Posted by: Editor | February 2, 2009

HDP Calls APC, Determined to Martyred Leader’s Mission

Quetta: Hazara Democratic Party has called an All Parties Conference on February 8, 2009 in Quetta.

Press Secretary Ahmed Ali Kohzad said invitations have been sent to all major political parties of the province. Arrangements for the conference have started. He added that HDP would also organize protest rallies in different parts of the city.

Mr. Kohzad further said that HDP has awarded Hussain Ali Yousufi with the title of Martyred Chairman, and all party meetings would be presided over by the portrait of Martyred Chairman till the Party Congress to be held in coming months. He said they do not have any demand to the Government because it has failed to protect its citizens. He added that HDP’s message to the people is to manage their own safety.


  1. i am proud to be a hazara girl! but ialas! that hazaras people didn,t do any thing for theie great leeaders that they past!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am rely surprised the policy of democratic elected government of Pakistan, the minority of their citizens can not give protection, when the government gets hundreds and billions of dollars from it friend to get read of extremist. Sadly day by day as pass on they are targeting Hazaras leaders, and individuals that they nothing to do with politician, what kind of reckless, and inhumane they are. The question it raising for how long its going as it is. Sadly the dark days of Hazra people in Quetta.

  3. AOA!
    We as hazara nation are proud to see a unite hazara against interior and exterior terrorism and we feel more proud seeing that HDP hosts All Parties Conference in Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara. We should appreciate HDP, Tanzeem and other Civil Socities including all Religious organisation to work should by shoulder for our nation. Conferences like APC should be held in future in order to achieve our aims and make crystal clear for other people of Pakistan what we are?.
    I am happy and will be more happy if other people of Balochistan know us as a peaceful and unite nation.

  4. Best Death is the one which holds reason. I wish all Hazaras die for being Hazara Turkic not Shias. Just like secular Yusufi. Who was not a hardcore Shia but a secular Hazara Turkic. Today Turkey asks Pakistan to be a Country and secure it’s citizens! Turkey thought Pakistan a friendly country but Pakistan is sleeping! Arabs say no Arab country has yet done what Turkey has done for Arabs! Wake up. Justful nations are alive. Pakistan has lost it’s attributes. Turkey has been thinking of Pakistan as a reasonable country but Pakitan is working like killer to it’s citizens! We see what is heppening. Our blood are same. Turks, Hazaras, Mongols even Koreans share the same blood. Be Honorable nation. Logic governs everything. Be the rightful guardian of your Citizens. This is our personal Message to Pakistan.

  5. Jaah, you are one wonderful human being! I am proud of you. And ask every Hazara, Mongol and Turk be proud of you.
    No matter how much we change, our enemies never change!
    Pushtuns (behind the hills, called by iranis are best treated by iranis being Sunnies!) But Hazaras slaves being Shias are mistreeted!!! Hey Hazaras, I have quitted shit shia religion for no favour of the world. I don’t wnat to be Shia,
    Sunni Christian or Jew but a HUMAN. All this fuss is to take you away from Humans. Why can’t we understand the Science of humans. A human who is “who” can not be forced to be who! This is a way of freedom. Let him chose another “who” for him. This is democracy. This is freedom. A talib by force can turn a WHO into who but he/she reamains a WHO. Why this simple thing is out of majority’s understanding???

  6. Here is a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.,

    “In the end, it is not the words of our enemies we will remember, but rather the the silence of our friends.”

    This message should be conveyed to all the participants or so our called friends. My friend Jim Vega used this quote while signing a petition on this website I had told him about. I encourage all those who have not signed in yet to please do so. We need thousands of signatures to make this a success. Here is the link:

    Thanks Mr. Zia Abbas who I believe originally posted this link earlier.

  7. I am so proud of us Hazaras and HDP. While others are resorting to murders and suicide bombings we have choosen the path of peace and negotiations. The whole of Pakistan should learn from us. I am hopeful that this All Parties Conference will be a huge success and a slap on the face of all the haters. I appeal to all the Hazaras of the world to give your full support to HDP and it’s leadership. Be ready to do whatever it takes to make HDP one of the best organized parties of Pakistan. We must give HDP not just moral support but financial as well. Yes, times are tough for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan but all of us can help turn things around. It is not easy but we can do it. These cowards must know that we are resilient people and we have the will to outlast them. Remember we are the only nation who survived not one but two genocides in that region in the past 100 years or so, so have faith and trust yourself. HDP is our representative and we all want our representative to be strong, confident and look good, don’t we?. Slogans alone won’t do the trick so when giving, whether volunteering your time or donating some money, please remember HDP!!

  8. Salam to all Quama-e-Qadartho:
    Awal az hama ma ee qadami HDP ra khelli khub khiyal midom va yak dafa dega baz khuda mo ra balde yakjaie shoda vaqif kada, va mousulyat mo inji ee asta ki mo tamami mo da taie yak parcham estada shoda koshish kanim.
    Ta kaie mo balde dega kaar kanim va akhir hech sarnavisht balde mo joor na shona.

    bayin o beraro yakjaie shonim takaie itr tipark shonim.

    Hussain Ali Yousofi shaheed awaol gaap shi ami bod ki azarigo ra yak jaie kanim va hamesha balde ee kaar zahmat kade va ee kaar e khair ra pesh bord.


  9. Sisters and Brothers!
    Yet again the time has come to judge our tolerance and passion, and test our abilities and confidence. We need to trust ourselves and pick ourselves up, be courageous in our lives and hopeful to the future, our nation across the world must stand-up and reunited at this difficult and painful time. It is not just a hard time for the Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan; it is the shared fate and collective destiny of Hazara Nation all over the Globe. We all have to stand up side by side, raise our vices louder than before and be united against all evils and devils who ferociously and cowardly get out of their religious caves, run like a wounded rats and attack our peaceful and human-lover nation.

    I strongly condemn this vicious act of terror, the assassination of a great leader Hussian Ali Yosufi, and pay my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Hazara Nation all over the World, Hazara Democratic Party and especially to Shaheed Yousufi’s respectable Family.
    Fortunately we have heard of many peaceful protests and gatherings across the world, we the Hazaras in United Kingdon have arrange a massive protest on Sunday 11 am to 3pm 08/02/09 at Nights Bridge front of Pakistan embassy in London, we humbly request from all Hazara/Shia who live in the United Kingdom for joining us on this vital time to reveal our political awareness, social understanding and national Unity to the world.

    All these demonstration and protests from far side of the Pacific Ocean to the North of Atlantic Ocean illustrate and prove our Unity, Understanding and Bravery once more. February 8 is our moments in the Untied Kingdom to rise up and raise our vices to communicate our thoughts and believes, share our feelings and sympathy, prove our confidence and passion, acknowledge the most shocking time and horrific situation which our people face in Quetta Pakistan, and show our help, assist and support.

    My Allah bless the pure spirits of Shuhdaa specially Shaheed H. A Yosufi

    We appreciate HDP’s passion, tolerance, struggle and hard work.

    Thank you

    Hafeezullah Khoram Khorami


  10. qumai gul….
    give hand to HDP to who is fighting for the rights of hazaras in qetta…
    lots of thanks for hazara news pakistan

  11. i really appreciate the step taken by HDP and hope the voice of hazara will be listen not only in pakistan but in every country of the world…
    lots of thanks for hazara news pakistan..

  12. It seems for the first time in the history of Hazara politics in Pakistan that the issues – especially target killing of Hazara tribesmen and other Shia brothers living nearby Hazara vicinities – concerning Hazara nation are well addressed and highlighted. The tragic assassination of HDP’s (Shaheed) Chairman Hussain Ali Yousafi and the subsequent political strategic planning of HDP’s General Secretary Abdul Khalique Hazara along with his committed party workers have proved that the martyrdom of the Shaheed Chairman transpired ideologically. The entire devoted team of HDP is appreciated for their visionary and ideological representation of the national tragedy. I tribute my deepest salutation to the committed and devoted leaders, workers, and supporters of HDP who are fighting for the rights of Hazaras.

  13. Hazaras have voice all over the globe.

    Also read the contents of the link below before attending the Conference.

    Thanks to my Mongol, Turk and Kazakh brothers.

    Best Regards

  14. dear hazara bratheran
    i m very confuse that the situation of hazara is really bad i dont know what should i do i cant do any thing for my nation this is shameful for me only i can pray for hazara people GOD give my hazara nation unity courage power all the best HDP i request all hazara people all over the world plz join the HDP and be united in this condition

  15. Please try to do your best at this meeting. We have great expectation from you as leaders and please be unite and support our current leader Khaliq.
    We have great expectation from you so please do not disappoint us.

    We will try our best to support you where ever we are. May Allah be with you.

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