Norway Hazaras Protest Against Violence in Quetta » norway-oslo-hazaras-protest-hussainaliyusufis-assassination-quetta-pakistan-23


  1. 🙂

  2. The editor must stop the BAKWAS of the bamyan, in my opinion s/he is more than a communist whose parents are not known. Bull Shit.

  3. If there were no British influence Hazaras had never progressed! Your words so called Mehdi, not mine.
    Some times British, Some times Afghan Hazaras and some times Imam is your way to escape.
    I kick all the religions which can not safeguard a human life.
    In this World, Mr. Mehdi, it is the strength, connections and reliable friendship which can safe guard you and your beloved ones not Imams or other Syeds.
    Life is precious. A ruler if eager to rule can safe guard lives. If not, he is a dead man. With all those who appointed him a ruler.
    I need oxigen to live not Imam. Can you understand? All this world is not made for Imam’s philosophy. Or you say evey one who is not shia is worthless????

    • you guys have similar ideas as Wahabies….no wonder if you guys are paid by your masters for purpose….which you are fulfiling here….beware qauma……they are intentionally creating confusion and conspiracy….if you guys have issues with religion you should talk with someone who is expert….still if you don’t want to follow islam thats your choice….everybody knows and agrees this liberty….but you guys ejaculating your dirty thoughts here for general people……solely to confuse the masses…..but you got most of the time a huge slap……
      You guys are simply dirty soules….we, the ordinary hazars whether sunni, shia or ismaili or athesit,.hate you even if you beat the drum of hazaragi.
      fuck off
      if you are that brave come forward and propagate your ideas in public…say call a jalsa… sarmaidani or in mainland hazarajat….and see the response of ordinary hazaras. I promise I will be there.

      • Mehdi and Ewaz …
        u people don’t do anything just put fitwa ..
        he is like wahabi , he is like aethist , he is like communist …he is this and he is that ….

        and does any country like Pakistan and its agency ISI has any right to safegaurd its interest in other countries like Afghanistan … same with Iran … but the tension with Iran is this that he appointed mehdi e Muwood for his distorted and shit Agenda …..
        Iran used religion the common religion to protect its interest ..
        but on the mean time became Arya parast by backing Ahmed Shah Masoud Khan …
        Where i stand IRAN and PAKISTAN both did right ..
        it was and it is we who are cutting their own legs for IRAN and Pakistan ….

  4. Shaman (and Bamyaan) the problem with you both is that you are fantasizing and on purpose targetting shia faith!

    If really are interested in the well being of hazara nation then discuss those socio-political issues that affect them, even if yoy have to discuss religion that’s fine, as long as everything is done nicely and in a more academic environment rather than slandering religious personalities, for whom many people have respect.

    Plz don’t bring Imam Ali, each time you lose common sense! hazaraas and shias are well versed in the Islami history; they know the chain of events that shaped our history, our culture and politics. That is not even being debated here. if you really want to start a debate on that then start a new thread or go to any shia forum (like and have a detailed discussion there with them.

    You can and you should discuss here saryab road killings, the cowardice of brahwi people (who are not even real balcoh but a Dravidian people, migrated from north eastern India; their language is close to Tamil; they don’t have even their own number apart from the first three: assit, hirtat, mussit and then chaar, punj, shish …) or other political and social issues.

    No, but you can’t get satisfaction unless you abuse the religion of millions of people; your immature attacks will never change them.

    Please go to bed now and have some sleep; tomorrow you might be needed to attend a job centre for a sign on, otherwise you will lose your state benefits!

    • Mehdi jaan
      mu ra da shia chi kar .. mo kho kad hazara mokhatib astay ..
      shiago raftha sag ra zuljinnah joor kana …
      Ami dist e faraiya wa gorekhta e Arabistan ra da sar mo makh na kana …
      na da sar e mardoum mo …

  5. Now I am sure of who you are!

  6. Hi Powerful Shaman

    If you have problem with Arabic names then rest assured ‘Hazaara’ (Hazaar) itself is a farsi word (not a turkaic/mongoloid). That means people belonging to a particular group at one time become another group of people in another space and time – being affected by socio-political envronment, language and geography. You need to study a bit more social evolution.

    Regarding being a slave nation of … then i think you have been mistaken there and perhaps you live in a cuckoo land and are not willing to admit the facts.

    Paksitan is a place where Hazaraas prospered (for whatever reasons). Had hazaraas of first British-India generation (Hazara Pioneers) not collaborated with the British rulers, believe me, they would not have been where they are today.

    And finally thanks for your ‘polite abrreviation’ i.e, “sob”; only an educated person like you can behave like this!!!

    Oh, let me remind you another thing (if you happened to be a Quettagui and now living in Europe or any other western country) and that is ‘do not forget you are in europe or in the west/Australia because you have abused or people like you have abused the situation and identity of hazaraas of Afghanistan and sought false assylum/refuge in the west, while the genuine hazaraas of Afghanistan have only seen war, famine, terrorism, discrimination and ill-treatment and people like you, despite having good life in Pakistan, have sought asylum under the cover of Afghan hazaraas. It’s a shame, isn’t it? And when these poor and often illiterate qauma come to Quetta we refer to them by derogatory terms such as laalai etc.

    We should really be thankful to the Hazaraas of Afghanistan whose difficult situation made it possible for thousands of Pakistani hazaraas to migrate to the west.

    • Mehdi jaan …
      zibon e azkhoud mo ra farsi gouftha zibo ra azmo beganah kadi ..
      zameen mo ra AFGHAN- istan gouftha mo ra az zameen mo beganeh kadi …
      Khan lafz ra tahwil e Afghan kaden …
      shomo bejarga khonday hetch chiz kho na shodin ….
      tammam rouz e barai e char Khaimeh char Arab girya kin beraqsin wa bekobin …

  7. Mr. Mehdi, Hz. Ali Did’t fight to be the first Caliph. Who are Shias to demand? Who ar we t demand? Who stick this paracite to us?
    We are close to conclusion. Don’t waste your time.
    Afraid? Of what? Death is the second name of comfort for Shaman. Life is the real thing for Shaman, work hard, Till alive. Hell to all cowards.
    I just pity those Hazaras who sleep and become victims to coward enemies. Pity them.
    Mr. Mehdi, instead of pointing Bamian and Shaman, point your finger on Pakistani services, which are failed to secure citizens in Quetta. How failed a state can be? If a single Saryaboad is not secured, what can you expect of a state? A slave minded nation will never rule a state. This is the fact Mr. Mehdi. In your essense, think hard and answer, why Hazaras pay for Nonsense?????
    Days are near when all Hazaras become an iron fist to punch all world made nonsense. But, alas, precious lives will be lost! Life is precious. We MUST secure it.
    Mr. Mehdi, I am looking forward in Bamiyan’s (Afg) progress. We can work hard and bring Hazaras out of miseries. Power lies in your hands. not in your thoughts!

  8. Mr. Mehdi, you are clever sob.
    Mehdi, Abbas, Ali, Hassan and Husseyin, all names to represent a Hazara!!!!!

    Days are near. Our enemies deserve mercy. 1947 and 2009. A slave nation will remain a slave. I learnt this out of it ! This is a fact.

    Powerful Shaman.

  9. To Shaman:

    Syed is right in saying that Baamiyaan (including you) are here dividing the Hazara nation. Please mind your language when you debate issues. Accusing syed of living on Hazara’s money is just trying to brush aside the main issue here, which is the nation’s unity. It is also true like Syed said that many of our people from Quetta and Afghanistan live on the State benefit in the European countries: they don’t work becuase they lose benefits. So what they do is decalre themselves unemployed and live on benefit (kad shi kaar-e-siah ra hum munan – az har doo tarf miznam).

    Very strange that you and you likes like Baamyaan blame everything on shias and mullahs but no word on the crimes of wahabbis who have been killing shias all over Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Even today 2 people, father and son, were murdered by the cowards on the Double Road of Quetta and that is only a after when they had murdered 5 shia people of the same family. No human’s blood is cheaper than any other human being. Criminals, murderers and terrorists should be condemned unequivocally by all sides. Cowards kill and run away, often seeking refuge under the cover of the agencies who have trained them.

    So far in Quetta these people have killed, Punjabis (sunni and shia) , Hazaras and lately a few kandharis indiscriminately.

    Hazaras and shias should be thankful to God that they represent such a communities and follow a progressive and tolerate version of I slam that despite having lost many people over the last many years they have never resorted to pre-emptive violence; they have never been involved in suicide bombings; they did not and do not kill innocent peoples’ loved ones.

    Are you a wahabi’ an ISI agent or just scared of what is happening in Pakistan? Hazaras shias are not the only victims of the acts of terrorism that are being carried out in Pakistan but sunnis and other ethnic groups (e.g., Pashtoons) have lost more people than all the shia victims put together.

    Shia Islam is part of Hazara identity. Today people like you, because you are so scared, are asking that Hazaras abndon their shia identity, tomorrow you will be lobbying for abandoning aazragui language as well (under some presssure or perhaps for a few thousand dollars). And the day aazragui language and shiaism are gone then Hazaras will no longer be called hazaaraas! Something else, depnding what new religion and language will they follow.

    It is total lie when some people here on these forums are trying to mislead the uninformed that there are 46% sunnis amongst hazaraas! What a joke! How many sunni Hazara families can you count in Quetta (I am aware of only one); how many sunnis hazaraas have migrated to the western countries. To my knowledge none. However there are Ismaeli hazaraas that I have encountered and they can be counted on fingers. In Afganistan the Ismaelis Hazaras are only a few thousand soul and sunni hazaraas are less than even Ismaelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    False propaganda will only hurt the credibility of Hazara nation.

  10. syed, stop cursing please. Demand of justice is everyone’s right. Is Bamiyan wrong? No, he is right. What makes a syed more human than a Hazara? Why should we kiss your hands? Go work like Hazaras insrtead of living on their money.
    Mr. Syed, the need of change is immense. Hazaras need freedom. From Irani regime, from Shiasm regime what so ever. Please take your holiness with you away from Hazara freedom. We, in our essense are not suitable for your bullshit. You turned whole the world against us. All the Sunnies against us. While the reality is: Hz. Ali himself accepted to be the 4th. caliph.
    Stop Stop Stop please.
    Bamiyan has many things in favor of Hazaras. I wish all Hazaras think the way he thinks. He who has suffered can understnad. You syed can not understand what Hazaras feel.

  11. It’s true Pakistan is becoming a hell for the MINORITIES. When Govt agencies start killing or become a party in killing the citizens of a country then the result is a general chaos. This is what exactly Pakistan is experiencing now. Now the majority is no longer safe.

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