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The Gang Behind Target Killing of Hazaras

Quetta January 29: Target killing of Hazaras in Quetta started since 2000 when Sardar Nisar Ali Hazara was attacked by “unknown” gunmen. His driver succumbed to severe injuries and died, while Sardar recovered the injuries. In February 2001 five other Hazaras died in another terorrist attack on a passanger van. Later on June 8, 2003 “unidentified” terrorists killed 12 Hazara policemen in Quetta. Just a month after this tragic incident on July 4 2003, 2 suicide bombers blew themselves up in a Hazara mosque killing about 60 people. It didn’t stop here. On March 2, 2004 a group of suicide bombers attacked a Muharram procession killing 80 Hazaras and critically injuring another 150. In 2005, another major suicide attack was foiled when some Hazara policemen, risking their lives, encountered with suicide bombers hiding on the route of the Ashura Procession. the Hazara policement killed all three terrorists.

Though apparently the series of Hazara target killing seemed sectarian, but the real story behind the scene is ethnic. The militant group Lashkar-i-Jhangvi has been claiming responsibility for most ofl the attacks on Hazaras. After the suicide attacks of 2004, security forces arrested 5 high-profile masterminds of Lashkar. They were involved in all the attacks on Hazars since 2000. Balochistan High Court sentenced them to death; but last year, in 2007, all the five terrorists broke away from a high-security jail in Quetta.

During the series of attacks on Hazaras, the roles of some high-profile security officials have been controversial.  Police Chief Nawabzada Humayun Jogezai  is prominent among them.  Mr. Jogezai, son-in-law to current Chief Minister Nawab Raisani, was the In charge of City Police Station. He ordered policemen to open fire on Hazara protesters on 6th July 1986 killing, about 25 Hazaras. Following this, Mr. Jogezai was transferred out of Quetta city. With his departure from the city, the situation calmed down and business of life got normal. With the passage of time, Mr. Jogezai was promoted to Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police. He came back to Quetta in 2003. With his arrival, terrorists once again attacked on Hazara police cadets, killing 12 on June 8, 2003. Mr. Jogezai, being the police chief of Quetta, could not make any success in arresting the culprits. Some Hazaras even suspected Mr. Jogezai was behind the attack on Hazara police cadets. With DIG Jogezai in Quetta, 2003 and 2004 proved the most tragic years in the history of Quetta. Suicide bombers attacked on Hazara Mosque 2003 and Ashura Procession in 2004, killing over 100 Hazaras. During the riots after the Ashura attacks, eyewitnesses claimed Anti Terrorists Forces (ATF) opened fire on Hazaras and, killing than a dozen mourners.

Here another name came on scene. Anti-Terrorist Force SP, Rahim Mandokhel, was said to have ordered ATF forces for targeting Hazara mourners. Later, the Judicial Tribunal Report of Balochistan High Court, probing the attack on Ashura Procession 2004, released on June 29, 2004, clearly said that Anti-Terrorist Force led by Rahim Mandokhel was involved in firing on mourners.

During the Ashura Procession attack riots, ATF forces killed about 40 Hazaras. Later on, after large protests by Hazaras, Humayun Jogezai and Rahim Mandokhel were transferred from Quetta. A new Police Chief, Shoaib Suddle  (Now Director General of Intelligence Bureau, IB), played a vital role in  breaking the circle of masterminds of target killings of Hazaras. During his appointment in Quetta, five masterminds of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi were arrested and later sentenced to death by a court. Mr. Shoaib Suddle, relative to former President General Musharraf, was transferred  from Quetta. Security in Quetta remained calm till 2008.

Once again Nawabzada Jogezai came back to Quetta after the new Chief Minister Nawab Raisani’s government was formed. Right after his arrival, five masterminds of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, having links with Ramzi Yousaf of Al-Qaeda, broke away from a high-security ATF Jail in Quetta last year. Regardless of the slow and corrupt system that failed to carry out the punishment, the escape was more serious question raising doubt on ATF and its jails. How could high-profile terrorists escape from a high-security Jail where a mosquito can’t fly?

With the beginning of 2009 and just months after Jogezai’s appointment in Quetta, several attacks were carried on Hazaras. In a riot after 2 Hazaras were gunned down in July 2008, police and ATF forces once again opened fire on Hazara protesters, killing 6 people in Hazara Town. Provincial Minister Jan Ali Changazi, talking to media, strongly condemned ATF for killing innocent citizens. The situation got severe when two weeks ago a Hazara Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Hassan Ali and 3 others were killed. Despite several target attacks on Hazaras in January, City Police Officer Humayun Jogezai failed to arrest any terrorists. We lost a great leader, Hussain Ali Yousufi, on Junuary 26. Mr. Yousafi had been critical of Police role in arresting the terrorists. Following the riots in which non-Hazaras burnt down private property, Mr. Jogezai warned to deal with with the protesters with iron hands.

This gang is not limited to CCPO Nawabzada Jogezai and SP ATF Mandokhel.  Two other names are also taken by some sources. DIG Operations Wazir Khan Nasir and SP Investigation Ismail Lehri are also said be part of the gang. Sectarian elements such as Lashkar-i-Jhangvi are given free hand.

The Hazara Delegation, comprised of Hazara leaders and politicians formed after the martyrdom of Hussain Ali Yusafi, will demand President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani to appoint honest police officers in Quetta, ones who are committed to keeping the city and its people safe. The Hazara people are peaceful, and demand and deserve a peaceable environment for positive contribution to the society.


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  2. […] as a registered mail. The resolution demanded of the Pakistan Government to immediately arrest the persons behind target killing of Hazaras in Quetta city. They strongly condemned murder of a political leader, Hussain Ali Yousufi. […]

  3. Salam, to all Hazaristani wha alee kho enjee janghee hazararee afghanistan wa pakistan shoro shoda Mo hazara Hazaristani astee wa momnee hum ma azee tamam Hazaristani khowa hish monom ke fikree ayandee reza reza hazaristani ra kana Wa Mola da enjee Modakilat na kana baraee molaha site ziyad asta Hazara Shia e Mula Ali AS boda wa ta zinda asta momna.



  4. listen my brothers.

    this guy who used his insulting words for me, just look to his words which he used here.

    If you want to criticise me, why dont you write your name here, why are you afraid of your name my brother.

    I criticised those hazaras of afghanistan, who never accepted the hazaras of quetta and who always make jokes, even many hazaras of quetta talked with them and tried many times to convince them but they never accepted.

    why should I be against the hazaras of afghanistan, my parents also came from there, and im proud of them.

    i wanted to say that, do you see any protest being held against the killing of hazars of quetta in europe. except england. no no

    because they dont have any sense of unity and dont hav any value for hazaras of quetta.

    I will never criticise those hazaras of afghanistan who are like us and who always cooperated with us in quetta, always helped us, gave support to us and felt our problems.

    so I think such hazara guys who use such behude words here, should listen that its not good for them, otherwise face the criticism.

    Ba amane Khuda

    M. H

  5. برادران هزاره افغانستان و پاکستان توجه نموده جواب این بی غیرت چرسی پلا لکیه ره بدین. این آدم تمام ]هزاره های افغانستان را دشنام داده است. و می خواهد که ما را غلام آی،ایس آی و نوکر دیگان جور نماید. و دل از ما را ده باغ سبز بلوچستان خوش کده مثل خود خو بی اصل و بی نسب جور کنه. و باز ما هم که هر جای هزاره در خارج دیدی یا انگلیسی نوشته توانستی تمام هزاره را خدای ناخواسته دشنام داده طعنه بدی!!! اینست گفته این چرسی دانشمند،با غیرت، خنجر کش ده جان هزاره نه ده جان دیگران که تمام ما را می کشد و این آدم از خارج از اروپا بجای کمک تمام مردم هزاره را دشنام میدیه این با غیرت جنجر کش. بچیمه تو قد چاقوی آشپزخانه خنجر بدر مونی.مردم هزاره افغانستان همرای راکت و تانک جنگ کده. ما مردم تانک را سر شانه گرفته جنگ کدی شکست عار و عیب نیسته .قدرت های بزرک هم شکست خورده اما کس رقم از توالی واویلا نکده فهمیده نا فهمیده مردم و آتی بابی خوره مثل سگ دندان نمیگره.
    دهن خود را شسته نام مردان و شهیدان ما را یاد کو مثل خالق،مزاری و میلیونها آدم.او بی سواد توره گفتم که تو زوزاد بودی که سیما ثمر در سال 1361 یا 1982 دیگری خو گرفت و سلطان علی کشتمند یازده و نیم سال صدراعظم یا وزیر اعظم افغانستان بود.حالا تو و امثال تو با سواد…. شده اید وما مردم هزاره افغانستان بی سواد و چیزهای که تو گفته. بر پدر عقل خر رالعنت کنه. بخدا اگه معذرت معافی تمام قوم را نخواهی اگر تو را تا قیامت ما مردم هزاره افغانستان و تمام دنیا ببخشیم

    my brother Bamian

    ya you are right, when I see these bad shakal, gashtgar and jahil guys who come from Afghanistan and reach europe, living here, I cant say any word to you about them. with such a ugly face and wild nature and when they come to quetta making jokes, saying that there is Khag bad and khag chand in Quetta, hazaras of quetta are charsi, they dont have any good spoken tone and just say Shira, or Shira Zoai, I really dont know what to say to these fraudy and bad shakal guys.

    just look to their education, they cant speak, pay everyday fines due to their jahiliat and look to their proudness when they come to Quetta, unbelieveable.

    I hope that these hazaras of afghanistan who live in europe, God bless them, build their character, give them knowledge and tell them that they are null, zero nothing else.

    God bless you all

    Mukhtar Hussain

  6. Mokhtar Hussain I read now your stupid comment insulting all Hazara from Afghanistan who lives in 34 provinces has many district some districts has more population then your little Marry Abad wa dara Ajay. Meanwhile we are living in many countries. You deeply injured our feeling and sympathy. We have many suburbs more than your Moy Sar be aql wa jazabati tu. Amo adam ke to ra jowab dada khob kada dega ma namogom khor qorot Aw garm lalema key felan kho balde Pakistan Para mone wa tamam mardom Hazara Hazaristan ra fohsh wa nasaza megi. Baz am khod ko isolate nako. Bad qawm bash be qawm nabash bachema. I am ashamed to call you Hazara Quetta as you say yourself to me hazaras are all one and united.
    Boro elaj be aqli kano. As to wari adama ma ghadar dedom hech gela nadarum magar yak gap asta key babi mordar to ham as Awghanistan dota kada.As asmo wa as Paris wa Vienna namdy babema. Joy none yak kam sharm bokhor ya yago chez dega zor to key da dega narased the jan as mo mardom shoro mone. To the goft am zo jawan rasti key sher khana rabaye Sahra Asti.
    Ma da Azra parasti wa Azra garayee to bekhi pokhta shak darom wa kasaneeky mesl as to feker batel mona wa gap to taeyeed mona oh ham khara. Magar ma tamam ra na enteqad monem wa na en haq ra as to ale da khod kho medem wa na ghayratem bal mona key ma Azra kho tamam qad khob wa bad she daw beznum…..

    تو نه بیخ داری نی بوته.تو راستی که بیسواد جاهل چرسی استی. تو ره ده ازره چیز کار مردی بورو بلی دیگرو که چوب بزنه نام تو را کشمش یا سپش بیله.
    خاک ده سر از مو کی تو خود ره با سواد و …بیگره بیخ ازمو دیگه کنده یه.

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