Posted by: Editor | January 5, 2009

Seventh Muharram Observed

Seventh Muharram Procession passing through Liaqat Road.

Seventh Muharram Procession passing through Liaqat Road.

Quetta (January 05 2008):  The mourning procession of Seventh Muharram dispersed peacefully after reaching its destination amid tight security on Monday.

The procession, as every year, started out from Art School Road, passed through its traditional route of Archer Road-Liaqat Bazar-Prince Road-McCongy Road, and terminated at Hazara Imam Baragah Kalan. Mourners carried alam and Zuljinah, while reciting nauha.

Mourning procession of Seventh Muharram during Matam.

Mourning procession of Seventh Muharram during Matam.

Tight security plan had been chalked out with heavy deployment of police and other security forces’ deployment on the route of the procession and other sensitive areas. All the roads on the way of the route were sealed.

This year Government has declared Quetta one of the most sensitive cities due to the recent wave of terrorist attacks.


  1. geo azadaroooo
    ye metame hussain sada jari rahe aur
    jo ye yazeed menafiqat phelane ki koshish kr rahe hai allah enko enke aba -o- ajdad ki tarah nest-o-nabod krdega….
    YA ALI MOLA(a.s)

  2. OK Borther
    Not a problem You can be proud of your foolishness as long as you wish. Be not more than a slaves of Arab and never open up your mind.

    That is what you people deserve right now.


    • and you guys are slaves of maghrib–looks like you are getting less even from western world as you are far away from reality–which is taught in western universities.

  3. If islam was the solution why our situations are not getting better.
    Where was my dear Imam Zamana my Khan Hazara and your Agha freids when Abdul Rahman massacred %62 our nation Hazara and Shia religion? Why he that you and me beleive on him did not come to rescue us. When they sold you to none muslim especially India which Pakistan was part of that British Indian governmet where was his mojasa that you and me were waiting for? Afshar,chandawol,Bamiyan,mazar…..6th of July inside imambargahs and holy shrins in Iraq.Even they are not able to protect themselves. I still beleive in them like you. But these question never leave my mind and others people. Every year and century we beat to our heads and sina wiht kardi and sheld our blood. Which arabic islamic or arabs raised their voice?
    Bamiyan says you the face most people beleived the earth is on Shakh Gaw mahi. Imami apeared on the moon large as size of the whole moon.How a 2 or lease than two miter man can be seen by naked eye my dear three wise men!!!???

    Astronaunt go with the highest speed they only can get to their in 29.50 days. Look to the sky when a big plane goes high how small it looks my dears. Do you are we have proper logic? Thsese are just two example my follower of Arab sahrayee. What the arabs did for Palistain that we should expect from them? They are more than tweenty countries but not able to defend them selves. They smoke pipe,sex and using oil money to spent their luxuriouse lives. When they want to give Zakat or whatever then they send to the Taliban and Al-qaeda and extremist who are your brother deni. Just your religion has some diffrences but it remains the same in principle. You aghas also has roots with them. If we follow you like Gaw wa mal then it is OK. If we argue or use logic then we become Kufer as you say.

    I think being Kufer is better than stupid and blindfollowers who are killed every single day during the century. Communist,Emperialist,none beliver like Cuba,Vetname,China……. and all secular nations or hindus or whoever has a reputation,defence system,crises managemet,idealogy,gayrat,sence of patritis or nationalism but not you and people like you.
    How many times they killed and massacred you with humaliation and historic jokes.
    We Hazara and all muslim following this holy religion for many centuries. Why our situation are not getting better? Why you don’t convence your brother deni taliban, Al- Qaeda, lashkar Jahangavi,Sepah Sahaba,ISI,Soudi the source of Islam and tell seyah to stop killing you as none beleiver ,Rafezi and Shia Kafer?
    Go my dears you are claiming the whole tekadari of Islam conveince them to stop killing you and me. Actually the don’t care about you my jan brother. What is your statues and place in the whole Islamic world? What is your population? What names they are calling you? They say you are najis and Kafer then you come to us and Bamiyan and call him Kufer!!!!!!!!???????

    Mashallah to you and people like you who took everything from Hazara under the name of Islam. It was not only you guys from our own community and religion Abdul Rahman was Amer Muslemen. Rabbani Sayaf Masoud Gulbudin Rocketyar who recently issued Fetwa to call all of including your master Iran Kufer and Mar Asten….

    Taliban also massacred us under the name of Islam and racial issues. I am sure what they did or Mulla Omar called you. And governer of Mazar mulla Neyazi annouce Oh Hazara you did not learn from Abdul Raham who massacred %62 become a proper Sunni Muslim or pay Jazya!!!!

    Bamiyan is a single pordard Hazara who just try to give another way of thinking not officially force you like Arabs or Taliban to convert to Nationalism or having an intelectual or democratic window to see something diffrent. Have a look to the situation of poor Tori Shias in Peshawar. If the Nato were not supplied them another incedent would happened like dawre Abdul Rahman.

    My dear we beleive in Allah but not the bullshit Afsana mulla and people like you say. We followed these afsanas for centries wiht out getting anywhere. None muslim as you say Kufer can protect them better than you blind followers.

    Unfortuantly there never been an opportuniy to say and express ourselve. If we say like Galela Zamin is not on Shakh Gaw Mahi and it is round and Gird.Then you will call us kufer……
    Call us Kufer or whatever you can. We know what is wrong what is right for us. Do not leave your stupedity and stick firmly with that. But let me tell you this now we have got a brain which is our holy prophet and Allah send every one with his own prophet ( Brain and logic) no need to follow you and silly Afsanas you make and invite us to beleive. Have a great time with your brotheran deni taliban and laskar jahangavi!!!! I am just wondering why they are killing you because you are muslims and modafe mosolmanha. Why they are killing Kufers possibly you are also Kufer to them!!!! Any one said other than Islam do whatever you do then you become like your Deni suicieder brothers go straigh away to Behesht and let us(Kafer as you say) go to Jahamam!!!
    Which jahanam you are taliking about we are already in Jahanam including you. Masal marof Nakht ra begar qarz ra da bare she baz gap mezni. I mean you should give us protection and prosperity in this Dunya and leave Behesht wa Dozaq ra da dest Khoda. Yar shoma dega donyay shem da sar Gaw Maye neya shoma Dunyay shem da sar KHAR MAYE asta yar. Baz bogi his idealogy is Kefer. Oh kho yak dalel mayra to kho be dalel rawane Da Jada Islam. To Aga musolman asli asti chara the Soudi pesh brar deni kho wa Sahim Khana Khod Taqya kada dast basta mekhani ya da dega jay. In reality the idealogy you are defending has no place for you.Even the whole Shia che bersa da Hazara wa Khan Hazara wa rafeqay shi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????/

  4. My dear brother I respect your Aqida and the way you want to follow religion. I myself also born as shia and I am Hazara. But there are many questions in my mind. Are we following the way to show our religion to the other muslims and rest of the humanity or not?
    We hazara people sacrificed many generations for our Imams and their way of life. Do they really care about it or not? If they care why we are always persecuted by any one even for fun. If they had power or miracle why they were killed and could not stop suffering themselves or us? If only Shia goes to Behesht what about the 85 or 90 percent of majority Sunni? Abdul Rahman killed %62 of Hazara and Shia why our Imams never could help us.It happened in Chandawol,Afshar,Mazar,Bamyan,Yakawlong,herat,jaghori,Urozgan, dara Turkmen and allover Afghanistan. Did they came to rescue our people who we are their faithfull and blind followers? Wehn Imam Zaman will come to rescue us? When everybody was killed ten times with humaliation,jonocied,torture,rape,selling us as Barda and Kanez.There many religion saying lots of things but as we say Dorogh Goy dorogh Zad qeyas gar Qeyas kad. These are always questions in my mind and I am sure you asked the same as well sometimes.
    If they have no truth and reality. Then why we Hazara should sacrifice our many generations for them. How many Arabs did come to help you when Abdul Rahman killed our % 62 people?!!!!
    What about Afshar,Chandawol,Garb Kabul,Mazar,Bamyan………… which Arab nation or country did come to rescue or at least called on them to stop their atrocities. None of them.Even one single nation!!! Even Jamhori Islami Iran which is more interested in their national interest,Nejad (Aryan race )) rather than Shia or Hazara people. Remember how they helped Masoud,Rabani,Sayaf,Sayeed who are Qawmay Khamenayee. Unfortuantly these are the reality agaist our Hazara people. Please think alittle bit like other nations. Please do not live stuped all your lives. We did not born to be killed,humalitation,tortur,bardagi wa gholami.Please look to the history of your Turk Mongolian forthfather. How they lived? How they rulled all over the world. Out of your borden and prison as Shia,Shia. If you put away the religion side then you are connnected with each other as one race,people,history and even Islam religion.

    Babur,Ghaznawid,Ghorid,Ottaman,Koshanis who made the Bamyan Bodha,Safawids…. Scholars like Jalaludin M. Balkhi Rumi,NEzami,Bedel,Shams Tabrezi,Abo Ali Sinna all of them were Turk Mongolian speaking adapted (Akhteyari )Farsi,Dari language. We Hazaras also are part of this Great race,nation,history , kingdoms and empires and civilisation. Babur made Kabul as capital his mother was from qabele Changis Khan and his father was from Timur Jahan Kosha. None of them were Pashtons,Tajks or Aryan. Offcourse they spoke and wrote farsi,Dari,Hazaragi like me and you even some of them were not able to speak in Farsi Dari. What is the meaning of Urdu? Urdu means lashkar,Fawj,Sepah or Army.
    My dears we forgot our history,glory,race,origin. Lost our real identity and strenght becoming like a Yatem who was raised by far far neighbours who raised us as their own foster child.
    Arabs,Aryans,Taliban,Pashton monopoly and now they are forcing their Wahabbi religion as they did it before. Pleas think hostorically,wise,politcally and some times use your brain. Beleive me it works better than Arabs who are not able to defende Palistain.Yes if you want you can do it like black American who lived as slave. Just 143 years ago Ibraham Linkon abolished the slavary and after a long time Amanullah Khan also abolished Hazara slavary in Afghanistan. It was just some more 90 years ago. Now have a look to the black people in America Barak Hussain Obama is a US president. They accepted him regardless of muslim father and Indonesian step father. But unfortunatly still we hazara never look to our race,history,background and connection with Sunni and Ismaeli Hazaras. Not looking the connection with Uzbek,Turkmen,Aimaq,qezelbash…. and other. Just sacrifice ourselves for arabs who order to destroy Bamyan Bodha. Why prophet Mohammad did not destroy the Ahram Salasa Mesr (Egypt).
    Are Dewbandis,Wahabis cleaver and more wise than Prpphet Mohammad? These are the bitter reality why they target Hazara every day because we are from a different race,ethnic,religion.

    Hazaras were created by almighty Allah not by raciest and extremist so called Mullah Ullama! Infact having enemity against Hazara is not a tribal isssue. It is against the creature of Allah.
    If Hazaras were wrong why Allah created them? I have lots of thing to say. But tired and don’t want to hurt your religious or racial feeling. But when I get pain I have to write regardless of being labled whatever you want to call me. It is time to change our way of thinking not using useless feeling and emotion which will not bring any fortune that could not bring in the past…

    Zenda bad Ensanyat wa haqiqat

    Marg bar jahalat wa nadani che ba name mazhab basha wa ya de cheza
    Zenda bad Hazara hamray tama ensanha wa musulmanha.

  5. Who ever you are….. you are one of our enemies trying to create misunderstanding among us at this harsh moments ………

  6. The Hazaras in quetta are very very very stupid, they do something which doesn’t belong to them, why should you be so relegeuse? what does it give you?????????????????what up guys, do something for your people rather than doing for some Arabs who has been killed 1400 years ago

  7. i am proud of my people for their matam hussain

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