Posted by: Editor | August 31, 2009

“Guiltless” Premier Show in Norway

Guiltless premier show in Norway.

Guiltless premier show in Norway.

Oslo–The first Hazaragi telefilm in English “Guiltless” was launched in Norway with a premier show at Cinemateket on August 29. About 400 people attended the show. Audience enthusiastically watched the firstever Hazaragi drama in English. “Guiltless” is produced by Hazaragi Drama Association in Quetta Pakistan. The telefilm is themed at target killing of Hazaras in Pakistan.

Clip about the founder of Hazaragi theater, Shaheed Yousafi.

Clip about the founder of Hazaragi theater, Shaheed Yousafi.

At the end of the film, a poll of “Best Actor/Actress” was conducted. The little child star, Batool gained the highest votes from audience. At the conclusion of the show a clip about the founder of Hazaragi theater, Shaheed Yousafi, was played. His different dramas were highlighted. The hall echoed with laughter watching Shaheed Yousafi in a dialogue scene of “Haal Khatu”. Later people were with teared eyes, when the clip ended with Shaheed Yousafi’s body on shoulders of people taken towards Hazara Graveyard in Quetta, Pakistan.

The speakers including Arif Joya, Eng. Ali Raza and Ustaad Hamza Waezi talked at the end of the show. Arif Joya condemned the continued target killing of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan. Ustaad Waezi, a teacher of Hazara history and culture in Norway, talked about the importance of arts and theater.

Announcer of the show Hafiz Arefi, and manager of the program Musakhan Sultani thanked the audience for their keen interest coming from different cities of Norway.

At the conclusion, the announcer and other organizers were awarded gifts including books of Hazaragi poetry.The show was organized in Norway by Manji Arts Group. “Guiltless” will soon be released in other European countries, Australia, Canada and America.

Organizers of the Guiltless Premeir Show in Norway.

Organizers of the Guiltless Premier Show in Norway.


  1. Salam Qoumai Gul!!!!!!

    Bisyar khosh shodom waqti didom ki Bacha bisyar khowari wa Zaamat kashida az baary mo mardoom mazloom Azzra da sara sari jaahan baranami ra paish mobra ki bisyar katta Iftakhar asta barai tamam Hazarai Jaahan…..

    Thashakoor Yeg Jaahan
    Bilkhasoos az Raza Jan

    Salim wa baqi dostai Raza Jan az Quetta Gali Hawaldar Ghulam Hassan

  2. salam
    ma dega azee zolmo setam balee hazara manda shudeem dega ta ki ma hazara ha koshta shaween

  3. For Hazara UK (London),

    We have got one vacancy for a (Hazara) manager, for a pizza shop in west London.
    The person must have good English communication skills, flexible in hours of work and should have positive dealing with customer and staff. Experience in pizza making is not necessary as full training will be given. The salary for this vacancy is £ 300 to 400 p/w for the right person.
    Please contact the shop owner Muhamad Hussain on: 07846010934

  4. any news or update related to mr.ahmed ali najafi marder

  5. salam dostani aziz e side now ra ki ma didom bisyar az bradari gull koh khossh shodom afraen sad afren alfaz bil kul da da pash az na sahrminda asta ena oh qas kari kalan khda ki adam har chi afreen boga kam asta yag jahn tashkor

  6. Salam Brai tamam Quama!

    Dosta ago nafar nami azmara istamal kada darouw da azi blog comment mida. Azo birar distbasta guzarish munum ki az nami az khodkhu nang nakhar wa da nami az khod khu comment bibi, wa duyum azma har sawal ki daray ma hazir astom da khidmat to.

    Dear Blog master!

    Please take care of this type of comments and improve your blog security for the comments.

    • Salam Brai Tamam Quama!
      Kitta Salam Brai Zakir Gulzari!

      Aaaya brori wala ra shinakhthi card dada shouna ya na ????
      agar dadah shouna chara???
      agar dadah na shouna baaz chara ????

  7. انالله و انا الیه راجعون ( ما از خداییم و بازگشت ما بسوی خداست.

    جای تاٌسف است دشمنی با هزاره ها پایان نداره و باز هم ادامه داره……
    یا ما تصمیم بگیریم و یا اینکه یکه یکه کشته شونی دیگه.


  8. Ahmed Ali Najafi,
    The Director/owner of Noorban Factory at Sirki Road, Quetta killed today 07-09-2009 at about 8:50 am while going to his office.

    The terrorist attacked was planned earlier, where the terrorists were in wait for the victim.

    Burial will be done tomorrow at 5:00 pm

  9. مسیحا غریبان امروز کشته شد. انا الله وانا…. انجینیر احمد علی { صاحب نوربند فیکتری} ده سرکی رود کویته بدست سفاکان لشکر جاهلیت به مقام بلند شهادت فایز گردید

  10. My Nation Hazara

    I read some of your comments. It is a great opportunity to discus our goal and spread our culture and target killing scenario around the world.

    It is not important if you make it in English or Dari,Farsi with Hazaragi accent and words. Many nations and cultures they make movies locally, Nationally or for International audions.

    They make on their own native language then they put subtitle ( Tarjoma). Some do it Doubla or Live Interpretation of the movie as many language as possible. Some you see on Iranian or Kabuli TVs.

    That was my first point. The second one the majority of Hazara (%99) or more than that when they come to Europe,Australia, America,Canada,Norway or where ever. They claim as Afghani Hazaras not anything else. I am sure you got my point exactly!.

    Now, It is more important how you are treated in your country of nationality not the second country where you live illegally or legally by making …. They will not grant you refugee status based on Quetta situation. They will ask why did you leave your homeland and why you can not go?

    Focusing on few suburbs in Quetta will not portray the genocide,massacre and target killing of Hazaras to the world. However, it can be part of the problem but not the main or exact problem of Hazaras who are many millions. The geography they live can include many provinces and hundreds of Woloswali or Main Area.

    Yes, if you have a Pakistani claim then off course it is your right to seek asylum or apply for different kinds of Visas.But not for refugee or protection. It is not important how you fell or demand. It is more important what the law says and recognize you.

    I personally deeply appreciate their effort and dedication. However, I will suggest you guys to see the Hazara problems broader than specific areas. Focusing on mainland Hazaristan and the following the majority would be the wise one to portray and broadcast our pain and suffering.

    Keeping alive and pure the main Hazaragi language and culture is vital to prevent the division and mis-communication for the current and next generation.

    Best wishes and eternal peace upon all of you my dear nation


  11. Dear Musa Jan and other friends in Narway!

    I and my friends are congretulating you and your friends on conducting such benificient and remembering programe aiming to highligh the sarrows that our nation suffering from that. you, your friends also DHA team made a very good act that will be remembered in Hazaragi histry for long time. we hope that ur effort will be seen in future too.

    your sincerely
    Chiragh Ali Baig

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  13. sallam. Musa wa qawmaie gool,the group of hazara norway.
    afareeen sad afareeen Qumai gull ra qad azee karnamay sheee. bisyar ziyad khosh shodom ba khathir mazlomiaty hazara da pashi donya e-flim re nishow faqet dar pakistan ya dar afghanistan balkay da pora dunaya bait neshow bedia.
    zenda abad hazara haie jahan ra.

  14. Salam Brai Tamam Quama!
    Kitta Salam Brai Rafiqoi “Manji Arts”!

    Besyar qabil iftakhar wa jai dill khoshi asta, ki awazi mazlomiati Hazaraha da peshi dunya mersa, ma tabrik mugum jumla dostai “Manji Arts” brai azi nurband, mani-khez wa behtarin Manji shi.

    Ba hesiayati yag siyasi karkun ma ee barname az shumo ra besyar da kitta muqam mingarnum, umeedwari kamyabi wa kamrani shum astom.

    Yag Jahan Tashakur.

    • Aaao birar kudam siyasi tehreek shumo wabastha asten ……wa party shumo da baray shinakti cardhai brori wala chi nazar daraa ?????
      Aaaya brori wala ra shinakhthi card dada shouna ya na ????
      agar dadah shouna chara???
      agar dadah na shouna baaz chara ????

      Babkhshish bashad degaa ……
      Sawalhai yag kam sakht astha ……..
      albatah barai karkun e siyasi na …….
      magar ami bisyar hot issue asta da siyasat e hazara e quetta …..

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