Posted by: Editor | January 26, 2009

Exclusive Pictures of Hussain Ali Yousafi’s Martyrdom

Quetta, January 26: Hussain Ali Yusafi, leader of Hazara Democratic Party, was assassinated by unknown gunmen belonging to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Following are pictures depicting the day’s events.

HDP leaders mourning Yousafi's martyrdom.

HDP leaders mourning Yousafi's martyrdom.

January 26:


  1. salam berar ma da afghanistan kar munum ma hamisha e sida ra ki shiumo jor munin togh munum ma az shimo raqam adama besyar shukr guzar astum ki ame karqa ra pesh mubrin shimo taje sar mo asten khuda shimo ra kalo zor wa taqat beya khuda e dushmanaye din ra ham d arayee nik hedayat umedwarem ki shimo ami kara ra edama beded aga mo yago komak az rukh mo pura asta amar kanid liaqat ali Q

  2. […] Exclusive Pictures of Martyrdom […]

  3. i am realy proude of i dear best leader and i am proude of those who made this side bye

  4. esmat
    me the same which naem said
    i wish that all hazaras should be strong

  5. —————————————————–
    Does anyone know how to make a website????
    As we see now a days the condition of Quetta getting worse specially for PEACE FULL HAZARA PEOPLE and we know well that who are they,why they do and what is their purpose behind this all activities to make trouble in Quetta.
    Since we see every Hazara wants to say his ideas about WHAT SHOULD WE DO NEXT,to get rid of this trouble,but where he should say, this is a big Question?? So on this base i want to suggest any one who knows about (how to make a website)….kindly make a website for HAZARA DEMOCTRATIC PARTY (HDP) as we can make a direct connection with them.

    Kindly consider my suggestion.

  6. Sallam ba hama quomy gull………..

    baad az shinidani een khbare ba khuda_e_pak ke besyar pryshane shudam…..
    wa baz ham az dedani een hama hazara ha dar sarasari donya besyar khush hall shudam ke een ha cheqadar ba eteefaq haste ………..
    waqi aa eeftekhar mekonom, omidwaram ke brayee hamisha hamenthour bashad….

    thanks alot from the updater of this site…….I love Quetta and love HDP…….ZINDA BAAD HAZARA HA……Muhammad Naeem hastam az afghanistan, helmand province………..Ellahi Hamma hazara ha ra dar pana wa esmathi khudath negahdar……….wa hamisha eethifaq bedeh…Aamin ya raball aalamin….

  7. Zindagi to chi qadar be Wafa budi, ki Noor e Dide mo ra eqas be wakht ela kadi.
    hae Noor e Dide e Qaum Husssain Ali Yousafi Kuja shudi.

    O Qauma e Aziz, mo Chara Rahe khu goom kadey. kam fikir hatman kanid

  8. I am a little disappointed to see that our leaders in UK did not put the photos in this site yet.

    Please put the photos on the net. We had protest yesterday and still i cant see any sign of it.

    Can you tell us what happened???

    If you had allowed me to take picture i would have put it by now.

    It would be very kind of you if you let these many people know… thanks


  10. سلام
    عزيزان ملت مظلومم ما قرن ها فداکاري را فقط براي چپن هاي نجيس که فقط اجسام نجيسه جنايت کاران مزدور رادرخود گرم نگه ميداشت نموده ايم اکنون که همه شما سند ذلالت باداران کثيف اين خوک صفتان را به دست آورده اييد ديگرسکوت به منزله خيانت به آرمان پدران مظلوم ماوشما ونسل هاي آينده ملت مظلوم هزاره است بيدار شويد وسکوت را پاره نموده و
    پرده سيا را که جنايت کاران تاريخ به نام مذهب جلو چشمان ماوشماآويزان نموده است راکنارنموده وبه گردن خود همين جنايت کاران انداخته و چنان خفه نماييد که نفس کثيف شان از جاي ديگرشان بر آيد

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