Posted by: Editor | June 22, 2009

Nazim Talib Agha Murdered on Fatima Jinnah Road

Nazim Syed Talib Agha Advocate

Nazim Syed Talib Agha Advocate (Online File Photo)

Quetta: Nazim Syed Talib Agha and two others have been murdered by unknown gunmen on Jinnah Road Monday, June 22.

According to Geo TV, unknown gunmen opened fire on Nazim Union Council 15, Mehrabad, Syed Talib Agha, injuring him and his companions near his motor showroom on Fatima Jinnah Road Monday evening.

Talib Agha and the injured Syed Jawad were then rushed to Civil Hospital on Jinnah Road, where he succumbed to the wounds shortly afterward. Two of his four injured companions also died, according to Civil Hospital sources.

Nazim Talib Agha was an active social worker. He was a former member of Hazara Students Federation.

Following the tragic incident, people blocked Jinnah Road chanting against the Provincial Government for being failed to provide security to its citizens.

More details will be posted as they become available. Meanwhile, read our previous coverage related to Syed Talib Agha.


  1. Khuda Talib Agha ra biya murza birara e qoum ani nang wa ghairat hazara asta ki etar insana az dist mora daraw birara e qoum sirf az gufto ej chiz na mushna kada nisho bidin i think diga Talib Agha mane azmo paida na mushna…..

    1: everyone is refrencing UNITY, I think we are the most united once in Qta if we compare with others.
    2: Money from Australia & UK will not cure us. Ever house of Hazaras has enough arms to do target killing. So DONT ask for finacial help.
    CONCULSION: We are not prepaired for it. More it never suited us to kill others for no reason. I am proud of it that we never did it.
    WHY IT IS HAPPENING: Put a glance in Afghanistan, US&Others put dispute between Hazara, Tajik and Pashthon and capture Afg. Now they want the area till Gawader PORT. So they are putting dispute between Hazaras, baloch and Pashthoons.

    tere Gam ko jaa.N kii talaash thii tere jaa.N-nisaar chale gaye
    terii raah me.n karate the sar talab sar-e-raah-guzar chale gaye

    terii kaj-adaa_ii se haar ke shab-e-i.ntazaar chalii ga_ii
    mere zabt-e-haal se ruuTh kar mere Gam-gusaar chale gaye

    na savaal-e-vasl na arz-e-Gam na hikaayate.n na shikaayate.n
    tere ahad me.n dil-e-zaar ke sabhii iKhtiyaar chale gaye

    ye hamii.n the jin ke libaas par sr-e-raah siyaahii likhii ga_ii
    yahii daaG the jo sajaa ke ham sar-e-bazm-e_yaar chale gaye

    na rahaa junuu.N-e-ruKh-e-vafaa ye rasan ye daar karoge kyaa
    ji.nhe.n jurm-e-ishq pe naaz thaa vo gunaahagaar chale gaye

  4. nisaar mai.n terii galiyo.n ke ae watan, ki jahaa.N
    chalii hai rasm ki koii na sar uThaa ke chale
    jo koii chaahanewaalaa tawaaf ko nikale
    nazar churaa ke chale, jism-o-jaa.N bachaa ke chale

    hai ahl-e-dil ke liye ab ye nazm-e-bast-o-kushaad
    ki sang-o-Khisht muqayyad hai.n aur sag aazaad

    bahot hai.n zulm ke dast-e-bahaanaa-juu ke liye
    jo cha.nd ahl-e-junuu.N tere naam levaa hai.n
    bane hai.n ahl-e-hawas muddaii bhii, mu.nsif bhii
    kise wakiil kare.n, kis se mu.nsifii chaahe.n

    magar guzaranewaalo.n ke din guzarate hai.n
    tere firaaq me.n yuu.N subh-o-shaam karate hai.n

    bujhaa jo rauzan-e-zi.ndaa.N to dil ye samajhaa hai
    ki terii sitaaro.n se bhar gaii hogii
    chamak uThe hai.n salaasil to hamane jaanaa hai
    ki ab sahar tere ruKh par bikhar gaii hogii

    Garaz tasavvur-e-shaam-o-sahar me.n jiite hai.n
    giraft-e-saayaa-e-diwaar-o-dar me.n jiite hai.n

    yuu.N hii hameshaa ulajhatii rahii hai zulm se Khalq
    na unakii rasm naii hai, na apanii riit naii
    yuu.N hii hameshaa khilaaye hai.n hamane aag me.n phuul
    na unakii haar naii hai na apanii jiit naii

    isii sabab se falak kaa gilaa nahii.n karate
    tere firaaq men ham dil buraa nahii.n karate

    Gar aaj tujhase judaa hai.n to kal baham ho.nge
    ye raat bhar kii judaaii to koii baat nahii.n
    Gar aaj auj pe hai taala-e-raqiib to kyaa
    ye chaar din kii Khudaaii to koii baat nahii.n

    jo tujhase ahd-e-wafaa ustavaar rakhate hai.n
    ilaaj-e-gardish-e-lail-o-nihaar rakhate hai.n

  5. Dear Brothers & Sisters
    I agree with what my brother Hassan has said. I think as a brave Nation we have to sit and sort out a solution to these killings. Those who are doing this or are behind this act cannot call themselves as brave people or nation, I think they are the most coward people (even if they are agencies), shame to all of them.
    let’s join hands and put our heads together I am sure that we can set an example and can handle such situations so that our future generations could take breath in a free and fresh air. We need to think over and this is the time.
    Salam bar shuhadai Qaum.

  6. I believe that the time has come to have a defense committee to counter response to lashkare jhangavi. It is very easy to sit behind a computer in an air conditioned room to write such a comment. but I would be ready to volunteer, financially, or etc…. the point is we can’t just blame others while we failed to protect ourselves. Talib Agha was a very good friend of mine. may his soul be at peace and rest. we have got to protect the future Talib Agha’s or 10 years from we will be writing the same stupit comments and feeling sorry. no offense qauma just an idea. thanks

  7. Dear readers UK,

    Some people in the UK want go to parliament house for protest against the target killing of Hazaras in Quetta.

    I personally think it is not a good idea because we have nothing to do with UK government, and UK government can’t do any to stop the target killing of Hazaras in Quetta. As we know that 2 years ago the terrorist blew up the bus and trains in London killing about 50 people.

    Today the only solution is to be united and work together and harder to find the solution.
    Even if we do go ahead with the protest, there will be a very small turn out which can be very disappointing.

  8. Salam birara wa khwahara,

    I was shocked of the death of our leader but one thing i should tell all of you that like everyone else their time was finished and at the cause of their death became the terorists. I am not a big person to give advice but i give sugestion to all of you that don’t fight with each other. be united plz and no one can do nothing. i know that i shouldn’t have told all these but it’s reallty, the only problem that we have is that we are waiting for each other/ anyone to start or to defend, our parents think that we’ll grow up and fight 4 our nation and will be the proud of our nation instead we get ready and tries to go to abroad to make our life. All thing that we need now is that TO BE UNITED AND START TO FIGHT 4 OUR RIGHTS OF LIVING.

    that’s all i had to tell all of you.

  9. we Just need Unity not need other things… I Reqvest from my nation Leaders please come together for Unity, Reject all ur Jeloces.

  10. salam Quma e Gul, Take mo Hazara Qom Motahed na shode anametar zada mora dega,

  11. salam dear quma,afsos sad afsos baz hm yak fard wa ghorori hazara shahid shod,KHODA BIYAMORZA SYAD TALIB AGHA ra,dear quma plz be united until its late.

  12. In the name of Bamiyan …..

    If Abdul Khaliq HAzara can sit with Ghulam Ali haideri our nation is united ………………….and
    if we few people can reach to a single conclusion or can give an honest try to reach to a single conclusion than we are united ……………… having a great advantage of no material interests for any of us on ground with respect to Sar Katta (seeking parliment seats and other benifits ) ……………….
    We have to insist on education as an F.A , FSC or BSC to MSC degree is not enough but knowing the source of knowledge …………….
    we have to develop an environment for education.
    believe me our eternal jangly , (jungle boy) is not dead yet …………..
    as we do not know the difference of literate and educated …..profassional …… and so on …
    this killings will continue ……… we want our we do not ………… we can not do any thing we want our we do not ….. we will never know the killers ….we want our we do not ……… we know the killers and they are not balochiss ………we want our we do not ………….as the environment is designed and created by the experts ……. and our self carved master degreee holder leadership and their haaa , haaa , haaa , heeyyy , heeyyy , heeeyyyy type soldiers are simply nothing ……….
    Ayyy falana falanaa teri basirat ko sallam …
    Ayy falana dimkana teri jurrat ko sallam ….
    wah bai wah ….
    We have to change the fake values , standards and persons( khaliq and haideri is not included ) from our minds , homes , and our society ….
    Ba amman e Bamiyan …..

  13. HI, syed talib agha family i am very sorry because of your father.

    South Australia Adelaide

  14. Salam Qauma e Gul Khuda Talib Agha ra bia murza wa mu mardum bayad ki yak shuni dega qauma tamam yaga wali bayad ki leader qauma wa khudi qauma da Quetta yag shuna bakhuda hazaraee tammam duya az pasi pusht shee astaya.rehbaraee qaum shumu bayad yag shunin naki khuda na khuwasta wari tamam maya.Da akhir khuda Talib Agha ra Biyamurz.

  15. salam brothers and sisterse khoda syed Talib agha ra bimorza besyar insani khobi bod wa besyar da quma komak karda ………………………..rohash shad wa yadish grameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  16. Haider birar!!
    Proud khu tamam asta , magar chi kani ki e proud nation da crisis asta.

  17. sharif hussaini ur right dear what ever u said i,m agree with all , with out this way w haven,t any other way so dea , i,m in ita what ever will be ur disition 1st at all i,m with my hazra nation how much money i could i would like to do for my hazras do dear try to think a bout what u siad thanx for ur nice sugetions may alla allmighty save us from all this !!!!!!!!!!

  18. no, this is not the way. ofcourse we should kill the bloody killers but we have to know who the hell are they? yak dafa shoter malom shona then we don’t need money not support we have the much weapon to kill these bloody killers.

    • In the name of Bamiyan ……

      Azz wasss e 4 o nim khannay e Allamdar road ki yag shi haji abadi , yag nau abadi , yag syed abadi wa yak o nim khanna marriiabadi asthan hetch kaar poura niyaa ………………. fikr e kisht o rouzgaar kho kanin …..agar abdurrehman khan tah mullah ummar khan nasl mo ghooom natanisthaa … dega kas na methanaa …
      da amzi 10 saal e Akhiri 300 nafar ziyad kushta na shouden …. hausulay kho buland bigreeen agar passport e Pakistani kho ra qurbaan na methanin …..

      Ba amman e Bamiyan …….

      • Bamiyaan sahib, …. wallah kad shumo adam heck lafz e gab gufto paida na maitana.

  19. salam my brothers after listing the news of agha i became sad may AllH BELESS THEM

  20. salam birara e ghol bisyar ziyad afsos shud ki imroz talib agha az bain azo mrdom e azra rafta yag ghab bogom birar e chiz yag hul dara mo am bayad bizni bakhuda qasam diga raah nadara e haram zaada mekhaya pura nasal e azmora khatam kana ma az amzo birara ki baar mulk asta da uk asta ya ki da austrelia asta ya ki da ar jai ki basha tamam yag shuna paisa raee kana baraee bacha ki da quetta asta saport kana bayad ki e haram zaada ra bizna bakhuda qasam diga raah niya da ghir azmo mardom khuda tamam qom mora nighah kana amin

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