Posted by: Editor | July 28, 2009

JSQM Workers Open Fire on Hazaras, 2 Injured

Hazara protesters blocked the University Road against the firing incident behind Safari Park.

Hazara protesters blocked the University Road against the firing incident behind Safari Park.

By Arif Hazara

Karachi July 23: A group of Hazara elders who had gone to resolve the water issue behind Safari Park, was fired on by three workers of Jiya Sindh Qawmi Mahaz. The two injured include  Ibrahim and Muhammad Younas.

After the incident, residents of Hussain Hazara Goth came out on road and blocked the University Road in protest. As always, police arrived after two hours of the firing. Station House Office of Jauhar Iqbal Police Station promised the Hazara elders that the attackers would be arrested.

Jiya Sindh Qawmi Mahaz is a seperatist ethnic party that aims to free Sindh from Pakistan. Firing on Hazara elders was aimed at keeping their voice not heard by the concerned authorities on the water issue.


  1. Dear Hazaras in Karachi

    I hope you are well and safe. Karachi is such a large city. The largest city in Pakistan.

    We should extend our friendship with those people who has sympathy and similarity with us.

    We should not create enmity with other major ethnic at all. It is not in our best interest. We can not win at all. Karachi or Hussain Gout is very different to Quetta or Afghanistan. Here we are possibly the most isolated minority. We can be very vulnerable . But it does not mean we should be passive at all. We must keep our spirit high and increase our defensive ability to protect us.

    I wish you the best and peaceful life forever in Karachi.

    Ahmad Australia

  2. Salam all my hazara brothre

  3. Dear Ali Raza
    its correct that we are not from changaz and hazara people have killed the grand son of changaz and ofcourse hazaras are the builder of the both buddah but
    putting name of changaz doesn’t mean that we son of changaz. changaz means Shujaa, dalair, brave. and ofcourse we don’t call ourself changaz who was just a cruel man.

  4. hello i wrote something the other day and now its gone from the page, i dont know if the Editor didn’t like it or what.
    all i wanted to ask you guys that why most of educated hazara guys are concider themselves as Changazi??? being a hazara guy i know that we are not changazi, we have a very long history in afghanistan for thousands of years and the statue of Buddha is the proof of it. we buit that few thousand years ago. and changez khan was only few hunderd years back. and we had a fight agaist chagez khan in the city of Ghulghula in bamyan.
    hazara people are the original native of afghanistan. all the others came from other countries like tajiks , pashtoons and uzbeks.
    some pashtoon and tajik history writers tried to connect hazara to changez khan and wanted to prove that hazaras are not the native afghans. and now even our educated hazaras still believe that. thats a pity. we shouldn’t let them win. and we should know we are not mangols or changazi.
    best regards

  5. hazara org uk codemnd the recent incidect of hussain hazara goth karachi where two innocent hazara have been injured by JSQM activist . Hzara or uk demand from chief minister sindh Governer karachi and provincal home minister zulfiqar mirza to crack down againt this crimnal and bring them to justice.


  6. Needless to say that this is a reprehensible act and should be condemned.

    However, we Hazaras cannot afford any enmity with any group…the firing incident i am sure is because of a misunderstanding and a delegation should go to sort out any confusion so that the relations are not further deteriorated

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