Posted by: Editor | March 10, 2009

Two More Killed by Unidentified Gunmen

Quetta, March 9 — Two more people were shot and killed by unidentified gunmen Monday on Arbab Karam Khan Road.

The two individuals, both named Mohammad Ali, were traveling in a taxi when they were gunned down. Both victims were in their early 20s.

A spontaneous protest rally was started by Hazara residents of nearby areas. Minister of Quality Education, Jan Ali Changezi of Pakistan Peoples Party, spoke to quell the crowd. He asked the people to maintain calm in the wake of the attacks. His speech was interrupted by a riled young protester who expressed his frustration with the inadequacy of the leadership and lack of solutions.

This attack follows an incident in which four Hazara flour mill laborers and their Pubjabi colleague were shot and killed.

Assassinations and target killings have increased to an alarming level, and have targeted people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

According to a press statement by Khaliq Hazara of HDP, the attacks are carried out by elements who want to replicate the security situation of the troubled NWFP province in Balochistan.

The provincial government has failed to make any sinificant arrests in connection with the worsening security situations. There is an atmosphere of uncertain anxiety among the people, who are desperate for normal conditions in these dire economic times.

“People are beginning to hope the situation will get worse so that martial law might be declared to stabilize the country,” said a frustrated Hazara Town resident.


  1. hi im sahar from australia i also was upest when i heared that they shot yousfi i think hazara people shod be united and make thier nation and i hope that they could progress

    • salam sahar jee khayal shum kalo kub asta magar waqty ki many qum unity basah or mo astaraf ko khuda shaed asta kalo shaw roz koshesh kada rai asty ki e kar shuna .. barai ba waqar zindagi kado e yag qum 4 chiz zarori asta , (1) unity (2)taleem (3) jazba e qurbani (4) or yag mazbod idara ,,, ok baqi tug chikar mosh na hahahaa agar e mardum famed ku tik na ki … allah malik asta

  2. hi im sahar from australia i also was very upset when they kill yousfi i think hazara people should be united and make their nation

  3. سلام ، بعد ازمعرفی خو می خواھم کہ دربارہ قتل سرپراہان بلوچ برادران اظہار نظر کنم ، ما فکر مونم کہ بلوچستان ذھنی لحاظ تقسیم شدہ وبرای عملی کردن تقسیم بلوچستان ای فسادات را ایجنسی راہ انداختہ البتہ کاری دشمنان اسلام یعنی امریکہ واسرایل وبھارت ہستہ کہ باید مردم ہزارہ برای مستقبل خو بسیار اتحاد واتفاق را مظاھرہ کنہ وبیانات برای تسلیت ومذمت برای بلوچا کہ سیاست امروز تقاضا مونہ ۔ ما ازسید عباس آغا کہ نمایندہ قوم دہ پارلیمنٹ ہستہ باید ای مسئلہ را دہ پارلمینٹ بوگہ ۔ ودیگر سیاسی جماعتھا ھم باید بسیار بہ بیانیات زیاد ای معاملہ را مذمت کنہ وبرای تسلیت ازسرپراھان بلوچا ملاقات داشتہ باشہ ۔

    • I agree with you sister, but unfortunately oue leader is impotent, has no say in the parliment. We have to select couragous people, who dares to speak whenever needed.

    • Dam ith Garm haji Khanoum ….. Zahmat kasheedin ….bebakhsheen …… merci

  4. دوست عزیز سلام
    واقعا که وبلاگ شما قابل تعریف و خیلی خوب است
    فقط آرزوی کامیابی برای شما می کنم
    موفق باشید

  5. To The People of Hazara Nation!

    The platform provided by devotees of to the sons and daughters of Hazaras is of a great significance. And, undoubtedly, we must acknowledge their commitments and hardships, and must be highly responsible and sensible in pasting our reflections in order to maintain the smooth going process of knowledge sharing. Hope we all play our parts responsibly because this platform has been used by many Hazara tribesmen to paste their personal reflections on the current prevailing situation amidst Hazara community. We sometimes have met very crud and harsh exchange of ideas though from some of the commentators. However, some of the zealous members are highly appreciated for their critical and relating views.

    Sadiq Noyan’s recent reflection on the issue of geo-political importance of the Balochistan Province in Pakistan, a homeland for many new generation of Hazaras, need to be taken into serious consideration. The conflict amidst Religion and Nationalism, Individualism and Collectivism, Personality and Institution, Politics and Anti-political thoughts, Peace and War, Withdrawal and Contest, and the list go on and on are the factors which are gradually weakening the strength of Nation’s UNITY. It’s the moral and ethical responsibility of every individual in the Hazara Society to be sensible towards their roles they play unto the Nation’s integrity and solidarity.

    The scenario of Balochistan in common and Hazaras in particular are swiftly changing. The Old ruling formula of ‘Divide and Divide’ is rapidly turning into ‘Divide and Kill’ policy. In order to de-name Pakistan and represent Pakistanis as Terrorists in the world is catching the central attention of anti-Pakistani elements. As a part of old tradition, Blochs are manipulated by some anti-Pakistani elements to cause unrest in the region and some of the so-called Baloch leaders are ethnocentrically diving into the conspiracy without taking its future consequences in consideration. The so-called freedom movement by some outfit Baloch freedom organizations has been stretched across the border of neighboring Iran. The stereotypical view of Pakistani-occupied Balochistan and Iranian-occupied Balochistan by preceding outlaws is backed by some western elements which have tended to screw up the entire peace in the region. The danger game being played in the Province of Balochistan may be aimed to create an environment of fear among Hazaras; however, it can never force Hazaras to flee the land of their HEROS who sacrificed their lives to let the country LONG LIVE.

    Coming to the responsible behaviour of all Hazara Tribesmen, it should be the personal choice of every individual whether to contribute in the FUND RAISING COMPAIGN for HAZARA DEMOCRATIC PARTY (HDP) or not. We must appreciate the spirit of those who at least want to do something welfare for Hazaras who have no one to listen to their voices, and hold someone accountable for executing suppression and injustice on HAZARAS. Let the PEOPLE MUST LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES, before their STATIC behaviour let them PERISH FOR EVER.

    United We Stand!

  6. Dear Readers,
    Now the time has come to Hazaras to Know the importance and benifits of the geo political issues of the balochistan on which world media is focused on Talibanization.
    Balochi movements or malitias, taliban or lashkar jangvi, or pakistani agencies who were palying a game with hazaras blood,now realized that playing with someone’s blood as a bid of the game, one day they can also be one of a bid of the game, which the USA would like to paly her role as a big brother in geo-political war. And the tag of war over the geo-politics in the area between USA and the other big powers would enable the Hazaragi causes, highlighted if our nation would not be asleep and play their political role.
    Now its the begining of a new game where the recent threat of drone attact from USA one ofa kind that the Taliban of balochistan invited them to do so…

    The silence of the Balochistan assembly over the bloodshed of innocents residents of Balochistan is a sign of injustice and inequality to the brave and petriotic Hazaras who live in Balochistan. The governmenta of Pakistan promised and fully accepted the human rights and the rights of the minorities civilian in Pakistan where it contradict the Balochistan assembly’s gesture of silence over the bloodshed of Hazaras as Pakistani residents as well as Balochistani residents.
    I still woder why the Hazaras who have sent their representatives to Balochistan assembly and national assembly are not raising their voice against the voilation of the human rights of Hazaras and also against the bloodsheds of Hazaras as a Balochistani residents.
    When they stand in the assembly and pass a resolution over the killing of Birds in Balochistan but can not think a single minute for the bloodshed of the residents of the Balochistan especially Hazaras. They can pray over the dead of the people in Pesheen,Chaman and Karachi because they are Pashtoon but never pay a single attention over the bloodshed of Hazaras as a human.
    Knowingly the Pakistani media is so called independent media also not paying attention over the security of the innocent residents of Balochistan. I never see any debate over the bloodshed of innocent Hazaras as a minoritie
    in Pakistani media. Whatever we can watch is Panjabi issues and Panjabi debate though in reallity the issue is being created by the government itself.
    Now what so ever happens to the other residents of Balochistan appart from Hazaras the Pakistani media is focused with its full layalty to the issue
    but where as target killing of the innocent hazaras are concerned will be observed silence.
    And then they calim to be a totally independant media and judiciaries in Pakistan, even the human rights commission of Pakistan reamained silence over the bloodshed of Hazaras in Balochistan. IN URDU THERE IS A MAHAWEERA, ; AIK HI TELAY KAY CHATAY PATAY HAIN.

    My dear brothers and sisters, but we as a Hazaras can only fight back with full force and might against all evils whether itis ethno-discrimination, racism or sectarianism with unity only,when we shun the virus of being tribesman or clans. or fraction, we can do it.
    If we want to win the game we should play it with political awareness and knowing the world’s current issues over the geo-politics. Yes my dear we should come out of our shell and study what the worlds politics can brigh any change to any areas in the world. Must know the importance of the current affairs especially in international basis.

    Thanks for your attention.

    hazaras have no discrimination nor have any prejudism or racism.

    Sadiq Noyan

    • I think you have highlighted very good points indeed.
      And i think you understand todays situation more..

      • But he has not suggested any solution to his wording or conclusion ……
        he has talked of force … but has not defined the nature of that force … and the limitations and possible reactions or circumstances that we may face …. and our ability or possibility of reaching or approaching that force ..i hope Sadiq noyan will take it as a positive critic …

        • with political awareness and force

        • Considering Gen Muhammad Musa Khan as father or hero of our nation can be called political awareness……???
          politically where we stand ?????
          are we really a political factor in this region ????
          what really is our political strength and where it resides ???
          and are we benefiting/using that or abusing that ???

          can a humble ( in sense of Lekhai Lekhai ) request for Unity …. over our expectations ……………… ???
          or say it as how this political awareness and force can be achieved ???

  7. Dear Qawma,

    We know that we are united then yesterday and today we should try to grow this unity in the future. We lived together, brought up in the same way and all our feelings are the same. If we want to live in peace and progress in Quetta tomorrow than we should support the HDP and others who can show us that they work for us in a good and nice successful way.
    I think HDP played very important rule by not involving our nation in war in Quetta and also helped reduce the killings of Hazaras in a peaceful way without upsetting our Baloch and Pushtoon residents.

    Please be aware that the only way forward is unity!!

    • when we say yes you are right in your comments then in next comments you will say again we should collect fund for hdp. lol

      • I think its our responsiblty to do something for the
        nation in order to help them. Am i wrong?

    • Dear friends, I come and visit this site every now and then, but unfortunately it is not being updated continuously. I know that it is hard to have a website and keep it updated very often. It needs many with their minds, hearts and hands to be active. But the site has been updated last on 9th of march and today is 26th of the month. Don’t u think it is a bit too long. The administrator of the site should invite some more people to make the website more active otherwise it is going to die out like thousands of others in past, which I definitly do not wish. Any way, the reason I wanted to write these lines is the word ‘NATION’ which is often used about Hazaras. I am also one of the sons of Hazara, although I do not devide people in races, colors or ethnic groups. But the word Nation has some other definition which i suggest should be kept in mind. I do not think that all the people who may visit this site are as illitrate as me, although I believe most of you have quite a higher level of knowledge compared to me but I wanted to point out so that you guys may consider more specifically while using such words which have a certain ‘charge’ in their definition rather than just being a word. Hope you guys do not mind my fingerpointing.

  8. Dear Brothers

    A great philosopher says,
    “If you are alive then you must show that you are alive, otherwise people think of you as a dead when there is no movement”.

    Another philosopher says,
    “Sometimes you have to be alert in such a way that you keep your eyes open even when you are asleep, so that your enemy could not become able to attack”.
    I think we are in the same situation we have to prove that we are alive and we to keep our eyes open when we are sleeping.
    God Bless All Hazaras around the Globe.

  9. Dear Leaders of the NATION

    This is time for action, The president is visiting Quetta. You all have to be pro-active and alert. This is a good opportunity to raise your voice.
    Dear MNA (Agha Abbas sahib) & MPA (Jan Ali/ Maj: Nadir sahib) Chief of HCMC (Shoukat Changazi sahib) HDP, Ulema, HQJ (Haji Qayyum) TNNHM (Hydari sahib) please don’t miss this opportunity.
    Get together and be strong, raise your voices.

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