Posted by: Editor | January 14, 2009

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Terrorists Kill Hazara DSP Hassan Ali and Subordinates

Bodies of 4 policemen, including DSP Hassan Ali, are being carried at the mortuary of Civil Hospital.

Bodies of 4 policemen, including DSP Hassan Ali, are being carried at the mortuary of Civil Hospital.

Quetta, Jan. 14 — Deputy Superintendent Police Hassan Ali and three of his subordinates were killed near Polytechnic College, Sariab Road, when unidentified gunmen on a motorbike opened fire on their car. (Scroll down for photos)

Police Constables Nasrullah and Mohammad Mehdi, including driver Mohammad Taqi, were among the dead. Three of those killed, including DSP Hassan Ali, are Hazara police officials.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has accepted responsibility for the attack.

President Asif Ali Zardari has condemned the killings. His remarks came amid his statement about an attack on the house of a Peoples Party member.

Chief Minister Aslam Raisani has ordered Capital City Police to arrest the responsible elements within 48 hours.

Demonstrations against killings of the policemen took place in Hazara Town and in the city. Hazara Town protestors blocked Kirani Road and shouted slogans against the government.

A separate group of protestors carried the dead bodies of the police officials to IGP Office. Inspector General of Police, Asif Warrch, addressed the protestors and ensured them that appropriate steps are being taken. The demonstrators, led by provincial minister Jan Ali Changezi and Balochistan Shia Conference, then took the bodies to the heavily guarded Corps Commander’s Cantt area house and staged a sit-in.

Garrison Commander Major General Tariq addressed the demonstrators, saying the entire country is in the grip of violence. He stressed that greater cooperation from the people can help overcome the situation.

Protestors left the area with the bodies of the policemen after Garrison Commander’s address.

Isolated attacks on Hazaras have increased sharply during the month of Muharram this year in spite of a peaceful Ashura day, suggesting the attacks may be sectarian rather than ethnic.

A man, Arif Hussain, was gunned down on Kirani Road by unidentified gunmen on January 12. Earlier on, two Hazara drivers were killed and a mother and her child wounded in a separate attack on Kirani Road.

The latest string of attacks may be related to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, since a number of their top masterminds fled from ATF custody last year. The fugitives were involved in previous terrorist acts and have not been arrested yet.

Read more about the security situation in Quetta…

Photos of protests in Quetta against killings of the policemen


  1. hazara zandabad

    please weak up, try to understand the dirty politics of west and US which they have been playing all arround the world in past, then be prepaired how to get more benifits and lose less of the situation which we are going to face in near future. All these killings in Past was just the start of the game, we are going to face worst situations.
    Try to learn something from Afghanistan, they put dispute in the ethnic groups Hazara, Tajik and Pashthoons and captured Afghanistan and now they are doing the same in Balochistan they want to run their PIPE LINE\BUSINESS to the sea from Afghanistan till Gawader. For that they want to capture Balochistan, so using the secret agencies they want to put dispute in ethnic groups in Balochistan and later they will attack and controal this area by their own selfs.
    Rather spending time\energy to work against Baloch and Pashtoons. Try to think and work on future stratigies. A dengerous war is going to implement soon in Balochistan, being Hazara we should more focus on empowering our political parties and bring\support experinced and sincier leader in scene. The next thing is we have to support the Hazara Crises Management Cell and make it more practical to support the nation in emergency situation.

    A suggestion to the nation. Lets preach it arround

  3. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  4. sar dham jan dham
    en pakistan ast
    man chra jan dham

  5. Salam to All brothers.

    I have seen and heard many people talking about the current situation one group is shouting for nationalism one is for something else but no body gives the best idea and solution for the current situation , I am very much discouraged of those people always back bitting our leaders our officers our traders our bussinesmen our shopkeepers just pouring their hate on our officers or our other people who have a bit of property and consider them responsible everytime such incident happens , they just want hazara people to be a bagger not an officer and not to be rich, this is not the solution to solve the current problems we have think with full of our attentions not just to oppose our political , religious , officers or other brothers all of them are our loving hazara ., and we have to take care of our religion too bcoz with the relationship of shiiesm we are still strong or if we just separate hazara only so we are just in some quantity in mariabad and in barory those who are saperating us from religion they are also harming our nation and weakens us.. we all must be unite who are in any shape or has any sort of thought we have to take them with us we have to think in political way and as well as in religious way bcoz we have many brothers in different caste who can call labbaik with us. We should stop blaming each other and start taking action against the current situation, today 5 more hazara’s are killed which is very very sad every mind should think about it , and last day a kite was taken by hazara guys on which is written that “on 6th march we will attack on any of your major gathering ” so every one should be consious about that . There is one group who is killing both punjabi and hazara’s and using lashkar’s names .. Action should be taken or we will be in bad condition .. I request all of my brothers please stop blaming or criticizing each others thought we all are in deep grief and sorrow every hazara is my brother I am very sad and emotional please stop opposing our political , religious or other brothers just Call for unity . God bless all the Momineens.

  6. […] citizens. The situation got severe when two weeks ago a Hazara Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Hassan Ali and 3 others were killed. Despite several target attacks on Hazaras in January, City Police Officer Humayun Jogezai failed […]

  7. Freedom of thought to all.
    Punishment only to those who physically hurt other humans. Friendship with all honorable people. Enemity with all mean ones.
    That Region need our help. Yusufi tried to fight for Hazaras,Balochs, Pashtuns and the region. One hand stop such activities. Find who? Matter of great concern.
    Is British still working on divide and rule and still there are people who can be USED?
    We must help ourselves and our surrounding. Work with locals. There is a way out.
    Bamiyan Salute

  8. 6 ton.

  9. […] citizens. The situation got severe when two weeks ago a Hazara Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Hassan Ali and 3 others were killed. Despite several target attacks on Hazaras in January, City Police Officer Humayun Jogezai failed […]

  10. Dear Brothers,

    Hussain Ali Yusufi was not only a nationlist but also a roshan khyal mufakir, democratic leader whose thought was by equally giving rights to the other nations, based on justice and freedom of speech. Those nations who are very progressive and moderate have a very tragic history. Their forefathers and leaders sacrificed their lives just for their nations. Look at the history of France, Germany, England, Italy, we will find many examples of the leadership of their leaders, who fought against aggression and gave freedom to their followers.

    Hussain Ali Yousufi did not have value for most of our people in Quetta, when he was offering his speech and most of our youths were just passing from there and they did not have time to listen to his speech. but when he is martyred now, everyone is looking to him and giving him value. This is a very big tragedy in any nation. We dont give our true leaders value, but when they die we weep and start blaming eachother. When he was asking you people for vote in the election, non of you gave him vote and you gave votes to those guys who had parties outside of your nation.

    Look to the Muhajirs in Karachi, they never give votes to other parties, but just to the parties of their own nation, because MQM can only solve their own people, PPP will never solve the problems of Muhajirs, PPP will only solve the problems of Sindhis, why dont we understand this.

    Tanzeem, HSF, HDP are the parties from our own nation, they include our roshan khyal leaders, who think about us, our needs, values, if we give them votes, tomorrow they will organise functions for you, establish a news channel, radio, education institutions. There will be recognition of HDP in the National Assembly and they will see that Hazara Democratic Parties, means the parties of Hazara, which is our recognition in Pakistan. but we dont learn from our history, because we give votes to those pitu leaders, who sometimes by the name of Mazhab, Deen and sometimes in the name of Pak army, or buerocracy come to us and ask us for vote. shame on these leaders, I dont have any word for these pitu jahil leaders. Thats why Cornal Younus is there, Syed Abas is there, Nur Muhammad Saraf is there, who never knew what politics is and whatever the Chief Minister or Governer tell them, they do so.

    I hope that we will learn from our roshan khyal leaders and stop our mazhabi janooniat, jahiliat, extremism and take part in any protest called upon by HDP. I request all the nationalist and roshan khyal parties of Hazara, for Gods sake, join together, leave your jealousy, come to National Unity, shake hands together, make a big party and start your constructive activities, so that we show now to the world that we are united and no one can separate us by race, religion and faith, no one can cheat with us, no one can rule on us, no one can use us for their political objectives.

    because time is running on and we dont have time to waste any more and we dont have to let any of our leader to be wiped out now.

    I hope that all the youths of Hazara will start their activities now under the leadership of HDP.

    God bless you all

    Anwar Azeem

    Vienna, Austria

  11. eye for eye head for head
    this is dirty world thats how hazara should be, kill your enemy before they do , start killing them one by one slowly as they started there is many wahabis living near you hopefully hazara police officers will help or they will be killed ,its there problem too and there is only way to stop play there cards . either do it now or when dead come to ur house stand up gairat mand hazara you are the one who finished greater emperior of china and iran . you can do this inshallah

  12. Salam brotherae Qaum,
    I condemn the Govt of Pakistan who is the master mind of all terrorism in Pakistan, this is a big shame on a Govt; that cannot safe his own citizens, for God sake if u cannot govern the country let it…….

  13. we condemn Lashkar-e-Jhangvi…

    first of all they are not even muslim if they were muslim they would not kill their own muslim brothers, they are killing the innocent hazaras that are hard working people in quetta.

    we need justice from the PPP government in pakistan to arrest those non-muslim animals who are killing innocent hazara people.

  14. Dear Friends,

    I have written here 100 times that this is not the Lashkar-e-Jhangwi, this is the Baloch Nationalist Parties, who are involved with terrorism in Quetta. These are the maris, who are fighting against the current Govt. and when they can not enforce their rules, they use us for bloodshed in Quetta. First they kill our leaders then they call to the press and tell them that they belong to Lashkar-e-Jhangwi.

    Just look to the incidents on Kirani Road, everyday looting of our properties, cars, motor cycles, these elements are the baloch terrorists who do such attrocities to us. we should joing other nations, Punjabis, Pashtoons to act against the Govt. and those baloch terrorists who do such things to us.

    my dear, just come out of their homes and fight for your nation.

    Hussain Ali Yousufi was the great leader of our nation, he did many things to us, he was a great writer, dramatist, and roshan Khyal leader.

    The Govt. will never help us, never work for us, we should goto UN and ask them for our security, goto the Human rights commission of the world, everywhere to punish the current Govt. and baloch nationalists.

    we should also attack on baloch leaders, this is the only solution my dear,

    attack on their leaders and high officials and get revenge from this jahil, harami, kamina nation.

    I have never seen such a buzdil and kamina baloch nation before, kill them to death .

    I hope that we will now take action and never wait for the Govt. because next time such incidents will occure again and again.

    God bless you all my nation, we hazaras living in Europe always pray for you and will help you any way.

    khuda hafiz

    Mukhtar Hussain

  15. Other day the HDP went to talk to Baloch Nationalist party about all these tirget killing .Today they Tirget them slef . Hussain Ali Yousafi is killed in Jinnah Toad. Still we cannot offered or cannot fight to them……………………….. they went to talk to them to leave in pace .we Got the answar………..

  16. Dear Friends, Ahmad Amani’s comment is so logical. All of Hazara visitors must read it. Where he said KHAN related to Mongols, Turks. Pashtuns, Balochs use KHAN for them! Isn’t is funny? Did you know, when a LION dies, the lash khora (HYENAS) come and rub themselves to the dead body of LION to get the fume of lion. Just to look like a LION!
    In Quetta, Hazaras are killed on Saryab road. Punjabis are killed as well by the same masked bike riders????? When the masked men kill Hazara, they said, L J (Lashkar Janghvi) claimed the murder. And when Punjabis are killed, BLA claims responsibility? A nice game indeed. Till what time CORRUPTION can rule? Not long.
    A great Unity is needed. UNITY can take us out of this crisis. Only UNITY. That honorable unity will bring more communities closer to us.
    I wonder, how we still can think with the heads of Shiaism or Sunnism?
    The outside hazara community complain that we are fascits! Well, I tell them who made us so? Who sent Hazaras back to the Mountains? It is not Hazaras who chosed this way. But we are forced. They can still take us out of worst kind of FASCISM.
    Mazar’s, Bamiyan’s Hazara lives has yet to get more justice. Our enemies will have suffer a lot. We want it or not. Things must be balanced any way. One Hazara Life is equal to 1000 lives through out the globe. My personal experience.
    Best wishes to all Hazaras. Be good, aware and Peaceful.

  17. I m really missing Ustad Mohimjo ……..
    does anyone knows his email address ???
    I think he is on some special Mohim …….

  18. yes we have but who will go first……………..?????????? if some body go then mullah will get the crided
    that he is martered and open it shop stard doing bessness……..??????Do,t u see from these past incendents mullahs come back again. look asidi when he come to quetta he stard drinking water from ” Nahle of alamdar road” now he ownes the the Jamea imamia. what a juk. for those who loves Iran for God or Khomani shake leave the hazara’s along it is big feaver for’t call your slef hazara . call that name”khawari/barbari” they named u
    just be any thing…… It big Ahsan for hazara’s

  19. Isn’t it true Mr. Bathour, or we have enough man power and strength to retaliate? ………

  20. Haaaaaaaa
    Liaqat Ali Sahiab your last code” who ever will try to suppress us the world will condemn them and force them to stop……” is very funny.

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