Posted by: Editor | March 2, 2009

IMPORTANT: Commenting policy

Dear readers,

In the recent past we have experienced an increase in indecent comments, which is why we are beginning the following commenting policy:

  • Indecent, insulting comments will NOT be tolerated, and will be deleted immediately.
  • Writers of indecent or hurtful comments, insulting remarks or personal attacks toward others, or generally untasteful remarks will be banned from the website.

We request our readers to show some tolerance and respect for the views of others, as well as some manners in your words like a true Hazara. Everyone has a right to express their opinions, and no one is the referee for truth.


  1. Dear Editor
    This was the step which you should have taken at the very early times. When discussions carry unethical comments and slogans then I think it will not serve the purpose. I read many comments and thoughts and found that the blog instead of serving the nation in a positive way is misleading, disuniting and disbursing the people of the nation. please be strict in your rules and fully apply.

  2. Dear “ABC”,

    Where have you been all along? We would like to hear more from you. Please keep contributing in these discussions.

    We are keeping our fingers crossed for Bamiyan and his other colleagues that they may mature mentally and spiritually, by the will of God and by the will of themselves first.

    • It’s Ok madam …
      i know he cant and u too cant answer …
      MuNsif YaWari ….::
      We would like to hear more from you. Please keep contributing in these discussions.

  3. laskar jangvi is killing people which is dangerous but what these agents are doing is more dangerious then killing acually both of them are killers but killing a man will distroy one family but killing of milat will distroy our nation forever so plez all hazara dont even read their coments bcuz they want u to think like them and sell ur soul and garat to isi indian and afgan agencies all of them are behind our aas u know why bcuz this quetta is part of qurasan and mullah umar is dijal like prophet said that dijal will kill my shias in kurasan like ants then my mahdi as will come to save them from them only want to ask these agents on whoes side r u dijal mula umar or imam mehdi as

  4. mujeee ahteraz kuh ho tere coments per hai jahil
    kam haql ho beh deen ho tum tugee dunya ke kabar kia

    nafrat he to pahlaya hai tunee hai jahil
    bu jahel ko muhamaad saw ke kaber kia

    na kar tafreeq ise qoom ko hai jahil
    tu bee hai qatil tugee muqtal ke khaber kia

    aaj bee tu na samaj paya hai jahil
    fitnoo mai siyasat peh nazar kia

    qairat tera waqar ta quetta mai hai hazara
    kehta hah yeh gum nam hus garat hasar kia

    when u guys gonna understand there arre some agents whoes coments are distroying wadat hazaragi mr comunist if you are coward dont make whole milat coward their is no quettagi no afganmistani but some indian agents are trying to make these difrences while isi agents are killing hazara and shias their was protest by shia organisation on monday thousands of people turn up out side prime minister house in london for killing of shias in quetta and dera gazi khan no one even mentioned it because it wasnt hazaragi
    every nation is successfull in a world because they got religion but hazara we have great religion still we are suffering can u even become pajabi or muhajirs of karachi mqm was suferring like you guys today their is only one solution sorry to say that which is voilence not what have u done but in a diffrent way here in london some isi and afgan agents are cuting us from one million shias and want us to stay alone as 1000 s so their bosses get what they are paying for

  5. I strongly condemn the recent target killing of 6 innocent sayeds who were killed with his sons in Saryab road by coward terrorists.

    I also condemn the killing of two innocent father and his son, by the same extreme fanatics and coward, Who have no mercy for human value and human life.
    all they have is, hate… nothing else but hate to human.

    Dear editor,

    I apperciate your effort to co-op with recent blames on you, about this blog. Thats what i call patients and commitment to serve the nation.
    You said on your post at the top, that you will not tolerate any indecent comments. Thats also a good step to censore some of the comments.
    I also apperciate that freedom of speech is still in force.

    without prejudism.

    Sadiq Noyan

  6. We were trying to collect funds to support HDP in the near future but what’s going on?

    I personally urge you to come together to resolve any differences you have got because this way non of you get benefited and all of your lives will be at risk from others. Please be honest and let Hazaras know what’s really going on especially Khaliq, we want answer from him because we chose you our leader. We want you to make a statement.

    Thank you

    D Azad UK

  7. I think Khaliq is making a big mistake to change HDP to KDP. We as Hazaras gave you a chance to become a leader but you seem to get advantages of it. I personally think you won’t be a leader for long because you are a short thinker. I personally still accept you as a leader but I think you are already infamous among the Hazaras now.

    I think you made mistake.

    This is time of unity not for some thing personal. Just think about it, you live in Quetta not me, especially at this time when all Hazaras trusted you. I personally totally disagree with your decision and urge you change it back to HDP.

    Thank you

    D Azad UK

    • mr didar azad

      i m sure you are from milton keynes what is the mistake that khaliq made ? because that i haave heard that you are very inteligance and you have have got PHD deegree in political scince from oxford univercity . i think you are right . the person like you inteligance well educated who knows the the current affair very well shold tell the HDP leader what is good what is bad i think Mr Gordon brown should consult you to solve the creadit crunch

      mk boy

      • below some body has written that Khaliq has Changed HDP TO
        Khaliq Democratic Party (KDP).

        If its incorrect then i am sorry. Khaliq dont desere to be wrongly accused of
        something he has not done.

    • mr d azad

      no has collect money for HDP in uk if you really want to collect money we have got nearly thousand pound we have collect for qauma in quetta give your no and address and i will send some one to you to collect what ever you have collected

      ali rep of HDP uk branch

      • Would it be possible to open a proper account to collect money. I will collect from others as well, many of my friends willing to contribute as well.

        i might be able to collect about £1000 here in Milton Keynes as well.

        will you leave you phone of e-mail address please. thanks.


  8. ghar rahe quetta kei yah halat
    lagta hai mustaqbil meh dashat gard hei banonga
    mai shahir e gum nam hoo leader na banooga
    lagta hai mustaqbil meh dashat gard banonga

    na ban paya meh hyder, ho hassan ho hussain as
    shahaid bool na paya meh changeziat
    kehte ho to dunya me mah changez he banoga
    na baan pahonga maih buzdil hazara
    mailo jawad ho ismail shah he bano ga

    lut gahe gar dunya mera tho beh ma gum nam
    quetta keh leadero ke tara chemunist nabanogatya

  9. Dear Bamiyan,
    You are talking nonsense and nothing else. You are surely one of those who let their lazy attitude and materialistic approach take over their faith and ego. You have been throwing crap over religion with your idiotic and garbage filled posts without even knowing what religion is.

    You claim to stay away from the mainstream yet, it is so discouraging for me to see that you are just another guy flowing with a bunch of lunatics who claim to nationalist or whatever you want to name it. If there is a mainstream religious parties and people following faith…so is the presence of mainstream bunch of ignorant people who have no clue what they want to say or do but call themselves “secular”. This makes the bunch more susceptible to thoughts and ideas which are not positive but rather on the negative side of secularism. You vision as I once said before is so narrow that you are referring to people(shias) every now and then as thoughtless and based on this you create an argument of shiaism and islam being pathetic. You should realize how weak your argument is if you have any idea of academic and practical argumentation and research.

    I would not say anything more with regards to KDP, target killings etc because nature is bound by the survival of the fittest and with guys like you claiming to be positive….we are not the fittest!


    • this blog was to make u people understand not to attack some one personally and u did …no problam …i m now used to …..
      i have never claimed to be secular but am sift with secular ones …. live and let live is the idea every religion preach but only few like budhism practice as well .. here i should make u sure that u people do not come in this category.. this is the least we both know in common ….

  10. Two more Hazaras shot dead in ruthless target killings in Quetta…

    QUETTA: March 1: A father and his son, belonging to Hazara tribe, were gunned down, in vicious cycle of merciless target killings of Hazara tribesmen, here on Double Road on Sunday afternoon, police officials said.

    Haji Ghulam Sakhi Hazara along with his son Ali Asghar Hazara were sitting in their spare-parts of vehicles’ shop, named as famous Sakhi Autos on Double Road when two armed savage terrorists on a motorcycle sprayed them with volley of bullets brutally. They received severe bullet wounds on their heads and bodies and died on the spot.

    Their bodies were shifted to Bolan Medical College (BMC) hospital for conducting their medico-legal proceedings. The victims were residents of Alamdar Road Mominabad Quetta.

    The target killings of Ghulam Sakhi and his son Ali Asghar Hazara took place after 72 hours when Balochistan chief minister Nawab Aslam Raisani chaired a high level meeting to review law and order situation and made towering claims that the provincial government had arrested four key accused involved in the target killings in the provincial capital. In spite of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) leaders’ demands to disclose the names of the arrested accused, the provincial government had so far failed to unveil their names.

    Following the target killings of Sakhi and his son, a large number of people belonging to Hazara tribe rushed to the BMC hospital. They protested against the merciless and cruel killings of Hazaras, and failure of the government to provide protection to life and property of Hazara taxpayers in Quetta as enunciated by the Constitution of the country.

    Later, they took the bodies in form of procession to Imambargah Nichari Hazara. They will be buried amid grief and sorrow on Monday in Hazara graveyard.

    A police official at the BMC hospital told the relatives of the victims that the incident was sectarian as the victims were Hazara tribesmen.

    The perpetrators after firing managed to flee from the scene from Double Road where traffic always remains jam and people move touching each other shoulder to shoulder.

    Report by Altaf Hussain Safdari

  11. There is no question about stopping this blog for comments …….
    Regarding HDP ….. well if there is something personal with HDP or its members then we cannot say anything in this regard …..
    Just visit HDP office meet its members and decide with a mature mind that with the negligible resources they are serving Hazara on every platform and is the ONE AND ONLY voice of Hazara in Pakistan………
    They are fully aware of the situation and they do know about politics and the national and international situation and challenges ………
    It is very easy to blame someone, look at yourself what have you done for Hazara ……….
    They are doing whatever is within their resources and reach ……. You are not funding them or providing them with any kind of support that you are blaming them ……….
    Mard e maidan jor shoda da maidan ta sho baaz maloom moshna ki yak naan chand pateer asta …
    Majority of our people are almost unaware of the international and regional situations and they just talk because words are free ……….
    Just do an experiment and come forward to serve the Nation, you will find that how difficult it is ……
    Everyone who is playing their part to serve the cause of Hazaragi should be and must be appreciated if not supported ………

    There is a very harsh time coming ……… Almost after 100 years we are facing the same but worst situation …….. If you do the same mistakes again which we did in the past then we all the our history and the history of other nations too …….

  12. Dear moderator!
    I have noticed that your blog do not represents the over all hazara community, rather unfortunately becoming a source of disunity among the community in this difficult situation.

    Peoples who have religious sentiments are also the member of this community and you will have to care and represent their sentiments as well.

    You have posted the news and photos of all protests and demonstration held by hazaras of all over the world, but ignored to post the protest of hazaras of Canada. The reason might be there was some religious color in this demonstration.

    The peoples have demonstrated with their family and kids in minus 16 degree temperature and holding the slogans and posters of all Shohadas of our community.

    So you are suggested to represented the over all hazara community, or change the name of your blog as ‘ HDP news’ instead of hazara news pakistan.

    • Mr. Ali khan why dont u upload the photos and the demonstration event word by word to the Editor so ur claim could get some meaning …. else this seems crocodile’s tears ……
      magar much ke aansoo …
      hooooo hoooo hoo

    • Ali Khan:

      As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, we would have loved to cover the protest of our brothers and sisters in Canada. However, we didn’t receive details from the protest, so we couldn’t write a report.

    • Ali Khan, I don’t think there is any issue of faith or belief regarding the pictures posted on this blog. I appreciate Canadian protesters to have gathered togather to strongly condemn target killings in Quetta, but the truth of the matter is, those pictures are owned by someone else and as far as i know the person who posted those pictures, design the format, header of various websites. He might own the rigths of the pictures under copy rights. You can also visit to view pictures of all protests held in various countries of the world. However, those pictures can also be viewed on this blog and i don’t quite understand why you lament.

  13. Thats good mr. editor finally you showed your concern. With this notice you should also clarify what is indecent. Attacking people personnaly, attacking on peoples religious sentiments are not considered decent anywhere. We have seen people commenting on religious issues malaciously and have not sttoped even after many logical answers and requests. Their comments were allowed to flow…..????????

    • Non of the answers were given ….. and the answer which was put with references is as it was there where it should be … go read the answer and conclude the blunder in it ……. the answer is answer to the person who answered … after he realized the blunder i dont know where he is hiding now ..
      can u see him … to whom it was answered is infront of you ….. as decency has been asked i m being … but my reply is as u always expected me … it was you who collected me fitwa … this fitwa is your reason …..
      My questions are there … and You know them .. if u have any logic (logic doesn’t mean to bring word from the mouth of any mullah )
      answer else sit like a bundh Ghobi in your ground ….

      • this was for editor.

        • Sure it was for editor but my comment was for YOU …
          My beloved bache Qauma …

  14. HDP, after the murder of Yousufi, has changed its names and now it has become KDP.

    NO one knows but this is a top secret which is disclosed on this Platform.

    The abbreviated word (KDP) stand for Khaliq Dad Party because yesterday in Nichari Imambargah, the KDP were saying that in their life of six years as a political party in Hazara, they have got less recognition, whilst they deserved more. Hence, they urged the people there to joing KDP.

    Now, look at the type of politics they are doing. It is evident that they politicize these vary murders and targets killings of Hazaras and want to utilize to strengthen and safeguard their vested interests.
    That is what today’s KDP is. No vision, no strategy, no motives, objectives nor any sound political thoughts.

    I urge hazaras to coordinate their protests and demonstations in Europe, South American, Australia and others countries of the world for clear output and longlasting effect.

    It is about time they worked on certain clear and precise points like Mass Migration Programme, having their own News Channel(s), Newspaper(s) etc etc but, alas, we are all lethargic and living an individual life.

    WE don’t want to live a life as a nation. If people around us are being killed, we thank God that we are alive, our family is alive. That is it!! We bury the slain people and engage in our routine activities.

    WE must bear in mind that the Govt. of Pakistan won’t do anything. We are the ones who must take preventives steps to minimize the chances of being targeted.

    • no comments ….

    • dear qauma

      the only one thing in this world is easy to critisise this is the word that any one can do on any where on thada on lube naalee da line toilate any time i m not HDP member and none of my family member but i support them because in this time they are the only party that struggle for hazara in quetta i will give you two option 1 accept khaliq 2 if you do not accept form another party and do some thing better than khaliq i will be the first person to support you

  15. I don’t know what message you want to convey through this Notice by claiming to be decent.

    I propose that you closed this comments section at all because it is very unhealthy and overwhelmingly disgusting. I have been reading almost all the comments on this site and find all of them uncultured and indecent.

    I also propose that you use this blog purely for bringing news about Hazaras to Hazaras not inviting any one for comments on them.

    People visiting this blog and commenting on various issues seem to be illiterate and, those soc called literate ones, try to convey a poor image of our over all nation. Why the hell you allowed comments on this blog at first?


    • In the name of Bamiyan …
      these comments really portray the colors of hazarajat … and gives voice to those who cant talk infront of black mafias …. gives voice to suppressed voices
      this is where no one can threat any one physically …. but still we have seen a number of guys who wanna pressurize and push to corner some of the bloggers having a mind set of 1400 years ago …. some who wants to over come the reason with fitwa ….. those who know only zinda bad and zinda bad …. those who were and are ready to go with the waves but do not dare to once stop and see whether they are on their own way or this leads to some where else …
      We have been seeing people begging Unity and freedom … begging respect for themselves and for those whom they respect .. begging life … begging being pakistani and most of all shia e Waliyat e Faqihi ….. We have been seeing people who want to Validate their faiths and their fake ego every year in few special days … and looking for a certificate from another sect …. those who have made their Holy reason into a Holy season …. where from animals to buildings and young boys to girls all become holy …. where chaaol to blood and the injurries are Holy …. In civilized societies people sit and discuss their issues ,their sorrows and joys … but in our society the biggest occasion is the funeral else or the famous Shab Aazari … else we do not waste our time on social life .
      here few of us discuss some of issues else or tease each other’s sentiments not for confusing others or each other but to show or provide reason for why this is the way it is …. It is the difficult stage … but we cant afford to limit our being to a single point agenda ….every where Open policy is the best policy …
      Listen to All do what u wanna do …… as if u wish to do a suicide attack who can stop you ….
      Ba amman e Bamiyan

  16. Balay Insha Allah, bisyar khub!

    Ein 2 birar e Hazara mo baaz shaheed shud, Usta Ghulam Sakhi wa Farzandash! Einha ra kee shaheed muna, Baloch, Lashkar Jhangvi, Amrica ya India? Hazara chi strategy ekhtiyar muna yali? HDP chi kar muna daraw? Kalanae Qaum chi mugan? Next iqdaam chi asta? E

    Please let us know, your comments are helpful for people like us who are abroad.


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