Norway Hazaras Protest Against Violence in Quetta » norway-oslo-hazaras-protest-hussainaliyusufis-assassination-quetta-pakistan-9


  1. Ali, Jan ur totally right, this Baloche Mother ****, Are enemy of Islam,They want Hazara nation out of Quetta , but this is imposible, Hazara ppl the greatest nation in the world, Hazara nation always PEACE maker.PEACE Hazara fight for their rights untill the end.You from Quetta N Quetta from u.

  2. i zaman khan hazara in quetta member of hazara democratic party , i personally very thankful to all hazaras in the world that they have protested all over the world .and it built really pressure upon the government of pakistan.and i request them to show the same soliderity in future in order to raise our voice against unjustice in the world .thanks u people very much , may God help u where ever you are in the world.

  3. i m also a hazara and i m worried abt the hazara people living in qta and i suggest donot trust the police moving srounding hazara`s area they might be torrerest in police uniform and they might commit socite attack in side of hazara school and hazara area. Please do something be united and self hepl don`t trust some one else, trust urself and be strong

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