A community leader adresses the protesters.

A community leader adresses the protesters.


  1. Milton Keynes is united then before and because its internal matter, we should keep it indoor in Milton Keynes.

    He one us and keep him safe and happy.

    Dont interfere in our internal affairs please sweet guys.

  2. We invitie the enemy to come and get us! Lack of unity indeed. Alas!
    We need internal unity. The best humble and humane unity. kind for outside world and strong for us. Our unity must not be any danger for others. That kind of UNITY we must work for.
    Best wishes.
    Shaman the Wind Master.

  3. Iam agree with u.

  4. deaar friend

    that is very bad if some body is using the milton keynes internal matter on the net we are all hazara some of us may have diffrent view but we should bare each other lets find out who wants this problem not to dump in grave we are all hazara let us kill our diffrences letus ignore every bad memories of the past letus hold each other hand
    m .changezi

  5. dewana ni asta hoshiyar shoda, da class ESOL da pora Uk top kada imkan ziyad asta ki imsal queen khitab e SIR bida, baz shomo khad guftin SIR DIDAR BALUCH.

  6. Dear Friends
    I dont know who this gentleman is? can anyone help me to understand who he is and from where he belongs.

  7. khair asta birar socity her cheez da kar daara yag socity dewna hum da kar daraa


  8. dew bizna milton keynes wala ra key imroze DIDAR BALUCH leader she shooda yag dewna
    afsoos ………..
    sad afsoos …………

  9. salam, bisyar nami leader asta, magar munafiqa leadari kado na myla bychara ra…..

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