Posted by: Editor | January 15, 2009

Police Martyrs Laid To Rest With Honor At Hazara Graveyard

Quetta: Police martyrs DSP Hassan Ali, Sub Inspector Shafqat Hussain and Constable Mehdi were laid to rest at Hazara Graveyard on Wednesday Jan 14.  Thousands of teared eyes attended the funeral procession.

The dead bodies were taken from Hazara Nechari Imam Baragah, Alamdar Road. Police officials saluted the martyrs and laid them with official honor. City Police Chief Humayoon Jogezai, Deputy Inspector General Faqir Hussain Hazara, DIG Wazir Khan Nasar, Provincial Minister Jan Ali Changazi and others attended the funeral.

Nasrullah Khan, a Pushtoon and the driver of DSP Hassan Ali ,  was buried in Kasi Graveyard where hundreds of Hazaras attended the funeral and laid a floral wreath on his tombstone as Nasrullah’s marriage was to be two weeks later.

Hazara Democratic Party had called a shutter down strike against the target killing of Hazara police officials. While addressing a press conference in Quetta Press Club,  General Secretary  HDP, Abdul Khaliq Hazara,  said the Government has failed to provide security to the Hazaras; therefore, the masses should take steps for their security. He said some elements are trying to turn Quetta into a slaughterhouse attempting sectarian violence.

HDP said any demands from the Provincial Government would be meaningless since the government has failed and should step down. It would contact other nationalist parties of Balochistan and make future efforts based on joint strategy, said HDP.

Balochistan Police has set up a special investigation team to find out the elements behind target killings. IG has assured Police would arrest the responsible persons. He said 15 suspicious people have been arrested so far.

Dr. Abdul Hakeem Lehri of Balochistan National Congress–a Baloch nationalist party–has strongly condemned the target killing, saying Balochs have no links with the sectarian violence.  In a statement, he said sectarian incidents are being used to avert the masses’ attention from their movement for resources and autonomy of Balochistan. He added Baloch nationalists have respect for all ethnics living in Balochistan and that they believe in secularism.

Meanwhile, Anjuman-e-Tajiran, led by Abdul Rahim Kakar, held a protest rally against the wave of target killing in Quetta. They marched in front of Governor House and demanded the terrorists should be immediately arrested.


  1. I am living for away from Quetta, I have lived amongst Hazaras of Quetta for a long time . I am proud of having spent my childhood and adolescent age among this peaceful nation of Hazara. I am 100% sure that God will be with the Hazaras, because they honest dedicated and very cultured people. This nation will develop because it has a positive thinking and their way of life is heading towards development, be it in the field of education, community development or any sector of life. Others should learn from the positive approach of Hazaras.
    My humble advice to Hazara brothers is to remain peaceful in the end you will emerge winners. No nation can be eliminated through violence. The day is not far when we will be feeling proud of having our Hazara brothers living side by side with us in a very peaceful manner in this city of Quetta.

    God Bless Hazara People.

    Arif Ali from Algiers

  2. ami bamyan ba khiyal ma ki ego LALAI WA QAMA aste. kalo khosh dara ki be ehtirami kana.
    boro ZOI 2 loghma nan payda kano ki mardom da bamyan az goshnagi momra.
    wa mara 1 nafar JAHIL malom mosha chara ki khosh dara mardom ra MASQARA kana.
    diga yali bamyian ham kowre shi charb shoda az QORTI WA ESHKANAY bor shoda amzo hazam nametana.
    diga BACHAAAA khoda ami QAMAGO ra aqal bida


    Pashtuns must use their own brains. A strong man without powerful brain is just like an empty box.

    British establishment must not be offended. Not my purpose. But just feel that all their plans DON’T make them a great nation for me! They have never let their lands be used as battle fields! Their plans are to keep enemies away (Mostly Self made enemies).

    Lets live and let live.

  4. If you look for gutter you find it Ahmed.
    Internet is a huge library of knowledge. It depends on how you look at it.

    I want my Hazaras to feel free in this free world. No one is slave. We Hazaras have this feeling deep inside us. We love justice and brotherly environment. No cheaters, liers and mean people around us. The problem we are facing is:
    Our enemies neither want us as Shias no want us to quit this Shia sect. I, on the other hand want our surroundings to accept us only as Hazaras. We can be Shias, Sunnies, Christians, Shamans, any thing.
    I also request Hazaras (in small groups) who are hardcore Shias to please keep it to yourselves. Be like that but don’t point your fingers on other sects. This is how we Hazaras must think and our surroundings which are Pashtuns, Balochs, Sindhis and Punjabis. We are not Iranis. Like many Pakistanis hate Irani people. They think we are Irani as well. We are not Iranis. We are Turkic people. We love helping people. We are corrupt any how by accepting IRAN Shia religion as a RACE. As If SHIA is a race.

    Internet is the best source of unvailing secrets. The secrets which govern human lives. The secrets which let the riches control the poors.
    Hazaras will come out of troubled time. Today again, after so many incidents, I will remain helpful to whole needy people. Hazaras can be a strong voice for people under opperression. No matter if some terrorist comes and kills one of us cowardly. Killing is JUST if we could see the terrorist on the spot of terrorism act.
    Every one is the target of terrorism. Only we need to educate ourselves against it. Pakistan needs help. Hazaras must realize the thin situation and try to be less fragile and keep a sharp eye on the current activities.
    Our enemies can’t accept us anything. If we become Shias, Sunnies no matter what. So be Hazaras. Be the descendents of Mongols, Turks, Mughals. And have all the attributes of proud brave blood.
    I don’t want to offend some one but I must say something to British establishment.
    Today, Hazaras suffer because of the British. They made Pashtuns think of politics. The ways how to break Hazaras in Hazarajat. By buying Hazara Sardars, by bribing. And then showing Pashtun king, the stupid Abdurahman to how apply taxes on Hazarajat to further weaken the Hazaras. The British were always and still afraid of some unseen fear. Thats why always in some kind of planning. I request British to do plan but do it in a man’s way not a foxy way. Every human life is precious.
    Hazaras by themselves must stick to their cause. Which is crystal clear. We are not IRAN. Iran is separate country. The are Aryans and we Hazaras are Turkic. We must not be USED.

    Ahmed: We don’t waste our time. We learn here al the time. Many people read but few comment here!

    Bamiyan, I hope one day we Hazaras will come out of all restrictions and live a free life. If all Asian people are proud of Mughals, GK and Turks, the Ottomans then why they hate us???

  5. In the name of Bamiyan ……….
    Ahmed jan e Gul ….
    How u thought that only you are educated ,disciplined living in a well civilized country with the grown up people around you ..who have access to books and is not as jazabbati as other jokers …. or discussion;s standard is only giving reference from imam jafar sadiq and nihj ul balagha ……or ….u know what ………..????
    is this necessary to gives ones portfolio first and than start discussing ……and by calling us middle class upper middle class internet accessing class dont u want to prove ur self nobles of Aethense like ( 400 BC ) ….
    how was abul hikma known as Abu jahal …..
    now plz dont call me the follower of abu jahal as i reffered him in the discussion …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……..

  6. Liaqat:

    The internet is one big gutter and there are many views abut everything. People need to have the power to discriminate the sensible from the nonsense that proliferates in these spaces. It is not my task to answer everybody on the net. Therefore, there is no further need for me to engage in useless discusisons with the likes of you.

    Regarding Shaman (Wind Master):

    Many of you who come here and waste yourselves, like this one above, are from middle/upper middle class families who have many, if not all, the necessary luxuries of life, like 24/7 internet access, access to good education, comfortable lifestyles, Yamaha motorcycles or Honda cars. This is how you display the worst kind of your hadd-harami. These spoiled bozos so adept in making fools of their parents (who often have no clue what the son or daughter is doing on the internet) take the whole world to be fools and give the sort of reasoning like we just saw above!


    You have a lot of ilmi work to do my friend if you want to get in an argument with those who are opposed to your distorted and cluttered views and perceptions. Like this, the way you are, you are just another joker (like so many of you here) with a funny art of maskhara-bazi who loves letting out jazbaati puss about his culture, history, science, reason, rationality and so on. You must not scream that “I want to know the X, Y, Z ” of something without having first learned its A, B, C. THis is what the majority of you do and this is why one is forced to complain that the Hazara youth of today is a generation of lazy souls, book haters, anti-ilm zombies who refuse to put in the necessary intellectual and spiritual effort but who are the first to make big, bogus claims about all and sundry! Alas!

  7. In the name of Bamiyan …………
    I dont think it is necessary to discuss what khomeini’s grandsons think of his islamic republic today …and whom they want to invite to take over the waliyat e faqih regime …….khomieni how he was launched in iran and who did it where the toda party stood and where it is now who made them escape ….what happened to Doctor Ali shariathi …who benefited the iran-iraq war what was the nature of relation of france to Khoeini and france to CIA and CIA to Khomeini …..what if Israel today makes consensus with hamas and hizbollah in arabic dictionaries who will be the next arabi front ….shia hazaras certainly has fought in palestine lebanon and in iraq – iran wars …who have come from that side to fight our lands …..
    Ahmed You provided me the link now u ur self decide hhow holy are the words u , me my father and my people have been made to read to gain sawab ….dont u and every one here think that enough is enough ….today when the radius of Sun is known you my brother want me to accept that the world is located on the shakh e Gao mahi ….and when ali hit marhabJibrael spreaded (it’s) wing to protect the shakh e gao zarb e Ali is world famous …. …..Now lets talk and imige what world’s 3rd largest oil reserve owner ( Iran ) is doing with a balance population and large cultivating lands in service ….having the straight of hurmouz and world’s busiest transit route to Central asia and russia with surroundings ….what they export and what they import ….. what is the mental level of an averege irani ….. what an averege irani wants and is inspired of ….. what is the standard of life and standard of living now and what should be ………….. i really m not that much interested in their standard of life ….but they are not making a chip for nokia 3310 mobile …. the technology or the documentation pakistan provided them as a brother islamic (kalmah gou ) country they exposed to their natives CIA ….. But i m sure that when Agha Khomeni rehmatullah allaiha ( fidai shi shonom ) was travelling from france to iran the feul was finished coz of an CIA agent but the mojeza e Imam khomeni refilled the tank …………. amo khuda agar astha kho mo ra az shar e khudagaghai nijat bida …. magar wo kho ….Wo bechara ……..!!!!!!
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……………..

  8. Mr. Ahmed, it depends on specific period of time. If you are keen to support millet’e Irani and Shia sect then listen: What about millet’e Iran before Khumeni Revolution? Weren’t they still FARS aryans? Or weren’t they Shias then? Go back to that period and let me see you advocating us to be proud of millet’e Iran.
    Can you stay in same state all your life? No. Every human is capable of doing mistakes. That’s why we are not angels but humans. But what about the so called pure Islam. It never gives you a second chance. Says stone till death! Any way, my point is:
    We Hazaras don’t need any conditional help from any race. We have changed a lot. No more slaves of religion. It is pity and ignorance to hate some one with different belief. Like Bamian and I had discussed this matter of Shiasm or Sunnism ealier. If we could see both claim to be the best. But in the middle innocent humans lose their lives. Knowing that Islam is religion of PEACE. But still killing each other!
    If we see closer at Muslim Attributes, he is best kind of slave:
    1. He doesn’t steal.
    2. look not at some ones wife.
    3. Speaks the truth.
    4. Obey his master.
    5. Don’t drink. Because he may cause trouble to his master.
    6. Cleans himself 5 times a day. Because in his sleep naughty angels visit him. angels don’t like smelly bodies.
    7. In this world he is asked not to do much. Just work for the next life. He will be given villas, beautiful girl(s) and young Boys. Wow ! So funny. Why boys? I don’t want boys. Girls are okay.
    8. Wake up early in the morning to have most of the works done. The tastes of life at large is forbidden any way!
    12 Changez Khan was a barbarian. Don’t follow him. You are in deep troubles now, come and join your Shia faith once more stick to it, we will provide you more books about it. Show you how you can criticise Sunnies!
    The hell with all this Shia Sunny garbage. I haven’t seen, Ali, Umer Usman or Abu Bakar. So why should I hate them or love them. My life is my life. I am free. I know the stories that Adam and Hava were the first human beings on earth. And that Adam being the first prophet had committed a biggest sin of all that he was thrown out of paradise to this garbage cane the EARTH. I am not proud of him any way. If he had not done that mistake I was still in Paradise, doing nothing. Knowing nothing of all religious differences and race differences. Friends will all humans with no politics. No bombs, no human body parts on the streets, no bullets, guns and saws! But we are the mistake of our ADAM father. Who to blame?
    What My brain tells me is: Our Brains like hell. No limits. And no end to Human brains. They would always live. Immortal memories.

    Come on, lets be friends, unconditional friends. Pure and helpful friends. Let not be killers. Killing is the worst thing one human can do. Only a killer deserves death.

    Wind Master, The Shaman

  9. Khumeni and Wahabism destroyed the peace of EARTH! What are you saying Mr. Ahmad? Changez Khan was a great leader and Iqbal’s view shows how ignorant poet he was!
    Today all modern arm forces are almost shaped the way Changiz Khan did. He was the start of mixing different tribes together. He broke Fascism. He brought the humans together. His time was the peaceful time. Roads were secured, looting and robery was limited.

  10. Liaquat jaan khannay padar tu abad……..
    tu kho badbakht kadi … e bachai e sag ra ……….
    ma nukar tu …..

  11. a nation with out a history is a name with out meaning . a people with out a leader foresees no future a race with out achivement is doomed a movement with out a foundation is sentence to distinction .
    there fore one of the most important things that nation take pride for their past , their history, they t6ake their honor for their great leaders they bost about their past achivement , thus overtake eash other to become the leading nation of this world
    zindabad hazara

    By: hazara international forum(uk) on January 29, 2009
    at 2:06 pm

  12. Salam

    Brother Ahmed Please………..
    Yak request az taraf e yak brother ra gosh kano ………

    Da ainzi link rafta togh kano ki Iran da Naam e Shaheed Ustad Yousufi “FITWA” dada bood ki e “KAFIR wa Wajib-ul-Qatal asta, bekoshid wa mal shera loot konid ki e maal e ghanimat asta”.
    I dont know about anyone here but i myself seen Shaheed Ustaad Yousufi as a regular prayer of 5 times. What was the cause of Yousufi you don’t know about that, ………..

    Please kam aqal kho ra shor bidi……… Ma bisyaar avoid kadum ki e link ra da inji nishan nadum ki dushman era aigo dega rukh dada metana…… magar brother please …….

  13. …………Khomeini set an example for all the Muslim world. He taught us a practical lesson of how to pave the way towards nijat. Muslim world and Hazaras need a Khomeini or Khomeinis to achieve freedom and dignity. We don’t need Changez Khans! If you have the guts, act like Khomeini and you will achieve every kind of honour: Qaumi and Deeni both!

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