Posted by: Editor | January 11, 2009

Changazi, Hazara Led Delegation Meet CM On Target Killing

Delegations led by Jan Ali Changaze and S Abbas Hazara called on Chief Minister.

Delegation led by Jan Ali Changazi and S Abbas Hazara called on Chief Minister.

Quetta January 10: Hazara delegation led by Provincial Minister for Quality Education Jan Ali Changazi, Member of National Assembly S Abbas Hazara and Major (Retd.) Nadir Ali Hazara called on Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab Aslam Raisani. The delegation members discussed target killing of 2 Hazaras on Kirani Road and demanded of the CM to arrest the responsible elements behind the incident. They also demanded to set up security check posts on Kiran Road.

Chief Minister assured the delegation members that his Govt. is making all out efforts to arrest the assailants. He reiterated that he has ordered the concerned police authorities to set up police check posts on Kirani Road.

The delegation also thanked CM for the extraordinary security arrangements to avert any untoward incident on Ashura.


  1. slam bar tamam milat hazara khoda konad hama khob bashas

  2. Great himath kanin awaz khu ra da dunya barsandanin

  3. Just chill guys and come up with the ideas of humanity which really is humane. What secterian provoking thoughts r u guys coming up with,

  4. Afghanistan, the country ful of crap mention in this site. I dont know and rather confused why u poeple dont forget Afghanistan. A country which is went through chaos, became hell and still in a escalating position. Guys leave this nonsense cuz this is crazy the way we act oh sorry u act. Where ever we live we should b loyal to the country and its humans around, I have used the word human think about it. U will get rid of all the craps. U know insane humans I know u as humans, my relation to u is humanity so what the fuck r u thinking just b a human. If anyone dont want to b go to hell I dont give a fuck, no human will indeed.

  5. oh I just saw Mr Jan’s comments citing not to reveal our highly confidential national secrets cuz he might b living in Kirani and have been making his way via Kirani road to bazar or somewhere having the fear if he confronted by the one who just came out of his home armed and commited to give a head shot to him. Oh thats something to think about but who will think about u, who cares, the one who is sitting in Melbourne in his room, just got bored and got a idea to type some insane crazy shit in here

  6. well every one is talking how to get strong, I would like erupt to tell u after I read the motherfucking shit u insane guys mentioned about getting strong and healthy. well u guys may exercise early in the morning and concentrate on ur diet, I m sure u will b strong enough for pakistani lifestyle, balochi insurgency and unreliable Islamabad government. believe me if any one have not minded.

  7. it is not good we talking in this page openly our good and bed because every one can read this secret situation spacaily our enemy

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