Posted by: Editor | March 4, 2009

‘Unknown Gunmen’ Strike Again, Kill 5 On Eastern Bypass

Zahid, a local four mill worker, was among the five killed by unknown gunmen.
Zahid, a local four mill worker, was among the five killed by unknown gunmen.
(Note: Other pictures too graphic to publish)

Quetta, March 4 — Four Hazara laborers and their Punjabi colleague were killed by unknown gunmen on Eastern Bypass today.

The dead include Liaqat Ali, manager of a local flour mill, and his four employees, Hayatullah, Mohammad Naseem, Zahid and Mukhtiar Ali.

The victims had just finished work and were driving home in a Suzuki Pick-up when they were ambushed on Eastern Bypass. All died on the spot. The bodies have been returned to their respective families after the autopsy.

According to reports, police has registered the case and an investigation has been launched.

Hazara Democratic Party organized a march against the killing. Hundreds of people, holding placards against the violence and calling for the resignation of the provincial government, marched together. Delegates from Anjuman-e Tajiran were also present at the protest.

The march began at Nichari Imambargah and continued through Alamdar Road to Mezan Chowk, where leaders gave speeches.

Leaders of Hazara Democratic Party blamed the provincial government and security agencies for failing to protect citizens. HDP demanded the dismissal of the “incompetent” police officials and condemned the silence of provincial officials in the wake of increasing violence against Hazaras. HDP also demanded a crackdown on terrorism in Quetta city.

The march, carried out under police presence, ended peacefully.

Pakhtoonkhwah Milli Awami Party issued a statement condemning the violence.

This incident is the latest in a spate of violent attacks on Hazaras, resulting in the loss of tens of innocent civilian lives. It follows last week’s fatal attack on Haji Ghulam Sakhi and his son Ali Asghar, owners of the famed Sakhi Autos.

A heightened sense of insecurity is prevalent among the people, as civilian and political leaders alike have been targeted, often by unknown gunmen. The government and security agencies have so far failed to make any significant arrests in connection with any of these incidents.

Anger and frustration  is fermenting among Hazaras, who have so far largely remained peaceful in the wake of the attacks.


  1. One thing I will add to Nawroz event. Nawroz was celebrated by Farsi they were related to Irani people. Naroz is not belong to Shia or Hazara Nation some of our friends are saying that no it belong to Shia b/c Imam Ali (A.S) had high the flag of Islam on Nawroz day. If yes then the day should be change like Muharram some thing it comes to winter season & some time other season. Then thank about Nawroz which come after winter season every years even this event will come or had came on Muharram days. May be Imam Ali (A.S) had high the flag of Islam but not the day of Nawroz which shia’s are celebrating.

    One thing I will say for sharing of happiness to any one doesn’t say event or celebration are belong to Islam; Christian etc just enjoy & let the people get happiness from those event as will.

  2. Dear Bamyan

    Nawroz is a historic and cultural event. It is more about the nature rather than religioun. Nowroz existed before Islam,Chrischnity,Bodhysm and those religioun. Nowroz even celebrating in many other countries in diffrent form even Japan in eastern countries. It does not have anylinks to any sort of religion. However the religiouse linked Nawroz to Imam Ali.
    Nawroz is not celebrating in Subcontinent and it had influnce to reduce the celebration amongst our own Hazara and Afghan Refugees in Pakistan.

    thanks for your question and consern.

    Ahmad Australia

    • thanks
      Ahmed i just wanted to know about it … i learned from some where that it has link to a Philosopher /(accused to be prophet late on by some iranis ) but born in Mazar naming Zurastra (Zartosht) whom Parsis follow ( Aatish parastha )
      and link char shunbay sarwari to myths like Fire is holy do not jump over it ..
      “”””Aatish bozorg astah az bal aatish alghoud nako wo bacha “”””
      and kunksho pourtha kado ….

      but Iblis(Satan) too was made of Aatish …. if Aatish is bozorg for my dear hazaraha than it is simply strengthening the claim of satan infront of Allah almighty … zarb taqseem it with Irani shias + Irani Shia Hazaras of our neighbor hood and all over …..

      Although i m fan of Zurastra and i have the book of Nietcshe (the spoke of Zurastra ) with me all time ……

  3. سال نوهمۀ تان مبارک و خجسته باد هر روز تان نوروز هر روز تان پیروز شاد و موفق باشید.

    احمد آسترلیا

    • Ahmed I just wanted to ask you wether this Nauroz has any link with shiaate or not ……………..

  4. We will miss you ZAHID……… You left us so early…………I salut you on your honesty…….INA LILLAH HAI WA INA ELAYAH RAJAYON.

  5. salam to all hazara in every corner of the world.i think this site is the best way to express ur thinking and ideas abt hazara living in many parts of the world.and specially abt the inocent hazara have been killing in quetta pakistan by the terresst.i am sure this inocent blood of the people never go away and one day we will see the sacrifices will take place in the heart of the people and hazara people will be thinking of having unity in all part of the world.and the the time will come thet the people will be united and that we need to live as nation in the world.and thts my pray for all hazara of the world that come toghter and do a struggle for the future of our nation.

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