Posted by: Editor | March 10, 2009

Two More Killed by Unidentified Gunmen

Quetta, March 9 — Two more people were shot and killed by unidentified gunmen Monday on Arbab Karam Khan Road.

The two individuals, both named Mohammad Ali, were traveling in a taxi when they were gunned down. Both victims were in their early 20s.

A spontaneous protest rally was started by Hazara residents of nearby areas. Minister of Quality Education, Jan Ali Changezi of Pakistan Peoples Party, spoke to quell the crowd. He asked the people to maintain calm in the wake of the attacks. His speech was interrupted by a riled young protester who expressed his frustration with the inadequacy of the leadership and lack of solutions.

This attack follows an incident in which four Hazara flour mill laborers and their Pubjabi colleague were shot and killed.

Assassinations and target killings have increased to an alarming level, and have targeted people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

According to a press statement by Khaliq Hazara of HDP, the attacks are carried out by elements who want to replicate the security situation of the troubled NWFP province in Balochistan.

The provincial government has failed to make any sinificant arrests in connection with the worsening security situations. There is an atmosphere of uncertain anxiety among the people, who are desperate for normal conditions in these dire economic times.

“People are beginning to hope the situation will get worse so that martial law might be declared to stabilize the country,” said a frustrated Hazara Town resident.


  1. Dear Brothers/ Sisters

    Today the president of Pakistan Mr. Zardari is visiting Quetta for two days. I think this is the time for the Crisis Management Cell, HDP, Our MNA and Our MPA to get time for a meeting with the president. I think our MNA & MPA can play an important role, since they belong to the same ruling party. They must share our concerns and the Non-active management and attitude of the city on the current crisis and destabilized situation of the city.
    Secondly I would also suggest that a very peaceful demostration by the people from all walks of life including ‘Anjuman-i-Tajiraan’ etc should be organised on zarghoon road (after talking to administration) to record the voice of the people of the city on security and law and order situation.
    We must not loose this opportunity. Lets push our leaders.

    • Nice work Manzoor jan.

  2. Salam Qauma e Qand.=========

    there is no comment after 24/03/2009. what is this? we have to be intouch with our nationaliasm. thanks to God that there wasn’t any more incedence and God forbid, when some thing happend than you people give your comments.

    for God sack, be active about the site, don’t wait because, it is the time protect the nation. why are we running away?

    Come on the track and go with your beautiful and benificial comments. always pray to God to save us from the enemy and try to be united.

    don’t stop your meaningful comments and give the awareness to the nation. don’t even think to give illegal comments.

    Thank you all

    Khuda hafiz.

    • I also have comented on updating of the site among other things including the word ‘nation’ which you also have used. Don’t you think the word nation has another definition and hence point to something else? Please comment. I am also one of the quite frequent visitors of the site.

      • Yar it is very well that you have positive thoughts for the word NATION. you have to define the other definations and the points. we must know and aware of the other meanings. You said that you are the frequent visitors of the same site. I realy become happy that the people like you, are the frequent users of the site.

        Any how, I don’t say you people to be the users, every one should be the users but they should use the site positively and work for the betterment of the Nation.

        I hope that You work for the betterment too. Inshallah
        Everyone must do

        Thanx the people like you and you.

  3. my dear, Editor cant control all of you, there are many shit guys here and he is not obliged to correct all of them or delete them.

    just get mature and be postive.

    M. Hussain

  4. All Hazara People,

    There is one very concept about Hazaras that, “they have no one bad among deads, and no one good among alives”. this concept have always put me in state of confusion and agony. Hope the situation will not remain like this for ever.

    So dears, After the Death of Shaheed Hussain Ali Yousafi have you whom you consider to be the right person to hold the flag of HAZARA LEARDERSHIP.

    Hope by now, there has been one who should be called a HAZARA LEADER on the basis of reasonable justifications.


    • did we listen to Hussain Ali Yousafi as our leader, certainly not. we always realize after we lose the person. We have so many people around us, who have done good and have the potential to do more in future, but we are divided in many confusing parts, take it from thaifa parasthi to mulaah parasthi, to people belong to roshan fikr group. this division is leading groups to chose their own leaders, not allowing to chose a unanimous/single leader. We mourn together but lack the ability to celeberate together. We have to put all our differences aside and sit together and try to find solutions and try to part of solution, not part of the problem.

    • Dear Husseini, I don’t know why I am commenting on so many comments but any way we all have different points of view so this is a forum for discussion and that is what we are doing. With regard to your remarks on concept about dead and alive hazaras I would like to say that we can not have a good leader unless each and every one do not start reading. People who have been brought up and educated in Quetta, including me, we learn to read just the words, we can not read between the lines and beyond. It is because we just read the school books not more than that. To understand the matters we need to study more to be clearer in life. I am sorry to say but it is a chilli fact, we have to accept it. Only the enlightened people can have great leaders, not the goats and hens!!

  5. i think editor has passed away that’s why we don’t see any change here. or may be he is pretending that he is dead. lol

    • Khan Ali don’t be cruel, we wish for his health and long life.

      • it was just jog don’t take it serious!!

  6. Dear editor,

    You know and we all know that beside every good deed is a bad deed, and this is happning in this site, So If we want the beautiful flower then we have to bear the sting.


  7. Salam dear brothers and Sisters!
    Almighty God may have prosperity,peace and unition on all of his Followers.

    I am a hazara boy originally from Hazarastan( Afghanistan) pray for all living lives.

  8. مو عادت کدے کہ دہ ھر مسلہ نشان بدھی کھ مو مردم ‍‌طفلایی شیر خور ھستیم اور ھر وقتی کھ مو مھنے خو جنگ مونی ایگو دستی سویمی ھی استھ کھ مو را مھنے ازمو جنگ میندزنھ۔ چیطور کھ بامیان لالیی دعوی کدہ . در حقیقت امی دعوی را کده مو از کمزوریای خود چشمهای پوشی مونی. بطور مثال همی روم که هر کدم مو امده کمنٹ لکھا مونی اور ھر دووو کھ دل مو خوست یگ دیگے خو میدی حال ای را ھم بوگیم کھ ایگو دست سومی بیرونی استھ کھ بامیان لالیی را یا دیگے مو را وادار دہ دووو زدن مونھ۔ نھ بیرار نھ خود مو دہ درون خو ای قدر مرض دریم کھ دیگھ کس را ھیح موقعھ نمیدیم کھ مو را منے ازمو بیندزنھ مو برے خود ” خود مو کافی ھستیم حاجت دیگرو ندرہ۔ ھمی 8 سال گذشتھ خلیلی دہ سر محقق اور او دہ سر خلیلی فقط برے چوکی ذدہ رھی استہ از نیویارک گرفتھ تا تھران و از کویٹھ گرفتھ تا کابل جاغے یگ دیگے خو پارہ کدن ۔ باز نصیب مردم بیچارہ خوب استھ کھ از ترس بڑا چوھدری کھ نظام ڈموکریسی خو میخایھ دہ انجی برقرار کنھ ای ھر دو دہ سر رویی یگ دیگے خو نذدن باز خاد موگوفتیم کھ اینھا ھر دو خو معصوم بودن ایگو دست سومی اینھا را دا جنگ انداخت۔ نتیجھ خوب کی میتنیم ازی بحث و مثالھا بیگریم اینمی استھ کھ مو طرف کمزوریاں درونی خو ھم بازی وقتا توجھ کنیم کھ اکثرآ لاشعوری طور پر کاری کھ دشمن ازی مردم کنھ مو انجام میدیم۔

  9. Dear editor,

    Please understand your responsibility, edit this site regularly so as to avoide volgur, abusive, profound, tabos, obscen and offensive wordings towards eachother just because of someone’s section, or tribe is different from others, does not mean to give someone the oppertunity this site to offend someone else. or may be someone’s idealogy is different from others, does not mean to give an ideal blog where anybody would easily offend someone else.
    someone attacts someone on a ground of discrimination and hatred by using a very volgur and offensive words, which is very pitiful.
    Who so ever uses this site as an excuse to be hazaras, may be an alien or try to widen the hatred and the discriminatory gap between our nation.
    The abusive wording of discrimination which i can see in someone’s comment, is a virus which has been weekening our greatness and unity.

    Dea editor,
    the strict rule you mentioned earlier for this site, now seems to me in vain, unless you apply practically on this blog. remember if you claim to give a good service to your nation, you should prove it by applying it.

    hazaras have no discrimination or prjudism.

    Sadiq Noyan

    • Editor is in Antarctica and currently the time zone there …….6 months sleeping period. You have to wait for few months.

    • In the name of Bamiyan

      DFFERENCE OF OPINION COME once again ………..???
      how can we call our selves great or our nation great …. when we can not talk to our nation child’s at first …………………….?????
      and what does this Unity really mean …….???
      and why should not we literally leave each other and wider the difference / gap ??? why not literally than let other force engineer our Difference or gap …. ??
      Our national Unity should base on our blood and history or on religion ( imported now and forced than ) …
      does nation’s definition has any of the religious expect , touch , factor or element in it …………. if yes than we are in space or may be above space .. as we do not have any attachment with our fore fathers 1000 or 1500 years ago ..
      please do not beg Unity ….. do not beg the change ….. promote dialog …
      do not back the talk ….. if u have reason and answer …….
      jagjit singh sings ..

      Baat nikle gi tu phir door talak jai ge ….
      loog be wajha Udhasi ka sabab pochainge ….
      Ye bhi pochonaige ke tum ……….

      Ashoqi azi kaara dara dega …
      safar ishq makon gar ……

      ba amman e bamiyan

  10. Dear UK guy,
    I think you are right some people come and give 3 comments with defferent names.
    United we stay no body can break us.
    I like the UK Hazaras who are think positive about their nation.

    Long life Hazara and down those who spread haterate among our nation.

    We will be unbreakable and no one can change our love towards our beloved nation. We helped our nation and we shall do in the future.

  11. I request everyone to please either ignore or do not respond to comments that are disrespectful and nonsense. This is a privilege, not a God given right, to participate in this forum. The creator of this website has worked so hard to give us this opportunity where we can share our thoughts and vent our frustrations. It is so unfair for us to put the editor in an awkward position where he has to constantly monitor the comments section when he could be spending his time more productively on other things such as collecting and reporting news.

    While it is perfectly all right to disagree with each other, it is really shameful to see how some of us abuse one another. Some of the comments do not portray us as an abused nation rather they depict us as an abuser. No matter how much we disagree with someone’s beliefs it is imperative for all of us to give the utmost respect to another human being. Of all the people in the world we, the Hazaras, should know what it feels like to be discriminated against. For God’s sake Let’s stop this madness. We owe it to our martyrs, we owe it to the creator of this website and most importantly owe it to our nation!!

    • Positive comments bring positive comments and the negative will bring negative.

      lets stay positive towards our nation and do not interfere in some ones personal
      life. Its a free world and forcing some one only cause ignition to the fire!!
      We know that Hazaras are Muslime than why people call them communists????
      I think its our own weekness!!! Lets not interfere in some ones life!!!

      • Your love for our people is very much appreciated. I agree that most people will respond positively to a positive comment. However, it takes an open minded, educated and peace loving person to respond positively even to most negative comments. Trust me, it can be done!!

  12. nice try
    mokhtar ali, jan ali and marzia batoo are the same one person

    • I remember my father’s old radio when he used to listen to the Safdar tawakuli and other stuff …. the hazaragi programe host was Muhammad Ali ikhtiar sahib i think .. he used to announce as …………….
      Az chil bakhto e pashi ,, Qurban ali , samad ali , jan ali , muhammad mehdi wa marzia begum ,,,az malisto subook ali , kawak ali wa rafiqoun shi ,, az darray kakai jani dawood deuna , Abbas deuna , Ustam khamdali kad zawousthon kho ..
      az thainey maska makhamad hussian , Ali hussain , Nazbeli , jan begum wa bakht begum ,,, az Daikundi zawar shar , juma khan , boman ali , samad ali , haider baig wa dega yag eedda rafiqoun farmaish kida ki amii comment ra block kanin wa yag mast khandan “””daan e darga bejai shishtha kho tokh ko wa golli ma daan e tandor charqat shishtay kho tokh ko wa golli ma “”” ra farmaish kaden ….

      yaad shi bakhair khob wakhta boud ….
      az matam ki jaan khalas kadi baaz dawr moukhri tarf haal wa zindagi khoo…

  13. dear brother editor

    this is my first time i have visited this site which is shame full comment about hazaras how you allow this all happining under your nose please stop it.

    your sister from sydney

  14. dera editor

    could you kindly block this comments site please

  15. dear editor

    you are serving the nation thatis good even great, but you should listen to the nation as well if alot of people says the stop asking comments ffrom hazara which is tottaly unacceptable you should listen to them. you keep ignoring them which is shame full. this is a conspiraacy aginst hazara and you should avoide to be the part of it

  16. Dear Editor,

    Please clean up some rubbish wordings which is really SHAMFUL for all of us. This Weblink is not seen by us only, but ofcourse by others.

    Here it doesn’t seem Freedom of Speech, Its rather abuse of Freedom in itself.

    Please request you to block this comments here, and clear rubbish ones.


    United We Stand!

  17. برارای مه لطفا به درنک و واین بی احترامی نکنید. اگر بد موبود دبهشت خدا بندای خاص خوره به خوردنش دعوت نموکد. هرکس قدر درنک ره نموفامه ازخودخو یک نزاکت کاردره. البته مه طرفدار بدکاری و فساد نییم. کمی کتاب های خیام، حافظ و مولاناره بخوانید که از درنک تعریف و از ملا فریب کار نفرت شده

  18. اب جبکھ افتخار محمد چوھدری چیف جسٹس بن چکا ھے ھزاروں کو چاھیے کھ ان ذمھ دار افسروں اور بخصوص وزیر داخلھ بلوچستان کے خلاف کورٹ میں پیٹیشن داخل کرے کھ اتنی دھشتگردی کے باوجود ابتک حکومت نے کیوں نھ ھی دھشتگردوں کو پکڑا ھے اور نھ ھی زمھ دار افسروں کے خلاف ابتک کویی کاروایی کی جاچکی ھے ۔؟ اگر چیف جسٹس واقعی اس ملک میں سب کو سستا انصاف دلانا چاھتا ھے تو اسکو سب سے پہلے آپنے شھر کے لوگوں کو انصاف مھیا کرنا چاھیے

    • Well said brother. No one should get away with murdering our innocent people, NO ONE, NO MORE!! We owe it to those who’ve lost their lives. They need justice and we simply cannot afford to let these murderers get away. Anyone who has been involved in this heinous crime against humanity must not be able to enjoy freedom or die of natural death. We will be setting a dangerous precedent if we do not get justice for our people. Let everyone know that Hazara blood is not cheap and if you take an innocent Hazara life then you must suffer the consequences as well. It is my hope that our leadership will pursue this option vigorously until every single culprit who is involved in murdering our people are brought to justice. On top of this list, Homayun Jogazai.

  19. اپ لوگ اختلاف راے اچھی زبان میں بھی بیان کرسکتے ھوں بجاے اسکے ایک دوسرے کی یا کسی تیسرے کی عزت اور حثیت پر کیچڑ اچھالنے کے۔

  20. اب جبکھ افتخار محمد چوھدری چیف جسٹس بن چکا ھے ھزاروں کو چاھیے کھ ان ذمھ دار افسروں اور بخصوص وزیر داخلھ بلوچستان کے خلاف کورٹ میں پیٹیشن داخل کرے کھ اتنی دھشتگردی کے باوجود ابتک حکومت نے کیوں نھ ھی دھشتگردوں کو پکڑا ھے اور نھ ھی زمھ دار افسروں کے خلاف ابتک کویی کاروایی کی جاچکی ھے ۔؟ اگر چیف جسٹس واقعی اس ملک میں سب کو سستا انصاف دلانا چاھتا ھے تو اسکو سب سے پہلے آپنے شھر کے لوگوں کو انصاف مھیا کرنا چاھیے۔

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