Posted by: Editor | January 11, 2009

Changazi, Hazara Led Delegation Meet CM On Target Killing

Delegations led by Jan Ali Changaze and S Abbas Hazara called on Chief Minister.

Delegation led by Jan Ali Changazi and S Abbas Hazara called on Chief Minister.

Quetta January 10: Hazara delegation led by Provincial Minister for Quality Education Jan Ali Changazi, Member of National Assembly S Abbas Hazara and Major (Retd.) Nadir Ali Hazara called on Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab Aslam Raisani. The delegation members discussed target killing of 2 Hazaras on Kirani Road and demanded of the CM to arrest the responsible elements behind the incident. They also demanded to set up security check posts on Kiran Road.

Chief Minister assured the delegation members that his Govt. is making all out efforts to arrest the assailants. He reiterated that he has ordered the concerned police authorities to set up police check posts on Kirani Road.

The delegation also thanked CM for the extraordinary security arrangements to avert any untoward incident on Ashura.


  1. hi guys. i think zia abbas is pretty right that Mr.Jan ali is responsible to discuss or to write what was discuseed with CM, what possible ways were discussed to stop this incidents.
    i do favour zia abbas, The crisis management cell should discuss or publish thier findings of the casuse of these target killing. and they are responsible to let the people know that what are thier strategy. thanks

  2. So I think its time for these leaders to print a white paper and tell the details of the meeting to general public as what was discussed and what was promised. Its not been a week for this delegations meeting with CM and yet another target killing incident brought grief to 3 other families. No acceptable.
    Also time for the Crisis Management Team to share their plan of action. We deserve the right to know these facts.

  3. dear hussain hazara
    If the jan ali changazi force to the GOT”t of Pakistan to put the police checkpoints on danger areas. you think that the terrorist did not attack on those checkpoints they Attacked bcoz the Terrorist is Fool jahel. I thanked from different side about this situation Only Allah can solve this problem and help us and we can not go against the terrorist becoz the have power they ware support from different country”s Even our Own pakistani leaders they says that shia is Kafir they should be treated as non-Muslim … i read it from news paper….

  4. Dear brothers,

    such incidents occure again and again, the Baloch nation is since its inception theaves, duz, smugglers and jahil nation.

    there is no solution to this nation except using force against them. Pervaiz musharraf tried many times to negotiate with them but this nation never listen to him. we should also start target killing of their leaders and DSPS. Every action has a reaction. whatever resources we have, we have to sacrifice ourselves, otherwise no will listen to us.

    so dont negotiate with this buzdil nation, instead kill them to death.

    take care

    mukhtar hussain

  5. salam……
    dear 12346
    well u said that 4 young hazara police were killed and if the police could not do anything to defend themself than how will the normal hazara citizen will defend….im not calling the hazaras coward but im just trying to say is that the terrorist khalis da khane kho sher astha mard ni asthan ki baya da khane azmo mora biznan and its not easy to go against them in there area….what i would suggest is that the leaders of hazara like jan ali changezi and abdul khaliq hazara ….etc should force the gov to put police checkposts and strict police in those areas like saryab and kirani road….etc and if our leaders cant do anything for us then they should step down so someone else should step up and complete the responsibilaties with full iman.

  6. dear hussain hazara
    I do admire you strength of your mind i really appreciate you. but today when i call at home in hazra town they inform me that 4 hazara young police ware killed in saryab road and 1 young hazara person was killed in kerani breach and they take away his motorcycle. when his father is come to see his son and the killed his father.( IS IT RIGHT ) hazara people once again victims of terrorist this is shameful for the GOV:t of Pakistan why the Pakistani GOV:t did not take any action for this situations? and why the hazara people is quite and week? why we did not any thing for our future? till which time we may victim any more. now the time comes we must be united and strong. behind the dead bodies crying is not solve our problem i did not have any idea any more i only request for all hazara people lets do something for our future i love to contribute with you if ware in quetta..

  7. contact me at

  8. I want to know about current suchwation plz update it

  9. We have been a fun for the others, as the delegation party meet CM but target killing of hazaras increases day by day.
    I think this meeting didn’t respones in good way.

    oh dear be some what unique

  10. salam…
    dear 12346…
    i really like ur idea but everyone knows about that idea…it is not the way u think it is…. in pak no one likes hazara not even the gov and imagine if u get caught having gun in bazar which is not our area so everyone will think that we are the terrorist and will put the blame for all the terrorist attacks on us even most of the attacks are against our qoam hazara… even if we carry guns how would we know who is terrorist and by the time we get to know we are already probably dead bro…

  11. dear bro hussain hazara
    you ask that how we defend ourself and if you have? whatever it is i want to tell that everyone should have a gun with him 4 his savety if some one attack on us. we must have something to defend our life and our future. when we go to afghanistan the taliban is start killing and when we go to bazar the baloch is attack and killing on the road in this suchvation we must be united and defend ourself bcoz the lazy GOV”t of pakistan is cannot save our life

  12. but why did u asked that ?????

  13. he is Syed …..but motabbr and holy to Hazaras only …..

  14. Who is Syed Abbas Hazara? Is he Syed or Hazara???

  15. Mr. Abbas Daiyar!!!!

    by looking at ur work and the way u do it… i’m really thankful to god that still there are people like u in qaumai gul-e-hazara…you are doing a really great job with the limited time and slow internet ove there and we hazara are really proud of u…its awesome the way u took those pictures seperately and put them all together to make that picture to represent to us readers… i thank u very much from the bottom of my heart

  16. salam… sry i forgot to write fighting

    well unity is a good thing but how to be united if the hazara’s are fighting between each other…

  17. salam…
    well unity is a good thing but how to be united if the hazara’s are between each other.. well mr. bamyan i do apreciate ur thoughts but what has happened is already done now what crying for it but thinking about the future happenings and trying to aviod it, is also appreciatable like thinking of putting a checkpost on kirani road… 12346 i would really like to hear from u how to defend ourself, can u please tell me a way if u have???

  18. unity is the best policy.

  19. This is good news if that”s become true one thing i wanna tell you brothers everyone should defend themselfs.

  20. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Maar tair shoud aali eina lakeer ra tub na …… hai hai hui hui e jara astha ………syed ashraf zaidi kad juma asadi ham da photo astha ….. syed ashraf sahib naam e Hazara Qabaristan wa Hazara eid gah ra kho change kad ……. bash dega chi kar kadni astha …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………..

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