Protestors shout slogans during a demonstration against killing of Hazara policemen, including DSP Hassan Ali.

Protestors shout slogans during a demonstration against killing of Hazara policemen, including DSP Hassan Ali.


  1. With a Great Honor to the Hazaras Shaheeds.
    This is the matter of chance, that we are being killed. When we are in the town, we are known among the Quetta Citizens first of all Shiia and than hazara. No nation in the Earth is so known because of their Relegion as We. We hear again again when the Mullahs, scholars, and Imams come from Iran or any other city, some how they feel their responsibility to prove that Shiasam is right and better than any one. On th other hand they also proves that the others are WRONG. this heavy word we never hear also what it means for the other Tribes, religions, sects, and even the Politicallly consiquences. somehow they go after leaving their message. Now we suffer most, because nowhere in pakistan is any Shia tribe so Clear as Full moon as HAZARAS. I am a Hazara, better to say a proud Hazara. I m muslim, shia. their is not a doubt that these comment is against Islam or anything. but i want to sure the Hazaras that the day would come when the hazras would rcognise what the truth is.
    With regards.

  2. berar hayee hazara shohadayee qowm ra barayee shemo tasleyat mogom . doshman cheshm dedano hazra ra nadara . wa yak khaheshi dega az qowma mo ki hazara astem chara da urdo naweshta moned . mo ki zaban mo urdu ki neya ki da urdu nawshta moned . hamagee qowma ki da quetta neya ki urdu bofama. motahed bashed wa zaban wa farhangee azaragi khora haich gah az yad kho nabaren

    hazara hayee jahan zinda bad

    • Brother thanks for comment, I am Hazara, My dad is Hazara Proud to be Hazara, Dont mind when people talk in hazaragi, Urdu, English, Irani many other languages WHy ? because we all lived with different nations all over the world, thatswhy we somehow have thier way of talking. My dad is Hazara and my mom is German, i cant really speak Hazaragi, its not my fault………. But im proud to be Hazara

  3. Lack of leadership and unity among us made danger access to our people. We should think why they are targeting only Hazara people? One Pushtun Mulla was killed in maraiabad mountains by his own colleague and Pushtun had the most strongest steps in media and in Balochistan Assembly and they called mariabad as a No Go Area. We have Provincial minister as well as member of national assembly, why they don’t take a bold step.
    It means lack of leadership and unity led us on the brink of every danger.

  4. We strongly condemn all killing of innocent hazara people in Pakistan
    I think everyone know that this killing system is from Government of Pakistan because they want to make ground for terrorist in Quetta but the people of Quetta is very peaceful community .can anyone tell us why only hazara people killing ?
    God Bless all in Quetta ,

  5. سلام افسوس کہ ایک صحیح رھبرہمارے درمیان نہیں کہ ان جوانوں کے جذبات کو سمجھے اورانہیں صحیح گاءڈ کریں، لیکن میں اپنے جوان بھائیوں سے کہتا ھوں کہ ھرگزنااُمید اورمایوس نہ ھونا، بلکہ ان واقعات سے بیدارہوناچاہیے اورہمہشہ آمادگی رکھنی چاہیے کیونکہ کوئی اورہمارے مسائل کو حل نہیں کرے گا۔ ایک بارکہوں گا کہ جذبات اورعقل کو ملاکر اپنے مستقبل کے لیے سوچنا ھوگا۔

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