Posted by: Editor | January 25, 2009

HSF Protests Target Killing

Members of Hazara Students Federation protested against sectarian voilance.

Members of Hazara Students Federation protest against sectarian violence.

Quetta–January 25 Sunday: Hazara Students Federation held a protest against the recent target killings of Hazara police officers. The protesters displayed banners with slogans against terrorism and sectarian violence. They also chanted against the Government for failing to protect citizens.

While talking to journalists, HSF office bearers demanded the Government to immediately arrest the responsible persons behind the target killing of DSP Hassan Ali and two other Hazara policemen. They said all the peaceful citizens of Quetta should stand against terrorism.


  1. In the name of bamiyan ….
    liaquat Ali murazavi e shakal e zananay shi astha ..wa ein khanoomeh …….. noor e do chashmano mey ……..wadah beteh kayee meshi mehmaanome ….. bano e paak daman …. az tanzeem chiqas khabbar astha …..
    Wo bibi e pak daman injaa kas e ham secular wa communisth nisth …. hama e mahan hazara mebashim …
    Ba amman e bamiyan

  2. ہزارہ سڈوڈنس کو چاہیے کہ سب سے پہلے وہ اپنے اندر اتفاق واتحاد قائم کریں یعنی یہی ہزارہ سڈوڈنس پہلے تنظیم نسل نو ہزارہ مغل کی ایک شاخ تھی اور پھر اختلافات کی وجہ سے جدا ہوگئے ، ہزارہ ڈیموکریٹک پارٹی کے افراد بھی پہلے تنظیم نسل نو ہزارہ میں تھے لیکن چونکہ بعض افراد کے ذاتی مفادات کی بناء پر اختلافات نے جھنم لیا۔ میں چاھتی ہوں کہ اتحاد واتفاق واحد زریعہ اور طریقہ کار یہ ہے کہ یہ سب اسلام زیر پرچم اپنی تمام تر ذاتی انانیت کو بالائی طاق رکھ کر دین واسلام اور قوم کی خدمت کریں والا اگر سیکولر فکر کے ساتھ قوم کی خدمت کرنا چاہِے تو کبھبی بھی کام نہیں کرسکے نگے

  3. We the Hazaras in Southampton England strongly condemn the ongoing acts of terror against Hazaras in Quetta city. We strongly condemn today’s barbaric act of terror, in which we lost one of the brilliant minds, who had a long history of contributions in Hazaragi drama,arts, literature and politics; HUSSAIN ALI YOUSUFI.
    We the Hazaras in Southampton got together and discussed all possible means to be exploited to raise the oppressed voice of our Nation in United Kingdom and world media.
    We concluded the meeting and found no other alternatives but to pressurize the government of Pakistan to arrest and bring the culprits to justice. As our enemies are cowardly hidden. We should know the fact that without the immense government support they may not do such inhuman and brutal acts. The following measures were suggested to gain our objectives.
    1. We as the member of the nation urge the Hazaras across the world to declare a black day and a national day of mourning (day to be set by Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan).
    So that we Hazaras of the world should launch a collaborative and united protest against the ethnic cleansing of the Hazaras in Quetta on the same day.
    2. We urge the Hazaras of the United Kingdom to join the protest in London in front of the Pakistani embassy, United Nations office, emnesty international and human rights organization. (Date and time will be announced later).
    3. The Hazaras in Switzerland and Scandinavian countries should organize a protest in Geneva in front of the united nations headquarter, embassy of Pakistan and other human right organizations. At the same time we urge the Hazaras living other parts of Europe to launch protests in their respective countries keeping in view the important agenda to raise the voice of oppressed as well as suppressed Hazaras.
    4. The Hazaras in the united states and Australia should launch protests in front of the above said offices to pressurise the govt of Pakistan to capture and bring to justice so that nothing aggressive like this incident happen again to the Hazaras in Quetta city.
    5. We strongly urge the member of provincial assembly Mr.Jan Ali changazi and member of nationally assembly Mr.Syed Abbas to raise their voices in their respective assemblies and record their official protests as well as set a deadline for the arrests of the culprits and if the demands are not met, should leave govt benches and join the opposition and go for the further hunger strike till death,as per your national responsibility. (the braves die once not everyday)
    6. We strongly urge the global hazard leaders Mr.Khalili, Mr.Mohaqqiq and Dr.Sima Samer to visit Islamabad and discuss the safety and security of Hazaras with the president and prime minister of the Pakistan.
    7. As the only political voice of the Hazaras in Quetta we urge the HAZARA DEMOCRATIC PARTY to be a part of greater opposition alliance in Pakistan to launch a movement against the contemporary cruel govt of PPP who has left no stone unturned to eliminate the Hazara community in Pakistan.
    8. As the Hazaras of the Southampton and united kingdom we solemnly request the entire Hazara community to leave their personal and ideological rifts and come together to deal with the crisis all together united.
    Contributed by! Dr.Jawad Fayazi, Mr.Younas,Mr.liaqat,Mr.Ibrahim. Mr.Imran.Mr.Raza Gulzari. Syed Inayat shah. Syed Munawar.
    We appreciate your views and comments at !

  4. We all Hazaras around the world condemn the terrorist attack against our people in Pakistan. We hope that United Nation(UN) will take action against such terrorist attacks on Hazaras of Pkistan.
    Husain Ali Yusoufi will be remain in our hearts forever as good leader, a good writer and also as a great artist.
    We all Hazaras feel sorry for his death.
    May God bless his soul in peace!

  5. Other day the HDP went to talk to Baloch Nationalist party about all these tirget killing .Today they Tirget them slef . Hussain Ali Yousafi is killed in Jinnah Toad. Still we cannot offered or cannot fight to them……………………….. they went to talk to them to leave in pace .we Got the answar………..

  6. oo come on is this true about hussain ali yousufi killing on jinnah road early today we all should take action on this last killings murderer were not catch we have to do some thing ZINDA ZINDA ZINDA ABAD ZINDA ABAD HAZARA ZINDA ABAD HAZARA ZINDA ABAD

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