Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Terrorists Kill Hazara DSP Hassan Ali and Subordinates » dsp-and-policement-bodies-in-civil-hospital-mortuary-quetta

Bodies of Deputy Superintendent of Police Hassan Ali and his subordinates are lying at the mortuary of Civil Hospital.

Bodies of Deputy Superintendent of Police Hassan Ali and his subordinates are lying at the mortuary of Civil Hospital.


  1. Salam birara wa khwahara…

    I Think if we cannot fight with terrorists then at least we should raise our voice to the international and national media. Today media is very powerful in Pakistan… i suggest the HDP guyz to go to the Geo news, SAMMA News table talks and raise voice against target killings, rather protesting at Quetta press club.

  2. All these things will go on:) We will come back again and again and see still the corrupts rule!!!! What is death, a PLEASURE 🙂 A corrupt while killing is responsible for the destruction of the human life sysetem in MODERN world! It takes few years before a corrupt come on the screen!!!! I don’t say All Pakis are corrupt! But the Corrupt(s) have STRONG links :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). Tell you I am not a Mehdi’s Warrior!! Because it’s a eye candy!!! I am a real being. If I die or live doesn’t matter. My group beliefs in the fate of CORRUPTS!!!!!!!!! Who play on the lives of innocent humans(Mostly, without homework) Kill and keep killing innocent Hazaras! At the end of the day we all live on the same planet EARTH!!!!!!

  3. salam ba hama hazara hai jahan :en yak khabar bad baray hama mardum ma ast . but what we are have to do to stop these attachs.i am really confuse of these situation .why it is happening what is he important ways to solve ?
    i think we must blame all muslim leaders in these cases i think our leaders are in deep sleep i wa\nt them to wake up see the world that what is going on? what is happening to the muslim umma i mean that we r all doing these for favor of nun muslims. i think those who do these are just a play stick of nunmu;slims and i think that untill our religius and polotical leaders are not awaken we cant stop this situation civilians r not doing these all.

  4. Salam brothers and sisters,
    Reading all these make me angry. Hazaras still can’t be united after all these happened. I am not sure if it’s the right place and time to say this but the one who agries with me can show his/her comments so that we can take some actie. The proposal is that: We (all the people abroad) should make a United Hazara Alliance and collect financial aid from our community to help needy Hazara’s and i am sure we can be a united voice to the whole world and that would make us defend in every aspect and every where in the world. Are you agry with me?

  5. Hello everyone, Me Iftikhar Changezi, I was also out there in Qta while such things happened. There were countless desasterous incidents took place before and God forbid will take place for further. But we’re unfortunate nation its nature of us Hazaras that we get things forget sooner more then a blink, we get burn up at once like temperature and got melt down like an ice. Just expressing regrets are not enough which we usually does at the moment. I appreciate and feel proud about the statements by Kaniz Zahra as she describe her anger and streignth as a HAZARA FEMALE. Her echo is a stage of shame for us regardless MENS specially for our Lazy leaders.

    Most of us doesn’t know about the Genoside of us Hazaras in Afghanistan where Thousands of Hazara men were killed, their women got raped and taken slaved with children, their land occupied. By Abdul RahmanIn 1893 and it is estimated that 60% of the Hazara Population was wiped out by him. Our Baba essasinated for the cause of Hazara’s Unity.

    As one said “Prosperity of a Nation is get lesson from their past”.


  6. Salam to all HAZARA brothers & Sisters, My name is Mohammad Ilyas, i live in Quetta, i’m still reading and looking all these things which is all doing in my city Quetta, i’m the new one in this forum and i hope that all my brother are agree with me. This is the best place namely Hazara News where we convey our opinion to others. I request to this web site owner if any kindly of help which is i do, it is my pleasure and i proudly do the job.

  7. Shaheed hasan ali bisyaar muttaqi, parhaizgaar wa deendar adam bud..khush qismat bud ki khuda shira shahadat naseeb kad…mo hazara mardum bisyaar beghairat shuday,, ami shaheed Hasan Ali ra aigo kas az khanay shi awaal girifta…Shaheed Hasan Ali 3 bacha dara…aur khanwaaday shaheed hasan ali ham da azi duniya nee asta. aali tamam bachai shi be sarparast wa baghair saharay diga zindagi tair muna…….Ami mo ki khod khura Qom parast mugi,,,shia mugi,,,aya mo az khanay azi shaheedai khu khabar migri????Think on it…..if not,,then never consider urself a hazara or even a muslim..

  8. how does it feel to be in mortuary…

  9. Salam……Dear Brothers

    We condems all types against Hazara Community.
    But you shoud aware against the terrorism.
    Must creat Unity in your Lines, Take revange from your enemies.

    wa salam

  10. salam to all the hazaras… who ever reads this msgs and i hope that they do,,, i was in pakistan when these killings took place and being a hazara i was enraged… being a girl i had enough courage in me to get a gun and attack those who attack our tribe… but then again i am a girl wher wud i get the gun from and a girl cant do much in those sense.. how did the hazara men act upon this terrorism attacsa all they did was just a strike … and breaking into the shops of other innocent people who could also be targeted..they should be ready for every attack.. they should prepare themselves at least catch one of those terrorists who are attacking them so that they know who is behind all this conspiracy and know the real enmies of hazaraz… some people i knw say that this fear has made us become more aware of our death..but thats suicide…. coz you know you are gonna get killed.. so why not kill one and die. at least then there is a little hope for the safety of others. i recommand that who ever is the head of the hazaras take some real actions the pakistani government is also with them so why not fight iit ur self then beg the government for help coz they will not help you..and thats a fact coz pakistan is sold to America… we could say that America is behind all this… it could be coz america wants to attack IRAN.. SHIA’s are the target around the globe… iraq is another xample…

    • About the comment that my sister Kaneez Zahra made almost one year ago. I really admire every single word that she commented because it is written with pure emotions. I am sure every one of us feels the same. I would just like to point out that raw emotions are always based on irrational principles, that could only lead to further similar tragedies. I just saying that we should handle these matters with utmost care and diligence. We should administer our emotions with rational thinking. It is basic human right to protect his life and property. We should make sure when we go out with proper protection and be active, ready for any thing.

  11. SALAM Brothers,
    I M from Karachi and belongs to Hazara tribe, we r just Hazara not in the different blocks we should to be merge in eacother and follow our Imams and make unity in strong level and destroy all the thoughts of enemies.
    i suggest you all to make a elite force of strong boys and protect to our nation.
    we will not face the massacre as same as parachinar,hangu and DI khan we will mae Inshallah the we are strong nation.

  12. i am sad today we must stay united and ask fedreal goverment to make catch this criminals and hang them.provisional goverment cant do much.

  13. i condemn those wild terrorists who have killed our dsp officer,hassan ali,.Those who do these actions are the real enemies of hazara nation and hazaras should tighten their belts in order to defend from themselves.

  14. حس علی کو میں بہت نزدیک سے جانتاتھا ایک باایمان اورمتقی انسان تھا ، خدا نے اُسے شھادت کادرجہ دیا، خدا سے دعا کرتا ھوں کہ ہم میں اتنی ہمت پیدا کریں کہ ھم ان مقدس خونوں کی پاسبانی کریں اوران کے خون کو راہیگا نہیں جانے دین۔

    • Asalam O alikum ,
      Mr. Liaquat Ali Murtazivi
      i have came through your statement in favour of DSP Hassan Ali , really he was one of the nice police officer of our community and he was targeted in the sariab road . but what about the other shoada of our community …. your feeling

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