Posted by: Editor | January 26, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Hazara Politician Hussain Ali Yousafi Shot Dead

Husain Ali Yousafi, martyred Hazara politician.

Husain Ali Yousafi, martyred Hazara politician. (Image courtesy of Barat Batoor)

Quetta: January 26: Chairman of Hazara Democratic Party, Hussain Ali Yousafi, has been assassinated by gunmen on Jinnah Road. The terrorists fled the scene.  |Click here to see pictures|

Yousafi was attacked in front of his office, a travel agency on Jinnah Road, near Balochistan Provincial Library.

Yusafi sustained heavy injuries to his head and face, and died on the spot.

Ali Haider, spokesman of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, has claimed responsibility for the incident in a phone call to Quetta Press Club.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi had slo claimed responsibility for killing DSP Hassan Ali and two other Hazara policemen on January 14.

People were outraged and vigorously protested on Jinnah Road. Police is used teargas and aerial firing to disperse protesters.

Unknown elements also burned down Banks and other official buildings on Jinnah Road. About 6 people are reported injured.

Prime Minister Gilani and President Zardari, along with a number of other public figures and politicians, have condemned the events.

Chief Minister Aslam Raisani assured a delegation of Hazara leaders that the perpetraters would soon be arrested.

Hazara Democratic Party has announced a 40-day mourning period and a wheel-jam strike. Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamhuri Watan Party have declared support for the strike.

Funeral Prayer:

Yousafi’s funeral prayer will be offered on January 27, in Alamdar Road.

Click here to read more about Yusafi’s assassination and the reaction of people and various political parties.


  1. […] and parties, their women and children were made homeless and in many cases molested, many including Shaheed Hussain Ali Yousufi were kidnapped and tortured, others were sentenced to hundreds of flogs in public in the dead of […]

  2. […] the persons behind target killing of Hazaras in Quetta city. They strongly condemned murder of a political leader, Hussain Ali Yousufi. […]

  3. […] Quetta Police say the assassin of Shaheed Yousafi, Chairman Hazara Democratic Party, Syed Talib Agha , DSP Hassan Ali, a Hazara police officer, Chief […]

  4. […] delegation told the senators about the coward murder of Hazara politician Hussain Ali Yousufi, who was killed on Australian Day in Quetta city of Pakistan by unidentified gunmen. They said the Government has been failed to […]

  5. […] for a Pakistani Hazara political leader, Hussain Ali Yousufi, Chairman Hazara Democratic Party was murdered by unknown gunmen on 26th January in Quetta Pakistan. His assassination followed voilent riots in Pakistan and […]

  6. As the time go pass I discover more and more about him which make me very sad. From working at Hazaragi radio station to writing many valuable books and dramas for us.

    Thank you for your hard work and struggle for us and you will be greatly missed. Every day passing you grief is becoming greater and greater in my heart. I wish we could turn the clock back.

    I wish you could see how much you are missed and loved by your people.
    God may be with you!

  7. […] the persons behind target killing of Hazaras in Quetta city. They strongly condemned murder of a political leader, Hussain Ali Yousufi. […]

  8. Dear Sisters and Brothers!
    Yet again the time has come to judge our tolerance, passion and test our abilities and confidence. We need to trust ourselves and pick ourselves up, be courageous in our lives and hopeful to the future, our nation across the world must stand-up and reunited at this difficult and painful time. It is not just a hard time for the Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan; it is the shared fate and collective destiny of Hazara Nation all over the Globe. We all have to stand up side by side, raise our vices louder than before and be united against all evils and devils who ferociously and cowardly get out of their religious caves, run like a wounded rats and attack our peaceful and human-lover nation.

    I strongly condemn this vicious act of terror, the assassination of a great leader Hussian Ali Yosufi, and pay my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Hazara Nation all over the World, Hazara Democratic Party and especially to his respectable Family.
    Fortunately we have heard of many peaceful protests and gatherings across the world, we the Hazaras in United Kingdon have arrange a massive protest on Sunday 11 am to 3pm 08/02/09 at Nights Bridge front of Pakistan embassy in London, we humbly request from all Hazara/Shia who live in the United Kingdom for joining us on this vital time to reveal our political awareness, social understanding and national Unity to the world.

    All these demonstration and protests from far side of the Pacific Ocean to the North of Atlantic Ocean illustrate and prove our Unity, Understanding and Bravery once more. February 8 is our moments in the Untied Kingdom to rise up and raise our vices to communicate our thoughts and believes, share our feelings and sympathy, prove our confidence and passion, acknowledge the most shocking time and horrific situation which our people face in Quetta Pakistan, and show our help, assist and support.

    My Allah bless the pure spirits of Shuhdaa specially Shaheed H. A Yosufi

    Thank you

    Hafizullah Khoram Khorami


  9. I think this one comment should be enough to stop this thought process of division among hazaras. we all belong to one loving hazara nation…no matter whereever we live.

  10. Dear Mokhtar
    Your are crossing your limit. You said whatever to Aghanistan Hazara who are not buzdi and camzor like you. Let me ask you one single question: What is your fucking father from? Is he is not escaped from Pashtons from manland Hazarajat or did he came by fucking special invitation from your Punjabi or Baloch masters? Which one tell me? When we were attacked by Russian where the fuck you were? Then when we were under attak by Rabanni and Masoud how many of you Buzdi and Kamzor came to fight our common enemies who are killing you now at your doorsteps. mWhat about the Taliban and Al-qaeda who was created by Nasirullah Babur the godfather of the Taliban in order to kill Hazara,Shia and Mazari. Mera Betah you forgot your past. You are doing by your damaging by your fuck sack cheap comment the unity of Hazara. What kind of fucking education and …. you are talking about. Are you able to read,write in your own hazaragi that yousufi spent all his life. Who is the father of Yousufi and his family? Are they not from Afghanistan. Can you deny your roots and background as Hazara came from Afghanistan or you are son of others…………. Hazara of Afghanistan fought with Abdul Rahman for seven years.With Russia 14 years. With Arab and ISI mainly pashton sponsored fought since 1994 till now. Come on mera kamzor Bacha you are not the tekadar of Hazara from Quetta nor you have the right to spit up in your grandsfather who escaped from Hazarajat nor you are the elected repesentative of Daizangi who are from Afghanistan. You proved you are not more than a kamzor jazbati who can say anything to his ancesters or whoever even show you sympathy and brotherhood. The foster and Yatem child of neighber will be more than you. If you are educated go and read the Durand line and the policy against your own Hazara were designed to kill and eleminate them till today even in your own Quetta you are calling to dominate.Is this your education,history and saying Lanat to your own nation and ancesters who are from Afghanistan. You are showing your ugly face to all wise and cleaver Hazara. We are all one United Hazara not Quettagi or Afghani stupid buzdil and kamzor jazbati. If you can not help your nation then you don’t have your limited education and lack of understanding to destroy your own Hazara unity. Again where did came from your grandfather Zoy? Is he was a pashton,baloch,punjabi or Hazara from Afghanistan? If you want to something for Hazara from Afghanistan please kindly start from your Harami fathers! as you say. Be brave Zoy one single incident shocked you to lose your moral have some sabr like Bechara Hazara of Afghanistan. I am ashamed to talk or waist about your insulting comments.
    Once again I request from all my dearest respected Hazara from all over the world to not listen to this cheap commenters. If you have guts and zeal come from your fucking sorakh mosh Vienna and defend your own self created Hazara…
    What was the population of Hazara before 1978? Most of us we are Hazara from Afghanistan regardless of our Jaeli money made papers. Theire is no place for such Kamzor and Buzdil jahil harami who forgot his grandfathers roots amoungst Hazara from Quetta,Afghanistan,iran and all over the world. Stop your mistakes and correct yourself.

    Khoda to ra Adam Kana


    Dear Mukhtar

    This article was copied and pasted to this comments line. You can read his condemnation in his own website we are not supporting him nor opposing him really. The above is the Hezb-e Wahdat Khalili website.You are diving your Hazara nation under the name of those country who really don’t care about you in both sides. Be wise my dear don’t be stupid. Lost of thing happened in the last more than 30 years in Afghanistan. Even recently in Behsoud. Did you guys organised anything seriouse for them…….. Wht about the massacre of Hazara people by Taliban and Al-Qaeda. We can not blem only the Mazdor Taliban and ordinary illitrate Pashtons from both sides.
    Did you raise your voice against Pakistani ISI,Millitary Generals,pakistani politician,Uluma,Soudis who were financing,givbing training the Taliban and Al-Qaedahow to kill Hazara and Shia to establish their racial religiouse dynasty. The Taliban were only Mazdor but the country you are unknowingly without considering political issues you are supporting were the real mastermind killer till today not their puppet Taliban or Lashkar Jahangavi. Secondly please do not limit Shahid Yosufi you Marry Abad. He served the whole nation of Hazara like other great leaders of Hazara. Please refer to his history the time he went volentarily to Afghanistan especially jaghori served as top leader and financial officer for Atehadia Mojahiden Afghanistan in coulation of Hazara intelectual democrate along other personality and Tanzem Nasle Naw Moghol Hazara. Why you guys marginalising your selves and……. then if something happens you can not stop crying. This is not your or my story. These things belong to whole nation of Hazara across the world regardless of what citizenship they are keeping in their pockets because at the end they are Hazara and the enemy target us because of being Hazara. Thirdly we Hazara always were in the front line for Shia religion specially during Ashora by beating us to death. How many Arabs,Arab country,Iranian Shia and the rest of them had protest for us. Every body knows Abdul Rahman and his dogs massacred %62 and forced other to flee the motherland Hazarajat and sold our men and boys,women and teenager girls as slaves to India ( which was Pakistan was part of India and was not establised) and paid the tax to the government or Emarat Islami Abdul Rahman . You and me were lucky to survide. Which Arabic nation or Shia state come to rescue us or at least show solidarity or humanity. The answer is none of them. Brother it is not only about the camel’s neck lots of things are wrong with the way we are running our affairs. Even their is no understanding and good communication between Hazaras inside or outside. Unfortunatly were very distance in this gaps should continue any more.Otherwise it will harm and distroy the national unity of all Hazara.
    The Quetta incidents are not sudden or separate from main homeland of Hazara. This is countinuation of revenge,hatrate,massacres,ignorance,humuliation our generations not belong to this side or that side. Learn from other nation like Eropean, especially Brithish,Israel,Pashtons …. They are also living in many different countries even continants. How they run their affair,solidarity,unity,communiction,language,culture and future. How far they are from each others?
    If came from England to US,Canadan,South Africa,Australia,New Zealand … you will not find any bog diffrence in their language other than slight accent. And the most important they never call each others names,jokes instead they are supporiting each other and making constractive comments. My dear Hazara brother please leave all this fake sense of belonging and division once for all and forever. We need unity,new way of thinking and organising our nation not getting Jazabati or Joshi like pepsi or deg bokhar and the next day you go your way and i go my way until another disaster crash us then we call on each other! I love your comment and appraciate your comment but not crankly and Kham behaviour as your older brother. We need lost of changes from our phelosophy,way of managing our affairs,communication,defence system,geography,making alliance,pluralism with other nation,stop charming and hatrate slogans against other religions and ethnics,educaation system,Wahid and yagana speaking,reading and writting language to survive our communication as a family and community. Beleive me I have problem in our own family to understand each others words with our new generation.because we are not living in one country and simillar language. When I speak with nephews and neice and small children most of them are not able to speak in Hazaragi or don’t want to speak in Hazagari prefer to speak the language that I don’t know! forget about reading or writting.
    How can we maintain our bond,connection,sence of belonging,understanding each others in order to keep our communication and culture? I think we should think more seriously in order to find a solution rather than the attacking each other. Beacuse I think it is enough we are under attack by many enemies. Therefore there is no need to join for us attacking our own!
    Khoda Hafez wa nasir tamamy Hazara ha wa ensanyat


    Qurban shoma

  12. my brother Shaman,

    ya you are right, when I see these bad shakal, gashtgar and jahil guys who come from Afghanistan and reach europe, living here, I cant say any word to you about them. with such a ugly face and wild nature and when they come to quetta making jokes, saying that there is Khag bad and khag chand in Quetta, hazaras of quetta are charsi, they dont have any good spoken tone and just say Shira, or Shira Zoai, I really dont know what to say to these fraudy and bad shakal guys.

    just look to their education, they cant speak, pay everyday fines due to their jahiliat and look to their proudness when they come to Quetta, unbelieveable.

    I hope that these hazaras of afghanistan who live in europe, God bless them, build their character, give them knowledge and tell them that they are null, zero nothing else.

    God bless you all

    Mukhtar Hussain

  13. Dear Mukhtar Hussein,
    It is good of you to mention such inhuman acts done by the so called Hazaras! I felt shame. But let me tell you that all the HAZARAS are not same. Like this incident you mentioned is first time heard. Any way, bad! Lets hope that All Hazaras become unite and honorable nation of the world.
    Those who don’t protest the terrorism are just like the terrorists themselves. It is very bad time on Pakistan, not only Hazaras of Quetta. Pakistan will never be used for outsiders after this war on terrorism is finished. Our mistakes come back and catch us. Pakistan has learnt it’s lesson.
    Hazaras must be ready for more tragic events. We will make it out under the banner of UNITY and wisdom. Becareful of the hands which are against regional PEACE.

  14. درود به روان پاک شهدای مردم هزاره. خصوصا شهید حسین علی یوسفی. خون شهدا زیر پا نمیشود. نهال مقاومت را آبیاری میکند. باید بیدار شد. نگذارید بار دیگر، خائنان بیرحم، بزرگی دیگر را بشهادت برسانند. پاسخ شمشیر شمشیر است. اگر در مقابل هر شهید، تعدادی از دشمنان را سربنیست کنیم، دیگر گمان نمیرود که جرات نگاه چپ داشته باشند. نفرین بر همه بدخواهان مردم ما و آزادی ما

  15. Hazara International Forum Adhoc Committee

    Chairman: Agha Marzooq Ali
    Secretary General: Barrister Iftikhar Raza

    Area Representatives:
    Syed Inayat, Younas Ali, Javaid, Inayat, Haji Gulzari, Fida Hussain, Sadiq Ali, Mukhtar, Zakir, Syed Habib and Anwar Mama.

  16. Dear Bamian,

    I think you have great experience with these people, sometimes I feel shame to discuss such issues with these hazaras, really very shame.

    I live in Vienna and I asked some of the Hazaras of Afghanistan who live in Vienna that do you know about the incidents in Quetta, hazaras are being tortured and killed. They were those people who also speak about Mazari in concerts and show their unity to Afghanistan, but when I discuss with them about us, they laughed at me and said that you are Paki hazaras, why should we arrange a protest here, you are mixed hazara, your leader is Qaida-Azam and when we come to Quetta, you people dont treat us well.

    I told them, when you come to Quetta, we serve you, give you loans, money, advice you to live here or to support you always, even you guys smell very bad, pur ishpish, not going to bad, khishtak para, bad bui, ganda nashin, pur ishpish whatever, you make Quetta your rout to europe and Australia and live in Pakistan for many years, getting help from pakistan and Pak. did everything for you people but still you make jokes of your own hazaras, shame on you, pashtoons are much better then you, but you fraudy and haram zada, who raped the women of behzuds and daizangees in qandahar when they had hotels there, they gave their women dawai behoshi were raping the women of Daizangees, even there are incidents that they raped their sisters and mothers in hazarajat, so how can we expect such people to arrange protests for our leader Yousufi.

    These people who make jokes of the hazaras of Quetta should learn from us, whatever population we have in Quetta, we are more educated, civilised, danishmand, muhtabar and united, but look to yourself in Afghanistan, the Kochis who are just a minority in afghanistan, how they attack on you and rape your females and you people still escape and never fight with them, shame on you, I have never seen such a buzdil people like you before,shame, you dont deserve hazaras actually.

    just look to Dawood-e-Sarkhosh, he lives in Vienna, but never arrange any concert in Vienna, because he needs money and these guys dont pay such money, you people call him your great singer and watan parast, but he just needs money and without money he never come to any concert. Many hazara people invited him to come to Quetta, but he rejected and said that he needs much money, which the quetta people cant provide, shame on your singer and on you.

    I think, we hazaras of quetta should depend on our selves, and arrange protests everywhere, never get help from this buzdil naton in Afghanistan.

    God bless you all

    Mukhtar Hussain

  17. Assalamoalikum

    Re: Hazara International Forum Clarification

    We request all the individuals not to use the name/title of Hazara International Forum UK while making any comments/statements and/or announcements. Although we appreciate your cooperation and dedication to the cause of community integrity but responsible action is expected of you all. Please make sure any representation on behalf of the HIF UK should be made using the following email address for correspondence. The ad hoc committee is the responsible body for approval.

    Hazara International Forum is holding a demonstration on Sunday 8 February 2009, from 11am – 2pm in front of the High Commission for Pakistan
    34 – 36 Lowndes Square
    SW1X 9JN
    [Knightsbridge Tube Station]

    Anyone wants to make any comments or have any suggestions, please contact us via

  18. پيام تسليت استاد خليلي به مناسبت شهادت حسين علي يوسفي يکي از رهبران حزب هزاره دموکراتيک در کويته پاکستان

    ولا تحسبن الذين قتلو في سبيل الله امواتاً بل احياء عند ربهم يرزقون

    باخبر شديم که دست ناپاک جنايتکاران تروريست بارديگر آلوده به خون فرزندي از تبار دليران هزاره شده و اينبار ما را در سوگ فقدان حسينعلي يوسفي، يکي از رهبران روشنفکر حزب هزاره دموکراتيک، قرار داد که در کويته پاکستان شربت شهادت نوشيد.
    تروريستان کور دل بايد بدانند؛ گرچه حسينعلي يوسفي را از ما گرفتند ولي هرگز نميتوانند ياد و خاطره آن شهيد سعيد را از لوح ضمير مجاهدين و مهاجريني محو کنند که در روزهاي دشوار شاهد تلاشها، سختي کشيدنها و غمخواريهاي او در سنگرهاي مختلف، اعم از سياست، فرهنگ و هنر بوده اند و هرگز نخواهند توانست با توسل به اين اعمال فجيع و ضد اسلامي، کاروان فرهنگ و تمدن جوامع ما را که آهنگ حرکت آن به سوي دموکراسي، مردمسالاري و ارزشهاي حقوق بشري است،متوقف کنند.
    اينجانب ضمن محکوم نمودن اين جنايت ناجوانمردانه تروريستان، شهادت حسينعلي يوسفي را به خانواده داغدارش، همفکران سياسي و جامعه فرهنگي و ملت غيور و آزاده اش تسليت گفته، از بارگاه ايزد متعال براي او رفعت درجات در بهشت برين، وصبر و اجر براي بازماندگان آن شهيد مسئلت دارم.

    محمد کريم خليلي
    رهبر حزب وحدت اسلامي افغانستان

  19. Attention please the above quotes belong to Ustad Shahid translated by Ahmad Amani from the book of Ahyay Hoyat ( Identity Establishment ) this book is under work. Not finished yet.But you can buy the Dari,Farsi version from Afghanistan,Iran,Pakistan or anywhere else. God bless all of you


    Ahmad Amani

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