Posted by: Editor | January 26, 2009

Non-Hazara Hand Behind Burning and Mobbing?

A non-Hazara burning a motorbike; proof of no Hazara hand behind burning the banks, vehicles and looting.

A non-Hazara apparently burning a motorbike, which could be proof that non-Hazara elements used the opportunity to loot and burn.

Quetta January 26: Non-Hazara elements could be involved in the mobbing and burning that occurred after the killing of HDP leader Hussain Ali Yusafi, reports suggest.

Eyewitness accounts and new pictures emerging from the scenes of burning suggest that some damage to public property was done by non-Hazara elements.

Police has arrested a number of non-Hazaras in connection with looting, mobbing and burning of property.

Hazara Democratic Party denied allegations that Hazara protesters burned banks or vehicles. General Secretary of HDP also said that Hazaras were not involved in pelting stones on the office of Sama TV.

Below are some pictures suggesting the involvement of non-Hazara elements in the rioting.

Police arresting a trouble-maker, a non-Hazara putting fire to vehicles.

Police arresting a trouble-maker, a non-Hazara allegedly putting fire to vehicles.

A vehicle burnt by unknown conspirators.

A vehicle burnt by unknown conspirators.

Muslim Commercial Bank Jinnah Road burnt down by non-Hazara conspirators.

Muslim Commercial Bank on Jinnah Road said to have been burnt down by non-Hazara conspirators.

Vehicles burnt down by non-Hazara trouble-makers.

Vehicles allegedly burnt down by non-Hazara trouble-makers.

A motorbike burnt down by non-Hazara trouble-makers.

A motorbike allegedly burnt down by non-Hazara trouble-makers.


  1. Excellent site yours faithfully Nakia Schue

  2. sallam i am munawar hussain hazara from Quetta pakistan and i feel very said about yousefi, he was our greatt leader i like at first and i like yousfi now also so i pray for yousfi

  3. Dear Hazaras; i am deeply shocked when i heard the news of our valuable personalities are being shot on a day light by the cowards and netorious terrorists, A bunch of sick minded lashkar-e-junghvi. they are the production of (AH) who claimed to be muslim. but on the contrary they are not even human. Thats why they attack like beasts (hynas) whose nature is attacking human.
    I think we should unite to face such challenges.
    we should put our differences aside and face the realities of terrorist threat to our society. The challenges of coward and hidden enimy is real and eminent. we must find the salution, i personaly don’t think protests is the salution.
    S. N

  4. i agree with u 100% liaqat bro. as well dont forget mother fucker shoib sadel and SP ATF.

  5. From this blog we send this strong message to the Establishment of Pakistan

    We are well aware of the aims behind this and other incidents. If you want to stop the voice of Baloch Freedom Movement chose another tactic, we are not going to be sacrificed anymore. Gone are the days when some Lashkar or Sipah used to send videos for accecptace of such incidents to make us fool. These Lashkar and Sipah are only differnt names used by the establishment and related agencies. We Strongly Demand the immediate arrest or death warrant of Hamayun Jogezai.
    This son of thousand fathers Hamayun Jogezai is sent by the establisment of Pakistan for a short while in Quetta so settle balance the environment by the massacre of HAZARAs. Everyone is aware of his History back from 6th of July 1985, when he was incharge of City Police Station and ordered to shoot on the peaceful protest. Then he was sent back by the establishment and when needed again, he was sent back to Quetta in 2003 when 3 major incidents happened. The Hazara Police Cadets on 8th of June 2003, the attack on Hazara Mosque on 4th of July 2003, the attack on Ashura Procession on 2nd of March 2004. Afther those incidents the establishment achived their target and surprizingly transfered him back after which everything came to normal. Now he is back for almost 1 year and as he entered the city the terrorists from the ATF Jail dramatically escaped and these incidents started slowly. Just as HDP and especially Shaheed Ustaad Yousufi has started dialogues with the Baloch Nationalist Parties, the establishment was shocked and an immediate action was taken against HDP. We remember what the MPA Shafiq was trying to implement on the incident of Hazara Town. When HDP came infront of him and unrevealed their aims. Shaheed Ustaad Yousufi was among the prominent ones who condemned MPA Shafiq and the Agencies who tried to create tension between Hazaras and Balochis. Be aware of this Son of thousand Fathers MPA Shafiq who lives in Tail Godam.

    We can clearly see blood stains on the hand of MPA Sahfiq and Hamayun Jogezai.

  6. The killing of HDP leader Mr. Hussain Ali Yosufi was a shocking news and a great loss for Hazarah ethnic group around the world. Definitely it is difficult for Hazarahs to have another Yosufi in near future and the losses can not be compensated.
    However, the killings should provoke Hazarahs to unite against the killings which is not only targeting the leaders, indeed that is targeting the ethnic cleansing as took place in Afghanistan during the Taliban and that is perhaps going to continue in another style and location.
    Hazarahs need to prepare the situation for the new generation to empower against all sorts of oppression and ethnic cleansing.
    Droud ber roh shahid Yosufi and tasaleat ba tamam Qawm,
    Wishing that the Kiling of Yosufi gives another new blood to the life of Hazarahs,
    Insha Allah

  7. Shaheed Yousufi wanted us to live in peace with people of all other ethnicity in Quetta city. Let’s honor his wishes and join hands with Pashtuns and Baluchis so he can be proud of us. These target killings are the works of cowards and no Pashtun or Baluchis are capable of such acts. Each day peace loving Pashtuns and Baluchis are killed we grieve with them just like they are grieving with us today. Please vent your angers constructively and let’s make Yousufi proud of us.

  8. mother fucker Govt is also involved on this killing to hazara and mother fucker Raisani and
    many balochs and pashtoons are involved with smuggling on the borders of pakistan, by doing business of human traffiking, hashish, chars and smuggling og weapons.

    I hope that the present provincial Govt. should resign and dont blame the hazaras for lootings.

    they should find the culprits, the killers, so that everyone live with peac

  9. بیانه نهضت مدنی افغانستان (نما) به مناسبت ترور شهید «حسینعلی یوسفی» رهبر حزب «هزاره دموکراتیک پارتی» در پاکستان
    با کمال تاسف اطلاع یافتیم که روز گذشته (7/11/1387) آقای «حسینعلی یوسفی» رهبر حزب «هزاره دموکراتیک پارتی» (HDP) در شهر کویته پاکستان مورد حمله مسلحانه تروریستی قرار گرفت و به شهادت رسید. شهید یوسفی روز گذشته برای پیگری نتیجه تحقیق در مورد شهادت دو پولیس و یک فرد دیگر هزاره که به دست گروه های افراطی ترور شده بود، به پارلمان پاکستان رفته بود و هنگام بازگشت از پارلمان مورد حمله مسلحانه گروه های افراطی فرقه گرا قرار گرفت

  10. We the Hazaras in Southampton England strongly condemn the ongoing acts of terror against Hazaras in Quetta city. We strongly condemn today’s barbaric act of terror, in which we lost one of the brilliant minds, who had a long history of contributions in Hazaragi drama,arts, literature and politics; HUSSAIN ALI YOUSUFI.
    We the Hazaras in Southampton got together and discussed all possible means to be exploited to raise the oppressed voice of our Nation in United Kingdom and world media.
    We concluded the meeting and found no other alternatives but to pressurize the government of Pakistan to arrest and bring the culprits to justice. As our enemies are cowardly hidden. We should know the fact that without the immense government support they may not do such inhuman and brutal acts. The following measures were suggested to gain our objectives.
    1. We as the member of the nation urge the Hazaras across the world to declare a black day and a national day of mourning (day to be set by Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan).
    So that we Hazaras of the world should launch a collaborative and united protest against the ethnic cleansing of the Hazaras in Quetta on the same day.
    2. We urge the Hazaras of the United Kingdom to join the protest in London in front of the Pakistani embassy, United Nations office, emnesty international and human rights organization. (Date and time will be announced later).
    3. The Hazaras in Switzerland and Scandinavian countries should organize a protest in Geneva in front of the united nations headquarter, embassy of Pakistan and other human right organizations. At the same time we urge the Hazaras living other parts of Europe to launch protests in their respective countries keeping in view the important agenda to raise the voice of oppressed as well as suppressed Hazaras.
    4. The Hazaras in the united states and Australia should launch protests in front of the above said offices to pressurise the govt of Pakistan to capture and bring to justice so that nothing aggressive like this incident happen again to the Hazaras in Quetta city.
    5. We strongly urge the member of provincial assembly Mr.Jan Ali changazi and member of nationally assembly Mr.Syed Abbas to raise their voices in their respective assemblies and record their official protests as well as set a deadline for the arrests of the culprits and if the demands are not met, should leave govt benches and join the opposition and go for the further hunger strike till death,as per your national responsibility. (the braves die once not everyday)
    6. We strongly urge the global hazard leaders Mr.Khalili, Mr.Mohaqqiq and Dr.Sima Samer to visit Islamabad and discuss the safety and security of Hazaras with the president and prime minister of the Pakistan.
    7. As the only political voice of the Hazaras in Quetta we urge the HAZARA DEMOCRATIC PARTY to be a part of greater opposition alliance in Pakistan to launch a movement against the contemporary cruel govt of PPP who has left no stone unturned to eliminate the Hazara community in Pakistan.
    8. As the Hazaras of the Southampton and united kingdom we solemnly request the entire Hazara community to leave their personal and ideological rifts and come together to deal with the crisis all together united.
    Contributed by! Dr.Jawad Fayazi, Mr.Younas,Mr.liaqat,Mr.Ibrahim. Mr.Imran.Mr.Raza Gulzari. Syed Inayat shah. Syed Munawar.
    We appreciate your views and comments at !

  11. Hazara news Pakistan did really the great work expressing the non Hazara behind burning and mobbing in Quetta City.

    salam to you all.

  12. Dear Friends,

    Such evidences show that the pashtoon, baloch and punjabi looters looted many shops and burned vehicles. they just need opportunity, whenever they find, they loote and attack on the properties. as they looted Ahmed store. These elements are the thieves and mafat parasts, because their nature is looting.

    many balochs and pashtoons are involved with smuggling on the borders of pakistan, by doing business of human traffiking, hashish, chars and smuggling og weapons.

    I hope that the present provincial Govt. should resign and dont blame the hazaras for lootings.

    they should find the culprits, the killers, so that everyone live with peace.

    Ba amani khuda

    Mukhtar Hussain

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