan u are right ………..but ….. i wont bit you …….
    see how accurate i m in defining ……

  11. no need to go head to head with this psyco…….you will see him on Alamdar road biting people soon……you will definitely recognise him there and than……

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  13. wa agar hazargi third class astha tu da hazara site chi mekhayii…….

    Wa e maslay Lalaigo ra ham ami syed abad wala sistani gada baal kada wa Quettagia hatman koshish mouna ki lalaigo ra bazi bida ….


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