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All Hazara Maths Competition

All Hazara Maths Competition

All Hazara Maths Competition


2nd August (Sunday) 2009


Organized by: Australian Hazara University Students Union (SHUUA)

Compete and win cash Prizes! Or just get a certificate of participation,

and of course everything is Free of Charge!!!!

The competition will be held in Australia and overseas, Such as New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is among students from year 7 till year 12 (note year 7 till year 13 for NZ residents (Hazara)).

General Information:-Australian Hazara University Students of Melbourne are now proudly announcing ALL HAZARA MATHS COMPETITION which would be between Students of Year (class) 7 to years (class) 12. There are three categories of the competition as,

Between year 7 & 8 students

Between year 9 & 10 students

Between year 11 & 12 students

For general information click below

Please link general information file attached.

How to apply:- Fill the application form, attach certified (from your principle) copy of your current student ID card (with photo) and submit to

Sample Papers: For Sample papers click below

Please link sample papers file attached

Note: For any information, Address and contact details of your country (city) please contact

Abbas # 0061422309768


E mail:


  1. i got a certificate fro maths competition thaks
    birrong girls high school

    • ok that is good

  2. Salam
    Dear brothers And Sisters esp.ahusu
    I really thankful to u for ur nice activity HAZARA MATHS COMPETITION.

  3. but he did nothing

  4. hey guys
    what is this think

  5. anwer ,,,,,,,,
    sorry ………….
    this is my nember ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    and this is my yahoo ,,,,,mail ………

    • hey guys sallam …………..
      sorry i have mistake here …..
      because i wrote my ID and my MOBILE NUMBER ,……
      anwer asked my ID and my NUMBER from HAZARA NEWS PAKISTAN ;;;;;;;;;;;
      SOrry guys,,,

      i am going to make one story book in german language about hazaras situation …..
      and i gave three topics about (AFGHANI) in Newspaper……… how can the Hazras guys travel from Afghanistan to EUROPE ?:FOR EXAMPLE .(QOCHAQ)
      and the people interrested my topic from newspaper ,,,,,,,,,,,
      and i like my hazaras …….
      i pray for my hazras and for my WATAN:——–

  6. hi anwer ………..
    how r u?
    i am very happy that u live in Austria,
    yeah i play in Auatrian cc…
    sorry anwer .
    i can´´t give u my number and my E-MAIL………
    and how many years have u been in AUSTRIA ;;;;
    JA:::ich glaube konnen sie gut deutsch sprechen,,,,
    ich muss mit dir nur deutsch untrhalten ok…..
    wenn du hier etwas über cricket schreiben willst dann schreiben sie bitte in deutsch ,ja´,ich habe verstand……
    hey anwer ,,,,,,,,
    thank u —-.
    and have a nice day…….

  7. Hi,,,my Hazaras Brother and my Sisters ,…
    khobin ……Inshalllah shad bashin…
    hamay Hazaras Boys da AUSTRIA in LETTER ra ki didim, kheli am khosh shoodim .wa kehli am khosh hastim ki hazaras Sudents am develope moona, wa bayad mo hama Hazara bayad az darse ago kaar kani, inji mo hama bacha kheli happy hastim ki da AFGHANISTAN wa da PAKISTAN am Students shi da math competetion shirkat kadan ,,,,da inji bachayi Hazaras am kheli khoob hasta da darsayi khot ham koshishna ,,,
    i pray for all my hazaras Boys and Girls that can see their future in his Life ,,,,,,,,
    and …
    i am TAQI ::
    STUDENT of AUSTRIA school…and ma da inji da AUSTRIAN Cricket Team bazi moonooma.. …. now a days i am playing cricket in AUSTRIAN Team………………….
    wish all the best ….i pray for my hazaras ………

    • HI taqi,

      I also live in Austria, Vienna, It was nice to hear that you play in Austrian Cricket Team, Can I have a contact with you, give me your mobile no. or email address, so that I can contact you.

      I live in Vienna and study at WU.

      take care


  8. Hi birars,
    if you aanouce these type of activities in goups like or you will have alot of particepents.


  9. Well Done Australin Hazara University Student Union.
    I am sure that Our future is very bright, as Our new generation is very much concerned and trying very hard not only to achieve, but forward it to others as well.
    I just can say, WELL DONE AND KEEP IT UP.

    Regards and Best Wishes.

  10. Dear abc,

    Of course you can participate in Perth as well unless you have any personal commitment.
    for Perth you can contact Hussain Sadiqi for any kind of inromation, application form and sample papers…here is hussain sadiqi’s mobile number 0438790620…
    Hope you would participate and enjoy the maths competition.
    Wish you Good luck.

  11. It is very good way to improve our education level but in Perth we are not able to participate in this compitition.

  12. It is very nice effort to promote the education and it’s values in the nation. Hazaras need such promotions to keep the young generation bound to the studies.


  13. Dear Participants of maths competition,

    For any information, application form and sample practice papers please send e mail to

    Australian Hazara Uni Students Union.

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