Hazaras in London Protest Shaheed Yousufi’s Assassination — Images and report » Agha Marzooq Changazi and other protest organizers conferring.

Agha Marzooq Changazi and other protest organizers conferring.

Agha Marzooq Changazi and other protest organizers conferring.


  1. i leave in quetta.2day on 17-04-2009 one peple killed at Liqat bazar.I now it is a great gam in this regen.beceouse use need a unstable state unstable law very think in this regen distreb.In feuchar usa com in this zone and he need a help of Hazara peple.

  2. salam to all my gul hazaras,my dears as,not from now but of course we have been saying the word of to be unite from more than the time that…….i remeber when i was young enogh i have been listening (HAZARA JAHAN MUTTAHID SHAWID)but these r only to say not to act,i dont know,when will we understand.when we unite,when we come on one plateform?my gul hazara by God every throb of my heart kills me when i listen against my hazara.please i beg u all, not just wordly but we have to promise ourselves to be unite.
    may God bless us and keep us on the right way
    i hope inshallah we will not loose any more time and from now we gul hazaras all over the world will be united.daste dua

  3. Dear brothers !

    First of all i am proud for beeing Hazara and of cours we all are proud to our great nation.

    The only way to guarantee our future is beeing a educated nation , please do every thing to send ur childeren to schools and make sure that you are a good parents who keep look after their child, not just they are your kids but they are the men and women in the future and they are the future of our nation .

    We’ll win one day if we have learned from the past.

  4. Its a really good decision that Hazara Nation are protesting at UK also for target killing of Hazaras in Quetta and being Hazara i appreciate this acts.Time is to be united for their rights and for their freedom of living As Baba Mazari told us.

    With Best Regards

    Shabbir Hussain HAZARA

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