Posted by: Editor | February 10, 2009

Hazaras in London Protest Shaheed Yousufi’s Assassination — Images and report

Protesters holding placards in front of Pak Embassy, London.

Protesters holding placards in front of Pakistan Embassy, London.

February 08 — Hazara International Forum Great Britain (HIF-GB) held a protest demonstration in front of Pakistan High Commission in London against the consecutive target killing of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan.

The protersters were holding banners and placards against target killing of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan. After  three hours of chanting slogans in front of Pakistani High Commission in London, the protesters handed over a charter of demands to the 1st Secretary Pakistan High Commission. They demanded that the Government of Pakistan take serious notice of the continuous target killing of Hazaras in Quetta.

According to a statement by HIF-GB Secretary General Barrister Iftikhar Raza Khan, the First Secretary to the High Commissioner in London agreed to discuss the demands with the higher authorities in Pakistan.

He also added that the level of participation in the protest in Britain by Hazaras has been unprecedented.

Hazara communities across Europe are coordinating for protests in more cities. The community in Holland are organizing a protest next Sunday.

Barrister Iftikhar Raza Khan added that a letter conveying Hazara grievances will be issued to the European Commission or the United Nations, to be decided by consensus.

Special thanks to Hazara International Forum (HIF-GB) and Jajim Grafix, UK, for contributing photos to this report.


  1. its for those who come with very bad comments and alot of you are good people who i really like to read your informative thinking.

    sorry, alot of people visit this site thats why i am very angry with some people.

  2. WAW,

    I think is true that we are SOTA MUSALMAN and never give up our bad comments unless people like Taliban…. guess for your self. You can not teach an old… a new tricks. Please go to Doctor to wash the minds who come with negative comments.

    I know you dont care but think of those who dies for the sake of our unity.

    what can i say… think please think….

  3. my dears,

    we always talk about unity, but unity can not be made so easily, the main fundamentals of unity is trust on eachother, forget about self interests, believe on your nation, forget taifa paristy and fully responsibility for national cause.

    If one of these parts are not fulfilled, then there can never be any unity.

    as far as the hazaras of afghanistan is concerned then its very difficult to get them to a table, because most of them want to have their role and leadership as we had in quetta, where many parties were fighting with eachother to lead the leadership.

    My dears, when these guys of afghanistan goto quetta for marriage from australia and europe, they start joking of the girls and their families. I give you many examples of the divorces being made due to these lalais in europe. They made jokes of their wives and got divorced.

    the main reason for divorce was to change the language of their wives, because they speak hazaragi which is mix of english, urdu, pashto, punjabi and the afghani guys have dari, so whenever their wives speak pam pam or takri quetta they laugh on them and start joking of her and then there is clash and chapqilishi. because we quetta people are very direct, whatever we have in our minds we say that but when it comes to the hazaras of afghanistan, they have two faces, they talk to you alif, but paspushtey tho bey. so they got munafiqat.

    I hope that when these guys do marriage with quettagi girls, then they should first know that they cant lead them or beate them as they do in afghanistan. I give you many examples in europe, where these afghani guys get money of their wives and children but dont give them and save it and then send to afghanistan for business. they fight everyday with their wives but dont give them their money and use it for their own families, but when they use such techniques with quetta girls, then it dose not functions, because quetta girl has education and they live in the city, they know how to save their money and how to spend them, but these jahil afghani guys always try to cheat with their wives, by spending their money with other girls, drinking sharap, do gimarbazi and using it wrong, that is why there is always clash between the hazaras of quetta and afgahnistan.

    I hope that they will get knowledge and never spread their angers.

    M. Hussain

  4. Dear HIF (GB) Leaders,

    I asked a lot of people in Milton Keynes about the funds and all are very happy to contribute for the victims and well being of Hazaras when they need us.

    Now it’s up to you get it started.

    Thank you once again.

  5. In the name of bamiyan …..
    Only three decades of war is not our concern never it should be .. those who are emphasizing on three decades they are simply doing khiyanat …..
    As katib is not the historian of last three decades the tragedy had long roots in history ….
    Hazara az watan and Quetta tragedy is 30 years old now ……
    I m sure every one here from besud and jaghori ,Bamiyan and Kabul ,mazara and Herat all are hazaras and if we discuss every abuse and misunderstanding with a clear vision of developing our ties and redefining our relations will sure raise as a strongest entity of this region with the power of changing and turning anything to hell and heaven …..
    if and only if we emphasize on Hazaragi …..
    Mr. Akkhlaqi was talked here the most ….
    Abdul Ali Mazari ( whom i follow ) too has killed a number of his own Hazaras are been killed on the orders of Mazari …. why as they were the possible danger …………
    Mr. Akhlaqi is gone .. now u people at ur own decide if he was alive and or those who are alive with reference to him or belong Akhlaqi’s party what they have done for Hazara people of Afghanistan or Iran …….
    Why was Akhlaqi killed …..just because he was a Aaoghostani …or the real scenario is something different ……
    Hussain Ali yousafi and his Tanzeem brought Ammunition for Hazaras of Afghanistan to fight Russians on CIA via ISI saying ….. it is correct …
    is this true that Akhalqi doesn’t wanted hazaras to fight russians …. what was the threat Akhlaqi and group was facing from Tanzeems ….
    the threat was Irani and pakistani role in Hazarajat …where Tanzeemis wanted to make their ground by giving ammunition to Hazaras and Iran wanted Hazaras to move to Iran to fight Iraq for Iran or work in the kushtar gahs and Sangboriss ……….
    Yousafi and Tanzeem is clear ……. who was Akhalqi ….and why he ,,,Only he ……,why HE was Killed ………….
    Yousafi i personally think may have dis obied ISI thats why was killed ……..
    A greater game is being played in this region ….
    where my Hazara nation is shy to discuss Watani Quettagi philosophy …….
    In malakand division Talibanization is accepted by the hardcore pashtun nationalists of peshawar based Awami National Party …….
    So pashtuns not be killed ………… here we are not admiting the original issue and want to hide the dirt under the carpet ……
    Hamid Karzai has convinced USA’s Obama that pashtun facist establishment of Afghanistan will be a party in discussing US new war plan in Afghanistan ……………yet we have doubt on wether Karzai is out of ISI control or not …..
    Ba amman e besud ,jaghori ,mazar , kabul ,herat wa Bamiyan ……

  6. HIF (GB) Leaders,

    I would humbly would like to remind you of the FUNDS that we are going to collect in the next meeting. Secretary Iftikhar Reza Khan spoke about the funds during his speech and I shouted (very good), I hope he remember me I was opposite him. He looked very open and bright minded.

    His photo is the third last from the bottom. I hope he continue to struggle until he sees the success. Be brave and we are with you all the way. God bless people like him.

    Thank you

  7. here i want to say somthing about our people evrybody is blamming eachother now. because of mr. abbas besudi and Mr.Asghar before i have read here on this website every time positive comments about hazara and hazarajat and problems related to hazara inside of hazarajat or outside of hazarjat in qta or europe.

    this guy abbas besudi who spend his whole life in Iran. now he knows he is an afghan and he his proud of afghan budan.he calls himself brother of Pashtun and Tajik. which pashtun who never accept hazara as a nation in afghanistan. this pashtun who massacred hazaras like animals in every era in history or even now. tajiks who never also accepted hazara as a nation. in Afshar they massacred hazaras also brutal like pashtun.

    today my brother abbass besudi is more patriot for his country afghanistan not for his nation as hazara. he devided hazara in to A and Q.

    i think Mr. Abbas. needs more to know about hazara of q.

    let me tell you most of hazara have relatives on both part of region. especailly 80% of h are in Q from jaghori.

    i think he have been in qta for 3 days or 5 days.and doesn’t know no thing about hazaras there.

    i don’t know why he is here to criticise h of qta for their failure.

    “Govt.of Pakistan was behind the taleban and mujahidin with support of some countries.” . this is not concealed from the rest of the world. every body knows about it.

    Mr.Abbass besudi want to develope nifaq among all of hazaras blamming just h of Q for all this shits which happened in afg durring three decades in afg.

  8. birare gul shah ewaz jan.qisse aghai akhlaqi qisse doo ghroai afghanistan bood wa e da Q A taluq na da ra.rasti ma da yak cheze dega hairanum ke tho chara shaheed akhlaqi newishta na kadee.bakhialim tho ham az adathe ghandee kho majboory ke da yak baisee foozool shirkat kani.

  9. Bamyan berar to eshteba greftee, Yousofi khodshi member ISI bood. aga sheneda bashi ki chand roz pesh az koshtonshi ISI telephone keda bod ba Yousofi ki namto da lest Taliba asta tora moksha khial kho kano. Yousofi az Borori da Mariabad koch kad wa ghadar khap khap megasht ki koshta nashna amobood ki zad dega. Yousofi az 20 sal to ki koshta nashoda bod member fahal ISI bood. ami bachekchai azra ra ki da intelligent service shamel kad Yousofi bood berar dam to chara khabar namoshni.

    Beraro ami Abbas berar ras moga ki aghai Akhlaqi ra Tanzem ghadar badraqam kosht, chimaishi bor kad, nakhonaishi bor kad amotor ki awaza da Tanzem bood mogoft ki ami yousofi qad Reza wakil shaw wa roz jaza medad. malom nea ki sari chiz bod khoda medna

  10. May be Abbas is working for now hazara agents as well becaue his comments are not based on truth.

  11. BIRARAE GUL amithar bahsai fozull khora jaree belin shayad yago awgho ya tajik shomora goldmiddl beda thshakor

  12. In the name of bamiyan ….
    Does ISI mean Hazara Quetta ….. or should we name the Qumandans and president nominees of Afghanistan ,Govrners , presidents and Ameer ul mominens of Afghanistan too ……
    if tension and problam of Hazaras of Afghanistan is ISI … than shouldn’t they feel shame of their status and situation e khannagi infront of ISI wari Giant and sag Mafia …. who can kill and kidnap any one in any corner of the world …. but hazaras of motaraqi e kabul has no known group of pailuchs …. As a hazara we are so backward that cant answer 4 khannay e Tajik … pashtuns have mafias all around … not the drugs and other businesses … only the earning of textile and fabrics that pashtuns do is larger than our hazara e turkaman and jaghori to besudi ….
    here we should keep in mind that their business covers pakistan 17million , Afghanistan and India as well ….. their transport business where we dont have a road to bamiyan … toursit destiny of world. the drugs and Mujahid manufacturing industries of FATA and easter, southern afghanistan … in sawat their are cosmetic factories as well forestery and a number of …..
    In Bamiyan we can not eat Kachalo (potato) kaoray pur ….. neither any one cares from the civilized UN and western and Americans to naib e rais Jamhor e Afghanistan Khalili Sahib e muhtarram ……..
    But it is good to discuss ,specially chochayee ISI hazara quetta ….
    I should confirm that Yousafi was killed by ISI … and no one else really was concern more than ISI to Yousafi ……. else understand at your own and your own risk …….
    ba amman e bamiyan

  13. In the name of bamiyan ….
    As a hazara of twenty first century we should not accept any story as it is listened and told … but should analyze with possibilities and reasons … if he did this why ..what made him … who made him … when made him …what were the circumstances than …. than should start with should and if … if we do so … timing is correct …or not … ????and and and ………………………………
    We should appreciate if our bloggers here advice ,suggest how to wash the dirt ,,, where to burry it … should flame it or not ….or make it mummy and send to Egypt for storage ……
    As well a number of other gillas …for Sure editor will not block the posting facility here ….
    ba amman e bamiyan ….

  14. In the name of Bamiyan …..
    I m proud of Abbas that after being on so many toes he didn’t quit but is talking like a sher Hazara …We all of us dont have that much knowledge of insides and outsides but if we together wish and talk can reach what really was happened … it would be great if u really has any associations with any of the parties lets talk and reach to a conclusion …….
    About Pakistan it is just of 62 years age now and Afghanistan above 200 …. if ISI can crack Afghanistan and its politics what was the major reason behind ..who teased who first … who are the elephants and who are the grass …… I personally do not recognize any of the two so called countries as they both are unnatural ….. why every hazara should know and understand this why … Our fight and discussion should not be for Pakistan and Afghanistan but for Hazarajat as it is our right ,Morally and historically ……..
    I suppose Tanzeem really was bad to Hazaragi interests of watan …… but who were those who gave fitwa against Tanzeemis .fitwa lies in RAWA’s website not Tanzeems website ….(tanzeem too was not innocent free of sins) ……. those who gave fitwa are followers of Iran and Abdurrehman as it is mentioned in fitwa … those who were against and oppsed Tanzeem and those who tortured Raza wakil and Hussain yousafi were not communist or educated Taraqi pasands …but Akhoons of Iran …….
    Now lets talk the taraqi pasands i should clear here that i dont know Mr Akram and his sazman with full details … as Abbas mentioned …. Mr. Akram e Yari’s organisation was working in Afghanistan for development of Hazaras if i m right … it was to sabotage Zahir Shahi interests in his kingdom so why would ISI interfere here … if Mr. Akram Yari was working and facilitating Zahir Shah …than as a Hazara we should accept that we are on thousand paths …. Zahir shah is son of Famous Nadir Shah …(refference to Khaliqo Shahid) …….
    Than Mr. Yari was funded by whom ..and what possible threat he was creating for Pakistan so ISI had to interfere ……..
    lets put all this dirt under the carpet …..
    Mr Abbas ….
    Is this right to blame all Hazara and specially those who came in last 30 years coz of the same mismanagement of that era … to quetta for the possible blunder of Tanzeem ,some individuals or some groups ……
    I can provide and write here more possible angles with reffernce to Iran and India and china to Soviates but I want to discuss Hazara only ….
    my finger has dirt of shit should i cut my finger or i should wash …… should i blame my finger or my mentioned arm for the shit ….
    this all discussion was if Hazaras of quetta did all blunders and is responsible for Hazaragi misery of centuries ……. it was assumed based …..
    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

  15. Dear Bamyani!

    As your surname shows you are from Bamyan and do not know why Yousafi and Raza wakil arrested. It is a good question. I mentioned in my last article that ISI tried to destroy the educated organizations and democratic parties from Afghanistan, the most followers of these parties were in Hazarajat and Hazara people because the creator of these parities was Mr. Akram Yari and other Hazara people who established the (Sazman Jawana Motaraqi) in 1345. This party was very active and had the key rule for changing the situation of Afghanistan during Zahir Sha by leading Mr. Yari and other Hazara followers. The ISI organization had afraid of these people and planed to destroy them. ISI trained some Q hazaras to go to Hazarajat to find them. It was a good plan because too many educated person surrounded these agents then killed by religious person. Some of them had arrested in Quetta Pakistan by Tanzim Nasl Naw Hazara Moghol including Mr. Akhlaqi from Jaghori. He was in underground rooms of Tanzim building in Alamdar road for 3 years until killed by Haidari, Yousufi and Reza wakil. There was no chance for Jaghori people to kidnapping these two people until find Mr. Akhlaqi. But unfortunately ISI and Tanzim party killed him.

  16. dear abbas ur bleming Q hazaras for doing nothing for A hazaras ok i don,t wanna count like asghar but tel u one thing if i count then i can wright 500 pages that what Q hazaras done for A hazaras , i just wanna ask u . WHAT U DONE FOR A HAZARA,S IN UR ALL LIFE SO FAR , give me any example , if u done nothing then shut ur mouth ok. and don,t blem any one

  17. az tamam e bradra khahish monum ke name USTADE SHAHEED MAZARI ra da azi bahsai fuzool kho bayad gad na kin tashokor.chara ki mo tamame e mardum e hazarahai A wa Q laeeqe khage paye USTADE SHAHEED BABA MAZARI ra nadareem.

  18. salam abbas jan.da khial e azma ke da Q ziad zolum shoda da sar too.aale khaira kam aawsila ko birar gul ma.zolm e ki da sar e asto shoda.chra ow ra ranghe A wa Q midi.yago qisse shakhsi az khodkho kano.wa ami ? az mukhtar e gul am monom.

  19. Abbas jan what u think…..? If u balock this comments side for while . I think it will be good. when where lounched it was the same thing u read above or below. So he stop comment



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