Posted by: Editor | January 26, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Hazara Politician Hussain Ali Yousafi Shot Dead

Husain Ali Yousafi, martyred Hazara politician.

Husain Ali Yousafi, martyred Hazara politician. (Image courtesy of Barat Batoor)

Quetta: January 26: Chairman of Hazara Democratic Party, Hussain Ali Yousafi, has been assassinated by gunmen on Jinnah Road. The terrorists fled the scene.  |Click here to see pictures|

Yousafi was attacked in front of his office, a travel agency on Jinnah Road, near Balochistan Provincial Library.

Yusafi sustained heavy injuries to his head and face, and died on the spot.

Ali Haider, spokesman of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, has claimed responsibility for the incident in a phone call to Quetta Press Club.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi had slo claimed responsibility for killing DSP Hassan Ali and two other Hazara policemen on January 14.

People were outraged and vigorously protested on Jinnah Road. Police is used teargas and aerial firing to disperse protesters.

Unknown elements also burned down Banks and other official buildings on Jinnah Road. About 6 people are reported injured.

Prime Minister Gilani and President Zardari, along with a number of other public figures and politicians, have condemned the events.

Chief Minister Aslam Raisani assured a delegation of Hazara leaders that the perpetraters would soon be arrested.

Hazara Democratic Party has announced a 40-day mourning period and a wheel-jam strike. Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamhuri Watan Party have declared support for the strike.

Funeral Prayer:

Yousafi’s funeral prayer will be offered on January 27, in Alamdar Road.

Click here to read more about Yusafi’s assassination and the reaction of people and various political parties.


  1. About unity and solidarity across the world:

    16. If we could not gain our political rights in Afghanistan and do not establish our identity by securing our political status. No one will respect our brothers who are spreaded abroad. If the roots are strong inside the country, the branches will be also strong abroad.

    اگر ما در افغانستان به حق خود نرسیم، هویت پیدا نکنیم و موقعیت سیاسی خود را تثبیت نکنیم. کسی برای برادران ایکه در خارج پراکنده اند. ارزشی قائل نمی شود. اگر ریشه و بیخش در اینجا ارزشی داشت شاخه هایش هم ارزشی دارد.لذا یک ضرورت است که برادر ها در نظر داشته باشند که اگر کوچکترین غفلت در این ضمینه بکنیم باز اسارت سه صد ساله تکرار می شود.

    در بارۀ وحدت،اتحاد و همبستگی تمامی هزاره ها در سراسرجهان و افغانستان:

    17. All Hazara people have only one single choice. This is our unity and solidarity. For those who are in Europe and those who are in Pakistan and those who are living in Afghanistan. You all must become united by asking one single right, by having one goal. You should be aware the rights will not be given to you; the rights must be taken for you. Therefore, you must be prepared to take your rights.

    در مقابل همۀ مردم هزاره تنها یک راه وجود دارد ، و آن وحدت و یکپارچگی آنهاست، چه آنهائیکه در اروپا هستند، چه آنهائیکه در پاکستان اند. و چه آنهائیکه در افغانستان اند. یک حق بخواهند و یک هدف داشته باشند. باید آگاه بود که حق داده نمی شود، بلکه حق گرفته می شود. لذا باید برای حق گرفتن آماده بود.

    Sender A. Amani

  2. salaaammm!!!!
    I foung this link.
    life history of shaheed Hussain Ali Yousafi on wikipedia:
    Dear Editor Please place this URL On the Top for People want to know about him.

  3. Dear Hazara International Forum (UK)

    Please us this email for discussion.

    We want to synchronize and further organize this event all over the world especially in USA, UK and Australia.

  4. Dear Hazaras in USA

    Can you provide your schedule of protest, if any.
    This will help us to synchronize among ourselves….

    As it is on 3rd of February in Canberra, Australia and on 8th of February in London, UK.

    Please use this email for further discussion.

  5. Dear Brother Ataullah Naseri

    We Hazaras of Perth, WA, is also arranging a delegate to join our brothers in the protest at Canberra. I read the time and date of the event above, can you provide the exact location of that protest ? following is the email address if you want to discuss it further with us so we can synchronize this event among ourselves……..

  6. Dear Brother Ataullah Naseri

    We Hazaras of Perth, WA, is also arranging a delegate to join our brothers in the protest at Canberra. I read the time and date of the event above, can you provide the exact location of that protest ? following is the email address if you want to discuss it further with us so we can synchronize this event among ourselves……..

  7. Dear my brothers in Australia,

    I really appreciate your participation in such protests against the attrocities being made to the people of Hazara in Quetta, Pakistan.

    We are Hazara people and wherever we are, we fight for our freedom against those jahil and buzdil elements who use us for their objectives.

    In Melbourn thousands of Hazaras and other Afghan people live, so its a big opportunity for you people to show your solidarity and unity.

    I hope that you people will protest loud and with shout infront of the Pakistan Embassy, so that the other nations of the world know about the attrocities of the Balochistan Govt. being made against your nation in Quetta.

    Our leaders have met with Balochistan Govt. many times and they assured us for our protection but on the other hand their agencies are fully involved in killing of the Hazara leadership. The terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangwi fled from Jails were fully planned by the Jail authorities and now they are attacking on us day by day. This shows the complete support of the Govt. agencies who used these Lashkars against the Shias and specially Hazara nation.

    We sacrifised our lives, properties and everything for Pakistan but what we are getting is very sad, no support nothing from this country. Our youths cant find any job, our rights are being fully violated and there is no support for our legal and economic support for our nation.

    I call all the hazaras of the world to learn from the hazaras of Melbourn and show your anger infront of the Pakistan Embassy, show it to the world Media, press, Human Rights Commisions so that they force on Pakistan Govt. to show the culprits behind the killing of our Leader Hussain Ali Yousufi and other officials and citizens.

    Those hazaras who make jokes of the Hazaras of Quetta should listen carefully that tomorrow such incidents will also occure to you and tomorrow you will also need support from our people, so dont show your jealousy and show your support because we need your support now and dont make jokes of the youths of Quetta.

    I hope that all the hazaras of the world now joing together and fight against the attrocities of the Balochistan Govt.

    God bless you all

    Mukhtar Hussain

  8. ترور «حسینعلی یوسفی» رهبر«هزاره دموکراتیک پارتی» در پاکستان سر آغاز جنایات تازه در حق مردم هزاره و درعین حال رنجی است درد ناکتر از گذشته هابه آرمانهای های دیموکراتیک،مردمی هزاره!!!

    “تو مه پندار که من رفتم و خاموش شدم
    از دل توده فراموش شدم
    آتش خشم زمانم دشمن
    قهرمانم دشمن!!!”
    شهید حسینعلی یوسفی یکی از فعالترین و دلسوزترین رهبران هزاره ها در پاکستان و منطقه به شمار میآ ید. اودر طی دو دهه مبارزه برای احقاق حقوق برابر شهروندی برای تمام اقوام پاکستان و بخصوص برای هزاره ها تلاش های مثمر و خستگی ناپذیری رادر ساحات فرهنگی، سیاسی … و تشکیلاتی به انجام رساند.
    چه مقدار خون در لحد خورده باشم که بر خاکم آیی ومن، مرده باشم
    دوستان و هواداران شهید یوسفی بروز سه شنبه مورخ03/02/2009 از شهر های سید نی، میلبورن، ادیلاید، و برزبن به کانبرا می روند. آنجا؛ همراه با باشنده گان کانبرا، از ساعت 10 صبح الی 2 بعد از ظهر در یکی از پارک ها، در نزدیکی سفارت پاکستان جمع شده و به فعالیتهای اعتراضی دست می یازند.
    از مقامات دولت پاکستان خواسته میشود تا به صورت جدی نسبت به دستگیری و محاکمه عاملین ترور شهید یوسفی و ترورصد ها هزاره، شیعه وانسانهای دیگر دست بکار شده واقدامات جدیرابکار گیرد. هرگونه سهل انگاری حکومت و دولت پاکستان درین مورد، زمینه را برای اقدامات بعدی گروه های افراطی بیشتر فراهم می کند؛ تا هرگونه بارقه دیموکراتیک و مردمیرا خاموش کرده و منطقه رادر آتش، خون نشانده وبه سوی نابودی بکشانند.

    بناً؛ از همه دوستان، خواهران و برادران هزاره مقیم شهر برزبن وسایر شهرها خواهش می شود که در این حرکت برحق اعتراضی شرکت کرده و یگانه گی ملت هزاره رابرای احقاق حقوق انسانی شان عیارانه و جوانمردانه بنمایش بگذارند.

  9. Salam my Hazara Qauoma

    Why do we always lose our Rahber, Rahnemah, Leader and our nation`s bravest men, I am worry, angry and sad about the future of our next men of the Hazara nation. Khudah Rahmatesh kunad Shahid Hussain Ali Yousafi. it is very hard and sad for me for our people and for Shahid yousif`s family.

    Dear my hazara brother and sisters I always regret that why this happens to us always. I did not want to hear any more that we have lost our leaders again after Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari`s Shahid shuden. our people never live in peaceful or in a freedom, even in the Waten`e aziz mah afghanistan. Mah hameshah Shekust khurdem and shekust mekhurem as taraf`e dushmen`e khud, because that we lose our leaders and Our first enemy!is Beithathi, Beitefaqi(We are not united) wa Rasty, (never being honest to each ather) neyast. our Hazara people live as the refugee and citizens around the world, many of the our young generation have lost or do not know anythings about the history of our culture. If we can not live in peace or in a freedom in watan Aziz khud Afghanistan, so it is very impossible to live peacefully and freedom in Mulkhaee Begaanaha, Also we will lose our generation and our Hazara culture.
    baleyaz`e Khudah hae ma Beitahat qauome Hazara!!! If we live and stay as united, honest, smart and strong, No one will beat us and even can not beat us. Dear our Hazara people who live in the Overseas out side from afghanistan and Queeta Pakistan and also even Iran, Please remember that most of you people have chance to educate your children and always remember your children about our hazara history and our culture. Our generation is the only hope to save our people, culture and our Motherland. Please, Please, Please do not ruin your children`s life because of making some money, education is much more importent and stronger then money. alway tell them because of the our people`s mistakes like (never been united). once again our children and our young generation is the only hope for us. Our Hazara people live extremely in danger, because we are losing lives of our people, leaders, culture and our Motherland. I have too many comments in my hearth about the our unfortunate Hazara people and I am very sad about Shahid Yousafi.


    26/01/2009 it was very very sad day for all Hazara nation when they listened the bad news about attack on our great leader HUSSAIN ALI YOUSAFI.

    We Hazara living in Bournemouth, South East of England are Extremly sorry for the SHAHEED HUSSAIN ALI YOUSAFI. We are also intouch with other Hazaras in England to get together in London to raise their Voice in front of Pakistan Embassy and United Nation Office.

    We request our MNA Mr.Syed Abbas Shah and MPA Jan Ali Changazi to raise the voice of Hazara nation in forthcoming meeting of National Assembly and Provisional Assembly to take action against target killing and protection of Hazara nation.


  11. Salam barayee tamam hazaraha!!!!
    ma ham az tarafe az khudkhu shhaeed shudan rehnamaye qum khur (Hussain Ali Yusofi)ra barayee tamam hazara qum, Hazara democratic party wa ba khussus barayee famil muhtaram shi taasaeliyath arz munum…..khuda shahid ra janat nasseb kana…..khuda rahmath kana…..
    beraru ma ham az tarafe khud yak jumala k beyar mashhuur wa pur maana asta k muga:
    ::::Mu Mardum Zenday Khub Nadaray Wa murday BAad:::……..u thingdeeply wat i mean!!…
    lets wake up and lets take each ohters hand and lets respect eachother and lets know the prestige of our leader……Khuda mu ra heeffz kana….

  12. Dearest Mokhtar Hussain

    You are right I as a Hazara who born in Jaghori rainse in Kabul. Lived as refugee in Qutta then another western country where I live now. We a don’t see any diffent between Hazaras who are living in Quetta,Kabul,Mazara,Herat,Hazarajat(Hazarestan,Iran,Mashad,karachi,peshawar,the whole Eroupe,Australia,USA,denmark,India,russia…….. anywhere you can think in this planet even universe! Eeven regardless of our religion,country,nationality,political oponion… We are all having the recedency or citizenship of the countries we live. Even from one single family Awlad yak padar we live in deffrent country,contenants,region.Even some of our young generation unfortunatly lost their language as speaking,reading or writting. The majority of our Hazara families live in many deffrent countries. Far from each other as a result of mahajerat ya Panahendagi. The horrific situation you are experiencing in Quetta for few days. We all including you or your father suffered many countless time in the past 30 years or centuries.

    Have faith God and confedent in your self. Use all of your strenghth as your brothers did in Afghanistan. I as a soldier of Hazara never looked to the broader community in Eroep or any where else. We were holding our guns and not leaving the ground to our best as we could. If my brothers were coming to our rescue,financially help,demonstrate or whatever support or solidarity we would wellcome Balay Do Deda agar ham nakad pesh khoda war mellat mallamat.
    We have many members of our family in Quetta or Pakistan. How we can neglect or being careless.Impossible.imposiblle….even if we did not have family or freind we would help our Hazara all over the world. This is not some one should tell us. This is our responsibility and holy duty even important than whatever you think.

    You are completely right I am very very disappointed with our leaders action inside Afghanistan or outside. Some time I get disappointed and think we do not a have a national leader after Shahid Mazari my God Father that I love him to death. We fought in Kabul and all over Afghanistan . But what we got at the end some few Chawkez for our selfish and self interest leaders. Every one should be benefit from their sacrifice and struggle to fight again the monopoly,raciest,and extremist.But unfortunatly those people who holds the Chawki are not only stoped thinking about you.What happened in Behsoud? and all over the Afghanistan. K….. and others just hold his chair like Rabbani and completley forgot the pain and suffring of Hazara.More than five thousand families lost their verything in Afshar.700 hundreds people were took as captives. more than hundreds were killed and left more than a year in the capital Kabul with dafn wa Kafn prey for animals! This happend in 1993 in 21th century by the so called Mojahiden and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
    Guese about Chendawol,west Kabul,Mazar and Bamyan thousands of Hazara massacred.
    Please campaire the situation. Our leaders are happy to get some posts in Karzi cabenet. Why we are not looking to the history when Sultan Ali Keshtmand was Prime Minister for eleven years as Prime Minister of Afghanistan during Democratice Party of Afghanistan. Just a few elite Hazara joined the government and rest went to Iranian,Pakistani ISI,Soudi,Westerns are whoever they could to fight for what. To bring Mojahidin and Taliban and Al-Qaead to kill Hazaras like animal. Mulla Omara did not only killed Mazari and Hazaras. Who were their masters?Who were their supporters and financing them? What was the role of ISI,Soudis,Arabs….. and raciest political parties who made Taliban and Al-Qaeda as their aggrasive dogs to acheive and prepare the situation for their objectives.

    1.I think I losing the subject. Do we have a national leader?
    2. Are we really united allover the world?

    3.Do we have a national or gurilla army if the logic was not accepted?
    3.How many Hazaras are living in Quetta wihtout having a proper protection of anykind?
    4.We earn the money allover the world,where we spend it ?Why the land is so expensive this side of the Poli Kirani and cheap to otherside of the Kirani?
    5.What about the motherland Afghanistan. What we did or doing now for it? I asked many people including my family. What about going to Afghanistan? They say No. we don’t go their is electricity,water,gas or whatever.
    6. those countries who have everthign did the God or other nation brought to them or themselves? We want Abad Hazarajat without fighting,bring electricity,gas and infrastracture.
    6. Even unfortunatly some kids are not calling themselves Afghanis or being Awghostani is a sham! How can father,mother and grandfather were Afghanis and they are not? Why we should lose our indentity so quicly.
    7. Why people who are supporting Shahis Mellat Hussain Ali Yousofi stongly.Because he alway thought for Hazara and personally went to Jaghori and Hazarajat to do something vital and positve for his nation.Unfortunatly you know what happend to him.Even in Quetta he asked for the vote why people could not respect him to vote even once for him to be a winner and do something positive with all of his sacrifice history in Afghanistan,Pakistan along his exellent knowledge,honesty,passion,zeal and the most important his beatiful and innocent Hazaragi feeling and dreams. We are all ashamed from top to the bottom.From Afghanistan to Quetta Pakistan. And the worse thing the silence of our so called leaders. My dear brother we are many mistakes and hearth break. Sometimes I wonder how we bear this live. Don’t think we are living abroad forgot everything. If our heads touch to the Arsh Khoda again we are Hazara and our heart,feeling,support and prais all with you. Once again stand up on your feet be strong like your fothfathers.Like Turk Mongolian race like Mazari and his collueges. Have a look to the map West Kabul was tolly cut from Hazarajat.We did not have access to the Airport nor any Highway or major roads even a single passege to send a letter to abroad facing by countless enemy and the whole government along with their Jets,Tanks,Lona heavey and light artilary. We had nothing campair to them.But we had one thing historic pain,determination,selfsacrifice,goals,minds to handle the situation and survive. Taliban did not defeat Hazara. Lots of powers were behind them you know better and the most importantly we were cut of from Hazarajat and in general the whole Afghanistan. Some had bullets but did not had bread and food to eat and some had food but not had the bullet. But we survived three years and did not stop our struggle even the Taliban,Al-Qaeda their masters …… ! took control of % 90 of Afghanistan.Even in that time we did lose hope.We were say غر غر شیران گذشت،غوغو سگان نیز بگذرد.
    The situation in Quetta is not a sudden surprise.Manythings contributed to this national crises. Many powers and dirty local hands are involve in this ongoing genocied,massacre and target killing of Hazara. My dear brothers and sister be patient there is away to get out of this trouble soon or late. They enemies are nothing compaire to anger of Hazara. But the problem we never think critically and foundamental. We are jsut like pressure cooker if you don’t mind me. We have no plan,no khaka wa naghsha for our future. We just spendig day to day live to wait for another massacre or crises. What we learnt from %62 massacre and killing,Afshar,Mazar,west Kabul,bamyan….. Are we working to reorganise our Hazara nation or dividing them by qawms,Taiefa,Mantaqa,location of country,political oponion… But unfortunatly when enemies come they kill under one single name “Hazara” Wake up and set up your mind.شهر روم ده یک روز جورنشده. We all had mistakes or making mistakes. But enough is enough do not repeat it again intentionally. If you did or I did lets forgive each others. Make a new start what is you objective for your nation. Think locally act globally. Think like modern nations. We can not rely on some unknown Dowa Taez or unconfirmed beleive. This is time of advanced technological defence,soci economic and political time. If it was not people would not investe billion and Trillion of dollars on their defence system,education,social……systems.
    You did not born to be killed,humaliate and suffer. You born for pleasure not pain. عقل کی نبود جان ده عذابه
    We never thought about our future like other nation. We all lived like traditional people struggling to survive.
    اگر خواهی که در نظام طبیعت زنده مانی برو قوی شو
    که در نظام طبیعت، ضعیف پا مال است
    It is happening all over the world.Think wisely.Have principle rulles for your lives. Establesh a local,national,international foundation whatever is nessarry. When soem honest wise Hazara come to you follow them. Don’t follow silly religiouse comfort by mullas and stupid and dishonest politicians. When others they can you also can do it.

    wa salam

    Ba Omed Perozi wa sar belandi tamy Hazrahay Jahan Hamrah ba tamame Basharyat wa ensanyat
    as musulman wa ghayr musluman

  13. a nation with out a history is a name with out meaning . a people with out a leader foresees no future a race with out achivement is doomed a movement with out a foundation is sentence to distinction .
    there fore one of the most important things that nation take pride for their past , their history, they t6ake their honor for their great leaders they bost about their past achivement , thus overtake eash other to become the leading nation of this world

  14. Salam Brotherha e Hazara

    Dar mustaqbil qareeb bisyaar ehteyat bayad konid ki khatra 100% mojood ast ……….

    Dar ehtajaji juloos khusosan ………..

  15. yesterday on 28th jan 2009 an emergency meeting took place in london on agha marzooq ali’s resident and discussed all issues and come on concllution that only think we can do is protest and other options are open but its not right time for it where all representatives from all over uk were present .
    we are holding a demistration in front of pakistan embassy knightsbridge london and also we will protest in frount of united nation on same day at 11.00 am on 8th feb 2009 sunday

    By: hazara international forum(uk) on January 29, 2009
    at 9:50 am

  16. Salam Dears
    The about article is strong condemnation from Afghan United Associatin in South Australia. I apologise to forget to write the statemet’s title.

    yours sicerely


  17. The repetitive violence and target killing in Quetta once again proved being a Hazara seems to be as a crime in Pakistan as it was in Afghanistan. The Afghan United Association of South Australia strongly condemn the killig of Hazara Democratic Party leader Martyred Hussain Ali Yousufi. I on behalf of Hazara and non Hazara community member offer our deepest sympathy and pray for the soul of great leader Shahid Yousufi and the rest of recent Shohada. Brothers and sisters as we were the first and oldest victims of genocide, massacres, terrorism and target killing in the past in our mainland Afghanistan. Unfortunately nothing seems to indicate the end of discrimination and hat rate against our Hazara in Afghanistan, Pakistan or elsewhere . It appears still there are extreme hat rate and discrimination towards our Hazara regardless of their way of thinking or religion.

    Therefore we think now it is the time for Hazara people seriously think about their defence and security in Quetta and all over Pakistan. Because more than a million people are left without any proper and organised defenders! When even the government is not able to give protection to their local authorities. Then there is no question about Hazara refugees. As Mazari said:” Let me tell you frankly here: Enmity amongst different ethnics would be certainly a big disaster. The demand for rights is a call for brotherhood and unity amongst the different ethnic, not for enmity” However unfortunately relying on Pakistani Army or Police, Baloch and Pashton leaders are seems to be not working anymore. Therefore we have to bring a major and historic change.Otherwisethe history of Abdul Rahaman,Afshar,Chandawol,Bamyan,Mazar and Quetta will repeat again and again. With all of my respect to your protest , demonstration and dependent religious leaders who invite the enemy but have nothing in their hands other than charming and loud slogans are not the options as we thought. The new centures demand a new way of thinking not traditional way of thinking which had not a fruit in the past. I think we need to think like other modern nations about our security and day to day life needs.
    Any nation who neglect and has no proper protection would be massacred and wiped out even for fun!
    We can not rely on others or waiting for miracle any more. Allah will not change the destiny of those nations who are not changing themselves. Otherwise we will be killed every day without any mercy and following justice as it happened in the past.

    Because we are faced with a coward and foolish enemy who grow opium, make heroin and then sell it to Muslim or non- Muslim who are precious human being. And in return buy weapon and defend the holy religion of prophet Mohammad and Islam which remain us the famous story of the prostitute woman who were doing the wrong thing. But in return was making mosque!
    These terrorist elements must look to the live and Sunah of prophet Mohammad( p.o.h) they were giving hands to the orphans and widows not making them orphans and widows! Sham on you criminal drug dealer religious party who claim to bring true Islam and Shariah. Let me tell you my conceived brother. You are not Mujahid or true follower of Islam. You are all a foot foolish soldier for your cleaver drug dealers master who gives religious slogans but behind the scene they continue to grow opium and make heroin buying weapons ( which mostly goes to their greedy guts) and using you against another Muslim who are praying the Allah and prophet Mohammad as the same way you do or slightly different. But with the same Saf Neyat even better than you. Now you have to answer the question. When Allah,Quran,prophet Mohammad or his Ashab said go grow opium,make heroin and sell it to Muslim or non Muslim who are created by the same Allah and buy weapons and kill Hazara Muslim and I will let you to the paradise! Is Allah in favour of murderers and killers? Are holy heaven is the place to those notorious murderers? Are there no way to go heaven other than killing innocent people and minority ethnic? Did Allah, Quran or prophet Mohammad told you to serve intelligence services in order the kill people to get the key to heaven! Which heaven you are searching for? If you are searching heaven of Allah, Allah never said to enter the way want to enter to kill Muslim or even mankind.
    Otherwise we will be killed every day without any mercy and following justice as it happened in the past.

    Even Abdul Rahman and his collaborators killed %62 our people. But no one has come forward nationally or internationally to seek justice or at least condemn their atrocities against Hazara nation till now! It is very sad day for our Hazara nation all over the world. Because in one word we are all one regardless of the region and country where we live. Thirdly if the ruling majority thinks they can eliminate Hazaras and continue their religious or raciest empire without out trouble and resistance. Then we have one more option for them. If we die then we will take for our company to hell or paradise otherwise we get bore! Again as Mazari said: Because no society can survive without social justice, equality, tolerance, and brotherhood.
    If the government of Pakistan, federal or state leaders,ISI,Ulama,tribal leaders,ordanary people men or women young or old must stop by any way of talking, constructive argument, humanity to live and give the chance to live for others as human,muslims,citizens like brother and sisters in harmonious way based on mutual respect. We also having joint- Fateha this Sunday 01/02/2009 along his doughter,Damad,relative and the whole Hazara Community in Adelaide.

    God bless his soul and the whole Shoda
    زنده باد آرمان انسانی و هزارگی در سراسر جهان
    Amani Public Officer of Afghan United Association in South Australia

  18. Asalaam Aliekum:

    USA, Jan 28, 2009: Hazaras in United States have launched their first major political party called “Hazara Organization for Progress and
    Equality (HOPE).”

    HOPE was launched at the end of the two-day emergency summit held in New York city after the recent spade of Terrorist’s massacre of Hazaras in
    cold blood in Quetta. News of the death of our beloved hero, and leader, Hussain Ali Yousafi, was the tipping point for the Hazara community in

    The organization will be formally registered as a Political Organization with the United States Govt within a few days. More information will be
    shared as it becomes available. Please check,



  19. neasth ki paymana az khoon labrez shawaad
    bithars azo rooz ki hazaran barkhez shawaad…..
    salam bar tu ustad-e-Muhtaram
    really its very shocking news that we lost such a great leader, he did alot for our community how many years he was in detention in afghanistan and he did whatever he can, but till what time we should keep sweet eyes towords our animies. I think except saying bordabad with right hand we should do something with lift hand aswell.
    anyways its really big lose for our community we cann,t fine or make any new ustad-e-Muhtarams like yousafi and alam masbah

  20. salam qauma , i want say just couple of words that pakistani GOVT: fails to provide security of us. the truth is even thay can,t secure BANAZIR BUTTO, and army gen was killed in rawalpindi, shokut aziz farmer prime minster had attack so many time , and on the pakistani home minister aftab ahmed khan sher pau thay done sucide attack , so its point less to ask GOVT ; for security , thay can,t secure them self

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