Posted by: Editor | June 4, 2009

Hazara Delegation Meets Australian Senators, MPs on Target Killing

Australian Hazara delegation called on Senators on target killing.

Australian Hazara delegation called on Senators on target killing.

June 04 2009–A delegation of Australian Hazaras in Canberra called on about dozen Australian Senators and MPs. The delegation including Ata Naseri, Sha Hassani and Reza Jaffari discussed the consecutive target killing of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan with the Australian Senators and MPs.

The delegation told the senators about the coward murder of Hazara politician Hussain Ali Yousufi, who was killed on Australian Day in Quetta city of Pakistan by unidentified gunmen. They said the Government has been failed to arrest his killers.

They asked the Australian legislators that its the demand of over 5000 peace loving Hazara Australian citizens to influence the Australian Government to pressurize the Government of Pakistan for taking concrete steps to stop the target killing of their relatives and tribesmen in Quetta Pakistan. The delegation told the senators that the Government has been failed to arrest the terorrists and officials behind the target killing.

They also highlighted the concern that the consecutive target killing have compelled Hazara minority to migrate towards Western countries and recently a family was drowned in Malaysia while travelling to Australia for assylum.


  1. Dear all brothers of Hazara!

    My english is not good but im trying to convey my opinion to you.
    My first question is kindly help those Hazara brothers who wants to settle in any country of the world like a famous and captain Pakistan Boxing Team Syed Asghar Ali Shah recently on 3 month visit to Australia and wants to settle with all family , he also received a thread from unknown persons several times. Thanks your help. The concerned person who’s help him kindly do that in interest of our Qaumi Fariza.

  2. hello i wrote something the other day and now its gone from the page, i dont know if the Editor didn’t like it or what.
    all i wanted to ask you guys that why most of educated hazara guys are concider themselves as Changazi??? being a hazara guy i know that we are not changazi, we have a very long history in afghanistan for thousands of years and the statue of Buddha is the proof of it. we buit that few thousand years ago. and changez khan was only few hunderd years back. and we had a fight agaist chagez khan in the city of Ghulghula in bamyan.
    hazara people are the original native of afghanistan. all the others came from other countries like tajiks , pashtoons and uzbeks.
    some pashtoon and tajik history writers tried to connect hazara to changez khan and wanted to prove that hazaras are not the native afghans. and now even our educated hazaras still believe that. thats a pity. we shouldn’t let them win. and we should know we are not mangols or changazi.
    best regards

  3. only by saying nothing happens u people must do anything fro hazaras in quetta

  4. Dear Friend Manzoor Rahimi
    Do not comment on something you are not sure. I am neither in favor of Major Nadir or HDP nor against both, I try to see things from outside and then get inside to see in-depth.
    My dear I have observed few leaders of HDP (two of them were my classfellows) and also spent time with Major Nadir. if I share with you the reality you will not accept it so please do keep these issues under the blankit. DANGA DANGA HAMA YAG RANGA.

    • I don’t know what mission he is on in the UK, but he has a daughter in here who had just givern birth to baby.and please do not behave negativeley.

  5. dear brothers

    i haerd thaat major nadir is in london now a days can any one from london tell me that on what mission he is now this time? i now this is his 3rd visit in very short time space. he is retired it means this is not official visit his son or doughter is not in uk to visit. there are a lot of rumer that he and his qama jan ali are behind that fir report against HDP leadership. if it is true why this man is damaging the only political party of hazara? can he him self and any one his supporter in london would like to answer me
    m. rahimi

    • Biraar e qand, i would like to express my humble notion and i would also request you not to pass any remarks to anyone until and unless you have witnessed it by yourself.

      Who says that HDP is representing the entire hazara? if HDP really had been our representative, then why did it losse the election from a person who even does not have a party? i would rather request you, plz for heaven sake open your eyes.

      Regarding the Australian Hazara delegation: i can see you Reza ahemm, and other brothers. keep it up

  6. any body knows about maznan market? please let us know……….

  7. I totally agree with you guys. There are so many religions in this world and it will take us millions of years to discuss about it but we will never achieve any thing except blaming one another. There are some new religions like wahabis which is so extreme that they hate even the other Muslims…and new shia extremists etc.
    Religions will have always problems and you can never solve it.

    During the Ashura Iranian beat their heads with swords, Quetta beat their back with kardi and Afghanistan non of them but simple sina zani. All three blaming each other for doing wrong things.

    Do believe in what you believe but never interfere in what others believe.

    When you come to visit this site please be nice and think of Hazaragi.

  8. بار بار گفتوم.

    اگر مان مونی، عقیدتمند استے، هرکار استے. ده کار خو کار بیگر. ذاتی عقیده استه.

    چه کار کنوم که مولای تو یا آقای تو اینیطر فرمایش کده. چیز ده کار ازی مردم مایه غیر ازی که آله کار ازی شونه اور ده پرده عقیده چمچه جور شونه. چیز ده کار سیاسی اور سماجی مفاد ازی مردم مایه.

    ای صفحه استه برای اخبار اور خواب آلود ماین اور موگین که اینی شرابی استه اور اونو مرتد. چه کار کنوم. سر خو ده دیوال بزنوم. تو ره چه کار ده یک آدم دیگه. مردار کدین دنیا ره بیخکی.

    زیاد شوقین استے، دروازه ره بند کنو. صبح تا شاو ره ماتم کنو، کاردی بزن اور تلاوت کنو……
    لیکن ای ره معیار انسان بودن اور خوبی اور شرافت جور نکو.

  9. In the Name of Bamiyan ………

    Man i was just focusing on the word sense of security ……………………… and that these girls and women are not alliens for men …… we have girls and grown up women almost in every home ….. they are not strangers as a girl or woman …. this is human abuse specially man abuse if a woman of that stature (Ali + Muammad ) have ever said عورت کے لئے سب سے بہتر بات یہ ہے کہ نہ اس کی نظر کسی غیر مرد پر پڑے اور نہ کسی غیر مرد کی نظر اس پر پڑے
    why would a woman need to give such an expression ………………. please review it with respect to ground reallities ….. China , japan , Europe , America even Africa the most uncivilized considered today ………………..
    Why would a woman say this ………………………….
    and what does it mean to glorify Gomeiniee on Hazaragi website ……….. ????
    i have never Glorified any out sider but i m the most blocked ……… i think so

    Ba amman e Bamiyan ………

  10. my dear Ahmed,

    If you follow your Idealogy here, it will be useless here, go and find any other website, Jamia-Imamia and other Madresse Khuiee have many website, you can find many mojizas in their websites, go and write there, dont waste your time in this site my dear, go teach them how many rakat they can offer , go and teach them who khomaini was, what he did to hazaras and why hazaras were tortured by Iranian malatias, calling them khar, sag, madar jinda, nasli changiz etc etc.

    I think you have never gone to Iran before, just go once and then see what is real iran, you will get much experience about their people, about their Idealogy and manners.

    you just see the outside, go inside and watch what they are my dear.

    but I think you will never understand, because when there is zid, chapgilishi then even you commit mistake you will never accept it, thats why we are still not able to get united, shakhsiat parasty, jealousy, chapgilishi, mufadparasty, boosting and imposing of your Ideas, these are the things we always separate us to get united.

    M. Hussain

  11. Salam

    The religious discussion is the most controversial in its nature almost everywhere in the world. If during an irrelevant debate or discussion someone try to bring religion in between then this is quite common output as we can easily see here. I think this website (as its name and intension of the author) shows, is purely about “Hazara News and Events” and nothing to do with any kind of religious promotion or religious critique. I personally am a Muslim having a strong belief in Islam and have respect for all the other religions in the world since all of them are for good and exist to help all the living things.
    I respect all the great personalities of all the religions but when someone try to impose and discuss his religious ideas on a non-religious forum them people like us also suffer and read the harsh comments like the ones here.
    I personally request the readers and commentators (both the religious extremists and atheists) that please do not raise any issue which is out of context here.

    Thanks to everyone.

  12. Dear Ahmad:
    HazaranewsPK is a forum to discuss and read about Hazaragi issues and current affairs. We don’t cover religious conflicts. For that, you can find hundreds of other networks and websites.
    We appreciate your contribution, as far as it is about Hazaras, but non-religious issues.

  13. One can easily judge from these posts as to what level their writers may have degraded and disgraced their innerselves. One would stop for a while to decide as they really deserve to be called ‘humans’ or not! Their mentality clearly depicts which tribe they belong to and which kind of values they represent! Perhaps not better than those particular ignorant Arabs who were in pitch dark before rise of Islamic era.

    Above all, the editors of this website also represent the same community, shamefull indeed! My posts are being deleted, may be because they contain something which cannot be digested by their corrupt and spoiled minds and souls. But on the other hand, some other blasphemous posts, which contain insulting remarks against Holy personalities and values, are entertained intentionally on the website.

    We should not consider these ignorant elements as humans. They are not promoting good and doing good to anyone. They are disgrace to the name of humanity, noble human values, to the name of religion and to the name of Hazaragi as well.

  14. In the name of Bamiyan ……

    Abghai Birar why women in China and Myanmar do not need to hide themselves from their men ……………..
    Why women in Europe and America are not faired of their being open to their men ?
    why indian , pakistani , indonesian , srilankan and specially philipinee women are kept as slave in Arabic families ……… where these women are compelled to live in an enviroment and psycho mentality that one starts believing Taliban and mullah umar as Maadar e mushaffaq …………….
    why these Arabs used to burry their girls ….
    what real fair these arabs really had ……………..
    why they were embarrased of their girl , women …………
    what is months of harram …. …. what was Harram in those months .. and what in rest of the months …. why was 365 statues of different size kept in Khanna kaaeba than …. what was meant by different sizes …. and advantages and disadvantages .
    what is arabic nature like …………. ????
    why Fatima the daughter of prophet of his time was to say “””” عورت کے لئے سب سے بہتر بات یہ ہے کہ نہ اس کی نظر کسی غیر مرد پر پڑے اور نہ کسی غیر مرد کی نظر اس پر پڑے ۔ “””””
    she had Ali ( the bravest and most talented fighter as her husband ) sayyed e Shuhadaa HUssain and Hassan as sons … as well Abbas Allamadar and many more .
    i have heared and read some where that when Zainab , Fatima’s daughter used to come out in her home … Angel (farishta) in skies used to disappear …….
    than how some one could afford to look towards fatima ……..
    Still if she says “””” عورت کے لئے سب سے بہتر بات یہ ہے کہ نہ اس کی نظر کسی غیر مرد پر پڑے اور نہ کسی غیر مرد کی نظر اس پر پڑے ۔ “”””””
    if it is making mountain of a peanut ………….. or holifying than Abghai birar we should surrender …..
    mo bayad dil e Saghaaiii Arab maladaa irania khou ra bad na kani ……

    Ba amman e Bamiyan ……

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