Posted by: Editor | February 8, 2009

APC Condemns Target Killing, Resolution Terms Yousufi’s Murder at the Hand of State-institutions

Abdul Khaliq Hazara of HDP, Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI, Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini of BNP, Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP and Akhlaq Shah of PML-N addressing APC Press Confrence.

Abdul Khaliq Hazara of HDP, Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI, Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini of BNP, Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP and Akhlaq Shah of PML-N addressing APC Press Confrence.

Quetta February 08: All Parties Conference, called by Hazara Democratic Party, strongly condemned terrorism, violence and ethnic and sectarian target killing in Quetta.

The APC was attended by major political parties of the province including Balochistan National Party, Awami National Party, Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Pakistan Muslim League-N, Jamhuri Watan Party, Jamiat Ulema Islam, Jamat Islami and Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf.

After a day-long discussion, the conference participants came to a joint communique, saying the murder of Hussain Ali Yousufi, Chiarman Hazara Democratic Party, is the worst example of terrorism under the watch of state institutions and international intelligence agencies destabilizing the region. It further said people from different ethnic groups and religious faiths must not be discriminated.

The conference participants said rule of law should be topmost priority of the state and it should maintain its writ.

The resolution also demanded immediate halt of the military operation in Balochistan and the release of all arrested people. It also demanded from the Government to establish a Peace Task Force comprising of all political parties and civil society organizations.

Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP speaking at the APC called by HDP.

Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP speaking at the APC called by HDP.

The Confrence was started at 11PM and concluded at 6PM with a joint press conference at 6:30PM.

APC was presided over by General Secretary HDP, Abdul Khaliq Hazara. Prominent political leaders of the province attending the confrence included Hasil Bizenjo of National Party, Dr. Jahanzeb Jamaldini of BNP, Commander Khudaidad Khan of ANP, Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI, Syed Muhammad Ali of JWP, Arbab Hashim of PML-Q, Akhlaq Ahmed of PML-N, Abdul Kabir Shakir of JI and Irfan Ali of PTI and Asghar Ali Gulzari fo Tanzeem Nasl e Nau.

Those who were invited but did not attend the confrence included Pushtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, Bismillah Kakar of PPP, JUI Nazriati and Baloch Republican Party. Abdul Khaliq Hazara thanked all the political parties and organziations that attended the APC.

Dr. Jahanzaib of BNP and Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI in APC called by HDP.

Dr. Jahanzaib of BNP and Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI in APC called by HDP.

Hasil Bezinjo of National Party in APC.

Hasil Bezinjo of National Party in APC.


  1. In the name of bamiyan …..
    koor bekai Aghae Zahra (bano e Pak daman ) …
    kho khob shoud mo khabbar shoudi ki shomo da london wari society asten … khoub maza meda an da london … safid mardoum …. saaf suthra road … buland buildinga wa rangi barangi lights ….
    Ba Iman wa Ba taqwa ….wah ……..
    Madam why dont u write scripts for the one and only Aikta kapoor of balaji telefilms (Indian serial on Star plus ) … the story u above emphasize seems to be copied from “””Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi “”” serial …. but it is more interesting ….
    science student Aakhir accept kad ki ….. Zahra e Zahidi Now said ::::I am sorry The imam (A.S) are not like you and me, they give their blood, their lives and everything for the sake of happiness of Allah (swt):::::
    means Imam too had blood and i hope that blood had red color as ours …. and they had life…….but every living has to die … means they had to die too …. what is uncommon between them and us ..
    dega aadam chi bougaa …………..waisay madam shomo amo scientific questions e azma ra juwab nadaden ….
    Ba amman e bamiyan ………

  2. Zahra Zahidi (previously posted comments as Zahra)

    Shaman Brother thanks for your concern, Not only Allah but also our beloved Ahlul Bayt (A.S) will help me inshallah! I am proud to be born Muslims and Shia, but I am not blindly following, what so ever I know (apart from my Namaz and Quran and basics that my parents taught me) everything else I have read and understood from books myself!

    The person who so ever he/she is that thinks religion destroys human relationship is totally (100%) wrong, the very reason and the aim of religion were for the sake of Humanity from Allah to guide us.

    What do you mean by tolerated, I personally do not cruse Umar, Abu Bakr and Usman and the so called Ayesha, but of course agree with those do so because they deserve it!!! Yes they deserve it.

    Woe on your justice!!! when knowledge comes to Ali (A.S) you are denying the fact but when it comes to Mohammed (peace be upon Him and His Progeny) then you agree that yes he had the knowledge because there comes your benefit about Ayesha, who is this Ayesha, the one who knew Ali (A.S) was the chosen successor of Mohammed (S) and still fought against him and killed many innocent, Sorry we Shia do not have respect for a killer and murdered. Ali (A.S) was the chosen successor of Prophet Mohammed (S), he appointed him in Ghadeer-e-Khum on the way back from his last Hajj, he knew he will die and that’s why he had to fulfil what Allah (SWT) ordered him, thus he in front many Muslims delivered a sermon in which he took Ali’s hand up toward the sky and said, who so ever is I am the master, Ali (A.S) is the master!!!! Go and read some book and research about the fact don’t just follow blindly….. There are Sunni scholar who themselves curse their own scholars and leader because they never told them the truth.

    Yes of course Ali (A.S) was and is knowledgeable, he didn’t accept the caliphate of Umar and the others, but he was forced to. Your those so called Caliph left Moahmmed’s (S)’s death body and went to discuss about power and politics [ are you asking us SHIA’s to respect those who in live time of Mohammed (S) showed they love Mohammed (S) and left his death body after the worldly benefits, sorry we Shia do not have respect for any of those]

    I am sorry The imam (A.S) are not like you and me, they give their blood, their lives and everything for the sake of happiness of Allah (swt) you are totally wrong when you say that it was a suicide no it wasn’t! I wish we could follow our Imam (A.S) exactly the same way but it is us common human beings we haven’t reached that perfection. Our Imam (A.S) hasn’t taught us to stay clam and tolerate unjust but to have justice in its right way.

    Dear Zahra, I don’t want any human say any bad words to another human or to things which are respectful to them.

    I am sorry your words say something else and your hands are writing something else. You are not doing what you are saying, at least be respectful to people’s belief if you do not belief.

    Of course, I do not encourage sectarianism, I always wanted us all Muslims to be ONE but at the same time, let the truth be heard.

    By the way you are misunderstanding the very concept of Ya ALI Madad! we are not asking Madad from Ali (A.S) but through his from that Allah ( the one and the only ) which YOU ALSO believe. Yes, Ali (A.S) is the beloved of Allah and chosen by Him and the Prophet and thus we believe in him. Also we do not closed our eyes so that the difficult go away, we have always faced the challenge and will always do so, do consider the condition we are in, the lack of power and lack of support from Government! don’t just blame people, there is always a reason why can’t you do some thing or why can’t I do other things.

    I wasn’t born in isolated environment but currently living in such a society [London] where Be-hayaye and be-hijabe are at its peak, where outside your room every single person says oh believing in Allah is all bullshit and so on, where seeing us Muslims in headscarf people thinks we are oppressed, where believing in religion is being old fashion and outdated, where people think ISLAM is only and only terrorism! but still Alhumdulillah Allah (SWT) and Ahlul Bayth (A.S) helping us to face the society and remain Ba-Iman and Ba-Taqwa.

    I do not know whether you are a non believer or Sunni, but if I were you, I would have the patience of listening if not accepting other belief and research and find the truth!


    Ya ALI Madad!

    P.S. Brother Nadeem Haider, thanks for your comments.

  3. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    My dearest Ahmed :::::
    it is really fun to steal and hide ur handcurchief …
    I m sorry for u that ur greatest religion erupted from the sands of Arabistan … where as history mentions that the greatest civilized people of the mention age used to burry their live daughters … but do not say that it was because it was a tradition in arabic tribes that the stronger and bigger tribes had the right to GULCHIN daughters of weak and smaller tribes for …u know what for .
    one can understand it better if we multiply that daughter with Ahsaas e ghairat …..
    it really would make more sense if it would have erupted after negotiations and discussions …again if i go in detail no one is to protect me ….
    You people call it COMPLETE CODE of LIFE ………..
    what is CODE …. and what meaning today it has developed for it self …………..
    can u simplify every act of a human in chains of (do and do not )s or in (0s and 1s ) ……
    I m typing here can any one of you count and explain me the arrangement of 0s and 1s in my brain ……..
    I have raised many questions with reference to their books as well …. and a number was put by Ahmed ….. they all remained unanswered …..
    Ahmed birar call new generation Yahoos and clowns ……………what our earlier generations did for them selves and or for their newer generations
    lost our identity for PAN IRANISM and PAN ARABISM …..lost our lands ……. than Yahoos and clowns were not present … every one used to kiss Syed e muqadas’s Muqadas Hands … gave 5th daughter as khums even .. sold their lands to visit karbala ….. now their daughters are not sold in 40 Afghani a night in Bazar e Kabul …. as the supply is more than demand …..
    Ahmed birar wants us to accept him and his Shaheed mutahari new Khalifa e waqt … wanna remuslim his own new generation ……..
    you people do not discuss what i actually mean …
    in every local accent comment of mine their is something for you … which u people do not adress
    neither u people can …..
    Yousafi had a fitwa for his being kafir ….
    ahmed do u really want to see the fitwa published for Allama Iqbal as kafir whom u quote and seem inspired of …….
    khiyal em da yag masl e Urdui sar khalas ani dega ….moga ki …
    Unchi doukan phiki pakwan …..
    Har chi ki da deig boud da kassa ..e shi hazargi …
    nau nasl e HAzargi jahillia product e kuhna nasl e
    fahmida astha …..
    Ba amman e bamiyan ………

  4. The presence of bey-sharam and bey-tarbiat people like you is one of the real reasons behind writing all those unfortunate things about the internet Hazara youth of today, again and again! When will you maskharas grow up? Shame on you, you all little spoiled twerps!

    Religion, is indeed all we have (`have` in a substantial sense, not just yet another posession or a utility). Man (as human being, as Insaan, and not just the male gender) in order to man cannot but be religious. To be without religion is to be something less than what we are meant to be as insaan. At the core of all revealed/divine/divinely inspired religions is the idea of The Sacred. This idea of the Sacred is, therefore, at the core of man`s existence as well. This idea tells man that he is not entirely of this world, that he stands as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, to use Chinese terminology. The Sacred is a reminder to man about his origins, whence he came forth. The Sacred tells him who he is, who he REALLY is and not just apparently, where has he come from, where he has to to go eventually, and what is he to do with his life in a transient world like ours. The Sacred is the light that he carries within him and which he must seek, that being the most important purpose of his life (`Know Thyself!`) . Religion is Way (Tariqah), religion is Law (Shariah). The Sacred, and only that, is the Ultimate Truth (Haqq) and Reality. Religion is Truth, Goodness and Beauty,all. Religion is not Morality, if it is not Truth first. Religion is not Beauty, if it is not Truth first.

    Hence, we equate The Sacred with nothing but The Truth. Religion, as The Sacred and The Truth, is the source of cultured and civilized life. All great religions are at the center of great civilizations and their cultural products and achivements in science, arts and crafts. Without the religion of Islam, for example, there would be no great poets, scientists, philosphers and Arif sages. Even secular and profane societies, like the Western World, are still living off the riches of the Christian religion. Without Christianity there would be no Goethe, Dante, Blake, Tolstoty, Shakaspeare even Newton and Einstein. All the great works of Western arts, for example, are inspired by Christianity although the modern, secular West is like a prodigal child, a Naa Khalaf child that denies that fact. The spirituial decay of the West, as it dominates and destroys the planet with its might of secular forms of knowledge and technology, is one of the great tragedies of present humanity. All this is happening because the secular elite of the West are no longer cognizant of the nature of The Sacred and hence The Truth. Deny and forget (ghaflah) The Sacred, and you end up in self destruction.

    In a state of denial of the The Sacred, man is reduced to a state of barbarism. And that is exactly what the modern Western (and now increasingly Westrnized Eastern) cultures are: Barbarism. The worst crimes of the past few centruies have all been irreligious, secular and profane crimes: The two White Wars (WW1 and WW2), Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Cambodia, Chinese reforms of Mao, Russian Gulags of Stalin, the many holocausts and genocides, millions of life forms butchered in the laboritories every day in the name of modern science, progress, development and forms of knowledge…all secular and profane forms of violence. They happened because certain men denied that there was such a thing as The Sacred and The Truth.

    The Hazara youth of today, if one were to especially judge from the crowd of Yahoos and clowns present on the internet, sadly show some of the obscene signs of being morally untutored, intellectually weak and swamped by every modern/western fad and fashoin that comes their way, spiritually ignorant and culturally lost, or, as you say, without true Taleem au Tarbiat. The worst of them, the Hazara Jahillia of today, are a class of tragi-comic youth and their equally misguided elders, those who have gone through a long process of modern education and have intentionally imbibed some of the greatest myths of modernity like `scientism`, `development`, `progress`, `evolution`, `art` `literature as standards of civility/civilization.

  5. In the name of Bamiyan ……
    Once Osho was saying that he was amazed when he saw a PHD in physics on retuning his motherland India took the pea of a cow (Gao matha ) and swinging it around his head ….
    My student of science here does not know that to our knowledge there is nothing beyond energy or after many assemblies of energy Atom is formed .
    and if those mentioned were not common human why they are burried and why they are still believed to be in those graves …. as enough bif buildings are made on those graves to attract people and as people take photo near Opera house or khuda biamourz world trade centre or tajmahal so they take photo there …..
    But the real point i wanna make here is that people really believe they are present in those graves .. may be the skeleton …… but see how much people are made depandent on them that people has quit thinking or working hard instead use the shortcut …. as our daizangi brothers did .. sell ur cultivating lands to syeds and tajiks and go to karabala … now other hazaras who were a bit more mature can see the difference and development in daizangi area and people with respect to other areas and people ………
    I m sure that bano e pakdaman Khanoume noor e do chashmanoume (Miss Zahra ) will reread the books given to her …. and wont be depandent on
    ya Ali Madad …. Maula Ali Madad …..

    Haq hai …
    Babu yag phodi mhodi kho bidi …. amzo bad khumar um …….enhhh ennhhhhh
    haider ..
    Dama Dama Mast Qalandar …
    ba ammman e bamiyan …..

  6. Zahra: May the dead human Help you!
    Shaman is not angry but feels the fact that all religions destroy human relationships.
    I am not Shia nor Sunni. When I see at Shias and Sunnies I just feel sick. Miss Zahra, to born Shia or Sunni is not a good luck or bad luck. I ask you, if you were born Sunni, have you had tolerated Shias calling bad names to Abu Bakar, Umer and Usman? Well, lets say you may have toleratted them. But what if they had hatted your own self for being Sunni? This is the case for Shias right now. Sunies hate them.
    You say it is right to say bad things to Three Caliphs! Who are you and the rest of the Shias to do so? Ali accepted and worked as forth Caliph. If he had some problems with the rest, he had stopped them from becomming Caliphs? You say Ali knew everything? If he had known all, why he put many people in doubt? Shias dislike Aisha? Why? If you respect Muhammad, you must respect his wife too! It is not Shias problem to hate Muhammad’s wife. Muhammad knew everything. If he didn’t, he had never married Aisha! Most of the Imams were poisoned! Why? Knowing and committing suicide? Ali was killed during his prayer! Didn’t he know the killer would kill him during the prayer? He knew, as you said he was infallible. It was simply a suicide then to know the killer but do nothing!
    Today, Hazaras being Shias are also demanded to stay calm and die for being Shias. Because their Imams did the same. According to them, Hazaras should never give importance to their lives!
    Dear Zahra, I don’t want any human say any bad words to another human or to things which are respectful to them.
    Think if there is no life after this one!!!! Wouldn’t you do anything to survive? Do the best in this life. Well, I don’t say be good with bad people. A powerful common law must rule the whole world and punish the bad.
    All I want to say is: Wake up. Value the life. Religion say, no problem if you died, you will be in paradise! Why religion always talk about Paradise? Why no one tries to make this world like a Paradise?
    Is Shia all about hating? Or Is Sunni sect is all about hating Shias? It is suffocating Zahra. Asking help from Ali is just like closing your eyes in time of trouble and waite trouble to go away! Just like Hazaras massacred in Afg! Because they had a chance to think hard and plan for, but they asked for Ali’s madad but no help came!
    This world is to work hard and get the fruit. Zahra, you would understand only if you had born in an isolated environment away from all religions!

  7. Sallams, (Brother Bamiyan)

    Inshallah everyone is doing well, it is not about taking the right and hand it over; it is about supporting each other, our people and our nation and most of all our core belief for which Imam Hussain (A.S) sacrificed his live, for truth and justice!

    Yes, human beings are beyond the so called atom and energy (just to let you know I am a Science student).

    The Imam (A.S) and Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon Him and His progeny) are infallible, free of sins and Knowledgeable, they are not common people. In addition, any human being who gains nearness to Allah (SWT) he surpass the common human beings and are ranked higher then angles whereas, some can be ranked lower then animals.

    Once again, instead of blaming people we should talk to them andencourage them and help them in any possible way we can, specially our youth generation.


    Ya ALI Madad!

  8. In the name of bamiyan ……
    if any one here could tell me for whom and whom’s family we still want the rights … if we take that right can we handover him and his family the due rights after 1300 years …..
    if not …
    than what is this noise …..
    secondly if u people could tell me wether they were made of atoms or energy …
    or those (for whom we want rights )
    were something beyond atom and energy ….
    common human are made of atoms or complex biological molecules …..
    I know although i m not a science student …
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ….

  9. Dear Sis Zahra & Bro Mukhtar,

    I personally appreciate both your keen and deep-down observation to let us ponder about the general tendency and nature of Hazara Nation. The comments are splendid and fact-based, which cannot be admitted and acknowledged in mere words.

    Sis Zahra, I totally agree with your point of view that the Religion should not be blamed just because of some incidents in which a series persecution of Hazaras has been place. Because Religion does not belong to the ignorant Mullahs who themselves are amidst the clue for Dooms Day. Religion, specially Islam, which hardcore focus is Human being, has been reveal on Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to eliminate the ill-practices, ethnocentrism , and social disorder of Arab at that time which was then, spread throughout the world due to its versatility and dynamism. Islam has been declared as the COMPLET CODE OF LIFE, and the point of interest is to evaluate it’s essence to pave way for its social utilization because as a whole the Hazara Community is endearing Social Disorder. Shia’sm in this context holds a strong position in terms of its dynamism for social relations and harmony. Despite blaming ourselves being Shia, there is dire need for lesson learning from the Incident of Kerbala – the will for commitment, the support for being united, the selflessness for the genuineness of belief. Because there are more rooms to use Shia’sm and its core principles to get rid of our prevailing socially-ill culture and values.

    Bro Mukhtar, I also appreciate your point of view regarding the true portray of Hazaras’ general psychology and nature. No doubt, much of our intentional and un-intentional behaviours in which we do not miss the opportunity to mock each other genuineness, but here we should not forget whatever we mock about each other either calling Lalai, Afghanistani, Lab Nali (Taraei), or Quroot Boei that is reality about us both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We must be happy to know and must prevent ourselves from this socially unaccepted norms and practices, which are the best source of improvement and critique for us. We should not mind these realities, though these cause agitation and stress. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT.

    Best Regard,

  10. Dear Mukhtar Hussain

    I know you are not so bad. You have feeling for your Hazaras like many of us. But unfortunatly you are always attacking Hazaras from Afghanistan with different lables. Let’s not forget no one is complete and perfect. In my family we are married with both sides having many children one live in Quetta another live in Afghanistan and the rest is spreaded all over the world. But we are one brothers and sisters and united family.therefore all Hazaras are the same regardless of where they live or whatkind of nationality they have.Only in my own family we have many citizenships and live in many diffrent countries what should I call my own brother,sister,nephews,neices….. Call them Eropean,Australian,Austrian,British,Quettagi,Awghostani,watani,Kabuli or what>>!!!!!
    Please look to the complexitcy we are having dividing your own Hazara will end up to divide your own family finally. If you have problem finger point one person not the whole Hazara from Afghanistan. You never have the right to blame the whole 9 million Hazara in Hazaristan and allover the world. One single person can not blam the nine million Hazara of Afghanistan and across world. How it would be more beatiful to count yourself on top of nine million Hazara and invite your freind then evrey thing will be nor allah noor!!!! If nine million go the wrong way no problem join yourself too.Secondly we Hazara expect you to do something positive for your mainland which is sorounded by countless feirce historic enemies in Afghanistan or Quetta or elsewhere.You guys have responsibility to your Hazara qawm if they are Jahil or wise educated. If you and me are not working for them who we should expect to work for them. Pashtons,balochs,tajiksEroupean,PUnjabis,Sindis…are not coming to rescue them.
    The main problem is this we are not counting on eachother as Hazara. Offcourse there is some diffrences why not becuase you guys have been away for such long time in Pakistan and they lived in mainland or newly migrated in the past 30 years. I know lots of local Quetta Hazaras. I am proud of them they are such Sharif and decent people and has great feeling and constructive ideas for Hazara nation. Unfotunatly the new arrivals from30 years raised with diffrent menatality and fack identity as Pakistani Nationalist who has allergy to his own Hazara from Afghanistan. Why it should be the case. remeber first Hazara migrants came during Abdul Rahman Zalem when Pakistan was not established it was British Indian. We should be thankfull to the govenment of the time to allow you to be saved from killing of Abdul Rahman Zaleem. The conspiracy of British Indian governmetn against Hazara and giving weapon to Pashtons to kill us is another issue.
    My dear brother Mukhtar Hussain and people who are thinking like him your responsiblity must not be limited to Quetta or Quettagi as you are trying to establish as hard as you can. You are responsible to the whole nation of Hazara regardless where they live and what kind of mistakes they have especially never forget your mainland. No wise nation will put all his eggs in one tiny basket of Quetta or Marry Abad for the Baloch or Pashtons. If some Afghani Hazara call tajiks and Pashtons watandar it means they are living at the same country nothing more than that. No one can forget what happened to Hazara by tajiks and Pashtons but all Pashtons and Tajiks are not supporting Talilban and Masuoud. there were millions of Tajiks and Pashtons who were finghting againsta Gulbuddin,Rabani ,Masoud as Communists and supporter of Najib and Keshtmand including Hazaras. This is the reality Hazara of Afghanistan is only %20 the rest is our Watandar! What should we call them? I wish they were Hazara but they are not I can not call them anything else!!! Be positive about your own Qawm and no one pefect and complete.

    God bless you

  11. my brother,

    you criticise me because I tell the truth and you people never understand what truth is. I give you many examples of the incidents which prove that some of the afghan who belong to us and we belong to them never accept us hazara. I was in their meetings and many quetta guys send me their mails and I was present with them when such incidents occured. why should I be against the hazaras of afghanistan, my family was born there, my whole family, ancesters all come from there and I will never say that I dont belong to them, but when we see them then we understand that what we think is totally wrong.

    I had many friends from there but whenever I was present with them they always treated me foreign and told me that quettagi is so and so, some of them acted infront of me the style of Sado or Sultan Julad, some of them kartakbazi, some of them make acting of thainasara who call them lalai or AAghostania.

    my brother, I was the first one who presented the slogan of unity in their meetings, I was the first one who made them understand to stop thaifa parasty and get united by the name of hazara, but they made friendships with tajiks and pashtoons who raped many hazaras in mazar, Gharbe Kabul, Bamian etc, but they still call them their brothers but call us their enemies, which is totally a big shame. I dont think that all of them are so but some of them start such things which we never accept that.

    I criticise the hazaras of quetta too, because we also have many weaknesses and faults, we have also bad character guys who tortured our brothers of afghanistan when they were in Quetta, like Jawad Kukuru, who always snatched money from them by showing to them his snife and pistal, Sanai, Sado, and other badmash who always looted them and teased them in quetta.

    I always criticise our youths in quetta too, when they start competition of matam in muharram, every dista has a leader, whose character we know all, most of them do theater dancing, dokhtar bazi, zina and have bad character but they become the leader of daste syed abad, nasirabad, nichari etc. look to Bangali who is the leader of the Wahdat Gang, when he was in his dasta, he called all of his matamis Good Shot Good Shot, Zor Zor biznin ki paspusht shim daste Syed abad hasta. and he was saying so on loud speaker, look to his style, look to Abid Chata, he dose body building every year just make muscles and show it in muharram. look to mahdi mamai and others who have third class character but you guys appreciate them and call them the pyambar of Hussain. shame on you.

    look to your General Musa, what he did to us, nothing, whenever any of us went to his house in karachi for help he always told his chawkidars that I am not at home, look to noor muhammad saraf and other pitu leaders.

    when muharram comes then you guys start dokhtarbazi on the roads by establishing sabils and giving sharbat to girls but getting mobile nos. from them, sitting on labe nali and discussing about us, afghanistan, pak, politics. wasting your time in the net-cafes, drinking wine and stealing money from your sisters and mothers.

    I will never say that quetta hazaras are much better but whatever we are we are direct and we dont do munafiqat on back of someone.

    I hope that you will understand it and stop your jahiliat and badgumani, which shows that your character is also like those guys above which I mentioned. thats why afghan guys hate you, you guys never respect your parents and brothers and sisters, calling them bad names and stealing money from your houses thats why you people lack of tarbiat.

    God bless you all

    M. Hussain

  12. Sallam guys, ( Ahmed and Shaman),

    I think we should keep things clam and in peace. The very purpose of this website, I am sure, is to unite us! not to give us the opportunity to blame or abuse each other. Yes, it is true to negotiate, understand each other and makes things clear. However, we should at the same time have respect for each other and of course for our beliefs.

    Shaman, I do not know what are you so angry, in spite of reading some the above comments. Being Shia is not about following backward Mullah [ if our Mullas are backward, by saying such sentence we can’t help them progress or go forward, that might be due to lack of education or something] I think it is our, The Young Generation’s responsibilities to research and educate ourselves and not depend of Mullas or blame them.

    And which Caliphs are you asking respect for, those who are the reason for killing our Ahlul Bayt (A.S) and snatching the rights of Imam Ali (A.S)? Please let’s not even get to that discussion AND true imposing is wrong! But I am sorry Imposing is the reason which gave born to Wahabism, NOT AT ALL! I was there from the very beginning and same is with the sectarianism. If Shia and Sunnies are to unite, they can unite without making the commitment of our respect to their Caliphs or what so ever.

    I hope you guys won’t take my point offensive because the very aim of my comment is not to favour or let down one or the other. But surely we should have respect for everyone’s belief and abuse even if do not belong to that particular sect.


    Ya ALI Madad!

  13. Mr. Ahmed, Hazaras have Sunnies and others as well. Okay, let Hazaras be the hardcore Shias who follow backward mullahs who say bullshit against other sects of Islam. What kind of treatment do you Expect Mr. AhmEd? I think you are writing these comments from some safe heavens inside your beloved land Iran the pure Shia country. What Iran cares if Hazaras with their tiny population suffer in the hands of Majority Sunnies! All credits goes to Shiaism or Iran whether Hazaras win or lose the fight of sectarianism. If all Hazaras give their life, Iran will get the credits that how Shias die to death for being shias. Or if Hazaras win, they would say how great the Shia are!!!
    Mr. Ahmed, what truth is: If all humans just agree on one point. And that is this world is not created by some human. And to agree up on the fact that. We leave every one to find the truth. Imposing is wrong.
    All we must want from Shias to change their views toward Caliphs whom are respectful to Sunnies. Respect brings respect. Mr. AhmEd, don’t you have friends from Sunni sect? Can’t you see, being a Sunni, your friend is still your best friend! The poison of sectarianism destroying everything. Let people free. Imposing is WRONG. Such Imposings helped Wahabism to born. Wahabism is not found in Iran. But Iran is the main force in helping to create this Wahabism. Irani Mullahs, our own Hazara Mullahs the beggers forced many youths to give their lives in vain. I wish our Hazaras take another version of Shiaism, where they give and eran respect from Sunni sect. This is not about Pakistan alone. Turkmens, Uzbeks, Kazakhs , Turks all of them are Sunnies. But they respect each other and there is no sect problems. Why every body want to live in Europe, Austrlia? Because there is peace and law. Any way, I wish every body the best. And hope no one become victim of sectarian hate. Which is so useless.

  14. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    May u could Know who Iqbal was inspired of ….whom he brought with him from Germany ….what was that german’s philosophy …..
    Secondly the Budhas of bamiyan were carved by ur …………. ???? Or we were froced to be …..
    by ur beloved Aateh Beganah ……
    Araz e Muqaddas Bamiyan tu ra ham rahnumai kanah …. Agar tu aggo Gilkanah dashta boudi da amo Arz e pak …
    Ba amman e bamiyan …..

  15. Nahin hai na-umeed Iqbal apni kisht e veraan se,
    Zara nam ho to yeh mitti bari zarkhez hai saaqi….

    Khuda shumo ra da maqsad shum kaamyab kana. Insha-Allah agar Millet-e-Hazara sir buland wa surkhuru shud, Islam wa Tasha’yu ham zinda wa taabinda musha, choon the most prominent identity of Hazara Millet is Islam-e-Naab e Muhammadi (PBUH), they have chosen this identity themselves and they are proud to have done so and they will never want to lose it anyways! You can write, speak or do whatsoever you want but never forget that Millet e Hazara will not give up or relinquish it’s Deeni Identity, it is not going to compromise at the cost of losing this holy ideology of nijat or salvation.

    Hazara az Deen juda nista wa Deen az Hazara juda nista, wa Inshallah een rishta e muqaddas ta ba Qayamat juda na khwahad shud.

    Great Iqbal says:

    “Qaum Mazhab Se Hai, Mazhab Jo Nahi Tum Bhi Nahi,
    Jazb e Baaham Jo Nahi, Mehfil e Anjum Bhi Nahi….”

    May God help you in all your endeavours, especially the ones concerned with ilm and learning!

  16. Well said Bamiyan. Bravo. Hazaras need freedom. No one has the right to imposed any thing on us.

    All Hazaras , the day you accepted :

    I would prefer if they (IRANIS) had called me or now call me hazara e Khar ..or mughal e Khar ,,,taimuri e Khar ,mongol e Khar ,,tatar e Khar ………… least call me Uzbek e Khar …..

    Will be the great day. Unity is what we are forced to. But no one can understand this easy thing! Unity is the second name of Loyality. Unity starts from Home. The day we approved our existance in this world, we would be able to live in smaller communities in the world.
    Regards to all.

  17. In the name of bamiyan ……
    What ultimately caused the fall of Islamic science? Why are the Muslims living life of zalaalat, sakoot, bey-ghairati, jamood and senselessness in the present age? Can we recover back?
    these are questions You had to answer ?????
    and u left ur above discussion in middle of Chahar rah e seh rouz to be hit by a tharyaki irani …..
    the age u have mentioned is the age when your might joe youngs looted every possible corner of their neighborhoods … and they fall coz the system u are now defending had and even today has no hold on it’s followers …… to understand your words an compare we take the example of Einstein …..
    born , grown , reached to fruiting and fruited in Germany but died in America .. America benefited him the most ….now he is german or american or Israel …..After so many chirth o pirth u talked ..what was the motto without looting and making more and more areas under their control …. and how can u associate Knowledge to a religion or sect …. from mouse to monkey and Dolly (the first cloned sheep ) every one has played his part.
    the frog i and laghadis of my class operated in labaratory of our school to the chamber Britains and Frenchs made to know the creation of so many planets and glaxies some months ago … for developing the stone to sword and than bows and arrows how much we travelled …. now how can u associate the achievements of mankind to Arabs …. who still love to live in tents and those who have money more than Your complete Hazarajat have no duty or responsibility than to play with a hawk … make the poor hawk to catch him a taolai desert ….
    what u are defending was and is “”””Accidental Arabic Social Cotract “””””which progressed coz of the blunders and internal hypocracy and power gaining of Arabic neighborhoods …….nothing more ……
    After quoting ““seek knowledge, even if it be in China.”
    Are u really satisfied and played ur part ….????
    You really think mission accomplished ….. ???
    Is it enough ……??????
    I hope u may be knowing of Hamorbi …He was a king of Babul some 4000 years ago and the contract he engraved on the stone piller still is present ….. if u could manage to find and read that contract for sure u will know how much of that was copy/pasted afterwards ……u know ….who …….. ????
    Mazarism says “””” Respect a Hazara for his being hazara ,protect him while u think he is over loading himself with tharyak e mazhab …. try not to let him fall for unseen , ununderstandable and assumed worlds …. live with honor …. with honor of being hazara ….””””
    lets suppose …
    I assume No 13 is bad , I assume friday is Heavy day .. I assume black is darkness and ignorance ..
    My intentions are mine u plz dont consider it universal ….. but u cant deny my being hazara …
    For being a hazara it is not necessary to be a shia ,sunni or ismaili …. it cant be adopted .. it cant be ignored … what ever and where ever u will have to talk ur identity …. So why not to build a Hazaragi Contract ….Where u be check on and i be a check on you … so neither u could mix ur beganah idealogy on me nor i could impose or emphasize for my idealogy on you …. reason should only be Hazaragi Interest …..
    So khalili could sit with Muhaqiq and Ghulama Ali haideri with Tausilli …..A aaoghanistani with quettagi and irani hazara zawar with hazara e tawalod e Europai …… A badghazi and ghuri hazara sunni with daizingi and jaghori ..where a kabuli help his brother e koh bandi …. and do not feel shame on his brother’s Oskat e maila and boi Qouroot …. Ask the kohbandi what Words(pure hazaragi kohbandi ) u have brought for me from watan ….these words be souvinere (saaoghat ).. this can only and only happen if people ( hazaragi population ) be awared of their being hazara is honored now …. for this IF OUR FIRQA PARASTS , TOUMAN PARASTS ,BEGANAH PARASTS ,INTERNATIONSITS ,SAGHAI E TANKHUWAKHOR AZ (IRAN,PAKISTAN,AMERICA,RUSSIA,BRTIN ) ..
    wa maar astheen …Syed e Muqaddas >> let we can live an honorable live …. else barking Mehdi mouwwods is comming ….will at least kill another 62% for sure …. and barking “seek knowledge, even if it be in China.” will never let us make a single university in Bamiyan …. But nurseries for PAN IRANISM …… which has a chain of branches (Imam bargahs )in our society and headquarters (Jamia Imam Sadiq and other Jamias in and arround our localities ) ..
    As a hazara our identity will be lost if we didn’t make to get rid of Iran …As till today Iran has not accepted our being but call us Aaoghan e Khar .. I would prefer if they had called me or now call me hazara e Khar ..or mughal e Khar ,,,taimuri e Khar ,mongol e Khar ,,tatar e Khar ………… least call me Uzbek e Khar …..
    As they do not recognize Israel but call them Zionist State ……
    I m ignorant ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………….

  18. So what happened? The Islamic world hit the peak of its “Golden Age,” and then Muslims fell into their own Dark Age. Some say the fall coincided with the Crusades and the devastation of the Mongol invasion, when thousands of libraries and books were destroyed, and hundreds of scholars and scientists were murdered. Others point to internal division within Muslim society as the main cause.

    What ultimately caused the fall of Islamic science? Why are the Muslims living life of zalaalat, sakoot, bey-ghairati, jamood and senselessness in the present age? Can we recover back?

  19. Islamic Science:

    The Qur’an calls upon Muslims to look around them and study the physical world, so that they might appreciate the majesty of Allah’s creation.

    “Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth; in the alternation of the night and the day; in the sailing of the ships through the ocean for the benefit of mankind; in the rain which Allah Sends down from the skies, and the life which He gives therewith to an earth that is dead; in the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth; in the change of the winds, and the clouds which they trail like their slaves between the sky and the earth — (Here) indeed are Signs for a people that are wise.”
    (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:164)

    And the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told Muslims to “seek knowledge, even if it be in China.” (Meaning ‘seek knowledge wherever it may be found.’)

    Throughout Islamic history, that is exactly what Muslims have done. Particularly in the 7th-13th centuries C.E., the Islamic world was in the midst of its “Golden Age,” paving the way for the growth of modern sciences. Rather than stifling science, the religion of Islam encouraged its study. Scientific inquiry was widespread, and some of the greatest scholars and scientists of the world made wondrous discoveries and inventions. Muslims led the world in the study of medicine, astronomy, mathematics, geography, chemistry, botany, and physics. They transmitted their studies to the West, where their work was built upon and further disseminated.

    These English words are rooted in the Arabic language, demonstrating the influence of Muslim scholars in these fields:

    cipher (zero)

  20. In the name of Bamiyan ….
    Whom ur Al chemist got the idea and ABC of that …????
    what is the role of Soqraat , Aflatoon and arstho …??????
    soceret , Plato, Aristotle and one who give the idea of atom for the first time ???? …..
    You i think do know of these early philosophers… and how u associate knowledge to a religion or sect … still i m sure that the person u mention was not shia … if he was not why u are ….
    I so many centuries could u people solve ur inhouse issues …… no …..
    I m sure who are here advocating Iran and Pan Arabism if they do 10% of this effort for Hazarajat can win us lands above Indus river to cyberia …
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …


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