Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Terrorists Kill Hazara DSP Hassan Ali and Subordinates » ig-balochistan-police-asifwarrch-addresses-protestors

IG Balochistan Police, Asif Warrch addresses the protestors during a demonstration outside IG Office against the killing of Hazara policemen.


  1. i was shocked to heard that, shahid hussain ali yousafi was a great leader. may God peace his soul in heaven.

  2. he was such a great person And a momin person all Of them

  3. Dr KhudaDad Dentist,
    I have a great pain in my heart about the great leader of hazara nation (Hussain Ali Yousefi)that has been killed by our enemies first of all hazara nation should have unity with each other because people take their name as Hazara not any other Qawm, we Hazara Nation should stand under one flag of unity, peace and brotherhood and love of our nation we should never forget this Day and this pain that all hazara have in their heart and we should be clever in any time because enemy can attack in every time, Hazara should not let that their leader should Killed Day by Day as today our Leader killed by Hand of the Terreriest Kafir(Balaaye Takhte Yousoufi Kanaan Naweshta-aand)(Har Yousoufe Ke Hussain Ali Yousefi Nameshawand)
    ALLAH ALMIGHTY give patienc to all his family and our Nation,

  4. sallam ber shahidai 14 jan

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