Posted by: Editor | February 22, 2009

Holland Hazaras Protest Yousufi’s Assassination

Hazaras in Holland protesting against the unprecedented upsurge of terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Hazaras in Holland protesting against the unprecedented upsurge of terrorist attacks on Hazaras in Pakistan.

The Hague, Feb. 15 — The Hazara community in Holland protested against the assassination of Shaheed Yousufi in front of the Dutch Parliament.

Community leaders spoke to the protesters and condemned the assassination and other acts of terrorism against Hazaras in Pakistan. Khaliq Hazara, General Secretary of Hazara Democratic Party, gave a telephonic speech from Pakistan to the protesters.

Mr. Jaffary, of the Hazara Forum Netherlands, addressed the gathering with a short history of Hazaras and a biography of Shaheed Yousufi. He shed light on the ongoing terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan perpetrated by Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other groups.

Mr. Younus Ali Khan, a community leader, condemned the terrorists and the Balochistan Provincial Government for failing to provide security to the lives and property of the Hazaras in Quetta. He demanded from the Government to charge the negligent police and security agency officials with conspiracy and terrorism.

General Ali Yawar Hazara, a close friend of Shaheed Yousufi, praised him for his noble services to Hazaras and condemned the elements responsible for his death.

Engineer Zafar Hazara addressed the gathering by condemning the hands behind the genocide of Hazaras in and outside of Afghanistan, and emphasized on the need for unity, bortherhood and political dialogue between Hazaras to address their security, educational, economic and political issues.

Mr. Hussain Ali Rahimi, another community leader, condemned the terrorist activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan and demanded from the European Parliament and the UN to take action against the countries involved in terrorist activities and promotion of hate against Hazaras.

At the end of the protest, a committe of  organizers presented a petition in the name of the President of Pakistan to the Pakistan Embassy in The Netherlands.

Dutch media were present to cover the protest.

When the gathering dispersed, protesters went to a nearby mosque to commemorate the chehelum of Imam Hussain.

Special thanks to Batoor Yazdari and Sahil Reza Hazara for contributing to this report.


  1. i am a hazara in holland i came
    new but no one can accept me az hazarra in afghanistan embassy in holland
    what i can do
    i hate from all pashtons
    no one can help me
    no any jawanmard in hazzara people to help me

  2. […] Holland Hazaras Protest Yousafi’s Assassination […]

  3. tashakooooor qawma ki zinda wa bedar astein

  4. سال نوهمۀ تان مبارک و خجسته باد هر روز تان نوروز هر روز تان پیروز شاد و موفق باشید.

    احمد آسترلیای جنوبی

  5. salam to all hazara people:.
    thank you my brother hazara. we are proud of hazara in holland.

    thank you.

  6. Dear brother and Sister!
    thanks for the unity of Hazara in Holend, we are proud of Holend’s Hazara,keep it for ever, we are one all around the wold

  7. We r very proud that HAZARA’S all over the world commemorated the assasination of SHAHEED HUSSAIN ALI YOUSUFI and other HAZARA’S in Quetta Pakistan.It was good feeling a matter of proud that HAZARA’S all over the world showed that we r together we r one HAZARA it is time that we should b united. Best wishes from Mr SHAHADT ALI,MOHAMMAD IBRAHIM, SYED AASHIQ AND MOHAMMAD ALI from holland.

  8. Great Brothers & Sisters in Holland
    Thanks for the UNITY you showed and contributed with all others around the world. WE ARE ONE.

    we really apprecaite hazaras living in HOLLAND to show great unity to all hazara WE ARE PROUDE OF HAZARAS IN HOLLAND, USA,ENGLAND,AFGHANISTAN ,PAKISTAN AND EVERY WHERE
    thanks to hazara news pakistan

  10. Dear brothers,

    First I appreciate the hazaras of Holland who showed their role and solidarity.

    My dears, the hazaras who live in UK , Holland and Australia deserve praising. but those who live in germany, austria, norway, sweden, Denmark should be shameful of their duty.

    I also praise the women and children who took part in the protests in Holland,

    God bless you all

    M. Hussain

  11. keep it up guys God bales each and ever one of you. I just request u guys .Do also in front of EU main office tell them who is mazloom and who is Zalam. show the world that in 21st century being Hazara a crime these foundamentalist and nationalist terrorist gropes killing hazara’s in discriminatly in Afghanistan and Pakistan (Quetta)just being hazara or shia. Is that a crime………….?????????? today we did protest in front of UN head quarter in New York City.

  12. Its realy amazing to see our unity in our national interests and the soliderity has shown HAZARAS OF THE WORLD.
    The protests in Holand, and around the world relfect our one thought, one cause, one moto and one nation.
    It further strengthens the slogan of being one nation, whose direction of philosophy is no more than one stream of common cause and common interests.
    We are all united against terrorists and their ally and those who have a soft feeling for them.
    And we strongly condemn the oppression and voilence against hazaras in quetta and around the world.
    we are peaceful nation but if the enemies try to attck us we will be all one strong garrision of defendants against the enemies, whether we are in Hazaristan, in Pakistan, in Iran, in UK, in Australia, in Newzealand, Norway, Denmark, USA, or in any countries around the world.
    We have shown our unity by protesting through all over the world.

    The individuals who commented in a negative maner in the previous days and tried to discriminate and divide our nation should not look into their individual interests, but my adivise to such individuals is, to observe very closely into the protests around the globe, think deeply and then come up with their ideas.
    But if stil they do not understand the meaning of being one and only one HAZARA NATION,
    then sham on them.

    Sham on those who support boundrism, fractionism, and sectarianism.



  13. هزاره های جهان متحد شوید
    Please keep helping eachother, since we are united no one can harm us, i appreciate these efforts. There are no differences between us, all are Hazaras, its not matter where you live.
    If you live in Pakistan or Afghanistan or even Africa, but you can not change your ethnicity, you are Hazara and your home land is Hazaristan. Nobody is better from another in terms of physical appearance, all are Hazaras, unfortunately i read some comments that one Hazara telling other Hazara “Bad Shakl”. Its really amazing!!
    Please put constructive comments, its time to be united more than any other time in the past.
    I personally suffer while seeing my Hazara Qouma quarreling on minor worthless issues.

    Thanks to my great nation.

    Zahir from Kabul

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