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2 Hazara Gunned Down, Child and Woman Injured

Jaan Begum and Shamsullah being treated in Hospital after the firing of terrorists.

Family members wait desperately as Jaan Begum and Shamsullah are treated at the Hospital.

Quetta–January 05, 2009: Two Hazaras have been gunned down and a child a woman injured by unknown motorcyclists  on Monday near Zangi Lora, Kirani Road,  Quetta.

Syed Muhammad Essa was on his bicycle on Zangi Lora when two motorcyclists standing nearby fired at him. He died on the spot. After some seconds, the terrorists opened fire on a Hazara Rickshaw driver, Khan Muhammad,  coming from New Hazara Town.  He also died on the spot. At the same time, the terrorist fired on a taxi with Hazara passengers . Resultantly, a child Shamsullah, 3, and Jaan Begum were severely injured in the taxi.

Police officials cordoned off the area and shifted the dead bodies and injured to Bolan Medical Hospital.

Hazara Democratic Party strongly condemned the cowardly act of terror demanding from the  concerned quarters to  arrest  and punish the terrorists.  In a statement, they also criticized security measures adopted by the law enforcement agencies, saying HDP had warned the Government of its reservations over the poor security measures for Muharram.

HDP statement said there have been similar incidents on Kirani and Arbab Karam Roads, and the terrorists have made these areas as their hub of activities. It demanded from the provincial government to step down and give up as it has been failed to provide security to citizens.

HDP also appealed the people of Hazara Town to remain calm.


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    marg bur khominie

  2. Bamian always write here about lalaigo, hahaha

    where were your father and mother born, is your father punjabi or pushtoon that you call the others lalaigo, just look to your language, look to your history, making jokes of lalaigo, you will never get any good results, as i said before you are just a child nothing else, just goto your house and tell your father to teach you tarbiat, what is tarbiat, so that you can be adjustable.

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  3. Hey Bamian,

    you look just a child I think, what is your real age, you may be 12 or 6 years of child thats why you write such things.

    I told you before, if you dont have any job or any activity go and find someting for yourself and dont write here, its not a joke for you, many people inside and outside of Quetta write these comments, so be careful and write as much fruitful as possible.

    such elements who took part in HCMC belong to Hazara nation in Quetta and its appreciable that today we hazara people, whatever sect or org. or political party we may have come together and talk about your real issues.

    whatever we have now, syeds, mullahs or whatever they may be, they belong to our soceity and they should be given chance to participate in our crises. one party can not solve all of our problems, when we are collected then there will be a good result. Look to the palestinnien people, when they separated they fought with eachother and fatah with hamas killed many of their personnels. now they talk about unity because without unity no one can fight with them.

    I strongly appreciate the steps taken by our leaders, it shows maturity and our future planning to live with peace in Quetta.

    so I hope that Bamian will not write his third class hazaragi writing here, if you wana write right in English and dont use your third class hazaragi language here, because we cant read it and we cant understand it what you write, so dont waste time here and goto our house, prepare for your exams because you are going to be failed in our exams, so if you wana be not shamed, pay attention to your studies or help your family in cooking or let them to work on pc.


    mukhtar Hussain

  4. In the name of bamiyan ……….
    Shishtan dega bouzorgaaaaaaan Qaauuuuuum…jooor kadan Hazara Crisis Managment Cell …..Ajaaaaaab……….kheli khoub …….Quetta wa lalai yag jai shoudan chai siya khourdan khiyal monan ki da ami technique yag chan saal dega ham bazi dadah mouri dega ..tah kii Kharnool younis wari luth nakhourdan …wo kho full nagir boud hetch da khoud kho na migrifth bazz istadah shouda boud …..da khiyal azma ki shayad basham istada shouna naki ami goee pill bachay kho baal kana ……
    Eena tammam taga astha wo birar ……..khoudgon shom masla ra hal kin ki barai e 2000 foot hauli be fard jang jayez astha ……
    Agar ami baloch astha ham kho darao mouga ki boureeen …….dega chara khalas na moniin…..
    masl e yag drama hazargi astha ki na ko khanay be bunyad ra kagil …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………..

  5. which land they want to occupy from is good joke.
    i think the balouch want,s independent from pakistan.secondly they don,t want the hazara population increase in quetta city.the hazara,s who are living in (broury)are easy target for them.that,s why they terrorising the people.government are also fail to protect their citizen,s.i think time come that we sit together and discius this serious issue.

  6. dear Hazara baradaran
    do you think a person”s life cost only Rs=500.000?
    if you think that a human deserve to get killed in a few amount of money so lets start killing our enemies because the HDP of our area is not taking any action anyway.We have been victimised since last 10 or 15 years no one care”s about us. I as a younger HAZARA request from all of our community leaders and BOZORGAN E QOWM to have a meeting about the current suchuation. If u find any solution that would ok.Otherwise we have to defend ourself

  7. In the name of Bamiyan ………..
    Secret army ……………aan aur wo secret army ra haji naurouz kad haji ali jn fund mouna …..

    wa ee chi gap astha
    “”””because its the policy of Baloch nationalist parties to expel the other nations from Quetta and occupy their lands”””””

    agar their land bazz occupy chara kanah …..
    az degah biara guzarish astha ki sarf e nazar kana ee birar da naam e mukhtar hussain da gab kho na moufamaa …… land azkhoud kho ra kas occupy namounaa …..
    wa balochistan ki 48% e pakistan astha da menay shi 1000 acre 1% e balochistani zamin ham jour na moushna ……
    Nationalist baloch az wo nafara bisyar khoub astha ki pai e ghoda ra migra barai e maghfirat ….
    Hazara bayad darg kana asl e gab ra ………
    Ba amman e bamiyan …………

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  9. Dear brothers,

    I think such incidents will occure again and again, because its the policy of Baloch nationalist parties to expel the other nations from Quetta and occupy their lands.

    There is just one solution to this problem and its used everywhere.

    The solution to this problem is that such elements who do such atrocities to us can only be controlled and punished when we make our own force and do our objectives indirectly.

    you may reject this but its the truth.

    baloch people will never negotiate with us, because their facist and racist elements attacking on us indirectly, but their elements come to negotiating table.

    As I said before, there is no solution, except to establish a secret force and attack on them so that they know that there is also the opposit force if they do it to us.

    you may take it impossible, but the real truth is that those nations who have strong leadership with strong force can achieve their objectives, look at the muhajirs of karachi, how they controlled the sindhis, punjabis and pushtoons.

    I hope that our leaders will learn it from them.

    khuda hafiz

    Mukhtar Hussain

  10. salam azizan
    this is a very sad news that terrorist strike again to our inoccent poeple. it is really shamfull to the gove;t.dear qouma “be united and keep your unity” this is the only solution and my request from BOZORGAN QOUM is to sit together and discuss the matter that for how long this act of terrorism happening againist Hazara poeple
    best regard

  11. In the name of Bamiyan ……..
    Walah agar pishi bouga ma pishi niyoum ….etar niya ki wou bas pishi na shouna ….wa agar pishi bouga ma saghal astoum azoo baad shaghala wa ra accept kana ….hazara ra zada bashamool baloch nationalist movments including BLA and BRP har kudam shi investigate shouna …albatah agar masala secterian astha baz baloch hetch waqt zemadar niya ..chara ki 50% azkhoud baloch kad 48% e hazara yag shia sect ra follow mouna ……. azi ki mou baloch bougi bayad lashkar e jhangvi bougi ….jaish mohammad bougi ………..
    Yag qaum ra naam shi griftha yag nau jang mo bayad aaghaz na kani …..chara ki balochs kad azmo bisyar ziyad dardhai mushtarak dara …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……….

  12. i strongly condem the killing of hazara and all the balme goes to the Government, if the Government can,t protect us then let us protect our self. Let us pray to God that this year,s Muharam and Ashura go peacefully. GOD BLESS HAZARAS

  13. hazara blood is equal to blood of animal,s.the hazara,s are cheap.they are very easy target.they should be killed.
    until hazara,s are not be united.and do not choose one good and sencere leader like mohajir,s in karachi.they are very easy target for baluch,pashtoon,s and some terrorist groups.

  14. I will be looking forward to any statements by BLA or BRP which will condemn the Hazaras killings.

    The absence of a statement will show us whether the Baloch really value the Hazara lives.

  15. In the name of Bamiyan ………
    Without any investigation alleging BLA and BRP anti hazara seems horrific and allying with those who made us run from our lands to canada and newzealand is dicsuting ….. the mentioned organisations have a larger enemy and objective where they understand hazaras are their possible friends than foes ….. Why would they kill hazaras …what possible harm they could feel from hazaragi side ….. bhokay ne bhokay ki mari dono mar gayee ……
    and how can some one say that pashtuns too will join hands or allience with hazaras to wipe balochs …pashtuns do understand who are balochs and what possible damage they will have after such controversies ……
    yag nafar ra dega nafar guft ki peshi bini tu bourdag wo badbakht ham bini kho toukh na kada az pas e pishi daveed ………..
    Wa baloch ki khoud shi 50% shia dara da mah e muhaarm chara amikaaar ra kana …wo nationalist baloch ki az sahil wa wasail kho tah gap hetch na mizna …az shinakht e Qaumi khoo …
    Ami Allama maqsood Dombki magar falestini astha …………wa BRP da bugti taaluq na dara ..wa nawab bugti az Khominie inspired na boud ….bugti shia kho shia magar hindu na dara …… BLA ki da marris taluq dara magar shia na daran ……..
    Baloch factor is still unknown and propegated and made dracula coz of ISI pashtun elements ….coz pastuns have more fear than any one in this region from baloch ….weak baloch will provide safe entry in Gawadar to pashtuns ……
    it is not life of 2 hazaras only but whole hazarajat and balochistan issue and future lie here …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  16. I am not of the middle east, I am american. So naturally, when i read The Kite Runner and discovered the plight of the Hazara people, i was horrified, and decided to look further into it. i found this website and am disgusted to see that these poor people are still being opressed today!

  17. One interesting thing is that the BLA and BRP (both Baloch terrorist organizations) announced an end to ceasefire a few days back and now we have 3 Hazara shaheeds and injured.

    The proposition of an alliance with the Pushtuns to wipe out the Balochis now seems very enticing indeed.

    I hope better sense prevails and this mindless killing is done away with.


  18. THis is very bad incident before arrival of Ashura and I really condemn this incident.

    this could be signal for 10th moharam, may Allah save us from such incident , I would like to suggest all those security responsible for month of moharam to take this moharam days and night with tight security.

  19. I stronglt condemn this act of terrorism, HDP has been issuing warnings to government on security gaps specially during the sacred month of Muharram but governemt would not take any action except for showing off of flag march like terrorists will wait for their march to come out. It has been cleared that Sariab Road, Arbab Karam Khan Road, Kirani areas are easy targets but there is no check posts or security measures to ensure safety of residents. We have to manage our own security that is one and last option. People’s party government in central and the Balochistan goverment is failed to control violence and terrorism against Shia/Hazara.

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