Posted by: Editor | February 8, 2009

APC Condemns Target Killing, Resolution Terms Yousufi’s Murder at the Hand of State-institutions

Abdul Khaliq Hazara of HDP, Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI, Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini of BNP, Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP and Akhlaq Shah of PML-N addressing APC Press Confrence.

Abdul Khaliq Hazara of HDP, Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI, Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini of BNP, Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP and Akhlaq Shah of PML-N addressing APC Press Confrence.

Quetta February 08: All Parties Conference, called by Hazara Democratic Party, strongly condemned terrorism, violence and ethnic and sectarian target killing in Quetta.

The APC was attended by major political parties of the province including Balochistan National Party, Awami National Party, Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Pakistan Muslim League-N, Jamhuri Watan Party, Jamiat Ulema Islam, Jamat Islami and Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf.

After a day-long discussion, the conference participants came to a joint communique, saying the murder of Hussain Ali Yousufi, Chiarman Hazara Democratic Party, is the worst example of terrorism under the watch of state institutions and international intelligence agencies destabilizing the region. It further said people from different ethnic groups and religious faiths must not be discriminated.

The conference participants said rule of law should be topmost priority of the state and it should maintain its writ.

The resolution also demanded immediate halt of the military operation in Balochistan and the release of all arrested people. It also demanded from the Government to establish a Peace Task Force comprising of all political parties and civil society organizations.

Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP speaking at the APC called by HDP.

Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP speaking at the APC called by HDP.

The Confrence was started at 11PM and concluded at 6PM with a joint press conference at 6:30PM.

APC was presided over by General Secretary HDP, Abdul Khaliq Hazara. Prominent political leaders of the province attending the confrence included Hasil Bizenjo of National Party, Dr. Jahanzeb Jamaldini of BNP, Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP, Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI, Syed Muhammad Ali of JWP, Arbab Hashim of PML-Q, Akhlaq Ahmed of PML-N, Abdul Kabir Shakir of JI and Irfan Ali of PTI and Asghar Ali Gulzari fo Tanzeem Nasl e Nau.

Those who were invited but did not attend the confrence included Pushtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, Bismillah Kakar of PPP, JUI Nazriati and Baloch Republican Party. Abdul Khaliq Hazara thanked all the political parties and organziations that attended the APC.

Dr. Jahanzaib of BNP and Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI in APC called by HDP.

Dr. Jahanzaib of BNP and Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI in APC called by HDP.

Hasil Bezinjo of National Party in APC.

Hasil Bezinjo of National Party in APC.


  1. In the name of Bamiyan ………..
    All i can say is that clash of ideas make more sense than anything else …
    specially kissing horse …. kissing graves …. standing in line for aulad e narina on Abdullah shah Ghazi Mazar and u people know where …. assuming someone by the daily-occurring situation .
    talking of S.O.R but believing that moon can be split in two parts …. and once it has happened ….
    believing in Dholdhol (toti fruiti of horse and camel )
    Mr. Nadeem Haider if u really are a hazara guy than don’t u think that enough is enough and hazaras now have to leave the Bairaq e Abbas e Allamdar and go ahead … so others to could benifit this bairaq as Iran left the Allam e Allamdar for us we should leave and let benifit others from this bairaq and return back to our land and jobs ..
    We have paid 62% of our men ,women and children for this parcham no one yet come … we have paid in 44% of our sunni hazaras for this bairaq …but no reward …. God father of Us .. as u said the High Excellency Islamic republic of Iran yet do not recognize us … although we have been more dog to them than their own self appointed dogs …
    they still call us Afghani e khar …. do not recognize as their dogs yet … but khar ( donkey ).
    first of all lets recognize our self as hazara to each other than to Aooghani , Pakistani , marriabadi or brori waal ,jaghori to kabuli and mazari ….
    and than recognize on others …..
    in your last comment i think this i can add …..
    ba amman e bamiyan …..

  2. To Mr. Bamyan!

    The sharing of knowledge during the last couple of weeks was really very rewarding to me personally. I am thankful to you for your responses in this regard.

    Mr. Bamyan, I never aimed at humiliating you or finding any flaws in your personal perspective while discussing the current prevailing scenario of HAZARAS worldwide. I just wanted let you know what I, being a Hazara guy, think of your comments because I found your comments as an expression of resentment and reaction to the daily-occurring situation of HAZARAS, which to some extant were cause unrest and congestion – with due apology.

    Mr. Bamyan, when we generalized issues about any individual, society, nation, state, or faith, so it will automatically cause some clash of ideas and difference in opinion. The differences in opinion then lead towards more logical and wise argumentation. I hope the course of discussion we carried out during these couple of days may have been more result-oriented than just a chat. Both, me and you, tried to untie our mind and shad our knowing on the topic of Hazaras. I also hope that the viewer might have benefited from the discussion as well.

    But to end this discussion here, I would request all the members of Hazara Community not to defame or depersonalize the character or point of view of any one. However, everyone should KEEP IN MIND that Religion, Hazara, Pakistani, Afghani are the baseless issues which have devastating effects on the significance of Being Hazara and Hazara UNITY. So it is our moral responsibility to prevent such issues to discuss which are; on the one hand, causing unnecessary clash of ideas, while; on the other hand, push the unity of the Nation to jeopardy; however, no room for personal opinion which are based just on mouth-hearing.

    We must Stand United. Otherwise, our disunity will make us prone to be cruelly and brutally victimized. HAZARA is, Syed, Shia, Pakistani, Afghani, Jaghori, Mehrabadi, or Brewery Wala, because these are the pillars which have to bear the burden and support the roof (which is definitely, Hazara). Wickedness, hypocricy, opportunism, and disloyalty are found in the deep-down nature of Human beings, but to Generalize the betray or disloyalty of one individual to the rest of others will be injustice and an in-compensable harm to the supreme cause of Nation (HAZARA).

    Let’s join our hands to chant a slogan, United We Stand!

    Long Live Hazara!

  3. In the name of Bamiyan …
    To Nadeem Haider …..
    i will be glad if u could have notice any other flaws ..
    else we can talk on private limited company of prince Karim Agha Khan .. and Agha e Joor monti’s (Khaminie’s) Waliyat e faqih productions ..

    Ba amman e Bamiyan …

  4. In the name of bamiyan ………….
    To Nadeem haider …………………
    May be u have misunderstood or mistranslating .
    all u said is Ok ….. but a country with 9% muslim can be called a muslim country …. the war in south africa is in black and white ….which can be seen by a blind even ….. balck is mistreated for his color not religion ..everything is defined and known what to do …. but in our case 44% sunni hazaras are sidelined ..and we have tension with ur same Ummah waals ……(Persians ,Pashtuns,Tajiks ,Punjabis , Arabs etc)
    if u could understand and have any knowledge of them as well …. leaving Your beloved south africa and flaws in my mentality ( assuming me (raqeeb)
    opponent of Mehdi Aakhir zamaan ) Aside ………i dont know when we(you and i ) got personal …dont u tink this reflects ur (S-O-R), Stimulus-Organism (human)-Response ….else what ever i m human and i feel good in being human than to consider my self cruise misile …..
    and why is this necessary to have a tag of your
    —-isms . why ……….
    why dont u people let and recognize a hazara as hazara but with the tag dogs use to have around their necks ….
    and why as an individual i should acknowledge my being flah or bemdaah …why ……..and who are u …… suggesting me or commanding me …
    about the hazara reformer … i do have a personal may be more controversial mind set …i do not put that on board just to be like my other hazaras but on different issues i present the most sidelined and edged point of view ……it is a point of view only … not the divine or God given on seh-shakh ………..or Anjeer Dara …….
    what ever u mentioned refering Carl Marx has benifited us in any way if yes wellcomed and if No why t advertise …..
    About Supreme power …..can u even imigine that we all are a handful of sand in desert …. dont u feel cold when u imigine the wideness and wilderness of Universe and things we cant discuss
    but wanna put numbers of Human alive , than dead , number of animals , birds to creatures in water and in soils , number of Malaikas and flahs to bemdaas …….. and wanna scientifically prove that world really locates on shakh e gao mahi .. and Jibrael really spread her wings to protect the shakh e Gao mahi from zarb e ali …..
    You really think i have not seen Hashim Amla or Imran khan and have no understanding of their being white and black or something in between ..
    I dont know from where u get this million dollar ideas in free ……
    about Atheistic approach ;;;;what really is Atheistic approach …. and when it was standarized …. from begining ….every one was having Atheistic approach ….. from a hindus point of view u too are Aethist …from a bhudist’s point of view ..from a wahabi’s , Ismaili’s and ….
    You too are …this too is (S-O-R) …..
    Sadqay tu shunoom …
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  5. To Mr. Bamyan,

    There is an old PROVERB, “He who is not sure of his memory should not undertake the trade of lying” and the situation in your case is very resembling with the statement mentioned above. As in my previous comment, I precisely distinguished between behaviour based upon reaction and the one generated out of revolutionary ideology.

    When a statement is uttered by human being with confidence and assertion that is, for sure, known as a revolutionary and thoughtful; however, when a notion is justified in terms of compulsion it rather represents a person’s ego-centrism and self-defeating tone.

    Mr. Bamyan, never confuse yourself with the ideologies which you hold in mind. I appreciate your quotation, “what you practice is what you know – Imam Ali (A.S.). But unfortunately, the quotation does not reflect either your compulsion, or the authenticity of your KNOWLEDGE. You are true that “What we practice is what we know.” Just spare a bit time to overview your comments whatever you have depicted in this portion. It is crystal clear that you support Atheistic approach, in which the sense of dialectical materialism is predominant. At least you can not negate your own-written comments which are witness in themselves. You must be straightforward in acknowledging your ascribed status as Atheist or even Communist.

    Your ideology is quite disputing and negative. On one hand you (Nawoz-u-Billah) condemn Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) along with his Ahlul Byat (A.S), while; on the other hand, you have shrewdly defaming your own Hazara Tribesman about who Hazara Reformer commented, even improving yourself to be a reactionary individual, you went far-away and certifying him as ISI agent. It seems you are the one who believes much more in mouth-saying than venturing to research genuine knowledge. Adding that, you have once again proved yourself reactionary by totally condemning the South Africans as not to be Muslims. Mr. Bamyan for your kind information let me share a piece of information about the Muslim population and others in South Africa, “ 68 % Christians, 12 % Hindus, 9 % Muslims, 5 % Jews and the rest are the followers of other believes. Mr. Hashim Amla and Imran Khan are among those Muslims who play in the South African Cricket Team. South Africans fought against the oppression of Whites to liberate their country just being united.

    Mr. Bamyan, I do not want to point out more flaws in your personal point of view, but really want to contest your incomplete narratively-outlined information. I leave the issue of Jewish history and Jewish imperialism un-spoken and un-contested because of the same issue as in case of South African History and Muslim Community.
    Dear always be clear and confident in what you say and claim because the narratively- outlined information reflects baseless knowledge or the information might be heard or rumour based only.

    Mr. Bamyan, I have never been pushy in my comments above, in which I must have claimed that religion is important or I discussed African Religion. I only wanted to let you know how their unity triumphed – without due clash over being religious or non-religious. However, I personally believe in Religion and the existence of supernatural power – even Carl Marx said, Man (human) needs a supreme power (the omnipotent) most often.

    The high Excellency members, let not play blame-game, either for the sake of being religious, or being non-religious, or most importantly just for the reason that the comments by others do not fit in my our own pre-judged mind set. Let rather join hands to raise our voices to chant Hazara Unity and tolerance for all.

    United we Stand!

  6. In the name of Bamiyan ……..
    Guys here we have a different issue to talk on so plz do not mix kotagi and qourot here …
    To Nadeem ….
    I dont know how u people refer me to shaman and to Atheism , Communism ,Osho …and etc …and why is this necessary to be -ist ……here i m compel to qoute ..Imam Ali ..(if i not be considered Shia )
    Imam Ali says …..what u practice is what u know .
    definition goes on and on ….
    my friend Nadeem said an incomplete truth about JEWS …..that all 124,000 prophets has direct link to them … so why they should not feel proud and emphasize on their being JEW ….
    Old contract between Moses and Jews …
    New contract between Christ and Human beings
    Islam between Muhammad and whole Universe ..(rematullil Alamin )
    May imam Ali was a hazara …….
    but the Syeds who claim to be of Ali Nejaad .. they are now well known to us ……
    the core issue seems something else …
    if we see all this in Nadeem as talked about BPS and SOR ………….
    Nadeem said of African religions ….now Nadeem is emphasizing on having a religion is necessary or Islam as a religion … as south africans were and are not muslim ……..
    and secondly that these religions were and are their own .. not imposed by whites or semi white blacks …..
    Nadeem said of guilt , disappointment and fear …
    is this right to have another guilt , disappointment and fear to over come the guilt , disappointment and fear mentioned ….
    About jews i cam all say that Your shiaism to wahabism is agreed and comitted that from Aadam to khatim all belong jews ….. but for us .?
    who to blame … details are every where ….?
    learning is easy if one wish to ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …

  7. از خواب غفلت بیدار شونیم .

    بیرارو بید ز خاو بیدار شونی مو – تا کی دیوانگی هوشیار شونی مو

    بلده صلح و اباد کدون کشور – ده پشت یک دیگه قطار شونی مو

    چیم خو، ده مردومی بیگانه نیلیم – کمر بسته ده کار تیار شونی مو

    از گذشتای خو بید عبرت بیگیریم – تا کی؟ رقم پار پیرار شونی مو

    همه پرورده یی این خا ک و ا بیم – نفاق ره ایشته پک بیرار شونی مو

    نبا شه گر نفاق و پتنه در ملک – چرا گرسنه و خوار شونی مو

    اگه یکدل ده بین خود خو با شیم – چرا بی عز و بی وقار شونی مو

    چرا؟ چون بوریای کهنه هر جا – تا یی کفش مردم اوار شو نی مو

    ازین پس بید که راه حق ره بیگریم – از با طل جمله دیست ور دار شونی مو

    کلو شرمه، بلده از مو ده دنیا – از دیست یگد یگه فرار شونی مو

    ده یگ نام و دیگه نام ای بیرارو! – چرا تاراج و تار و ما ر شو نی مو؟

    مردوم موره گشنه و خوار نگاه نه – بید که از حال خو خبر دار شونی مو

    اگر دلسوز یگد یگه خو با شیم چرا؟ ده مشکلی دچار شون مو

    عبدالخالق همت بابه – جاغوری


    زاد گاه شیر مردان جاغوری – جایگاه علم و عرفان جاغوری

    سر زمین مرد خیز و قهرمان – پرورشگاه دلیران جاغوری

    منظرش زیباوسبزودلکش است – هم طراز باغ رضوان جاغوری

    خاکها یش مشک بیز ومشکسای – مشک ریزوعنبرافشان جاغوری

    قله ها یش تکیه گاه چرخ سبز – نرد بان بام کیوان جاغوری

    کر شود گوش فلک از نغمه ها – پر وریده بس هزاران جاغوری

    نو نهالانش بود وقت ثمر – گلشن دارد شگوفان جاغوری

    از نسیمش بوی خلد آ ید همی – مسکن ماوای حوران جاغوری

    ازشکوهش غزنه میبا لد بخود – افتخار ملک افغان جاغوری

    گر شود افغا نستان در و گهر – هست لولوی درخشان جاغوری

    بهر حفظ او جوانان شد فدا – هد یه خون جوانان جاغوری

    عبدالخالق همت بابه برگرفته از سایت مای جاغوری


  8. Dear Bamiyan

    You are absolutly correct in this point and analysing the issues and reality. When you say 96% of Brewery is Watani and %60 from Marriabad is also Watani. Why our educated jazabati self forgotten so- called Quettagi are not considering the majority? Why we creat this divisions to destroy and divide our people by our own narrow minded writting and limited idea.
    If a girl fro Q or A is ending to the Brothol the whole Hazara is ashamed not only A or Q. This is nonesence attack and separation blam game. I as a Hazara belong to all of you and you belong to me. Who ever from anyside should not attack in general. Because we are one and united regardless of country where we live. Now from one single family we live in many diffrent countries and region but still we are brothers and sisters and have connection and that applys to all Hazaras from anywhere my dears.

    Beign Hazara should no longer be acrime as Mazari said and nor being Hazara from Afghanistan (Hazaristan) because that is the main land. I just get confuse and ask my self why we Hazara people queicly forget the things and connection and making ourselves and poor nation Hazara who has many enemies like Buz Garg and isolated.

    Zenda wa Payenda Bashen da harjay donya key asten. Ma faqat soon Azra bodon shem togh mena na dega chez

  9. Dear Kotagi key khodkhora Azra megre wa Azra Awghanistan bad to maya

    Now listen to me carefully. I am not Kamzor and be adab like you nor i will insult my Hazara where ever they live from quetta or Hazarajat,australia,london,iran…. We can not solve our problems and bring changes and unity with Fahashi and Khawr wa mother kado kho lali Nadan ma.

    Where did come from your Bagola Parents? Did they come from Sky or Mars or invited by your God father Punjabi,Sindi or Baloch? People like you are getting completly Begana with Qawm. You have got allergy with your own Qawm Hazara who came on Friday and you came on Wednesday!!! Why you are calling yourself Quettagi because you are not living in Pakistan any more!!! My freind as you forgot Afghanistan ( Hazaristan ) there is no guarantee to remember Quetta and those people who live there from local or Mahajeer. Who made Donb Robah by paying some Rupees to get that. When did your parents come from Afghanistan? Can you remember that? If they came during Abdul Rahman. Why you are not taking your revenge instead calling yourself Pakistani or Quettagi to the cost of getting completly Begana with your own Qawm. All Hazara came during Abdul Rahman when the British Indian were on power. Now you guys have great enimy against India and became pupet of ISI and your God father Punjabis.
    According to Durand Line large parts of Balochestan and Peshwar belong to Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean. It is same like the story of Hong Kong which was and is part of China. If they came through false pakisntani passport that was the genorousity of Punjabi and Baloches and the curreption and bribary in Pakistan. Let the native local Pakistani like Punjabi and others give us Tanah not by Do Paisa people like which Baloch call you Afghan Bagolo including local and Mahajeer.
    The nation of Hazara feel sorry for you guys because you guys came in Australia and everywhere in the world under the name of Hazara from Afghanistan (Hazarajat) but unfortunatly always keeping enmity and hatrate against your own persecuted nation instead of helping them. Why you can learn Urdu,English,Balochi or whatever but not able to speak,read and write in your own native language Dari,Farsi wiht Hazaragi dialect. Alama Iqbal the great the poet and phelosopher has many Dewan in Dari Farsi. Abdul Qader Bedel Dehlawi. Dari Farsi was the official language of sub-continant for many centureis. But you Nem Azra with fack Pakistani menatality are not femilliar with your own language and culture. Has allergy with Awghastani bodan and being Hazara from Afghanistan. Sham on you guys and people like you which has no value and respect for your own Hazara and the mainland Hazaristan other than hatrate and fack sense of اپنوسی نفرت غیروسی محبت . How can I rely on you guys with a fack identity and Pehchan. Afghanis including Ghaznavid,Ghorid,Baburid,Changizis,Turk mongolian rulled the whole sub continant which most of them are from Turk Mongolian Hazara nation. Now you guys ae laghing on your Resh Babe Kho kho berar Nemcha Pakistani.

    Godbless Hazara nation

  10. This site is doing one great job that people like Nadeem is coming forward who seems to have a depth of knowledge and can benefit the nation with his ideas and suggestions.

  11. To Nadeem Haider,

    Well done Guy! I appreciate and support your efforts to let the people think what religion and nationalism is. You really try to keep the nation united. Good Job man!. keep it up. To those who un-knowingly dismentaling National unity, try to keep in mind that the socalled clash b/w religion and nationalism will make us divided and apart. Guys try to understand that rnation can’t survive without religion, in case of being hazara. Hazaras are Shia, Sunni, Ismaili, etc, but have the share the same history of discrimination and massacre. Guys just wake up. Your personally bias against religion is hurting nation.

    Long Live Hazaras!!!

    Proud of being shia, sunni, ismali etc HAZARA.

  12. Dear Mr. Bamyan,

    I appreciate both your interest and comment over the issue of Nation Vs Religion. The topic is turning more and more into attention-hunting of the viewers. I’m really enjoying the discussion for its stuff and diversity.

    Mr. Bamyan, defining Human beings in terms of ATOM and ENERGY has become old like the issue of how human beings’ early life was spent in cave. Reason, logic, and wit have been defining in terms of scientific-based-methods, where the observation in the controlled and uncontrolled environment has produced new dimension to view Man and the UNIVERSE. The idea of (S-R), means Stimulus-and-Response has been covered by (S-O-R), means Stimulus-Organism (human)-Response because human’s subjective (inner) world has engraved much more changes in defining the Knowledge of Science itself. Social Sciences have tremendously re-defined the nature of Physical sciences (physics, chemistry, IT etc.). The world and its inhabitants are being defined in terms of Bio-psycho-social (BPS) science because non of the (BPS) element could stand alone to define human beings and the Universe.

    Mr. Bamyan, your ideas in themselves are contradictory to each other – the combination of Atheism and Subjectivism. You have been reactionary in condemning Religion and argumenting atheistically. However, Osho – the subjective priest – can not suit you to support your atheistic point of view. Don’t ever favour Osho or quote his teachings because it will prove that you are not a genuine Atheist. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT FOR I AM REFERRING THE ABOVE POINTS. Because the points-of-argument hold a significant influence if it vividly determine one’s position in the course of discussion. Referring or quoting to an intellectual’s points does not lead to the supremacy of ideology, it rather mirrors into someone’s confusion and un-authenticity of perspective.

    Mr. Bamyan, read the history of South Africa – the history of its anarchy and unrest. It will give you a good sense of how the blacks fought the whites to restore their solidarity and honour, without changing their core believes in their religions. The revolution against white suppression and oppression was carried out unitedly without bothering who belongs to which faith, clan, and inter-locality. Unfortunately, in the case of Hazaras, the situation is still as to denouncing religion for long history of Hazara persecution and oppression. No body pays attention to its ethnocentric definition of Nationalism and Theolog-ism. “JEWS” occupying the whole economy of the world, today, still are known by their Religion “Jewism”. Again I friendly suggest to study the history of Jewish genocide and oppression for the expansion of your knowledge how they harmonized and equilibrium-ized their national identification and religious faith.

    Hazaras and Shia’sm is another disappointing point of view which we hold to defend our positions in general. If someone call me Nadeem what I should reckon – a humiliation, a defaming, a disgrace, a sham, a guilt or inferior – why s/he did not call me Hazara or Shia. If I feel any of the aforementioned stereotypical NAMING, I must not count myself a rational being. Because people will call me what I may look to benefit them – the reason is either looking into my weak points or strong points. We, Hazaras have been entitled Shia to cause us FEAR in recent years; however, being known as Hazara was also source of FEAR in the past. Try to find FEAR in yourself; this is FEAR – not Shia or Hazara – which causes you to react neurotically. Blaming Shia doesn’t lead you to the end of troubles; it rather causes unrest, anarchy, unnecessary clash of ideas, and no doubt, lead to national disharmony and harm to national interest.

    I re-emphasis knowing the essence of Social aspect of Islam notably, Shia’sm that’s interplay role envision us to stand united and triumphant.

    Juda Ho Din Siyasat (politics) ASey To Reh Jati Hai Changezi (Iqbal). Changazi refer here the to symbolic cruelty of Changaz Khan

    United We Stand!

  13. azad I was reffring to majoritys belif among hazaras…of course hazara as a nation and we have different believes…..its good if we decide not to discuss religion any more….

  14. Sallams Everyone,

    Thanks for your comments! I agree with all those who said not to talk here about religion obviously everything has its own proper place and time to be discussed. But at the same time, let me remind everyone that I am not the person who started the topic, the reason I entered in the discussion is because there were things said about Shia and so on, which I would obviously not keep silent on!

    Second, let me remind those who favour humanity and go against religion the concept of Morals and Ethics have come from religion not from stomach.

    Since we are all happy to close the discussion here I am happy too to keep the peace. And to those who think that the one who are non Shia, non Sunni and non atheist or what so ever, let me remind you that, that is not the fact a individual choice which those people have decided to follow! However if anyone is interested to have a Shia and Sunni dialogue, please do not hesitate to contact me;

    Finally, to those who think I have used the Star plus script, I am sorry to say, You are wrong, because I am an educated person, I am proud of what I am and my abilities, I do not need to copy dramas or what so ever to convey my message.

    I have not seen you guys, although we are not of same understanding and belief but I respect all of you because we are all Human Beings and know each other by word which is a part of personality. Please keep respect for each other. Thank you


    Ya ALI Madad!

  15. Do you call Panjabis= sunnis
    Do you call Pushtoons= sunnis

    Do you call Scotish= Christain not Scotish.

    Then why people call us by the name Shias (extremist)?


  16. Hazaras are Hazaras, a nation and please dont call us Shia because Shia is a religion and we respect sunnis and others as well.

    Like Mullas of Iran call us Shia people of Afghanisatan. Call us Hazara not Shias because we are Hazaras.

  17. shaman your name reflects u r religion, how can u ask others to stop talking about religion, particularly about…its u and bamiyan who should stop….we curse u and people like u who raise non sense questions…stop u r ill minded questions…u can use brain for many other good things…discussing religion for the sake of creating confusion is equally bad….u guys…the so called genious should stop u r ill attitude….there are many other topics which need much elaborated discussion…..use u r brain for good…we don’t need inputs about our devine religion from people who themselves are misguided and distratced……

  18. I think Shaman is right, we should not discuss about the religion here. I am sure there are plenty of sites where people can have discussions about the religion.

    I personally don’t have problem with any religion. Every one is equal in front of God.
    We don’t spread the word hate among our new generation like Iran against the non-Shias.

    If any body likes to be very religious then they should visit where there are Arabic words because we are not:

    We Hazaras suffered a lot from Iran and Shias. They will repeat it again if we don’t wake up this time.

    We write in English and live in non-Islamic countries, we have non-Muslim friends but still Muslim and we still respect other religions.

    I think we are different from you.

    Thank you

  19. Zahra, you wrote:
    What do you mean by tolerated, I personally do not cruse Umar, Abu Bakr and Usman and the so called Ayesha, but of course agree with those do so because they deserve it!!! Yes they deserve it.

    Are you sure you don’t curse them? You agree, you don’t curse!

    Zahra, go have some sleep and then think what you have written in lines above.

    Answer me my question: If you were raised in an isolated environment unknown of current relgions and sects. What was your point of view? I guarantee you, you had thoughts of me. I think, humanity, kindness and mercifulness need no sect or religion but it is built in human ability and most of the time is inherited.
    In this world we as individuals deserve some respect personally and on personal achievements. Till when we use Ali’s or Imam’s references for our own existence????? I AM. I AM. I …. I …….. I did some honorable work my self.
    I never forget how religion was used against Hazaras in Afghanistan. That’s why I don’t permit any one to target Hazaras any more as Shias. Hazaras have non Shia, non Sunni, non Chiristian, non Jew, non Budhist, non Atheist population as well. And is part of active world. And is deadly powerful!. You want some?
    Be careful. Be human. Thats enough. No religious politics please. STOP!

  20. well sister zahra….is it a surprise to see such people here in quetta as well?


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