Posted by: Editor | October 21, 2009

Australian Hazara Youth Conference in Sydney

Australian Hazara Youth Conference

Australian Hazara University Students Union is commencing the first Australian Hazara Youth Conference in Sydney, from 5-to-6 December, 2009.

The Hazara University Students Union in Sydney is hosting the Conference this year. Hazara university and school students from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and other Australian cities will attend this Youth Conference. Hazara community leaders and professional experts from every state are invited to be participate in the conference. It is expected that representatives from Federal Government, NSW Government, Immigration Department and other organizations will also attend the Australian Hazara Youth Conference.

Main purposes of Australian Hazara Youth Conference are;

1.Educational Awareness.
2. Support for Hazara Male/Female International Students in Australia.
3. Support for new arrivals in Australia in the area of English Language and schooling.
4. Settlement of Refugees in Australia.
5. Political awareness “Target killing of Hazara in Quetta’ & “Kuchi Attack on Hazaraistan”.
6. Unity of university Students, and building bridge between Hazara university student in every state of Australia.
7. Promotion of Australian Hazara University Students Union at the national level in Australia.

Those who are willing to attend Australian Hazara Youth Conference, but cannot do so, due to transport issues are requested to send their ideas and suggestions to be discussed during AHYC.

For any suggestions/issues to be discussed during 2009 AHYC, please email us at

Leader of each student union from different states of Australia will discuss which Australian city is to host the 2010 Australian Hazara Youth Conference.


Venue of the Conference: University of Western Sydney, Parramatta Campus Victoria Rd and James Ruse Dr. Parramatta NSW 2060

Date: December 5

Time: 4pm to 7pm


  1. This site is one of its kind to have our says and be aware about current affairs of Hazaras in Afg & PK as well as about Hazaras throughout the world.

    You guys have set an stunning platform for Hazara Nationalist like me and your such effort use to get wiped of my thirsts and florished my love for Hazara nation and we all needed such platfrom badly specialy those Hazaras who lives abroad.

    Just carry on this admirable effort.


  2. Hey guys,
    Wondering if there is any conference in Australia this Year(2010). I am a youth wishing to attend any major your meeting there.
    waiting for your response

  3. SALLAM to all to all of you

  4. Hi I am very pleased if can send the address where the conference will be held
    thanks your appretiation

  5. sallam for all my dear nation all over the globe

    great work guys,
    just a quick one as i just find out from about this conference and i am living just couple of minutes away from parramatta
    so what i want to say is not many people knows about this yet not because they don’t want to know its because not many hazaras visit ot HV, HN, so can we plz arrange to publish some sort of poster and put them on in every afghan shops or places where we have our comunity or put an add in local news so we can deliver this massege to most of our nation in sydney and around or may be you did published something but i am from Auburn NSW i have never seen anything like that and i am sure every single person of hazara nation will be intrested to participate in this sort of gatherings
    really great job guys and please let me know if i can do something to put alittle contribution of my self for my nation ,
    God Bless all of our Nation all around the globe
    Sahib Mehdi


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