Posted by: Editor | August 7, 2009

Qazi Faez Isa Sworn in as Chief Justice Balochistan


Qazi Faez Isa, son of Qazi Muhammad Isa sworn in as Chief Justice Balochistan.

Qazi Faez Isa, son of Qazi Muhammad Isa sworn in as Chief Justice of Balochistan.

Quetta August 06–Qazi Faez Isa, son of Qazi Muhammad Isa, has sworn in as Chief Justice Balochistan. He is the firstever Hazara to serve as Cheif Justice of Balochistan High Court.

Late Qazi Muhammad Isa was a prominent leader of Pakistan Movement and close friend of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He sanctioned Voice of Hazaragi in Radio Pakistan in 1975. Qazi Muhammad Isa (Marhoom) raised the voice of deprived Hazaras of Independent Hazarajat in UN for the first time in 1970s and succeeded in getting Hazara delegation in the UN represented by Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughul.

Kaleem Umer, cousin of Qazi Faez, writes in Daily Times that the Isa Famiy belonged to Hazaras of Kandhar, who are predominantely Sunni.

The family moved to present Pakistan in 1880s when the tyrant ruler Abdul Rahman imposed a genocidal war against Hazaras killing about 60% of the total population.

Qazi Faez is a senior lawyer. He was born in 1959 in Quetta. He completed his primary and secondary education from the Quetta Grammar School. He did his BA Honours in Law and later got the degree of Bar-at-Law from London. He has written several books.

Ashraf Jahangir Qazi is the cousin of Qazi Faez. He served as the Ambassador of Pakistan in the United States and India. Currently he is the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Sudan.

NOTE: Daily Jang Quetta Edition in its publication of August 06 has written Qazi Faez as a Pushtoon. (See Baqia Number 53)

It is to mention that Hazaras in Pakistan live in Quetta, Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawab Shah, Sangar, Khair Pur, Zhob, Muslim Bagh, Mach, Loraralai, Duki, Sinjavi, Harnae Marvar, Dagari and in some other cities.


  1. shumo khali damzi gabah kud kurr bazi binid ki e azra asta au azra asta nakin yaar kaski barai mofaad e azra kar kad amo azra asta … or kaski barai azi mazlo qom kar na kana chi au naslan ham azra bash nia azra ….. khatam …….. tks

  2. Dear Brothers & Sisters

    I n my opinion at certain points of time we discuss very un-necessary things. Qazi Faiz Issa ‘Hazara or Non-hazara’ does this matter? I don’t think so! Just think for a moment…… if he is a Hazara then what? if not… then what?
    will he release hazara prisoners? or will he put hazaras in jail if he is a non-hazara.
    please don’t waste your precious time on these types of un-necessary discussions. Yes if he is a Hazara it is a pride for the nation but let him declare himself, instead of quarrelling among ourselves. please look at the past History, Sardar Khairo (DIG Police) was also a Hazara what did he do to the nation? Sardar Ishaq was also a Hazara, Great Difference. So please its time to think of the future and do work for Unity and that’s all.
    God Bless Hazaras around the GLOBE.

  3. Dear br. & Sisters.

    There are good, bad and worst kind of remarks and views on the issue of reporting Qazi Faiz Eassa as a “Pashtoon” while he belongs to the prestiged cast of the Hazaras.

    Keeping in mind that as we keep our record that who and who are hazaras, like wise Pashtoons also maintain their history and keep their record. Whenever anybody any where open a research study, he/she will come to the conclusion that Mr. Qazi Faiz Easa s/o Qazi Mohammad Easa is a hazara, perhaps he is unable to speak hazaragi, he dosn’t belong to the Shiite sect of Islam and has lived away from hazaras. But he couldn’t have been able to change his blood, and cut off his historical background.

    I dont agree with the remarks that the Hazaras of Iran are called Khawaries or Barbaries. Besides claiming themselves as Khawaries and Bar.. they are introduced as Hazaras, for prove please study all research and historical books written on them.

    Correcting a newsreport of Daily Jang Quetta doesn’t mean that the Hazaras are going to prove Qazi Faiz Easa as a Hazara when he has taken oath as Chief Justice of Bal. High Court. it rather means to make historical fact correct that Mr. Qazi Faiz Easa was a Hazaras when he was a boy, when he became a lawyer, now a Chief Justice and when he will not be a Chief Justice.

    Isn’t it embarrasing that all viewers and comments recorder come up on the screen with a borrowed name and sirname. Ponder that on one side they all claim for being well wisher of the nation, on the otherside they cann;t put their real name and contact no. to be contacted in any matter any where.

    Action speaks louder than words.

    Please be practical, instead of being net and chat…heroes.


    Waqar Hazaras, Quetta Mominabad.

  4. I have two questions about Hazaras in Pakistan:
    1- Do all Hazaras in PK come from Hazaristan in Afghanistan, or some were there from before?
    2- Are Mansara Hazaras the same as Hazaras proper?

  5. Salam Qaumai Gull!

    A research docomentry on HAZARAJAT AND HAZARAS.


    Sawal brai tamam qauma.

    Brai Milli shanakht, thahafuzi saqafat, wa siyasi baladasti ee Azra Qaum awalin chiz chi bashad????

    • Biadari–awareness. If some one or all of us honestly work on this one point agenda, we will definitely succeed. It may take years but it will take us to our GOAL.

    • salam jawab shum e asta ki barai zinda mandan or ba waqar zindagi kado e yag qom da khyal ma 4 chiz zarori asta 1 TALIM 2 UNITY 3 JAZBAI QORBANI 4 or yag mazbod EDARAA ; baz u qom ra kas shekast dadh namy tana…. was salam H.D.P zindabad HAZARA qom painda bad

      • everything is a bi-product
        it only needs “” to sense , owe and value once one dignity “”””
        than to find it here and there and there and here .

  6. Happy Independence of Pakistan.

  7. Qauamai Gull,

    yak nafar tha ke khod she kad dan kho na guftha ke ma Hazara astom wa az koja Taloq ma asta chara dil khu shomo (Pesahawary Pesahwary) monen.yale hazara Iran am dara ke da name Barbari Yad mosha wo khod kho hazara na moga.yak nafar ke khod she naguftha chara yaqen monon.

    Oshyar shonen tha kaye ra da gape mardom atbar monon.

    Hazarahaye Jahan Mutahed Shawed.


  8. we should qoum dost but dont forget we are pakistani too. if any person (it could be any ) get any seat, 1st he will think about pakistan than others. so, dont forget to be a reall pakistani.


  9. Dear All,

    Some of our brothers really act pre-maturely. I reckon they don’t have any background knowledge regarding history of suppressed and deprivation. They only know how to act reactionarily and to find faults blindly.

    A nation (Hazara) who has a prolonged history of persecution and massacre needs time to develop its confidence in itself and work for its own identity. This is my decent request from them try to see a dot of hope in the dark room of depression and pessimism. I’m sure only steady hardship wins the race.

    Please dear bro ans sis don’t mind me. History knows only the fall and rise of nations, and those who stay positive and find their identity can survive and trimph the world.

    United we stand!

      I really appriciate your thinking. That is really a time of hard and hard work,if we want to be known as a nation, We have to behave as a nation. just some days before I was looking the HAZARISTAN TIMES, there was a news and some photos of the rally by HAZARAS and UZBECKS, you can see a clear difference in our leader and of our uzbeck brothers. Their leader looks like a well educated and modern up to date, where as ours??????????
      I am not trying to degrade our leadership, but I am trying to say that this world has been a very modern and developed world, so we as a nation have to think very well about the future,s challanges.
      I again want to clarify that I am not critisizing any one, but trying to make our people think and think again.
      I can give the example of Quetta, where some of our leaders and ulama even can,t express their views in URDU, AND some of them are even unable to say something in our own language.
      Where as if we,ll have a look in the leadership of other nations, most of the first class leadership is well educated from OXFORD, HOWARDS,CAMBRIDGE and they can speak, understand and can express their views in modern ways.
      One other thing I want to share is we now need to very much concentrate in educations and I am sure this will make us a nation to be proud of……


  10. ma khabar nadarom shoomo chara bale amzi chiza khosh moshin ki qazi azra aste. bayed bale kasi khosh shonin ki bale azra kar mona na ki khali da nam shi khosh shonin.
    qazi khod khora shayed azra ham naga.

    • ur true bro
      let us see if he is true hazara will he take action against those ppl who are involved in target killing of hazaras or not. becasue he is in such position that he can do it.

  11. i m not happy at all i will not accept one one hazara who himself shame to interduce aas hazara any one who has lost his chractorstic of hazara he will not reman hazara any more so no one should feel happy about him

  12. I am very proud of him to get such a high post. Its not only a good achivement Qazi Sahib but for all the hazaras.

    wish him a very good luck….

    Long live hazaras for their hard work!!!

    • you are proud on a person who feel shame of disgress to call himself hazara

  13. salam bar jawanane qawm wa khele khosh shodom aze ke e khabar ra shinidom. khair basha tarikhi azara ra bekhanen baz mofamin mo che alema dashtem har kas ora san khod kho kash mokad. yale ham ame kar shoda raye asta leken har raqam basha yag azara asleyat khora goom namona wasalam

  14. salam dostayee khob ma.
    chi raqam bogim hech gofta nametanum az dasti ki khosh wa shad shodom ki shinidum yak bache azra baaz eta yaak kalan maqam da gir shi amda wa da e waqti baad wa da e halati kharabi pakistan ki azra bechara ra har rowz moksha,waley bisyar bisyar jayee khoshi ast ki baaz yaak amita bacha az baain mo paida musha wa chief justice of balochistan jowr musha.affarin ba madar wa padari azina wa affarin da khodi azi bache qaum mo.diga har kaas ki ami news ra nemishta kada ham zinda basha.tashkkor lala jan.waqian emrowz khosh astom.diga rowza har rowz az koshta koshta wa az jang mekhandum waley emrowz az eftikhar wa nek name azra mekhanim.LONG LIVE HAZARA NATION. THANK YOU ABBAS JAN LALA FOR THE NEWS.

  15. salam shabas qauma we are all proud of you lekin yeg sawal ami qazi sahib khodon khora azra moga ya pashtoon?….

  16. Mardum Gofte Altaf Thamam Jai Faiz Ra Pashton Gofta. It Would Be a Fair Question Ki Khod Azina Khod Khur Chi Muga, Does Anyone Know?

    • we hazara, are very simple people. We get pleased by very simple things even sometime based on speculations– Qazi saheb is hazara or not that is not important. It won’t change status of Hazara in the city/province. It would be nice if he is called as non-hazara even if he is hazara reffering to the current prevailing situation. This is a great achievement for Qazi saheb–we appreciate and congratulate as a fellow countrymen.

  17. lets crisize him also. because he has became the chief justice of Balochistan. as Major Nadir is helping hazara nation,some hazara people making bad sentence against Major, so lets make bad sentences against him also because its our habit to critisize hazara leader when they got any higher level.
    every day we are killed again some hazara nation are not becoming human and making bad sentences, i don’t know why u people are like this. ma kam kam az bazi azra nation bezar amdom. faqat sag wari da roi yak digar kho michaspa. albata bazzi azara asta wa bazi eta kasa am asta ki qurban muna khud khora barai azara. wa sallam asta bar padar madar wo raqam azara.

  18. tamam jaya Faiz Isa ra Pashtoon gufta.

  19. wow !!! Mubarrak shuna va tabrik mogom balde tamami Quamai ki da quetta asta.

    Ena Azra bisam jor mosha. Azra bisam yak jaie mosha, Azra hoviyath kho bisam migra.

    Shabash bache Quama mo.

  20. Qurbane Elam ki adam ra maqame bala midaya!!

    Shabash bache qawm ra!!!

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