Posted by: Editor | January 27, 2009

Martyred Leader Laid To Rest, Speakers Accuse Govt. Agencies For The Murder

Quetta January 27: Martyrd Hazara politician Hussain Ali Yousufi was laid to rest at Hazara Graveyard, Quetta on Tuesday January 27, 2009. Thousands of mourners including leaders of Pakhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, Balochistan National Congress, Jamhuri Watan Party, Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Q attended the funeral procession.

Body of martyred leader Yousufi being taken towards Hazara Graveyard.

Body of martyred leader Yousufi being taken towards Hazara Graveyard.

Body of the slain leader was taken from Hazara Nechari Imambaragah at 3 pm amid emotional scenes of grieved mourners. Funeral prayer was offered in Hazara Graveyard at 4:30 pm. Thousands of mourners chanted slogan against the Government and and security forces.

Mourners going towards Hazara Graveyard with the body of martyred leader, Yousufi.

Mourners going towards Hazara Graveyard with the body of martyred leader, Yousufi.

Funeral prayer of martyred leader Yousufi.

Funeral prayer of martyred leader Yousufi.

Usman Kasi of Pashtoonkhwa Millin Awami Party speaking to mourners.

Usman Kasi of Pashtoonkhwa Millin Awami Party accused Govt. intelligence Agencies for Hazara leader's murder.

———————————————— Usman Kasi, Provincial President of Pakhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party addressing the mourners strongly condemned the Government for being failed to maintain law and order situation. He doubted intelligence agencies are involved behind such incidents to create tensions among brotherly nations of Quetta city. He said Pakhtoonkhwa Party shares the deep sorrows of Yousufi’s martyrdom.

Usman Kasi also condemned President Zardari and Prime Minister Gailani for taking no serious action on the series of target killing in Quetta.

President of Balochistan National Congress, Dr. Abdul Hakim Lehri also termed intelligence agencies responsible for the murder of Hussain Ali Yousufi. He said agencies are trying to create hatred among deprived Balochistanis; Baloch, Pushtoons and Hazaras.

Dr. Hakim Baloch of Balochistan National Congress speaking to mourners at Hazara Graveyard.

Dr. Hakim Baloch of Balochistan National Congress says Govt. agencies behind Yousufi's murder.

Dr. Hakim Lehri said intelligence agencies are targeting Hazaras since july 1985 to destroy the harmony among brotherly nations of Quetta. He condemned the Govt’s failure to arrest the responsible elements behind such incidents.

General Secretary of Hazara Democratic Party, Khaliq Hazara criticized the Federal Government for taking no notice of the target killing in Quetta and said its a conspiracy against the peaceful atmosphere of Quetta city. He added that the religious extremist groups were established by Intelligence agencies for the devilish aims of the state. We should fight state-terrorism jointly. Baloch nation strong condemn terrorism. Some Balochs are being used by elements for political aims.


Khaliq Hazara accusing Govt. for Yousufi's murder.

Khaliq Hazara accusing Govt. for Yousufi's murder.

Khaliq Hazara said “our leaders are being targeted to demoralize the nation, but the conspirators should bear in mind, we are more united.” He accused the Government and agencies behind Hazara leader’s murder.

Ibrahim Hazara, former President of Hazara Democratic Party urged the nation to get united. He asked all the political parties and civil society to be united and fight jointly for national rights.


Ghulam Ali Haider, Chairman Tanzeem Hazara Mughul addressing the nation.

Ghulam Ali Haider, Chairman Tanzeem Hazara Mughul addressing the nation.

Chairman, Tanzeen Nasle Nau Hazara Mughul, Ghulam Ali Haider also addressed the nation. He said after Baba Mazari, Shaheed Yousufi’s martyrdom is the most tragic for Hazara nation. He added that Shaheed Yousufi  started the journey of struggle for Hazaragi cause since adolescence with him. He praised his dedication and sincerity for the nation.

Shah Gul Rezai, a Hazara woman member of parliament from Kabul also addressed the nation live on phone. She condemned the cowardly act of terror and demanded of the Government of Pakistan to immediately arrest killers of Hussain Ali Yousufi.


  1. salam international hazara. will you plz write the date and the time , of the protest , we here all most 30 40 40 people waiting for ur time AND DATE MY EMAIL KHUTAN_KOSHA@YAHOO.COM

  2. sallam hazara international

    could you pleas put the date when the raily and protest is

    Zinda bad hazaragi

  3. yesterday on 28th jan 2009 an emergency meeting took place in london on agha marzooq ali’s resident and discussed all issues and come on concllution that only think we can do is protest and other options are open but its not right time for it where all representatives from all over uk were present .
    we are holding a demistration in front of pakistan embassy knightsbridge london and also we will protest in frount of united nation on same day at 11.00 am all men women chidren are requisted to come any one read this forward this message to all
    every one is responsible for there own food and drink you must arrange thhis before coming because of long protest and railly

  4. I can see the beam of lightness on our leader’s face which says to all of us that “I am still alive with all of you and come back to fight the nasty and cruel people in the leadership of our IMAM…………..”

    I am a bit unhappy about one of our sister’s comment for calling HAZARAS cowards. No, my sister we are not. We have strong faith in our religion that does not allow us to take the life of innocent people who are out for their daily earnings. Cowards are those who are attacking us discretely.
    If you glance at the history of Subcontinent and AFG, it was the Mughals (farsi ban) who ruled them all for years. Now the other ethnic groups (Pashtoon and Baloch) are afraid of us that we may rule them again which I am sure will happen again in near future (Inshalllah).
    At the current stage, we are not aware of our strength but it is fact that they are afraid of our past that is why these cowardice activities are in progress. We have to stop blaming, which is very destructive. Hence, it is time to ignore the difference and unite together for single cause of Hazargi. May God Almighty help us in coming together on a single platform. (Amin)

  5. I Ahmad Reza Wakil on behalf of all Qauma in Sydney Australia strongly condemn the cowardly act of terrorism by blood thirsty Muslim Jehadis against innocent and peaceful Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan. I would take this opportunity to pass our deepest condolences to all Qauma and specially to Hussain Ali Yousaffi’s family here in Australia and in Pakistan. We have organized a protest march to Pakistani Embassy in Canberra on Tuesday 3rd February 2009 to demand the government of Pakistan to protect its citizens and take drastic action against Islamic extremist in Pakistan.
    dear Qauma WE ARE WITH YOU in this very sad moment.

  6. Out of respect, please remove the picture which shows his face. May God rest his soul in peace, and give us the strength to unite, and carry his message forward.


  7. The target killing against Hazaras reached to the leader stage but we are failed to take action against such incident, Yousofi was real political person and great personality in the history of Hazaras.

    If they kill one man, let them not forget that his blood will flow into thousands and millions of us around the world and we will get you one way or another.

  8. I´m feeling extremly sad about our Great man Hussain ALi Yusofi.
    but just God can help us.

  9. Shaheed Ustaad Yousufi
    We will think as you were trying to show us how to think, we will speak what you were trying to show us how to speak and we will live the way you wanted us to live………

    A famous saying by Albert Einstein is that “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”.

    This is the time when we should bring changes in our own selves. From within our Families, within our company of friends, save each penny of us in the name of HAZARAGI and we will see very soon that we will be an undefeatable nation.

    This is our last chances to understand ourselves, the world, our sufferings, our harsh history and bring respect in our attitudes towards our elders and great leaders……..

    God bless our Nation……..

  10. Always bear in mind that history will always keep repeating itself, until we change it ourselfs!!!!
    Look what they did to u in Afghanistan…u fled from there..and now they are coming after u in Pakistan…the reason..? Reason: Hazara people always sits with their hands in their laps, and waits for a miracle from God.
    Remember: God only helps those who helps themselves!!!!!
    Hazara youths should know that the only way they’ll ever get themselves heard is by educating themselves! Knowledge is power.
    Look at the Jews, they learned from their mistakes: and now they rule the world!!
    Unity is power, and the only way to unity is that the hazara gets rid of their jealousy towards each other, and help each other out!!

  11. The problem with the hazara people is that they don’t do anything else but talking:(
    Shame on you cowards!!

  12. Salam to all Hazaras:
    Great Yousofi was brilliant political man,
    1. we lose him, its the facts
    2. we couldnot protect him, its the fact,
    3. Some decline him wrong, its the fact,
    4. Few neglect him, its the fact,
    5. No one benefit him, its the fact,
    6. He spread his voice but no one hear him, its the fact,
    7. Pure Hazaragi personality, its the fact,
    8. He was the builder, its the fact
    9. He was a leader, its the fact
    10. You forgetted him yesterday, its the fact
    11. How you remember today, its the fact
    12. Government didn’t took action, its the fact
    13. You just meet the Chief Minister, its the fact
    14. Just meeting doesn’t make a respones, its the fact
    15. You didn’t accept him, its the fact

    then why Abdul Khaliq Hazara should not say this statement that “Government individuals should stay off the funeral”.

    tell me??
    tell me??

    Alass!! we lost Yousofi dears.
    Today we only find a blank space in his place.

  13. Yousufi was dedicated not just for Hazara in Quetta, but during civil war in Afghanistan he was even tortured for supporting Hazara nation and bringing unity and defending the rights of our Nation. He is one of those leaders who gave Hazara nation pride of being Hazara.
    Our current governmental individuals in Quetta should have participated in shaheed Yousufi’s funeral. But Khaliq Hazara should also not make statement to governmental individuals to stay off the funeral.
    This is time to get united, not to bring our personal political disputes to crack our morals. Even if our people are working in governmental institutes, they are Hazara and they are not apart from us.
    Unity means every body, no distinguish.

  14. Salam Berars and khowars

    My heartfelt condolences to my Hazara People across the world, We have lost a Great Leader who fought for our rights and we will miss him very much,

    We the Civil Movement of Afghanistan strongly condemn this barbaric killing of this Great Man

  15. I am living in Adelaide Australia where Hazaras are felling sad about the killing of honorable leader and ask the all the Hazara people living anywhere in the world to stop thinking what part of Afghanistan you are from and whom you have to say something or do something on behalf and come and get togather only us Hazara to protest aginst such issues infrom of Pakistan Embassy and show them who we are and what is hapenning with our people in Quetta.

    by being together as a Hazara in the world will keep us safe and everyother people will know that we are also living in the world as Hazara.

  16. Only we had Hussain Ali Yousafi who was the greatest man in whole Hazaras after Mazari who sereved his whole life day and night thinking about his nation future and whose struggle should not be forgotten in everyone’s memory.

    Despite his hard work for us we didn’t do and didn’t agree on his suggestion that he was trying to keep his nation a safe and happy environment and now we everyone is protesting, crying and shouting that after he is killed.

    No one knew before that what a great and honorable man he was and the only caretaker of all Hazara not only in Quetta but all over the world.

    We Hazaras living in Australia condemn his killing and ask not the the government of Pakistan or the provisional government because they cannot and don’t want to take action agains the killing of our great man but we suggest all the Hazaras living in Pakinstan to step on their on and do something about the situation there because these killing will continue forever and there will not anyone who will be able to do anything.

    I have found the site below which is video of the day when he was rested in Hazara graveyard.

  17. Hussain Ali Yousefi – What a great man.

    Today we mourned and honor the death of a great man, simply a great brave Hazara man.

    He was a man of numerous talent and greatness. His cause is our cause, he worked so hard to put Quetta’s Hazaras on the map, from his radio talk show to his numerous speeches and his writings and literature. He did everything he possibly could to better Hazara’s life in Quetta, Pakistan. His death was evident that the murderers were afraid of him and us. His blood was pure and his voice was like medicine for us. He lived for us and he gave his life for us bravely. Let us not forget that.

    Now that he is gone let us honor his life by becoming stronger and more vigilant. We are a proud brave nation and all of us around the world should take this tragedy and learn from it by becoming more involved in his cause and our cause. LET US NOT FORGET WHAT THE NON-HAZARAS DO TO US ALL THE TIME and for us to just set and cry is not getting us anywhere. Let us not forget our struggle and know those murderers that want to harm us. Let us take things into our hands by doing the right thing, by educating our kids, building schools, defending our homes, our children, and prepare ourselves and when/if they strike us again we strike back 10 time more. They are a bunch of terrorist Saudis slaves and when their masters tell to kill, they do. They have no cause; they are simply slaves of their masters.

    If they kill one man, let them not forget that his blood will flow into thousands and millions of us around the world and we will get you one way or another.

    It was Martin Luther King’s struggle, strength and death that created Obama. The same goes for Yousafi’s death. Today a child sees this great man’s death and grows to become greater. You murderer never succeed.

    And to Rahim Hisaari,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    We the Harazaras are not going anywhere. If we live in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or America, we are here to stay. Pakistan was Yousafi’s country and homeland. He lived there and he died there. The rest of the Harazas in Pakistan are there to stay, they themselves or their children were born there, and Pakistan is their homeland. Those murderers should go to their masters the Saudis, they should go to Saudi Arabia – that way they serve their masters better.

    Let us SOLUTE Hussain Ali Yousafi, CELEBRATE his life AND honor his cause.

  18. God bless Rehbar-e-Azeem-e-Hazara, Hussain Yusufi Shaheed, we can never find such a leader again, who always worked day and night just for the youths and hazara millat, God give him his full blessings and a place in the Paradise.

    After Baba mazari, Hussain Yousufi is a great loss for us in the whole world, because he was the leader of a very civilised and roshan khyal nation in Pakistan.

    The delegation of hazara leaders who did not attend such a funeral, shame on you, I dont have any word for you, even the enemies come to the funeral but you did not. shame on you, shame

    If you have a sense of humanity, goto your leader zardari and tell him about your Govt.s attrocities, because now you people dont have any value to us, shame on you hazar bar.

    I have never heard any message from Muhaqiq sahib in Afghanistan and we are also not able to get any representative from Khalili or Muhaqiq, if you are Hazara, show your solidarity, show your hazara budan, do protest in Kabul infront of the Embassy of Pakistan, so that they get the message.

    Dr. Simma was in Quetta for a long time, she is the leader of the Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, why dose not she present her nations suffering to the world, why dose not she meet with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Europe to discuss about his nations situation in Quetta. Though she belongs to Afghanistan, but she can play a great role by presenting the violation of Hazaras in Quetta to the world attention, if she knows then its her responsibility to present it to the world attention.

    my leaders, either you live in Afghanistan or Pakistan, if you cant help your hazara nation, then you dont have any value for us, we need your participation, because tomorrow you will also be killed by any Najis, and then we will show you to the world.

    I hope that we hazara people in Quetta and in world get lessons from such attrocities and we show our resistence, those who have websites should write articles about such incidents and blame the Paki Govt., those who have money should help with HDP, those who are in press should bring them to our public, those who have education institution should make aware our youths to the challenging world, give them knowldege, those who are too much followers of Imam Hussain, should teach them that Yousufis path was also for unity, justice and action against the munafiqs, those who live in their houses and never came to the protest, should teach them that tomorrow you will also be targeted, those who are roshanfikers, teach them to live your drinking, chars kashi, marxism or bedini, come to public and leave your philosophy or Idealogy, come to public and show your strength, those who have their parties, should teach them first hazara, then your party, those who have properties should give money to HDP and contribute to their accounts.

    I hope that we Hazaras from all over the world will learn from Hussain Ali Yousufi and make him our role model for ever.

    Gob bless our leader

    Anwar Azeem

    Vienna, Austria

  19. The target killing against Hazaras reached to the leader stage but we are failed to take action against such incident, Yousofi was real political person and great personality in the history of Hazaras.

    but after this day his place will remained blank bcoz no one can fulfill his place.

    Its seems very strange that Hazara delegation party didn’t attend the funeral of great Yousofi.


  20. We failed to protect Yousofi, Now he is apart from us but will always remember in our memories. May his depart soul rest in peace.

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