Posted by: Editor | October 12, 2009

Eng. Ashraf Changezi, Chief Mine Inspector Murdered

Engr Ashraf

Eng. Ashraf.

Quetta: In the consecutive wave of target killing of Hazaras, Eng. Ashraf Changezi Chief Mine Inspector of Balochistan fell the latest victim. As always, “Unknown gunmen” opened fire on him on Saryab Road on Monday morning at 11am. He was severely injured in front of his office and succumbed to injuries at the Civil Hospital.

The dead body of Eng. Ashraf Changezi was brought to Hazara Nichari Imam Bargah in the afternoon. Some angry youngsters tried to attack Provincial Minister Jan Ali Changez, saying he is not duly representing Hazaras.

People are enraged against the Provincial Government for keeping mum on the terror campaign against Hazaras. It has not been a week people buried Advocate Wulayet, a prominent Hazara lawyer of the province. Now the latest victim is another Hazara professional.

Eng. Changezi would be buried in Hazara Graveyard, Quetta tomorrow on Tuesday. An emergency meeting of Hazara Crisis Management Cell has been called at Tanzeem to disucss the consecutive wave of target killing of Hazaras in Quetta.


  1. I remember quetta as a beautiful and peaceful city. May Allah give us the strength to reconcile with each other.

  2. Your father is alive Mr.Asad!

    So be proud and happy that he is a shaheed and did’nt had an ordinany death because all will die but selected will be shaheed……..

    God bless your family!
    Do’nt be afraid of death

  3. These r cowards who make da target killings. they cant fight face to face . they r just A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Salam Azad Lala.

    I will appreciate if you remove this picture of my father, as it disturbs my sisters and family members whenever they visit your site. I will send you a reasonable picture.

    I hope that you will cooperate.

  5. OH God help us….

  6. Alas we have lost another prominent person from our beloved nation. He really was a great man who love his nation and always supported them.

    God may rest his soul in peace!!!

    Cowards cant fight like a man but only know how to kill innocet hazaras.

    Long life Hazara!!!!!!!

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