Posted by: Editor | February 4, 2009

People Continue Offering Fateha for Shaheed Yousufi

Provincial Minster, Maulvi Abdul Samad Akhondzada offering Fateha for departed soul of HDP Chiarman Yousufi.

Provincial Minster Maulvi Abdul Samad Akhondzada and other visitors offer Fateha for departed soul of HDP Chiarman Shaheed Yousufi.

Quetta February 04: People from different walks of life continue to express condolences to the bereaved family members of martyred HDP Chairman Hussain Ali Yousufi.

Provincial Forest and Wildlife Minister Maulvi Abdul Samad Akhondzada yesterday visited Shaheed Yousufi’s family and offered fateha for his departed soul.

Political leaders, tribal elders and others from all sections of Quetta’s population have been coming to offer Fateha since last week.


  1. hazara is the greatest nation of the world . hazara have a rich cultural heritage and they should protest for what is their rights

  2. Fateha Khuwani is to please your own minds! Best fateha Khuwani is to sit infront of the Assembly house without eating and drinking. Death under crystal clear Unity is so sweet. We need sweet , brotherly unity based on Hazaraism not Shiaism.
    Not to Offend Iran, Britian, Pushtuns.
    Pashtuns, do you know why you are called Pashtuns? This name is given you by Iran. And exact word is Pushtun. Which means from Backside! Don’t blame Hazaras. You better blame Iran who has been after you. Not Hazaras.

  3. When a society is senseless, outsiders come to help them. Doctors are those outsiders! If doctor is sincere you arte lucky!

  4. Keep dying for ehlulbeyit. Never run after the killers, okay! You stupid! whats wrong with you? Have you seen the paradise????????????????? Paradise is your judgement. Paradise is your last justfull decission. “ustfull”, said, not innocent lives!. Secure innocent lives. Can you do that?

  5. The enemies of islam religion , human and hazaras killed our sympathetic leader!
    They should think that they are killing the truth and the human beings….

  6. On 1st February 2009, a Fateha Khawani and Koran Khawani was held by Ahlulbayt Cultural Center, Netherland, in the city of Rotterdam in Hijrat Mosque by the Hazara Community living in Holland for the remberance of another great Hazara leader Mr. HUSSAIN ALI YOUSUFI martyred by the terrorist LASHKARE KUFAR the so called LASHKARE JHANGVI (Laanat Ullah Alaih wa Alaihum Ajmaeen) a terrorist WAHABI group trained and financed by the ARAB Wahabi groups outside Pakistan and terrorist Wahabi groups inside Pakistan. A huge gathering came to attend the mourning. The mourners were addressed by Syed Hashim Musavi, Yunus Ali Khan Hazara, Hussain Ali Rahimi and Haji Mohammad Sajjad. All the Speakers of the event condemned the target killings of HAZARA people inside Pakistan by the Laanati LASHKARE JHANGVI terrorist group and also condemned the Pakistan government of being so naive about the security hazards of its country and specially ill-organized to maintain law and order in the city of Quetta and let these small terrorist groups hang klashinkovs on their shoulders and govern the streets and kill who ever they want to kill. If Democratic Pakistani government is unable to enforce law and order with its huge numbers of Police, Paramilitary troops and intelligence networks than the people of Hazara should arrange their own security and do not expect any cooperation from the government. Speakers also condemned the government of Pakistan for not taking any serious action against the Taliban terrorist group and its sub groups like Lashkare Jhangavi who are responsible in the killings across border in Afghanistan. So much unrest have been provoked by the terrorists in the Quetta City and inside Afghanistan which has disturbed the daily living of the people. A demonstration has been planned in front of the Pakistani Embassy in the city of Hague in a few days time where a writ shall be handed over to the Pakistani Ambassador.

  7. khuda janat nasib kana charman hazara democratic party ra
    thanks to hazara news pakistan

  8. khuda janat nasib kanachrman hazara democratic party pakistan
    thnks to hazara news pakisan

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