Norway Hazaras Protest Against Violence in Quetta » norway-oslo-hazaras-protest-hussainaliyusufis-assassination-quetta-pakistan-2


  1. Salaam for all hazara worldwide

    Hazara gundomi rangi tu nazam
    Hameen kohayi por sangi tu nazam
    Rayi mo yaga
    Dil mow yag
    Maqsad manzil mow yag
    Dushman qateel mow yaga.

    Az khast e perwardigar
    ma dar intzar ow roz astom ki ow roz bakhti-e azra qinjagee roz roshan az mashraq tolo shona ow maslee roz wari roshan tabenda basha.


  2. Sallam to all Hazara , i am proud to be Hazara . As one of our brother said that We Lost , Yeah we lost the one Was the Best Man, no one can take his place in our Hearts

  3. I think the protest in quetta rises to its peak in QUETTA WHICH is very very sad and codemable .The hazara representatives should resign from the NA and Provincial assembly …..that will increase the presure on the Government of PAkistan.JIYE HAZARA

  4. sallam 2 all of hazara nation iam proud that iam hazara like u
    so b hazara and help ur nation and serve them in a gud manner

    ur sister nazia ali

  5. i am proude of being hazara. i strictly condemn the big brother yousufi. i hope the killer of that zealouse person will arest as soon as possible.
    i pray to almighty allah that forgive him.

  6. Salaam :—-We lost —–really we lost one of our Great personality one of our Great Artist :===he was really a man a hero he never had to afraid afraid of those un man and lazy and who have lost thier self=====
    او یگ سر بود ویگ لگ سرمیارزید
    او یگ کس بود وسد لشکر میارزید
    i condemn the target killing of HAZARA nation a nation who wants peace ===a nation that improves the country =apeaceful nation through history ……& i have to thanks from all the hazara and specially those who joined the protests……….خوب قومای گل جا دارد که از رسیدن چهاردهمین سالروز شهادت بابه ما .رهبر ما.غمخوار ما پدر مارا برای همه ای شما دوستان عرض تسلیت نمایم

  7. at first I would like to thank the Hazaras in Norway who have made their efforts to condemn the target killing of inocent and peace loving Hazaras.
    Dear brothers and sisters, as a Hazara I am very proud to say that we are a peace loving Nation in the world.
    We are not terrosits, Al Qaeda or any extremist groups, the world knows that, it is a great pride for us that we don’t have links with such groups.
    But it is very sad that the Goverments don’t understand that , specaily the Goverment of Pakistand which is not able to provide security for itself, and it provides shelter for the Extremists.
    If that is the case I think we need to think deeply and rise against the current turmoil, which has targeted us in Pakistan.

    Thanks Zafar Ali Hazara

  8. i apperciate the hazaras of Norway by protested angainst the genocide of hazaras in quetta.
    keep it up guys;
    its not the beginnin of the end but it is the beginning.

    Hazaras have no boundries nor have any discrimination or prejudism

    sadiq noyan

    • sallam khubi
      iam proud that iam hazara and from afghanistan and hope that u will b the future of hazra nation

      ur sister nazia ali from afghanistan but live in

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