Posted by: Editor | May 17, 2009

Hazaragi Book “NOO BOKO” Published

Cover page of the Hazaragi book "NOO BOKO" by Liaqat Ali Aajiz.

Cover page of the Hazaragi book "NOO BOKO" by Liaqat Ali Aajiz.

May 13 2009 Quetta–Hazaragi poetry book, NOO BOKO (Nine Peak of the Mountains) written by renowned poet in Quetta, Liaqat Ali Aajiz has been published in Quetta. The book includes Hazaragi poetry about motherland Hazarajat and nine popular Hazara heroes. Mr. Aajiz has beautifully expressed his love towards the motherland and heroes.  The book has been published by Humanitarian And Development Assistance in Focus (HADAF).  The book is available in all bookshops of Hazara Town, Alamdar Road and Mehrabad.


  1. I think it is a very good idea that now we have poets and writers in Hazaragi language, theier number must increase.Specially now when Australia has recognised this language.
    In starting this book would be difficult a little bit for us, because no body has seen these words in written form before. But I am sure we can get on this problem soon.
    Zakir Jafari

  2. salam brother i am so happy and i hope best wish for u

  3. Salam dear Brother,

    I am so glad to read the book which you have written about hazara and nine greatest man who could keep hazara alive. I would say thank you as much I can! if could send me one of that book i will be so happy and I would pay you.

    the best regard,

    Jawad Asutralia

  4. Salam brai tamam Qaumai Gul!

    Zinda Bad Liaquat jan.

    Umid war astom ki ee zamatai Liaquat yag elgo brai ayinda naslaw mumna.

    Brai ahya wa bedari Hazara Millat , Hzaragi zuban lazim wa malzoom asta. Ed zinda qaum beghairi yak mazbod Adab(literature) niasta. Da ee bara mo bayad ziadtar tawaja bidi.

    Har kas az Zubaan Hazaragi munkir asta, Hazara budoi azo shaki ya. Ma challenge munom tammam Dari wa Farsi Shanasa ra.

    Zinda Bashi Liaquat Jan.

  5. Dear Rashida bano, I am glad that a female member of the hazara population takes part in the discussions, but I am sorry that you look at the life from the key hole of religion, it is too narrow and the world is very wide. I do not call hazara nation since I have an other understanding of nation. Any way you pin the religion with hazara culture. I do not understand how much do you know about role of religion in hazara culture in the huge population of afghanistan. It is absolutely not the same as in Quetta which has increasingly become narrow minded religious sin the take over of power and mullaism in iran. Extremism among the hazara population in Quetta is the longer tentacle of mullaism of iran for their own survival. ISLAM IS A FLOP AND CURRUPT RELIGION EXACTLY AS THE OTHER RELIGIONS. Look at millioner Rafsanjani and luxurious life of Tawassuli with bodyguards and his harem with his reserved poor women for his own pleasure for whom he pays their livelihood. From where do they get all this money with working a single day? Poor men work all the hot days just to get bare bread for their families.
    I´d be glad if other friends including rashida bano comes with some real and constructive discussion.

  6. Congratulations!

    To the author, editor and publisher of this interesting and creative book. We highly appreciate this beautiful piece of literature and hope to have these types of glorious work in the future too

  7. Good Job!!!

    but is this book written in Hazaragi dialect of Persian? if so then it is of no use!

    Our writers should get a hint from the author of the “Mahe Hazar Parah”. Who is also a Hazara but his book is written in Persian and it is one of the best.

    Another big example is Kahlid Hosseni, the afghan who rocked the world with his two books.
    “The Kite runner” and “A thousand splendid suns”

    • you can’t save your culture if you continue to write only in foreign language. There has to be writers who are able to write in our own hazaragi language.

      • Yeah true! but by “Persian” I mean “Dari” as these two languages are almost the same. So Dari is not a foreign language. It is much better to write in pure Dari than writing in a poor dialect of it i.e. Hazaragi.

        Isn’t Hazaragi just a poor dialect of Dari? It is like deliberately writing a crooked version of Dari. Another example is like publishing a poem in slang English! Does that feel any good?

        • yep–still we need someone who can write in pure hazaragi with original words like atai, abai, qanjigha- etc-its probably different than english slang. Dari is the language spoken by all Farsiban in afghanistan, not all of them understand the language hazaras speak in their own areas.

  8. Realy great work Liaquat Jaan “Cong”.

    I like the title you chose “Noo BoKo”.
    Hope tht every one of us wil get “Noo BoKo” and offer his salute to the book and Author.

  9. Congratulations to The Author, Mr. Liaqat Ali Ajiz.
    & I wish him and all other Qauma to work hard and wish them lots of achievements and success.

  10. i am very sorrow for your people, the religious is kind of our culture. if you people read the history of hazara. the religious always has part of our life. and the God says if any Alim has died , no any person can filfull his place. my friend i know inshallah after death you people know that who is haqiqath. so as part of culture of hazara i have right to appear my view in this site. please think and concenterate and accept the aqiqath.

  11. what a wonderful job Mr liaqat,imagin how hazara people around the world appreciate and honor your great activity. the author, editor and publisher of this interesting and creative book. We highly appreciate this beautiful piece of literature and hope to have these types of glorious work in the future too.god bless you Mr liaqat ali

    Mirhasan Sydney

  12. Hi guys, nice that a lot of people visit the site, me to visit and comment on some topics that interest me. Right now there were two interesting things, one was the book, seems interesting to read it and I’d do my best to get it in my hands soon. Further was the ‘BIG LOSS’ mentioned by Mr. Qasim ali about the death of some ayatullah. Dear Qasim don’t worry, there are a lot more who preach such lies which this dead ayatullah has done all his life. So it is no loss, the loss is if an engineer, a teacher or a doctor in the society dies, don’t sorry for the Akhuns. They are worth nothing, useless, currupt and lazy, harmfull creature. Would be glad to know if someone can defend them.
    Sincere, Javad.

  13. my dear Qasim Ali,

    Ayatullah Bahjat sahib has nothing to do with us and with our people, whatever he was, he was for the Iranian people, why you write about his career hier, we dont take him as a role model for us, he has nothing to do with us and we are not his tabliqi my dear,

    you look any Akhund, so go and start your tabligh, this site is not for you, here write those guys who are moderate and have moderate perspective, leave your Mujtahids and their career my dear,

    you guys never understand what is right and what is wrong with you, you always follow Iran , never understand what is good and what is wrong for you,

    shame on you

    M. Hussain

    • I think you are right this is suppose to be hazara site, not Tabligh for shia religion.

      Hazaras dont care wether you you are Christian or Athiest.

      Please pro-Iran Shia live Hazara alone here. This man is not Hazara but shia.

      I dont like Ayatullah Bahjat becuse he is Iranian who always dig under our feet.

      Long live Hazara and down wiht Iran and the enemies of Hazara.

  14. it is very good. we have proved that the hazara people have alot of abitlity. but today i want to tell a news:
    inna lillah-e-wa inna ileh-e-rajeyoon, Ayatollah Bahjat passed away at the age of 96 at the Vali-e-Asr Hospital in the city of Qom on Sunday. He was born in Fouman, Gilan Province, Iran. At the age of 14, he moved to Karbala, Iraq to continue his religious studies. Four years later, he moved to Najaf to complete his studies under Ayatollah Taleghani and Ayatollah Naeini. He taught in the Seminary of Qom, He was a student of Abul Hasan Isfahani, Mirza Naini and Taqi Shirazi. He was well-known for his piety and the strict observance of the principles of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).his funeral will b teusday 19 may 2009 in QUM

    • Get the ” F*** ” out of here! Qasim

    • I guess your ” Butt ” is branded by an Iranian Mark!

    • Behroz, it’s even worse. Qasim has had that mark since his birth.

  15. Congratulations!

    To the author, editor and publisher of this interesting and creative book. We highly appreciate this beautiful piece of literature and hope to have these types of glorious work in the future too.

    Tajai Khan


  17. wow what a good news from Qowma.
    and Qowma jan i prefer to say Hazairstan rather then Hazarajat, how do you think?

    thank you for disusing the news.

    • sorry, diffusing not disusing

  18. I have been waiting for these sorts of books for ages and its real joy for me to see this book and read it in the near future.

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