Posted by: Editor | October 15, 2009

Another Victom of Target Genocide

Muhammad Asif, brother of AIG Musa Jaffari was shot in Jinnah Road.

Muhammad Asif, brother of AIG Musa Jaffari was shot in Jinnah Road.

Quetta: Another Hazara, Muhammad Asif, brother AIG Musa Jaffari has been shot dead on Jinnah Road, Quetta this evening at 7:30pm. A friend of him is critically injured. Asif was fired on head.

Yet this is another incident of target genocide against Hazaras in Quetta. Eng. Ashraf, Chief Inspector Mine was killed last week. The security organizations has been totally failed to stop the wave of target killing in Quetta.


  1. Stop Narcotics SUPPLY inside BALOCHISTAN!! CAN YOU SEE INSIDE LION’S EYE?IF yes, you are spared!

  2. Balochistan Education minister is Gun down .

  3. Hazara Mullahs: Have they courage and faith enough to go to Saryab Road? I wish one day we get rid of Mullahs. Our educatted youngsters, elders die but our long lasting blood drinking Mullahs live intact!!!! What a pity!!! What Mullahs give us? Sex lessons? One man a MAN is enough. Show some teeth. These Mullas are old farts dont rely on them. Be one without Mullah. God hates Mullahs because they are frustrated!!!! Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israil are labels. Used for excuses. What is a common human’s mistake to suffer??????? This region is like a work place where the employees are immortals!! Same stories repeat??? BRING A CHANGE. THIS IS TIME. Believe me Pashtuns, Balochis and Punjabis, appreciate Hazaras in one corner of their hearts. They forget but we remember. Why Pakistan was created as a separate state? Zia ruind that dream! Every one In Pakistan is suffering Zia ul Haq’s Mistake!!!! Am I wrong?

    • Dear Hazaras of UK.

      Its a very courages act taken by you people in UK that you are going to demonstrate infront of the British parlament in London. I am sure, a great majority of our people will gather there and show their protest against the brutality of the Balochistan Govt. in Quetta.

      I urge all the hazaras of the world, this is the time together and show your protest against the genocide of hazaras in Quetta, show by your banners, pictures, speeches what is happening to your people in Quetta, show your solidarity with the people of Quetta.

      I urge the hazaras of Australia, Norway, Austria and other parts of the world, join together and demonstrate against the brutality of the Balochistan Govt. until the Chief Minister resigns.

      God bless you all

      Anwar Azeem


  4. Can’t you see? After British help to Pashtuns, Pashtun Kings ruind Hazara Lives. This is the continuity of that process. The British itself is regretted now.
    Infact, British thought they can give a lesson to Mongols at one stage. And that was the time when they helped Pashtun King against Hazarajat. Today, ISI comman is onw word. One word is enough. List is made. Now is the time to secure your main personalities. Follow them and secure them. Don’t worry, cover your faces. No one acted so far in defense !!! If some one does, it meanse the secret services information is involved!!!!
    The small city Quetta can be monitored from space. Pay the Nasa. They will monitor the area and trace the killers for you. Can you do this? Yes, it is possible. The lifeless ignorant killers have no lives. Once you are in filth, you are in. Now I am waiting for the time when ISI would leave Punjab join hands with Indian Punjab!!!
    Right? Just see.

  5. Salam!
    When they kill one our innocent person y we cannot killed their if they killed 1 in response we should kill 2 and if they kill 2 we should kill 10 in same spot and no problem the defaulter is died or innocent the war started by them and will finished by us. Every great nation face this situation but is the time to be honest and faithfull to our nation and people becuase it can happen to any one. and a solid plate from is now needed to bost our young boys to get the revange. Allah help those nations who work and be honest to thier fellows.
    from this target killing hazara not finished be get power full and more strenthen.

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