Posted by: Editor | January 7, 2009

Hazara Crisis Management Cell Formed

Quetta: Hazara Crisis Management Cell has been formed in Quetta to respond to emergency situations at times of crisis.

All the Hazara political parties, leaders, social organizations and elites are stakeholders in the HCMC. The basic draft of the Constitution of HCMC has been finalized after several meetings among all the stakeholders.

Head of the Hazara Government Officers, Retired Air Commodore  Shaukat Haider Changazi, has been selected as the  Chairman of the HCMC. Tanzeem Nasl e Nau Hazara Mughul would act as the Secretary General and Hazara Qawmi Jirga as Coordinator of the HCMC.

Other stakeholders of the Cell include Hazara Democratic Party, MNA Syed Abbas Hazara, Hazara Ulema headed by Asadi, Ittehad-e Tajiran-e Balochistan, Balochistan Shia Confrence, elected Hazara Nazimeen from Quetta city, Wahdat Guardian Organization and other social organizations.

The first meeting of the Cell chaired by Rtd. Shaukat Haider Changazi was called right after the target killing of two Hazaras on Kirani Road. Participants discussed the possible elements, their aims and targets behind the incident. They also set out their future action plan on such incidents.


  1. Dear Brothers
    I have read all the comments and the dsicussions going on, on this site. I strongly believe that ‘UNITY IS STRENGTH’. I humbly request all the participants to please let us be positive, we all know who is who and who has done what, let us not turn the history pages. let us start thinking about where are we and at this particular time what is the responsibility of each individual. every individual has a sense of clarity on the issues and crisis. The entire tribe needs collaborative efforts to be made, let’s not jiggle with our past but think about our future steps. Hazaras have all the potentials and it is the time to help each other, to guide each other and to stand shoulder to shoulder to each other to face the up-coming challenges. I feel proud to learn that the Hazaras all over the world stands up when something heppens with a Hazara any where in the world. Please Please Please let us think about our future and support each other, lets guide each other and not critisize. I think our coming generation will not forgive us if we as an individual Hazara could not provide a safe path, healthy environment and productive society. God Bless all Hazaras of the world.

  2. This is a word press Mr. Bathour! What do you expact of people to do here? Wecan only write words here, no one can jump here and there all around the pages. So, be thankful to this day that we Hazaras all over the world come here and share our words. I just wish that majority Hazaras think the way Bamiyan thinks. Iran’s, Fars’s shiasm has turned us in to cowards. I wish all Hazaras had the ability to know how to engage! Once engaged, the rest follows. Fight for the right and justice is JUST. Only we need to be seriously engaged in the matter. Without fearing the consequences.
    Or provide justice to stop us writing on the walls.
    My small gift to our enemies …….
    Powerful Shaman

  3. aawo Bamiyani khob eela kady khoda jowan????
    khob baajawo kada rae asty az taamam ra……

  4. Every time they kill us our leaders ask our nation to keep calm but for how long!!! Now our learder sould tell us to stand for our selve because I cant bear the situation any more. If we dont stand for our selve this organised killing will continue and all of our leaders will be killed including younis and khaliq as well.

    Please bring these killer to justice no matter what happen to us all.

  5. Other day the HDP went to talk to Baloch Nationalist party about all these tirget killing .Today they Tirget them slef . Hussain Ali Yousafi is killed in Jinnah Toad. Still we cannot offered or cannot fight to them……………………….. they went to talk to them to leave in pace .we Got the answar………..

  6. what hapend today in hazara town? any body nows about it?

  7. yaar what comments our friends are posting ….In protest, i have decided not to use this site any more..
    baba jaan magar mu da khannay shomo ammaday ki barai khuda tu post ko….

  8. By: mehdi on January 21, 2009
    at 1:45 pm

    In protest, i have decided not to use this site any more..
    Sar nali discussion …………

    Amuu personal achievment kho ham ta azkhoud kho belaa …..

    Sar dega ahsaan kho nakana ki wo yag position achieve kada …….
    position Givt wo ra dadah …
    mardoum na dadah..

  9. In protest, i have decided not to use this site any more..

  10. I have been let down by going through responses of few commentators. I request Blogger to maintain check so this site be a forum for exchange of opinion and not a mud-sliding (sar-naali discussion)… No one has right to criticize those who have achieved a position of respect through their own / personal hardwork… Any one who feels, he is worth the occasion, show their mettle!

  11. ok …….

  12. Mr.Bamiyan it is just talk ….. about Hazara Crisis Management Cell now. it is not been established yet.

  13. If any one could update us about the role played by Hazara Crisis Management Cell …..during the protests and rallies and or some where or something else regarding the recent killing of an honest hazara police officer…..

  14. I am amazed by the number of political differentialities within Hazaras, considering the population and the size of the area they live in. It is just incredible!!! I reckon they should work on the consolidation of the nation rather than pursuing their self-interest. They should exclude all religious clerics while making decision regarding the welfare of Hazaras. A secular society is the path to unity and stability.

  15. First of all I offer my condolence and pray for the marthyr’s soul. I think now it is the time for Hazara people to think about their defence and securty in Quetta and all over Pakistan. Because more than a million people are left without any proper and organised defender. Relying on Pakistani Army,Bacloch and Pashton leaders or Police are seems to be not working anymore. Theirfore we have to bring a major and historic change otherwise the history of Abdul Rahaman,Afshar,Chandawol,Bamyan,Mazar and Quetta will repeat again and again. Demonstration and dependent religiouse leaders are not the options as we thought. The new centures demand a new way of thinking not traditional way of thinking that had not a result. I think we need to think like other modern nations about our securtiy and day to day life needs. For example if Israel was not though and strong it would be massacred and wiped out even for fun!
    I think we must change and have a new national army to protect our people. We can not rely on others. Allah will not change the destiny of those nations who are not changing themselves.
    otherwise we will be killed every day without any mercy and following justice. It is very sad day for our Hazara nation all over the world. In one world we are all one regardless of the region and country where we live.

    Shahid Mazari Said:
    در بارۀ وحدت،اتحاد و همبستگی تمامی هزاره ها در سراسرجهان و افغانستان:

    17. All Hazara people have only one single choice. This is our unity and solidarity. For those who are in Europe and those who are in Pakistan and those who are living in Afghanistan. You all must become united by asking one single right, by having one goal. You should be aware the rights will not be given to you; the rights must be taken for you. Therefore, you must be prepared to take your rights.

    در مقابل همۀ مردم هزاره تنها یک راه وجود دارد ، و آن وحدت و یکپارچگی آنهاست، چه آنهائیکه در اروپا هستند، چه آنهائیکه در پاکستان اند. و چه آنهائیکه در افغانستان اند. یک حق بخواهند و یک هدف داشته باشند. باید آگاه بود که حق داده نمی شود، بلکه حق گرفته می شود. لذا باید برای حق گرفتن آماده بود.
    Ahmad Amani

    By: Ahmad Amani on January 16, 2009
    at 7:30 am

    The repeatative violence and target killing proved once again being a Hazara seems to be a crime in Pakistan as it was in Afghanistan.
    Hazaras must reorganised like their forthfathers like Ghangis Khan,Baburis,Ghaznavids, Ghorids and other Turk mongolian historic figures regardless of their religions and differences in order to restore their national pride and securing their future from their bloodthirsty enenies. Why other ethnics like Tajiks,Pashtons,Baloches and rest are proud to have similar religion with them and we Hazara disassociate ourselves because of our Shia religion. In order to bring peace and security we need to discover our gloriouse history and background not to be ashamed of being Hazara and background. When I study the history all the powerfull kings and historic figures are related directly or indirectly to Hazara. But we Hazaras never paid attention to our race,history,background and runnig our affairs in a defferent modern ways other than confusion and passive way of not being killed in battleground! If you do not be killed in battle ground then you will be killed under your Lehaf or somehow!

    Pashtons,Tajiks,Hidus and other are proud of Turk -Moghol Kings. But some Hazaras are still not ready to accept their roots ,race and history. If they are proud to have Sunni religion as their ties. We can also be proud of their race,blood and gloriouse history. If we put aside the religiouse issues away. Then no nation lived glouriouse other than our forthfathers. If they were Sunni,Shia,Ismaeli,Budhist or whatever it was their own bussiness. But let me tell you their bloods and ancesstaries are shared with us. For example the word Khan,Beg,Begum,Sardar,Baburi Moghols belong to Mongolian and Hazara.Why it is widely used by Pashtons?
    Babur,Mahmoud Ghaznavid,Ghorid and others were not Pashton,Tajiks,Baloch,Punjabis or others. Why they are proud of them and we Hazaras are not? That is why the historic believe and hatrates are so high and misleading against Hazara and even by our Haszaras!. All the negative things belong to us and positive to them!

    Oh my beloved Hazara leave the strean and join the river.That flows into the ocean. Absorbed in this world you ‘ve made it your burden.Rise above this world. There is another visoin…. You did not born for pain and to be killed, you born to be kings and rulers like your forthfathers.Supress and kill your enemies before the kill you in self defence.

    1. “Our only wish for our people is that being Hazara should no longer be a crime.”
    تنها خواست مابرای مردم ما اینست که دیگر هزاره بودن جرم نباشد.
    2. No society can survive without social justice, equality, tolerance, and brotherhood.
    هیچ جامعۀ نمی تواند بدون عدالت اجتماعی،،تحمل ،برادری و برابری باقی بماند.

    A. Amani

  16. Salam Dosta,

    HCMC is good or not TIME will determine it not we. HCMC is established barely a week ago and we are predicting of it’s perfomance. No matter who are on leading role on HCMC; we should be regardless to their characteristics and appriciate the establishment of such initiative.

    Here we must not forget that each of us are a part of this society. A society is composed of various kind of people with diversity of ideas. What Bamyan think is also right on his own way and what Mukhtar thinks is also right in his own perspective. What we need is to assist HCMC to improve it’s capacity to address the cricis. Let HCMC NOT TO BE TAKEN HOSTAGE BY FEW INDIVIDUALS through taking part and observing the activities of the cell. Because the cell is formed under the name of Hazaras and it should remian Hazaragi.

    We can bring reforms into newly born cell by our CRITICS and comments. In next stages HCMC can broaden it’s field of work to start delivering standard education etc…………

    I request Bamyan and his supporters and Mukhtar alongside with his supporters to tolerate and respect each other’s comments and thoughts. Let’s be more practical rather than to be WORDLORDS. Let’s stop practicing hatred but to start acceptance.

    Best for all.

    Muzafar Ali

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