Posted by: Editor | February 24, 2009

From our contributor: The People Who Cried Wolf

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For most of us who are now happily settled abroad, the spare time spent on comfortable couches offers the opportunity to reflect upon and comprehend our diverse experiences, weigh their positives and negatives and as a result try to watch less television. Many of these existentialist moments come about as a result of as a result of those ‘BREAKING NEWS’ alerts, of which there has been abundance as of late.

I have read and heard a lot of opinions, a lot of reactionary emotional ranting but almost no analysis and understanding of the situation. Why us? Why do these tragedies take place so frequently in our part of the world and not elsewhere, especially not in the countries that are traditionally termed as ‘immoral,’ ‘godless’ and ….

Recent decades have seen a rise in various religious practices in the community; people even identify themselves with quite a few. A few see nothing but religious divide all around because that’s the only concern they have. Ordinary, sane people have been brainwashed and turned into insane monsters whose actions have wrecked innocent lives and at the same time provided satisfaction to actual perpetrators.
Extremism is not a new phenomenon; it doesn’t just randomly pop up, not in Quetta. We are still bearing the fruit of large scale Islamisation of the 70s and 80s, particularly those imported under the auspices of Gen. Zia ul Haq and Company. It has taken a good decade, considerable hard work by religious-political fanatics, embassies and consulates and the localized hate militias to fully infect the heart of the otherwise secular Baluchistan province. Today, Quetta is, for good reasons, called the Taliban capital of Pakistan; tough neighborhoods, no-go areas, sectarian and ethnic strife, mafias, undercover gang wars, extremism – similar to something out of Hollywood but real. The heterogeneous make up of the city is, perhaps, the only factor that has prevented it from implosion. A good run through the recent past can help us better understand a few things and form a more informed opinion.

In the yester years residents of Quetta were generally liberal, secular and cared little for religious differences or practices, much of it thanks to influence of the left-leaning, although hypocritical, Sardars and Khans. While there were constant episodes of struggles over issues of Pashtunistan and independent Balochistan , Islamisation had little to no appeal to the masses . During the same years Hazaras were allotted government funds, radio time slot, recognition and combination of other resources by the Bhutto government to counter Daud Khan’s plans for ‘Gran Pashtunisation’. The blessings for Hazaras kept coming as long as the need for it existed .

Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979 marked the start of terrible times for the community. Long before sectarianism had become routine, Iran based organizations had already established political and radical wings in Quetta. Hazara men and women were recruited and then used to bring the community under Irani influence. Women were forced to wear hijab, non-religious families became outcasts and Moharram nights turned into no-sleep nights for everyone and anyone. Bell-bottom jeans and Wahid Murad hairstyles were replaced with traditional Shalwar Kameez and the zawari hat. The Muharram gloom extended from 10 days to a month, fasting in Ramadan was made compulsory . Shia devotees imported the black/green kameez and white shalwar combination, Kaardi and other preposterous acts of religious fanaticism from the Middle East. Mosques became propaganda centers. The liberal left was victimized, some liberals were assassinated, some were forced to submit, others left the country. Sheikhs and Mullahs imported tactics and materials from Lebanon and Iran. The stage was set for a Taliban-style take over and the nifaaz of Fiqh e Jaafarya – under direct guidance from Irani agencies.

The Saudi and Irani versions of Islam became more violent by the day. On July 6, 1985 Sheikh T. and company attempted to change the city into ‘Lab e Naan’ or another Lebanon. The result was tragic loss of life and the start of downfall of the Hazara community. Sheikh T. and company became darlings of the Irani consulate. Since then, constant petro-funding has helped them gain power, wealth and influence. They organize events with Irani blessing, exchange information about the how and who of the community and in their hours of refreshment, sign ‘Seegha’ deals.

In the 80s, Progressive Hazara Organizations established ties with the Afghan Communist government, received student scholarships and sent many members to Afghan universities . This put them at serious odds with the Hazara jihadis (many of whom later on went on to form Hizb e Wahdat). Religious parties declared a war on Sholaees – this included anyone they did not particularly like. Many liberal activists were assassinated; a few such as Hussain Yousufi , Reza Wakil and others were incarcerated in Hazarajat, others were stripped naked, flogged and humiliated in public, their lives and livelihoods looted, many of their women raped and then kept under miserable conditions. HSF activist Ibrahim (aka Ibrahim Shaheed) was, for example, murdered in broad day light, for speaking out against Khomeini. His murderer then fled to Iran and to this day lives a cozy life in the arms of Irani Ayatollahs. Many other perpetrators of those crimes live abroad, some in 16-acre and quite a few lead prayers and religious political parties.

The later years saw the expansion of extremist philosophies. Fundamentalism became the trend; religious studies became a feature of the Hazaragi lifestyle. Throughout the 90s Mullahs witnessed exponential increase in their control on everyday life. For example, mullahs convinced General Musa of the superiority of a neglected corner in Mashhad over a glorious final resting place in his native country.

A major tragedy facing the community in the early 90s was the massacre of thousands of Hazaras by the Irani militias in the concentration camps of Tal i Siyah and Sang e Safeed. This sparked widespread protests by all sections of the civil society, chanting slogans such as ,”سنگ سفید، تل سیاه، خمینی، خامینیی سگ سیاه”. Sheikh T. and Company were not impressed, they blamed the victims for the deaths, and told the community that they had been informed by ‘Haji Aghas’ of the death of ‘about 90 unruly people’. Many survivors of the massacre still roam the streets around Suraye Namak as deewana.

Later Jamiah Imamiah, Punjtan, Wali Asr and other mosques became propaganda centers for Punjabi and Irani mullahs. Sheikh A., Sheikh T. and others operated ghunda gangs in Brewery and Mariabad, headed by the likes of A e Sorkh, B e Saqaaw and others. ISO established branches in Brewery and recruited dozens of students. Mojizah mosque made millions of rupees by fooling thousands of women and teenagers.

In a nutshell, by the year 2000 Islamic fundamentalism had gained a foothold amongst the Hazara community. Tehrik Jaafarya ran offices in Brewery and on Alamdar Road. All resistance to it was suppressed. Work had already begun on the construction of a lavish million dollar Irani headquarter-cum-library in Hazara town. Every street had a Haji, Karbalaye and Zawar. Black became the Hazaragi color – black hejab, black clothes, black flags … black lives, blank minds and bleak futures. Music and movies were banned in certain communities and wedding celebrations started to resemble Fatiha Khwani, celebrations were replaced by Salawat. And the trend continued…

By 9-11, the community had already drawn the attention of the mother of all extremists, agencies and Saudi Arab sponsored Wahabi extremists. It began with target killings, attempted assassinations, and killings in Zangi Loda, Sariyab, Prince Road, By-Pass Road and the attacks on Moharram procession. As a reaction Irani agencies established groups like Sarfarosh Force, Mukhtar Force, Jaanbaaz Force, ISO, Karrar Force, ‘Anjuman e …’ Hundreds of Qom-based Mullahs returned to Quetta and gained stakes in Language centers, schools, libraries, mosques and other social institutions.

Last time I checked nothing had changed.

A few months ago, a local Mullah Mr T. (Junior) raped his underage student; a girl almost a quarter of Mr T’s age. He then blatantly broke the news to the girl’s parents and asked for her hand in return for his acceptance. Based on what I have heard, the parents had their girls attend madrassa and the boys attend English Language Institutes. It is hardly surprising that they happened to be your typical mosque attendees, they regularly paid large amounts in khooms and zakat and labeled everyone else as in the muhallah as gumraah. The Mullah in question was frequently invited to solve their religious puzzles, solve family feuds and preside over their mehmaani. Cutting the long story short, upon confirmation of mullah’s words the girl’s father and brother then murder the mullah and run for their lives. The mullah is termed as “Shaheed e Raah e Haq” and put to rest with salutes and respect. In addition to that, relatives swear to avenge his death. A few months later they murder a relative of the above-mentioned family. The blame is put on balocha and everyone lives happily ever after. No questions asked, none answered.

Enough with the entire story telling, let’s do a check back.

What has become of us!? We have become naïve enough to embrace extremism, reject humanism and turn pointing fingers into a habit. Most of us share concerns for Shiaism, Islamism or Hazaraism but none of us dare to cut the slack and see ourselves as members of the human family, have humanitarian concerns and share human values. I often quote a reesh-safeed e qaum whose golden words still tickle me,”مو اول شیعه ای، بعد مسلمان، بعد آزره، بعد افغان و بعد انسان …” Lunatics like him have now become leaders to our people and pass decrees about topics ranging from people’s kitchen to their bedroom. Tolerance is a popular demand but never a stance. Aptitude is a popular slogan but senselessness is a fact of life. Hazara immigrants have taken most of these stupid practices abroad but have brought back little cultural, educational and social modernity. We have shunned happiness and open-mindedness. Our celebrations do not last a day, while the sorrows over Arab tribal clashes last for months. No independent thought process, no investigation ever happens and little curiosity takes place in religious matters. We have gone from being an independent prosperous people to a tight-lipped group of silent spectators open to exploitation.

Madrassas have replaced civilized schools; siparas have taken the place of progressive literature. Gunshots have replaced exchange of ideas. Women are being increasingly marginalized. Songs of joy have been replaced by Nauhas with a million variation of the same story, each one sadder and more radical than the other. Anything labeled as religion is asked no questions, given a free hand and bought in bulk. Modesty and good looks have been replaced by long beards, scruffy barbaric looks and black veil. You can no longer talk to women in public. Females can no longer cross the streets alone or work in public places. Men can do what they want. Women can not escape the prison of ghairat. People have stopped caring about the atrocities being committed in the town down the road but care to exhibit curious yet ignorant concern over the events in Gaza. We are set to become the very definition of ignorance. And it continues…

Are we doing the right thing? No.

What is the right thing to do? I ask YOU to think about it and answer that question.


  1. da kudam tarich ya kitab asta ki 46% shia wa baqi sunni hazara asta ma kho nada afghanistan wa na da qta hee kitab ya tarich ra khwandom .
    pls name kitab ya kudam ahwala bideen

  2. Some guys on this website really make me think as if they have any particular agenda? The hazara community has got so many problems but guys like Baamiyaan, Shaman and a few more are busy targeting the faith of the nation as if their this attack is going to solve all their problems in one day. Even the above article is very misleading and seeks to attack, solely, the shia faith! May be the author has forgotten that it was not Iran but the USA which encouraged, provoked and abused the people of Afghanistan to fight the communist Soviet Union (Today’s remnant Russia) and once the Soviet Union was forced to leave Afghanistan the West (and the USA) left the Afghans in the lurch, thereby creating a vacuum which the neighboring countries (in particular Pakistan) and its Saudi/Wahabi backers and financer tried to fill in. Hazaras on this forum should know that even before the Iranian revolution Pakistan’s ISI was involved in Afghanistan, helping pro-American froces to resist the expansion of communism (though they – ISI – called these counter actions to be directed against the Pashtoon nationalists). Even Tanzeem-e-Nasli nau Hazara was set up by ISI and I reiterate that was well before the Islamic revolution of Iran when Daud Shah (cousin of Zahir Shah) was ruling over Afghanistan. At the time Shah of Iran ruled over Iran! Even Yusufi was an agent of ISI, something that has been even admitted by Baamyaan on this website. No tell me where were Irani Mullahs at that time and what influence did they have on the events that were taking place in Afghanistan?

    I therefore don’t see any logic when some people are attacking the religion and linking everything to the Mullah’s of Iran while the historical facts point towards the interference of USA in Afghanistan with the help of its proxy states (Pakistan and Saudi Arabia).

    I’m convinced some people here have got a particular agenda; some of them are not even Hazara/shia. They are anti-hazara/shia and under the disguise of hazara/shia they are carrying out the duties of their masters. It’s ironic these guys ignore the shia killings by the x,y,z organisations (often agencies are behind them) but they are quick to blame the Mullahs for everything that is not working.

    Before you spew your anti-hazara/shia venom i would like you to study the present geopolitical situation of the region (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq) so that you could see the greater picture of what has been going on in the world and who is behind all these massacre and genocide of humanity in various countries of the region.

    Ba amaan-e-Khuda

  3. Munsif Yawari: Dear, you just called 40% Sunni Hazaras Nahaq! Your Roohi status need some medical treatment.
    My rooh can be good if I stop hatting people on basis of secterian or religious differences. What your Irani Mullahs do is to Turn Hazaras against Sunnies, no matter Hazara or non Hazara Sunnies.
    I request you and your likes to stop doing nahaq to Hazaras any more. Please.
    My Rooh is so strong and confident. When will Mullahs stop? When big stones from sky fall on their heads? May be something from sky could make their heads work!!!
    Thank you.

  4. Hz. Ali had Accepted the 3 Caliphs. Is the Haq.
    I wonder, Iran supports Hammas (Sunnis) Are you
    so Naive or trying to put dust in our eyes?

    To All who declare us Agents: You are wrong and
    Sleeping. Don’t go to work from tomorrow and wait for bread from Haq. Okay!

    Look at Afghanistan Map and Locations where
    Hazaras(Shia and Sunnies), Turkmens, Ozbeks
    are located. If we could forget the Nonsense! We
    could be so strong. We could come closer to
    Ozbekistan Turkmanistan, Kyrgyzistan, Kazakhistan,
    Look at current developments. Bamiyan(Afg) has natural
    resources. Hazaras can be so wealthy in future. But
    without forgetting the NONSENSE we are weak to
    hold that wealth! Lets work for minor to major UNITY
    for survival.
    Best wishes.

  5. Why these Mullas dont drink in Quetta, Iran or Afghanistan? They only drink when they reach Europe.

    ha ha they are very clever and I also find it very funny when they drink. They seem to love very much. ha ha ha

    • because roshan fiakrs are enough to drink there hehehehehe
      very clever u that judge islam by watching few people in europe

      • Yazid Communist boud …ya …
        amotar amo dega ki az shi shomo kalo bad moubreen
        khanda nako daan tu peerakh mousha

  6. It’s propaganda that Mullas is a Proper Muslim. Let me tell you some thing.
    I swear to God, when we reached to Europe we had one proper Mulla with us who studied in Ghum for nearly 10 years. He was the first person to drink alcohol and he was encouraging others around him to drink.

    If you have brain then think for your self and pray to God not behind them. Leave Mullas and Iran evil alone to go to hell and pray to God. I think most of already filled with Guna because we know what we are doing but still follow them.


    Other wise you will be burnt in hell too, because you know now.

    • beacuse u see one person drinking alcohol now we leave our religion our idealogy
      such a great thinker
      if we practise our shia faith and go to hell we are ready for it
      u should not make ur self a judge we have minds and have ability to think

      • What about Nadeem Sarwar and hassan Sadiq and Syed abad wala amo Zan shakal Fida Naushad .. wo Arq gulab moukhra …
        tammam amzina .. Az dare kakai jani tah syeda abad wa brori tammam nauha khuwana tu …
        kudam shi roust astha ..

  7. Dear Mukhtar and Bamian, trust me that God give you Paradise here after because of simple reasons;

    You work hard and try your best to change these Juwalies in to proper human beings who then should understand who they are? Don’t think that you are alone, million of Hazaras backing you regarding this. I am pretty sure about that.

    These people who don’t agree have no idea, who they were, who they are, what they are doing and what happen to future of Hazaras ( Shia, Sunni or Atheist).

    I think these people who are too much pro_Iran (their God) will burn in hell because in front of God all human being are the same. Extremes think that they are better then the rest which it self is a big sins.

    Let these extreme to think and then try to be (miana raw) not pro-evil Iran who call them Mader jinda, Khar etc.

    • Dear please request muktar not to tell fellow hazaras badshkaal as we believe every one is equal. when he stopes saying fellow hazaras badshkaal then give him pradise

  8. and i think Munsif Jawari belongs to any Houza, Hauzai Ghum or any other Houza, when Jan Ali came to quetta, then you guys always kissed him, I have heard that you guys kissed his shoes my dear. shame on you.

    Jan ali said that why our youths study engineering or become doctors, why they dont goto Ghum, thats why many of our guys from Nichari and Ajiabad left their seats at the universities and went to Ghum to become Akhund, shame on you, what will you do when you become Akhund my dear, no job nothing.

    many of our guys went to Ghum, its lose of our youths, when Jan Ali Kazima said you to go there, but still in Ghum many Irani call you Afghani Khaar, even you called yourself Pakistanis.

    chi chi bugum , you jahil guys never understand.

    M. Hussain

    • Dont do propegenda tell the truth
      Jan ali opened computer center but alass due to our own people mismanagement and paisa koree it was unsuccessful. it was jan ali who brought CCNa and Mcse softwares to learn
      and some times if u get time and try to kiss his hand he will not allow u
      che chi mugee
      ras ras bogee Dorag na zan

      • sayings of imam ALI (A.S)
        the one who consider others jahil is the
        biggest jahil him self

      • yea tell it was he who opened chakla on the name of marrige bureu …and send a number of ur nation’s daughter karachi to lie down the mohajir shias …

  9. and please dont mix our shia idealogy with irani intellegce aims and purposes
    our shia idealogy is totally different from which u have understood and wants to make ppl fool

    • chi khabbar astoum ….
      Zemin aatay mardoum ra da sar shi sauda kada kho da ziyarat iran moubrin .
      ki bori Imam Raza e Gharib …enthar mouna ounther mouna …chi kaar kada tabali …
      Agar nar astah
      kho az Tayee khak awal khoud kho ra boor kana …

      Bazz ma har gap shomo ra Qabool monom …

  10. then Trust whom those who work for ISI CIA
    and those who take aid from japan
    and later on do nashkan(glass) fight with each other on those aid
    DO u want us to trsut them
    those(roshan fikars) who fight on TUB e kechra with each other.hahahaha
    Okay if u want us to trust them then ………….

  11. Some of the people have mentioned that they do any thing for ISLAM. Yes we know some of you do any thing for Islam (Shia) even if it’s wrong!!!! Yes you do!!! Yes; we know that you are brain washed by Iran and Shia extremism but we try our best so that the new generation does better then you.

    We shall as the new generation should:

    1; not kiss some hands for being the puppet of Iran.
    2; accept the Sunni Hazara brothers same as Shia and non-Muslim Hazara brothers.
    3; stop and never be Iran’s puppet.
    4; don’t trust the Mullahs, especially Iran backed Mullahs who work against our people.
    5; do not trust Mullas in any shape of form and many more. Any who don’t accept the sunnis is 1000 time worse then atheist because Iran is his God.

    I agree with Bamian up to point because he is telling the truth.

  12. well spoted abid bro
    it doesnot seem but i m sure there are lots of paid agents.
    living in quetta paying for net and wasting time how it is affordable
    and the main purpose is just propeganda
    i have not seen any useful suggestion just propeganda
    and the main thing is that does not accept the good point of others
    which is taught to agents how to mix things
    and praise the same ISI which has killed baba mazari and on the other hand says about mazarism
    Double standard

  13. Balay 46 % Hazara Sunni asta, magar choon raah wa mazhab e Shia Haqq wa haqeeqat asta lehaza ein 46% Hazara az Haqq doooor astan. ‘Mayaar’ Hazaragi ya Qaumiyat nista, ‘Mayaar’ Mazhab wa Deeen asta.

    Rishtay Hazaragi az mo kad azi 46% Sunni Hazara wo waqt digam mazbut wa mustahkam musha waqte ki enhaa Shia mazhab ra ekhtiyaar kanan.

    Agar khilaaf e Haqq har kas kaar kana wo qaabil e muzammat asta wa baa’dan qabil e hidayat asta—- che jai ki Hazara basha!!! Agar Padar ma ham khilaf e Haqq yego iqdaam kana ma wo ra muzammat munum wa azu kaar rok munum. Hazara tamam she maasoom ya Farishta nistan.

    Pass brai azma, Deen ma bilay har chiz muqaddam asta. Agar Deen ma da muqabilay Hazaragi da khatar basha, ma Hazaragi ra qurban munum wa Deen e Khud ra Hifz munum, Insha Allah.

    Haqq Zindabaad!

  14. I didn’t get you People what you all want from this type of Discussion;

    If you people are talking as Hazara then you must think about the 90% of those Hazaras as well who believe in Shia faith they are you brothers as Hazara how you can use bad words about there faith. If you are talking about some Agents as they are, but sorry to say that from your discussion it seems you are also Agent of someone. Think about Hazara and try all to be together having different Faiths. Not to blame each other try for UNITY.

    • Sahi mougi …likan agar zauzaad qookh ya Aatish bekhaya kho mo wo ra Qookh ya Aatish Tahwil na metani …
      Duwoom Hazara 90% shia neastha …sirf 48% ya kamtar ..
      likan 46%confirm Sunni astha …. wa ami taifa ra ki tu da naam e shia da Allamdar road tah jaghori wa kabul mingarni amina ham sunni dara da dega mantaqahai e Hazarajat …..
      dega Aulathhai e hazara barai azkhoud kho wa khoud kho hazara gouftha kushta shouna …. baar e Arabha ra mo dega na metani ki gardo kada begardi .
      Har kas kolay azkhoud kho makam bigra ….
      Haq e Ali ra amouna bigra ki Ali ra Jad wa Amjad kho gouftha dist kho da sar duniya makh dalji mouna ….Az Watan tah brori wa marriabad tah Australia Gasht kada megardah … amowa ki da khoms 5th dokhtar e mardoum ra moubra ….
      ami mo chara ……
      Wo hazara ki Haq Ali ra mekhaya wa az Haq e Hazarahai dist burdar shouda wo hazara na boud na astha ……
      Khuda e Hazara balay azo Lanat kana …

    • Awal az khoud Baad az digroo

    • Da Qarn e bisth wa Yakoum mo dist e gashtgara ra makh kada na mishi ..
      Dist e Arab wa Irani shosh maar khoura ra ….
      wa da ling e saghai e azouna dega na moumni ……

      Warna marg halal rouzi astha …

  15. you really depict the mind and language of your forefathers.
    looks like you are production of seegha too. as you speak the same language as those mullahs……both extremist…..fuck iran and fanatics like u. see i hate not only iran but people like u. go kho tho mokhri ki dist khora aij na mooshi. Its only islam which recommonds use water for kon shushthoo…..

    • Da zameen e Arabha yag darya e Farat astha dega kho dasht hi dasht astha .. eqas Nayab Mashawara da wo Be Aaabi chitor dadan ….
      Ya buss e silsilay … Hazrat e Musa astha … Musa ki nabi e jews Yahooda astha ..
      Da zameen e Plaestine Aao ziyad boud … Az Arabistan kada … Bisyaaar ziyad .
      Arabistan wo jai ki agar Aadam yag sag ra Aao bida ham sawab astha .. matlab shayad Sagha Aao na meyaftha amzo …. Imrouz da Saudi Arab Aao da chi level astha … Aao girana ya Petrol ….. Agar Aadam kon kho kad petrol shoushtha kad Aatish bazi kana baz ….
      Bofamo dega .

      Eina Kho riwayaat asthan …

    • Ewaz…………… “DOOOOOOOOOOOZ”…

      Chara Oqas Zor Amd… HAHAHA

  16. Did Hz. Ali accepted all the three Caliphs ?????? Yes or No????

    Regardless of your BOSSES (the Universal Bosses included), please answer this critical Question. Let no Boss whether economical, regionali religious no matter what BOSS you have stop you from answering this timed question. Answer this Question and lets get free. Please be sincere to answer. Only All Hazaras are requested to answer. Hz. Ali has/had no rights to put us in life long conilicts with the rest. He was a wsie man. Please all of you think hard and give your ideas.
    Thank you all. We must take us out of this swamp.

  17. I agree with Bamiyan:
    He wrote:

    In the name of Bamiyan ..
    To: Nadeem Haider …
    i dont think we hazaras had the name nadeem among us .. ok what ever …. i m sick minded .. i accept ……Ok done … i porttray sadism .. ok ..
    but i had said once ..that the inside of hindus of these shias are not dead yet … on the same forum some 4 months ago …
    About Ali and haq Ali .. all i can say with respect to Shia idealogy and teachings that He (Ali ) was the bravest , wisest , smartest …but before tension with muiaviah he surrenedered to first 3 Caliphs … when and if he didn’t want his right who are we .. was he our blood uncle ….. at least this nonsense can be stopped or not …..
    I m being taught not to respond ,utter emotionally or NEUROTICily and PARANOIDicly and i dont know a number of other words which come from mars , moon , jupiter and from where in space but they think Ali (whom i love for his friendship and as a symbol of trust ) wants me and makes others to respect or think him holy because his place of birth is khana e Kaba …or when tensions are around , take care of others sentiments …. ok i take care of your sentiments u people take care of Hazarahai Ghalath , Hazara e Chiragh golaak ,
    Hazarahai La mazhab ….. from newzeland to marri abad go and call ur Sunni ahl ummah , Kalma goh hazara biradars near you …
    on other side of Marri abad in pashtun abad there is chalo baaodi ….. sunni hazaras there wanna come to Marri abad .. masjid e balocha is empty will u people let them pray there …. of course not .. coz Hazrat Ashraf e Zaidi (A.S) saddar e saghai e shia Quetta doesn’t like them …..not for their being sunni but for their being Hazara …………..
    you people are sold …. no u people are handed over to Iran and Ahl o bait .. with all of the gul begums and jann begums including their mothers and their other sisters ….
    Mr. Nadeem Haider for sure will be waste of time .. i only want an honorable life for my people …. if the words coming from Mars , Jupiter and Space can help achieve … or Mehdi Muwood can assist to achieve ..or Shaikh tausilli’s Seegha technology can be helpful .. If juma asadi with his daughter and her relation to our pashtun Ahl e Ummah can help … if Iran with the Ziarat e Imama e Gharib’s Ziarat can help ,..If believing in Super sonic (Na baba Ultra high light travelling speed ) can help .. if our situation will improve positively after making our asses fight with Shakh e Israel on Gaza dispute …. or calling marg bu America will bring some positive change …
    I will always kiss the horse … will lie down that horse ….
    plz do not confuse ….
    tu ra da amzoo khoon tu Qassam ….
    tu ra khudi tu Qasam …
    Tu ra Gour e murda qasam …
    Tu ra da gorgha Qassam ..
    tu ra da Ismat e Chil dokhtoro Qasam ..
    tu ra mard e madio Qassam …
    Bussa dega Khastha shodom
    Ba amman e bamiyan …
    Thank you Bamiyan.
    One day, will be the happiest day. When we all come to the single point of agreement.

    We must STOP this Nonsense!!!!

    Ewaz, I beat the drum of Humanity. Yes. That’s true. Because Hazaras are cornered all the time. We are forced and forced and forced to be Fascits, Racists. Believe me, If one of us could enrich Uranium and make some Nuclear Bombs then you would see every one would kiss Hazaras hands!!!! Believe me Ewaz, still Hazaras favour Peace, you, I, most of us.
    Shaman is powerful In the deadliest way.
    Shaman is my name, not a religion Ewaz. Thank you.
    Iran, Pashtuns, Balochs, Talibs, Pakistan all must realize that once few countries like Russia(Again), USA and China came together along with Western Countries realizing the seriousness of militancy then, whole the region would suffer. Today Pakistani Army trying hard to fight Taliban militants but failed. What if whole the Pakistan came under Taliban control. No one want this. Because, next would be Iran, Tajekistan, India, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan, Russian States, Chinese Militnt Muslims. No one want this.
    So, what is the need: We must become good humans. No weak human should be harassed. Racism should only be used if and only if some one targetting us racially. All these things are writtens here many times….
    I wish all of us good days ahead.

    If only we could secure one HUMAN! No matter what race.

    All about the child to open eyes in specific environment. House of a Muslim (Sunni, Shia), Christian, Jew, Budhist, Hindu, ……………….. Is unfair to the Child. No one has the right to commend, question, treat, harass, beat, favor, humilate him/her. Am I clear?

    Thank you every body.

    Powerful Shaman, the wind master.

    • i also demand the same liberity. I love my idendity as hazara….which is written on my face. Similarly Islam is my religion, which I concsiouly adopted. I don’t like to divide islam into sunni, shia etc. I hate those who does this…..whether Mullahs or others. Islam is very simple way of life….its our so called religious takedar who has complicated the issue. There are guys who don’t like religion in any form……psoing a atheist group…thats fair….but its again facism to raise questions about religion just for the sake of discussion and pouring oil into already burning issue. lets not do it, keep religious believes aside and discuss anyother ISSUE…..if we have any. It looks like for Mullahs and for those who don’t beleive in religion….the ony issue is religion. Guys move forward, kick the ass of these religious and non-religious fanatics.
      Shaman you have disappointed me by indulging into this dirty game, Bamiyan is enough, you don’t need to support him. We expect more human and realistic approach from you. Is this wrong?

      • Ewaz u were born Musalman … than again ur father called Nayee Jalal or Dr Juma else Nayee Mantaqa to confirm ur being musalman ….
        Your forrrrrr Father was Sota musalman … as it is world famous word in Hazaragi …
        Bofamo dega ..

        • well I disagree with you, how can all hazaras en mass become sota musalman, you are simply disgracing hazaras and denying your forefather’s fahm-o-danish. Bufamo diga!!!!

        • Ma aaday amzo danish e Forefathers kho ra da kotal e kharo da dar e Haji gak bourda khushk ………..?????
          Famidi ………
          Albatah Dorough nazan ….
          Amotar ki imrouz tu yag nau fikr ra na melay same situation amo waqt boud ….. mardoum jange da boud …. Dars e Budha wouqas ham paimanda naboud na imrouz astha ki “””Accidental Arabic Social Cotract “””
          ra juwab dadeh menatistha ….
          Budha e Bamiyan ra Ishq Tarishda …. jabr na … Misl e Dewar e Chin ….
          Wou Ghar hai Bamiyan … barai e mardoum e danistha wa Mahireen e ilm bouda ki Insaan doustha dars medadan .. Naki Seegha wa Maal e Ghanimat ……
          Imrouz ham da tammam e Duniya e Budha woqadar Divorce ne astha ki yag da bain e Iran ….
          Wa ma challenge kada e Gap ra miznom …..
          Boreen amo goi kho ra Pak kin … tammam e Duniya ra da Gham Andakhtan …


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