Posted by: Editor | February 4, 2009

HDP Women Wing Protests Yousufi’s Murder

HDP Women Wing held a protest demonstration against murder of Shaheed Yousufi.

HDP Women Wing held a protest demonstration against the murder of Shaheed Yousufi.

Quetta February 04: Women Wing of Hazara Democratic Party staged a protest demonstration in front of Quetta Press Club against the failure of security agencies to arrest the terrorists who murdered HDP Chiarman Hussain Ali Yousufi last week.

A large number of women participated in the demonstration, holding placards and banners with slogans against the inability of Provincial Government. They condemned security officials for failing to arrest the killers of Shaheed Yousufi.

Addressing the protesters, President HDP Women Wing Nazaneen Zaman said that the martyrdom of Yousufi awakened a wave of awareness among Hazaras throughout the world. International protest demonstrations have been organized throughout the world, she said. She added that the nation is more united now.

Nazaneen further said that sectarian violence is being fueled in Quetta to disrupt the brotherly atmosphere of peace and tranquility among different ethnic groups living in the city.

She strongly condemned the Provincial Government, saying it has failed to protect citizens and should therefore step down and give up.  She also urged the secular political parties of the province to work together against sectarian violence and hatred.


  1. […] HDP Women Wing Protest Yousafi’s Assassination […]

  2. —————————————————–
    Does anyone know how to make a website????
    As we see now a days the condition of Quetta getting worse specially for PEACE FULL HAZARA PEOPLE and we know well that who are they,why they do and what is their purpose behind this all activities to make trouble in Quetta.
    Since we see every Hazara wants to say his ideas about WHAT SHOULD WE DO NEXT,to get rid of this trouble,but where he should say, this is a big Question?? So on this base i want to suggest any one who knows about (how to make a website)….kindly make a website for HAZARA DEMOCTRATIC PARTY (HDP) as we can make a direct connection with them.

    Kindly consider my suggestion.

  3. Tuesday, March 10, 2009
    Balochistan; a time bomb & a lawless portion of Pakistan
    By Syed Samiullah Shah

    The largest part of Pakistan area wise & the most underdeveloped region, Balochistan is on the brink of disaster. Not too many people here in the country & abroad know about this. There are so many things happening here in Balochistan at a rapid pace. From military operations in the Baloch Districts to target killings & attacking on national installations, the province at large is tantamount to an Afghan city or region.
    There is much lawlessness across the province generally & in Quetta city particularly, that not a single day passes without an incident of target killings. Even now, when I am posting this blog, two men belonged to Hazara community have been assassinated by unidentified men on a main road in broad day light. The mighty CM of the province is busy in Islamabad, in pursue of brokering a deal between the Sharief brothers & Mr. Zardari.
    But his own province is in midst of chaos & lawlessness. The approach of the CM of Balochistan speaks volumes of the overall character of the ruling class of this land of Qaied. I mean it is just ridiculous that your own home is burning & you are worry about the affairs in Islamabad. It is very much like the old saying; Rome was burning & Romeo playing……………..
    There are so many players involved now in Balochistan. On the one hand the Baloch separatists are
    waging rebellion under different organizations against the state army. On the other hand some foreign
    hands want to ignite sectarian violence in Quetta city by killing the people of Hazara community on a
    regular basis. The Baloch target killings do not confine to security men, rather the settlers, mostly belong to Punjab are also becoming the victims of the conflict, which is very sad.
    Today Quetta city is as vulnerable & insecure as no one across the country, even the tribal belt is not such volatile. The people are weary of the situation & some of them are planning to say goodbye to Quetta forever. Traders are just mere spectators as Business have been severely damaged over the last two years.
    It is high time both the federal as well as provincial government realize the graveness of the situation in Balochistan. Proper attention ought to be given to this part of Pakistan. The grievances of Baloch brothers have to be addressed. Their missing brothers & sisters have to be produced immediately. Their right over their resources has to be acknowledged along with complete withdrawal of military men from the Baloch Districts. And simultaneously the Baloch brothers have to halt their armed struggle. By killing innocent professors, teachers, barbers & laborers, they are not going to help their cause, rather it is the genuine political struggle that can deliver goods. But that rests on an independent & free Judiciary, which will safeguard the poor including the Baloch brothers & sisters.

    http://www.insaf. pk/Media/ InsafBlog/ tabid/168/ articleType/ ArticleView/ articleId/ 1942/Default. aspx#Comments

  4. Stop the Persecution of Pakistan’s Hazaras!
    His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon
    The Secretary-General
    The United Nations
    New York, NY 1001 7

    March 13, 2009
    Your Excellency,

    The Hazara Organization for Progress and Equality (HOPE), together with Hazaras living in the United States and around the world, call upon the United Nations to act immediately to protect the lives of Hazaras living in Pakistan, and put an end to their continuing and systematic persecution.
    On January 26, 2009, Hazara leader Hussain Ali Yousafi was murdered in the streets of Quetta, Pakistan. Yousafi is the latest victim of a continuing and systematic campaign of targeting, harassment, and murder aimed at intimidating Pakistan’s vulnerable Hazara communities. Other recent attacks against this community include:
    • The murders of 12 Hazara police cadets in Quetta on June 8, 2003;
    • The murders of 53 Hazaras in a Shia mosque in Quetta on July 4, 2003;
    • The murders of 53 Hazaras during a Muharram procession in Quetta on March 2, 2004;
    • The murders of 6 Hazaras near Brewery Road in Quetta on July 20, 2008;

    • The murders of 2 Hazaras near Brewery Road in Quetta on January 5, 2009;
    • The murders of 3 Hazara policemen in Quetta on January 14, 2009;
    • The murder of a Hazara UNHCR driver in Quetta on February 3, 2009;
    • The murder of a Hazara protesting the assassination of Hussain Ali Yousafi in Quetta on January 26, 2009.
    A large number of Hazaras have also been injured, maimed or permanently disabled as a result of these attacks. In response to these atrocities, HOPE demands that:
    • the United Nations act immediately to stop the targeted killings and murders of Hazaras in Pakistan;
    • the United Nations conduct a full, comprehensive and impartial investigation in order to bring to justice those individuals responsible for the assassination of Hussain Ali Yousafi;
    • the United Nations act immediately to ensure that the rights of the Hazara minority in Pakistan are protected to the fullest extent of the law;
    • the United Nations put pressure on the government of Pakistan to protect the Hazara ethnic minority and arrest those responsible for all attacks aimed at this community.
    In light of Article 3 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 5 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, and Article 1 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities, HOPE demands that the United Nations take effective steps to protect the Hazara minority from all those who target them based on their ethnic, linguistic or religious characteristics.
    The Hazaras demand justice, equality, freedom and protection of the law. The world is watching to see what actions the United Nations will take to protect one of Pakistan’s most vulnerable minorities…

    The Hazara Organization for Progress and Equality (HOPE)

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